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  1. I grew up watching cbs “The NFL Today”. He brought intelligence, and class to that show.
  2. I would equate him signing with the Buffalo Bills as Reggie White signing with the GB Packers.
  3. If I were in Rodgers shoes, I would be looking at two decisions that effect me The decision to draft a Qb in the first round, when there were needs that should have been addressed with a higher priority. The decision to go for a field goal instead of going for the touchdown. I would come to the conclusion that the Coach and Front office do not trust me. There is a loss of trust. Once that is lost it is time to move on. I would either demand a trade, or retire. I doubt he ever wears a Green Bay Packers Jersey in a game ever again.
  4. I have been following football since the 1976 playoffs. I have noticed a pattern of teams growing from, a has been, to a playoff team, onto a Super Bowl contender, to one expected to make the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. And then there is the surprise OMG everything fell into place, and that team wins the Super Bowl. It does not happen often, the Pats on 2001 with Brady's first win, they grew into one after that but no one thought they would be headed to where they ended up. With that said, this Bills team has paid its dues to get to where they are at right now. The question to me
  5. I grew up in South Garland. Went to Centerville Elementary, Brandenburg Middle and one qtr at SGH
  6. I was thinking the same thing, however I was more along the lines of dressing Yeldon and Williiams and let McKenzie handle returns. But I am not sure about that even
  7. We have two seasons in section 122. We opted out this year.
  8. I turn it off when Maddie is on, she is unbearable to listen to IMO
  9. When he comes back, he will get injured again, he is a very talented lb'r who has not been healthy even 1 season.
  10. I think the reasons they are being destroyed on defense is a total failure on three fronts: The Front Office : By not addressing the Linebacking unit with quality players, it magnified the decision to not resign Phillips and Lawson even more. Combine that with "Star" opting out for the season it has made this their largest albatross. Coaching: The scheme they are running game to game is puzzling to say the least. It could be that the personnel is so horrible, they are just throwing anything up against the wall hoping something sticks. The players are getting not only beaten one on
  11. Sounds like our Quarterback lol
  12. I like Milano, but why sign him when he can't stay on the field. It's not his fault it's just ridiculous.
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