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  1. Go Bills Really looking forward to this one... a good test of where we are.
  2. Best first touchdown catch ever? Probably. Congrats Gabe Davis. Now for some D
  3. The garden must be rosy, because i currently have no issues with any of the guys in the poll! However... I'll be watching Bass like a hawk over the next few weeks.
  4. Got chills there ... and havent even watched the video yet! Viva los BILLS!
  5. I would agree with that. We all noted Josh's lack of experience (compared with Darnold/Mayfield etc.) coming out of the draft but could it actually become an advantage over time rather than a disadvantage in that he entered the NFL in no doubt that he needed to devote himself to improving as much as he can on all facets of his game. Whereas some of the other guys potentially thought their skill levels were at a level that they didn't fully embrace that improvement mindset like Josh has. just a theory.
  6. According to Thad Brown, Josh had a bit of an up and down day with the camera and at times failed to keep Oliver in shot.
  7. Thanks Yolo ... if you have the time would you mind just making some cool stuff up and posting it anyway!! A few sacks for Oliver and laser accurate bombs from Allen! Seriously though ... thanks for all your updates over the past couple of weeks and going forward. As someone who doesnt use Facebook/Twitter I really appreciate being kept up to date through this forum.
  8. Thanks Beef ... I was indeed a Bills fan before Wade arrived... have been since I was about 11 (1990 or so) ...so went through the ecstasy and agony of the 4 superbowls, which nearly destroyed me as a youth. I had no fellow bills fans to turn to either as most of my mates thought I was mad watching NFL over the English football league (soccer). Which is why I love this board!
  9. Cheers OP. As a UK resident I take great interest in Wade and his development, so happy for any snippets. One thing I do take from the article (and I'm maybe way off on this) ... is that Moss has potentially gained a better understanding of the playbook than Singletary had by this time last year... or why would Singletary not have been able to help bring along Wade's development to the same degree in the rookie room last year? Or maybe Moss is just a better communicator or closer to Wade than Motor was. Or maybe the season should just start now so we can stop over analysing everything!!
  10. How has Epenesa looked according to Joe B and Matt Fairburn? I havent heard any news regarding him elsewhere as yet. Thanks in advance.
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