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  1. I'd happily take one primetime game if it also meant no more Maker Bayfield commercials.
  2. I’m kind of ok with all possible outcomes and just hope for entertaining games. It’d be great for Reid to finally get a ring, but I kind of like what Tennessee has been doing too. I’ve always liked the Niners and am happy to see them good again, but Green Bay is “Buffalo of the NFC,” so I’d be happy to see A. A. Ron do it once more.
  3. NICE. I went to a SUNY school so I have a bunch of goony friends from downstate. I love giving them ***** about the Giants.
  4. They should have burned that program to the ground and salted the earth years ago.
  5. Good. Screw Mongo Manning and his broken man-boob.
  6. Huh. It’s almost as if there’s some kind of built-in advantage that goes with coaching in New England. I wonder what ever could that be?
  7. No kidding. Lamar has looked frustrated as hell, trying to do it all himself, cracking under the pressure. Not that different from Josh last week in my mind. Young guys learning how to win. Murph was talking about it after the Ravens game this season. He saw his counterpart from the Ravens radio team after the game and they talked about how entertaining that game was, and that the Bills and Ravens could be playing a lot of exciting games against each other for the next decade or more.
  8. Chiefs. They’re exciting. Mongo Manning got his ***** washed all night like Prince Akeem of Zamunda last week like he singlehandedly beat the Bills with one sack. Screw Houston.
  9. I think they were paper tigers living in a glass house of cards waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  10. I lived there for three years, including the first super bowl. I'd argue it's a hockey town too, they play a great college hockey tournament every year that people get fired up over. But yeah, that playoff win vs the Raiders and subsequent run took everyone by surprise. Nobody gave a crap about the Patriots before that, except for a very few. Today, everyone claims to have been a diehard Pats fan since 1776, yet they can't name any players prior to 2000 not named Bledsoe.
  11. Much different from some in Bills land? 10-6 season, playoff loss, and plenty seem to view this season as a dismal failure.
  12. Good advice. What’s that prayer? Grant me the wisdom to know the difference between what I can change and what I can’t. Something like that. People are emotional, I get it. I am too. But it’s not healthy to hold on to so much negativity and anger, especially about something we can’t control. I’ve come to learn that in my life and I hope others learn it as well. Anyone, feel free to PM me if you need any help finding resources.
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