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  1. Fall asleep at the wheel, run off the road, kill a young child, then our superior intelligent Governor turns the 33 from 55 to 35. Because we all know the faster you drive your car the more apt you to fall asleep at the wheel.
  2. I would rather not have the National Anthem sung or played at any sporting event. Play it when it means something, July 4th, Memorial day etc. It is overused and it devalues the significance and sacrifice Americans have made for it. It should not be symbol to protest it should be an honor to hear and salute. If you woukd like to protest, hold a sign and march with your fellow protesters.
  3. They probably shot him out of view
  4. Just send em back the Video ofChinese man run over by there military’s tank and tell them to stfu
  5. Gonna be hysterical when he gets some injury and hardly plays a down for the Bucs.
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