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  1. Stenbar

    2018 season expectations

    I agree with you on defense, however I believe Dennison was an absolute dud at OC and he made our O look worse than it was. If Daboll runs the same Offense as NE we will be ok and I think 8-8 at worst
  2. I agree. On a side note, if Andre Tippett is in Cornholio should be in also not taking into consideration of his off season actions...
  3. Stenbar

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    oh great another thread going Political..LOL...
  4. The facts are Father time stops for noone. It is just a matter of time before the Patriots time is up, then all theyre fans will dissapear as quickly as they hopped on that wagon. I do have a thought that say's Robert Kraft will not allow Brady to be thrown to the woodpile when his time is about up as most of the other Pats not named Bruschi were. He will retire a Patriot on his own terms not Belichecks, which could lead to Belicheck moving on or retiring .
  5. The Bills Wr position has been a debacle for years, I do not know how an NFL team can let it be this bad for so long. They should have locked up Robert Woods the year before he became a free agent and that would have helped out. Kelvin Benjamin is one cut on the field from being done for the year and he really has not shown he can be counted on due to his injuries. I think the front office knows this but are waiting to get all the other pieces in line first.
  6. Stenbar

    President cancels Eagles trip to White House

    I'll say this, I was in the Marines for along time, I am as patriotic as they come, but to this day I have never understood or for that matter wanted to hear the National Anthem before a sporting event. I Stand out of respect but I wish they would not even sing or play it. Save it for the fourth of July fireworks, Memorial Day, Veterans Day. Make it special to hear and stand for when it means the most, not 10 times a day. It takes the specialness out of it by overusing it IMO
  7. Stenbar

    President cancels Eagles trip to White House

    Sweet, bout time we have a man who stands by his words..Good for him
  8. Stenbar

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    I remember his diving catch on the sideline in the home opener in 1992 vs the LA Rams. It was one of the best catches I have ever seen. I have looked online forever to find it and I can't.