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  1. My thought exactly. He knows his time is limited and wants to help make possible another good shot at it.
  2. This still being up in the air also helps explain why there’s no word yet on STH plans.
  3. Who do I talk to about a refund?
  4. Got the same Season Ticket Times email yesterday. Not at all surprised by the wait-and-see. There’s so much up in the air right now, but finally with glimmers of hope. I’m ok with it. Off topic, but we have been craving Swiss Chalet something fierce. We’ll be hopping over the border as soon as we can to get some. Miss the days of Swiss Chalet locations in WNY.
  5. You mean blue collar gym rats?
  6. Alrighty then, someone fire up FlightAware. Who’s got the tail numbers?
  7. You should ask for your money back.
  8. I realize there’s much more important things going on in the world, but he should go to hell and no longer be your friend.
  9. The two seats in front of us were available during upgrades a year or two ago. I’m regretting not grabbing them to have a block of 4.
  10. How great would that big dummy’s schtick go over in WNY? He’d be such a great fit. Like a less evil Gronk.
  11. San Francisco sucks. It’s a major city built on the side of a cliff, it’s always 62 degrees, and it rains every day.
  12. Agree with all of this. All I’ve wanted the last several years is to be good enough to make the postseason more often than not. Get there and take a shot. So far so good. And for the first time in forever we have a competent front office on the same page with a competent coaching staff. That’s a recipe for consistent success, and unless things go very badly sideways, we seem to be there.
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