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  1. I should have clarified my point better, I am not talking about resurrected vet signings, I am talking bonafide your paying the moon with picks or big money free agent signings. Not the OMG I got lucky with a veteran we gave up nothing for or signed for peanuts contract.....
  2. The only trade the bills made that was ever worth it was the trade for Cornelius Bennett , the only free agent move that was worth it was Bryce Paup...Two out of alot does not say much. I guess you could throw Jerry Hughes in that trade category also , that was pretty much a steel but other than that it's all garbage, keep what you got and Build from within.
  3. Someone else with a similar type player, looking to see if they can jump start a slow and disappointing career..That is the only way I can see it. Zay is an unreliable receiver who drops way too many passes. He needs to go one way or the other before he costs the Bills a game or two with an untimely drop. I believe Croom is the TE who gets the axe. Next would be Lee Smith
  4. I would be surprised to see Zay Jones cut, however I would not be surprised to see him dealt.
  5. I reside in the Town of Tonawanda. I am eating my lunch watching hole number 4 at Brighton Golf Course...
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