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  1. I would give him a shot at MLB, move 49 to the outside...Just try anything..Heck Randy White started out as a MLB, stunk it up then they moved him to DT and he was a HOFer. Oliver is too small to play DT IMO in the NFL. He is very quick and can move..
  2. We are not ready. We have a Qb who is in his learning year (meaning : he is trying to figure out how to be a pocket passer), we have a MLB who can cover the entire field against passing plays but is a huge liability with the run game up the middle right at him. Our pass rush is questionable, and our Offensive coordinator seems to be more interested in throwing Allen to the passing game wolves than designing a game plan to protect his deficiencies, right or wrong to be determined. There are way to many questions that need answers to, to start flinging away draft picks.
  3. I dont think it was christmas eve...my wife would not have let me go...lol
  4. No but I will have to go try it out. My daughter lives in Frisco. We plan on going down for Thanksgiving this year.
  5. Too Tall was one of my favorites of all time. I actually was able to meet him at a autograph show in Batavia this year. But he was like a shade below Randy White. If I had to rate the Cowboys DL players from 75 to 81 seasons I would put them down as White, Too Tall, Martin, Dutton/Cole. When they had Holllywood Henderson and Too Tall on the same side those two were unreal. Theyre wingspan was the whole left side of the field..LOL
  6. I grew up in Dallas in the 70's and 80's. He was the Cowboys best DL of his era. Ill write more later though.
  7. I should have clarified my point better, I am not talking about resurrected vet signings, I am talking bonafide your paying the moon with picks or big money free agent signings. Not the OMG I got lucky with a veteran we gave up nothing for or signed for peanuts contract.....
  8. The only trade the bills made that was ever worth it was the trade for Cornelius Bennett , the only free agent move that was worth it was Bryce Paup...Two out of alot does not say much. I guess you could throw Jerry Hughes in that trade category also , that was pretty much a steel but other than that it's all garbage, keep what you got and Build from within.
  9. Someone else with a similar type player, looking to see if they can jump start a slow and disappointing career..That is the only way I can see it. Zay is an unreliable receiver who drops way too many passes. He needs to go one way or the other before he costs the Bills a game or two with an untimely drop. I believe Croom is the TE who gets the axe. Next would be Lee Smith
  10. I would be surprised to see Zay Jones cut, however I would not be surprised to see him dealt.
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