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  1. Daboll has no faith in our runners. Gives it to Allen instead or has him throw. They're teeing up on the QB.
  2. Apologies to Kelly for my post: I didn't realize it was from one of our own and did not intend disrespect.
  3. Loved it at first since much of it is accurate and hasn't been said enough. But then the writer started sanctifying him the way ESPN does Brady every chance it gets. A bit nauseating.
  4. Not necessarily. Coaches are as susceptible to cognitive bias as the rest of us. It's hard to put aside Duke's unimpressive pedigree and see his skill set and performance in an objective light. Jeremy Lin was overlooked at virtually every point in his career because he is Korean, and "everyone knows" Koreans can't play basketball. If Duke were a fifth-round draft pick--and all else was exactly the same--people would be raving about him, not wondering if he's on the bubble.
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