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  1. I’ve seen it mentioned for years. Not specifically on here, but it gets talked about often. It just got amplified this game because of the amount of injuries/cramping/heat related issues
  2. How were they going to be able to save their timeouts? They used one earlier in the half because the play clock was running down (Josh was pissed and you hate using them then, but it happens) and the other 2 were used in the Dolphins final drive
  3. Yeah but Hall didn’t give up any catches in coverage this week, so clearly he’s been the better player so far 😉
  4. Oh god can we not with this?? It was ridiculous throughout the offseason, rehashing it on every miss is just insufferable
  5. Baltimore has injuries too, their secondary is atrocious, it’s going to be very difficult for them to hang with the Bills
  6. Because the odds makers don’t overreact like people here do. Still a top team, have a good offense, good defense, great QB, playmakers on both side of the ball
  7. How am I overreacting? You are saying after one loss in the third week of the season the 1 seed is basically out of the question. What have I said that’s an overreaction? There’s one team in the entire AFC that’s still undefeated and there’s nothing they did yesterday that concerns me. You absolutely overreacted which is fine because you’re upset about the game yesterday. Once you give it some time and get over it you will remember there’s still 14 more games to be played
  8. Forfeit the game?? No one likes the loss, but asking for a forfeit looks really bad
  9. You don’t think it’s a bit out of reality to think the 1 seed is no longer possible after 3 games?? And I will ask again (since you didn’t answer it) did you think the only way to get the 1 seed was going undefeated? Would you have had this same overreaction if they had lost either of the first two games instead?
  10. How are we only 3 weeks into the season and people already have this outlook? One loss and getting guys healthy and being the 1 seed now can’t happen? Did you expect them to go undefeated this season? Was that the only way they would get the 1 seed??
  11. I don’t get this-we go for years claiming the Bills are being disrespected, can’t get any prime time games, go through the drought, etc. we finally have a stretch of good teams, play exciting football, get national respect that so many clamor for, and now we want to get rid of “bandwagon” fans? You can’t have it both ways! Nobody put extra pressure on the Bills, that’s just how social media is. As soon as something is good/cool, people are looking to tear it down. Sorry but this is too much of a “we just lost so it’s all doom and gloom” post for me. I think the Bills players want/like the pressure, it’s certainly better than marching out Coy Wire and Ko Simpson hoping for wins but having no pressure
  12. Just give Tua’s guy a call, he will be cleared in no time
  13. He had mistakes (should be expected in his first start) but I actually thought he was pretty good. I don't fault him at all for the penalty he got, not really sure what else he was supposed to do. Was late on the bomb to Waddle, but I don't think he played as bad as his grade was
  14. I think the other 2 had rougher losses than the Bills. Divisional games are always tough. The Chiefs lost to a Colts team that had showed nothing the first 2 weeks and the Chargers losing by that much at home to the Jags shouldn’t happen to a team that is a supposed Super Bowl contender. Both of those teams also had extra rest and days to plan for their games
  15. So I do think it would’ve been difficult to overturn the Davis play (and the saved timeout gave the Bills more of a chance at the end) I’m just surprised McDermott didn’t challenge. He has challenged much more obvious plays in the past, at least this one maybe had a chance of winning. I’m really surprised the refs just gave a warning though when McDaniel challenged that play. It’s up to the coaches to know what can and can’t be challenged. To me that should’ve either resulted in them losing their challenge and a timeout or it should be a penalty
  16. Couple of things: first, why wasn’t McDaniel penalized for trying to use a challenge when he couldn’t? second, with all of the obvious plays that McDermott has challenged and lost in the past, why did he not challenge the potential touchdown to Davis?
  17. With the line as beat up as it was, there was no way they were going to be able to run the ball effectively (which they didn't). This one was going to have to be all on Josh
  18. You do know they play 6 games within the division, right? So being 2-0 is nothing at this point
  19. Regarding Tua, I heard them say that it was actually his back, not his head that was hurting. That’s why he was able to come back so quickly
  20. There’s a part of me though who wants to watch the OP continue to dig that absurd hole
  21. Watched it several times, there is a dolphins player who would’ve cut him off…I guarantee he would’ve been tackled
  22. He wasn’t going to get out of bounds, his lane was cut off which is why he cut up the field
  23. So if I’m correct, we need back up safeties and more linemen, my guess being either higher draft picks or free agents, but also somehow getting Josh more weapons….sounds reasonable
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