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  1. If you're concerned with correctness, start with your posts: your semi-colon should be a colon, "reread" doesn't take a hyphen ("run-on," from your previous post, does); and your ".." needs to be either an ellipses or period. Face it (note the correct colon here): Your reply to my post was out of line, especially for a moderator. Instead of doubling down, you should apologize.
  2. A personal attack from a moderator. Interesting. And one who no doubt has never posted a sentence with a typo. Chandler#81, the moderator who is doing all that can be done to make posters feel welcome to the board, maintain a civil tone, and advance the dialogue. Nice job. Let's see if you keep up the vigilance, especially in your own posts.
  3. So...why isn't CWade not playing? Or rather, is he playing or not next year, or is he on the team just to host podcasts?
  4. There are many quarterbacks with awful lines and unreliable receivers, starting with Allen his first year, but none of them is defended so vehemently as Mahomes is. Some psychological effect is at work, like the writers are identifying with him or are otherwise tied to his being not just very good but flawless, godlike. They seem threatened by critiques of his play, as though they fear the critiques are about them and their manhood. Weird. We've seen the same with Marcia all these years. Any whisper that he might have played poorly is shouted down.
  5. KC would have been hard to beat even with the adjustments discussed here; they were clicking on all cylinders. But if anything could have made a difference, I think it would be McDermott's not going for it on fourth down in KC territory. I'm still mad about that. His team was playing its guts out, and he surrenders when it matters most. The message was, "We can't score on this team. Let's at least keep the final score close." If you go for it and fail, at least you're fighting. It was cowardly, a loser's move. The Bills get to the championship, finds itself in a dog fight, and McDermott chokes
  6. I agree with both thoughts. Keeping a younger, more active Lawson would have been the better move than signing Addison. (I realize Beane tried, but I suspect he could have done a bit more to land him.) The Diggs and Williams moves were brilliant. Full grades for the two ST signings, too. But Klein, Butler, Norman, Addison, Jefferson... all had flashes, none were consistently above average. With that much money, Beane probably could have done a lot better. Speaking of money, his biggest bomb might have been keeping Trent Murphy around as a backup. That $8 million could have bought us a better g
  7. I don't quite agree (about Edwards and Oliver being just average). Edwards is overrated, by pretty much everyone. Yes, he's fast and can cover, but he misses tackles and can't shed blocks. His instincts have improved, but they're still not elite. He's still above average, but that's not saying much. On the other hand, I think Oliver is terrific. He doesn't show up in the stat line much, but if you read the all-22 analyses, such as the Athletic's, it's clear he's very, very good. He's a major piece of the puzzle, as is Milano. Addison has been no more than adequate, which is fine, but he's pret
  8. Not sure I agree. He's has a big wingspan, good hands and decent speed, but he lacks quickness and doesn't seem to get open easily. An excellent third or fourth receiver, but I think the Bills need more speed to complement Beasley and Davis and let Diggs do whatever he wants. I do think Davis will improve next year, but I don't see him as an effective number two receiver.
  9. Not sure I agree. They were a better team that day, for sure, which means they were better prepared, which in turn falls mostly on the coaches. Except for Singletary's appalling drop, execution wasn't too bad across the board, given what the Bills players faced--and what the coaches evidently didn't prepare them for. This "the better team won" business ignores the Bills' dominance all season long, which to be fair, the coaches played a key role. But in this game, with the shining exception of special teams, the Bills coaches bombed in every respect, which hung their players out to dry.
  10. Maybe. From my list of needs, I would settle for a healthy Moss, a healthy Brown/Brown replacement, and a coach with a spine. Not in that order.
  11. Good point. Sure seems there's a lot to work on suddenly, though. We need a running back, at least one guard, a corner, somebody to cover Kelsey, at least one receiver, and a defensive tackle. Oh, and a head coach who doesn't stab his team in the back.
  12. I think so, too. But I think they would have been in the game if McDermott wasn't a sniveling coward on fourth down.
  13. This really does fall on McDermott. He and Frazier came up with nothing to stop Mahomes, but even that you can forgive, sort of. But kicking field goals TWICE from inside the five yard line? The defense might have played better with some hope; same with the offense. You might fail on one fourth down, but you'll make the other one. And if you don't, you're sending a message that you're fighting. Field goals. Such cowardice really makes me sick. He should be ashamed of himself, stabbing this magnificent team in the back like that. If he were fired tomorrow and Daboll promoted, I would cheer.
  14. What I don't understand are the field goals. You're up against the best offense in football scoring at will on your defense and you don't go for fourth and goal from inside the ten... TWICE? Against one of the worst teams in the red zone? That's malpractice. That's not playing not to lose. That's playing straight up to lose. McDermott chokes on the biggest stage.
  15. That was the moment, right there. The defense holds them to a field goal, and we're set to close within five. And...they kick a field goal. Are they thinking they'll now stop an offense they haven't stopped yet?
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