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  1. It makes sense NBC didn’t want the Fish on SNF two weekends in a row. Tua has already shown he’s good for some horrifying medical imagery that makes children scream and grown men weep. They don’t need that on their air twice in a week.
  2. I love Al, but in Q1 once Herbstreet starting gushing about the Pats playing with a chip on their shoulder I switched over to the 96.5 broadcast here in ROC to sync up Murph and eWood instead.
  3. That fifteen minutes Pats fans were going ape****, thinking they were back, is going to end up featured on their highlight reel for this season.
  4. It’s one of, if not the biggest private lots out there. I bet you can get more info poking around. Good luck.
  5. Mud lot for sure, it’s the private lot on Big Tree directly adjacent to the Bills lot 1. Not sure how to get in touch with those guys though.
  6. “Fan” is literally short for “fanatic.” Live and let live. Some say wearing another person’s name on your back is cringe, but they’ll have to pry my Von and Bruce jerseys from my cold, dead fingers.
  7. I thought he was Lothar of the Hill People.
  8. My low key favorite part was the ravens D all fighting and arguing with each other on the sideline at the end.
  9. I don’t like winning the one score game. Clearly it’s on the coaches and Tremaine Edmunds.
  10. So many tipped passes. Clearly the problem is coaching and Tremaine Edmunds.
  11. I’m curious about the “Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant” role, which is the official term from the NFL website. Everyone keeps saying “neurologist,” but is it an MD? Just wondering what the qualifications are of these UNCs.
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