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  1. Yeah, Iggles fans genuinely scare me. Of the top three dirtbag fanbases, Oakland is basically KISS, we Bills fans are mainly good-natured dirtbags, but Philly fans are on another level.
  2. The length of the game is fine. It’s the drive home to ROC that I want to make shorter. It’s why I vociferously support building the new stadium in Batavia. Or LeRoy. Or Henrietta.
  3. Judging by your join date, I think most of us know you don’t mean THIS Bills board, but that erstwhile hive of scum and villainy that dispatched many refugees here. Clearly some are fitting in better than others.
  4. If we’re so bad, then does New England barely beating us count as a loss for them?
  5. Because they complete a very scientific analysis which proves, beyond a doubt, that when you discount all of the good things the Bills do, the Bills don’t do anything good at all.
  6. Expectations were high going into the game after the bye, the team seemed pretty flat in the first half.
  7. So I think I read somewhere that that’s only happened 11 times since the merger, and we’re the only team to have done it multiple times. (Also in 1970.) That would’ve been a hell of a prop bet...
  8. The real question is if this means our own win over the Giants counts even less now than it did before.
  9. The 6-0 Niners only mustered 9 points, all of them in the second half, to beat the lowly Redskins yesterday. Yes, you, me, everyone else wants Josh to come out and just stomp all over everyone. We want our defense to just stomp all over everyone. So far this season, we haven’t had to look for too many moral victories, because actual victories are coming. While some seem to want to look for moral defeats instead, I choose to celebrate that we are on the doorstep of our best record since the Superb Owl era. Will Josh become all we want him to be? Maybe, maybe not. But the book hasn’t nearly been written on him yet, I’d say we’re somewhere in the second chapter.
  10. Uh oh... I hope John Brown also got out his tamping stick to tamp down his own frustrations after scoring a TD against a Tamp 2 defense. Otherwise the solution is clear. Cut everyone, then fire everyone, then burn it to the ground and salt the earth so nothing will ever grow again, to only get tamped. (Tamp.)
  11. I love the logic of these types of posts. “Take away all the good things they did and they didn’t do anything good.”
  12. I simply put on a Bills tshirt at halftime. For some reason I wasn’t wearing any Bills gear in the first half, and we all saw what happened.
  13. Fitz did Fitz things but we pulled it out. We’re on to the Eagles.
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