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  1. Thanks! Same to all the other das out there!
  2. I know what’s on my Father’s Day wishlist!
  3. Welp, ya can’t spell Josh Allen without EJ!
  4. [Josh Allen sails a couple passes in June] [WNY is predictably and rationally distraught]
  5. Winner take all? More like winner take a trip to some douchebag city like Jacksonville or Houston. F that, I want a home playoff game.
  6. I’ve always thought EWood was really sharp on mic and on camera. Clearly a smart dude, plus he’s a center, so I’m sure will offer a lot of interesting insights. Good for him!
  7. Godspeed, Pancho. Love and light to your family.
  8. I see this thread is where the Pats Backers are meeting today. Carry on.
  9. People seem to forget the losses of Wood and Incognito were completely unexpected. Was the OL good last year? No. Was it because of conscious neglect or mismanagement by the FO? No.
  10. !@#$ cancer. That is all.
  11. Cowherd is a lifelong west coast guy, grew up, went to school, and lives out there. Or are you just here to drop MAGAt turds in the punch bowl? So edgy.
  12. E, I can’t help with the club seats, but I did want to post as a reference for you and let everyone know: I’ve transacted with eball on tickets before and he’s good for it. Legit, rock-solid dude.
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