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  1. Stenbar

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    I remember his diving catch on the sideline in the home opener in 1992 vs the LA Rams. It was one of the best catches I have ever seen. I have looked online forever to find it and I can't.
  2. Stenbar

    Show Me Your Allegiance! Trade Up or Stay Put POLL

    I think what makes this leading up to the draft so exciting for me are the multiple QBs projected to be quality NFL starters and Franchise Face Players. Add that to the multiple of picks we have in the draft to enable the Bill to trade up and get the QB they want. Now add the intrigue of who is going to be selected where, how many Qbs picked in front of the BIlls', and the curiosity of when and how far to trade up with and with who. This next week is going to be exciting and hopefully ends with a huge smile for us Bills faithful. I think the Bills trade up however I have no clue who with or who they want. I am not a big fan of Rosen however it is not based on his play moreso his Concussion history already. I dont think you put that many assets on a player who has an injury history. I think Darnold will give someone a very good QB, however if I am going to swing for the fences in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded down by 3 and a 3-0 count I am going after Mayfield. He to me does it all. He needs to tone it way down but who doesnt at a young age.
  3. I think your right. Every one of those traits Beane stated he wants in a QB Mayfield has plenty of.
  4. I would add Jerome Bettis as mos over-rated. I still do not believe he made the HOF
  5. There is no way Rudliph lasts till the 2nd rd. Pittsburgh and NE are going to draft a qb and if he is there when thry draft one of the 2 are going to take him
  6. Stenbar

    what if odb trade?

    Give them our two first rdrs and a 2nd rd this year plus next years 1 and zay jones for the 2nd pick in this yrs draft and odelll as long as he signs a long term deal..he is a headache but if u can sign him Mccoy can put him in his place..
  7. Back when we were good in the 90's I and a bunch of my good friends made the trip to ASU to watch the Bills vs Cardinals for a Sunday Night football game. We ended up winning the game and Henry Jones picked up an onside kick and ran it back for a td at the end of the game. In our section of Bills fans was this fan. The Bills used to put him on the Video Board and he would use Marv Levy's quote "Where else would you rather be"
  8. I thought that way for a bit but then for some reason I always end up thinking when was the last time a guard was picked that high and they are few and far between. The last one drafted in the top five was Leonard Davis by the Cardinals in 2001. I realize Nelson is one heck of a Guard some even say he is as good as John Hannah was coming out of college, however when you are drafting that high you need an impact player and the I think Elway will draft someone who puts points on the board or take them away.
  9. Stenbar

    Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    I do not know how all these moves will play out on the field but it looks great so far. It sure is nice to not have an idiot running this front office for the first time in 20 years.
  10. Stenbar

    Bills sign Trent Murphy

    Bryce Paup light...Nice move