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  1. Once a Kicker loses confidence, they are never the same
  2. Super Bowl 12. I grew up in Dallas in the 70's.
  3. Same path as Vince Lombardi...He should run away as far and fast as possible....
  4. Thats the cheapest shot ever in the history of the NFL playoffs. STFU Steeler fans...You had to take out a QB to win...LMFAO
  5. I live in Grand Island, up till about 40 minutes ago we had one little 30 minute beating. Now thunder snow. It will be done in an hour...
  6. So far IMO this year, our best additions to the starting Defense regardless of how acquired: 1. Bernard 2. Douglas
  7. Morses holding penalties were junk calls. I think Collinscrap had his finger on a cattleprod whenever he felt the Bill's were about to smoke them...
  8. Punt return Fumble Josh INT when Diggs was a high step TD if it was a good throw Cook's Fumble. That's why we wont win a Super Bowl... Too many turnovers...
  9. No doubt. I agree 100%. My only disapproval of his coaching is his gameday management. Yesterday it wasnt close. It looks like the team has a huge chip on the players shoulder in regards for backing McDermott, and the coaching leading up to the had the team spot on. Not too mention our front office replacing hurt players with really good choices. Something they didnt do last year
  10. I guess didnt fully explain my thought on that point. He didnt have any game changing points of decisions to make during the game, as the team obliterated the cowboys. There were no challenges to blow, or timeouts that needed to be used ir not used during the game. He didnt have to choose between a prevent nothing defense on the last drive, or to go man to man and blitz the qb. We all know how those games end usually.
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