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  1. Especially if one first bought that product while living 700 miles away during the goddamn Chan Gailey era.
  2. I think I preferred dealing with the shady dudes standing on the 219 off ramp instead of these shady-ass websites.
  3. My Pats fan buddy only had this to say: “Bills loves him some Strange.” 😂
  4. Thad “The Dolphin Slayer” Lewis remains the greatest Duke QB at the NFL level.
  5. I’m still holding out hope for John Skelton.
  6. My whole section stands for three hours anyway. I don’t hate the idea of general admission/standing room. With the right concourses and sight lines, I could see the appeal of wandering around the stadium all game long.
  7. I just figured out what your screen name means, so….nevermind.
  8. As a native Rochesterian, I’ll allow it.
  9. All I can say is “Shut up and take my money!” I hope they’re for sale.
  10. Amazing how much different the off-season is when you’re at the top of the heap for super bowl odds.
  11. My goodness, Beane is a shark. He moves QUIETLY.
  12. Sorry to see him go, but I get it. He was incredibly kind to my young boys on the autograph line at training camp several years ago. Rock solid dude, maybe the new environment will do him good.
  13. “How do we get WNYers to pay attention to the Bills?” - Some idiot in a board room somewhere
  14. I don’t know if it was exactly a hot take, but at the time I thought Rex just needed to settle in and would be a good coach for us.
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