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  1. Stenbar

    2nd half thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    Yes you are. I wish they would have just moved to Toronto..lol
  2. Its amazing how great this defense is, they are Mcdermotts baby, equally amazing how inept the offense is considering how detail oriented Mcdermott is. Illegal formation penalties killed them today as it has all season. Why is McCoy on the bench as much as he is for Ivory. Stupid and I repeat STUPID personnel decisions hurt this team more than anything else. Cutting Kerley for a DT earlier this yr bit them in the butt today. If this was a cartoon it would be funny, however people actually pay for this with money and time so its kinda disgusting. This process thing is a joke..
  3. I think Allen should hold onto the ball longer and let the wr's work there way open. Allen is so elusive in the pocket...#Sarcasm..It's nice to see our personnel decisions (Kerley) not affecting the outcome of games....
  4. I grew up in South Garland in the 70's and 80's when he played cb for the Cowboys..He was a decent cb.
  5. Stenbar

    Conversation with A Bills Executive

    No offense, but in today's environment I put zero stock in what anyone says anymore. What he posted is true regardless who said it. It would be nice if it was true. Would at least prove there is someone there not looking through rose colored glasses.
  6. Stenbar

    Predict Nathan Petermen's stats Game 1

    Real close...You gave him too much credit though with that high completion percentage..😁
  7. Stenbar

    McDermott and young qbs

    I was asking a serious question. You come back with sarcasm...My information came from what the coach said and continues to say even tonight. Nothing more needs to be said to you. Goodbye.......
  8. Stenbar

    The non challenge by Mcdermott

    Could not have written it any better.
  9. Stenbar

    McDermott and young qbs

    Really? How did you come about this info?
  10. Stenbar

    McDermott and young qbs

    Right on, he went to the locker room with all three timeouts anyways...
  11. Stenbar

    McDermott and young qbs

    The longer McProcess goes eithout naming his qb the more I think he has a problem with decision making when applied to the qb position. He screwed it up last yr and he needs this to be done already and move on. Also, did he give any reason why he didnt challenge the Allen run on third down. Looked like a first down to me.
  12. Stenbar

    Calling Shananigans On the JA hate

    Never said I was looking forward to watching the qbs take a beating. Read the words I wrote not what you wish I wrote. I said I was looking forward to watching Allen in the future.
  13. Stenbar

    Calling Shananigans On the JA hate

    Five of the sacks were within 2 seconds. Hard to get rid of a pass quicker than that, hell you cant even throw it away during that time. Two of the sacks were his fault of holding the ball too long. He did not get picked off in the blitzkrieg and he showed pretty good composure for his very first NFL action against number ones. With all that said I am looking forward to seeing him in the future and will be watching the next half of season hoping he learns how to lead a this team while watching Peterman and Mcarron take the beatings of their life behind this atrocity called an O-Line.
  14. After 1 half of the first quarter of his first start? Lol...Calm down. Judge him after the end.