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  1. Stenbar

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    Ray Lewis is a tool.
  2. Stenbar

    2nd half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    Stupid people do stupid things.
  3. They should cut the whole Wr and TE Corps.. Hire a bunch of midgets to play instead. They at least have an excuse to not catch a pass thrown too short or to long...
  4. Stenbar

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Looks better in 1 quarter than all of qb's so far this season...I guess they cant all be bad.
  5. Stenbar

    Bears at Bills **Predict the Score**

    31-17 Bears
  6. Stenbar

    Matt Barkley Coming to town

    How bout that college football team qb room..LOL..
  7. Stenbar

    Matt Barkley Coming to town

    It would have been more awesome if they signed Vinny T....
  8. Stenbar

    Derek Anderson injury - in concussion protocol

    In the 4th qtr tonight, i think it was 3rd and long, there were 2 holds by the left side right next to each other right in front of the ref. No call, 20 yard completion to Edelmen..lol...
  9. Stenbar

    2nd half thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    Yes you are. I wish they would have just moved to Toronto..lol
  10. Its amazing how great this defense is, they are Mcdermotts baby, equally amazing how inept the offense is considering how detail oriented Mcdermott is. Illegal formation penalties killed them today as it has all season. Why is McCoy on the bench as much as he is for Ivory. Stupid and I repeat STUPID personnel decisions hurt this team more than anything else. Cutting Kerley for a DT earlier this yr bit them in the butt today. If this was a cartoon it would be funny, however people actually pay for this with money and time so its kinda disgusting. This process thing is a joke..
  11. I think Allen should hold onto the ball longer and let the wr's work there way open. Allen is so elusive in the pocket...#Sarcasm..It's nice to see our personnel decisions (Kerley) not affecting the outcome of games....