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  1. I’m not saying I agree or disagree, but you’re saying the Chiefs worst case almost matches everyone else’s best case?
  2. Why? That would make next years cap hit huge. It will be cheaper to just cut him next offseason Again, did you say this in these forums when it happened?
  3. So someone asked before and you conveniently ignored it, so I’ll ask it as well-do you have posts like this when he was initially signed or when he had 8 sacks in those 11 games?
  4. Yeah, meaning they didn’t schedule home games for those teams (Miami, New Orleans) for the same day as the concert. All it meant was those teams got away games
  5. can you provide a couple of links? I just tried to google it, I'm not seeing "conspiracy theories." All I saw were some dates that she already has concerts scheduled so those teams have road games that week
  6. For so many “men used to play like men and these players couldn’t survive back then” people on this board, there is certainly a lot of uniform discussion
  7. Haha I love these topics-hey this guy is a backup and is now really overpaid, some other team is DEFINITELY going to trade for him!! You think that team will give the Bills a first or second rounder too?!?!
  8. What kind of cap relief are you getting?? He’s on a rookie contract, he barely costs anything
  9. So like I said, we have very different views on what a bust is. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems you think that they either meet expectations or they are a bust. Sorry if I'm off, but like I said it seems like a bit of an extreme view point
  10. Oliver was never a bust. He didn’t consistently play at the level we all thought he would, but not even close to a bust. You’re quite extreme with the use of that word
  11. See I watch that video and my thought is that the football being played back then wasn’t very good. Cheap shots on receivers and QBs, DBs have to hold because they can’t keep up with the receiver-the game has probably skewed a little too far towards offense but in my opinion it’s a better game of football
  12. But Terry and the other owners make money from this, there won't be huge pushback. My guess is the team that plays them 2nd will learn from the Bills and have the team fly over right after their game finishes
  13. Man, someone is suffering from a major case of SDE
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