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  1. The following is not my take btw, heard it on a podcast this morning and it made sense... Our defense is limiting the opposition to so many 3 and outs, plus our pass defense is so stifling. This means that our D is facing fewer plays per game, and fewer high risk plays, therefore we have fewer opportunities to make interceptions etc. compared with other defenses.
  2. The breakfast in bed wasn't for her benefit... it was for mine, and the Bills! I'm trying everything possible to build up all the credit I can so the football gods will shine on us later!!
  3. I'm in the same timezone as Gunner... up a few hours ago... Lego building with the 6 year old... made wife breakfast in bed... told her I'll do whatever she wants me to do round the place until 5pm this evening, after that... I'm off the clock and don't even think about peeling me away from the screen. Mixture of nervousness and excitement for this one... I'm preparing myself for disappointment but a thread of hope lingers strong... so LETS GO!!
  4. If we lose that week 17 game to a late ficken field goal I'll throw the TV out the ficken window.
  5. Teams with 4 turnovers or more than the opposition had a record of 6-177 before tonight according to 'Around the NFL'. (Apologies if someone else had dug this stat out earlier in this thread...just heard it now on tv) Superb comeback ... the beer tastes great tonight! Great to see both Murphy and Lawson show up when we were so concerned about the production at DE other than Hughes. Promising signs for Singletary too... and Josh bouncing back from a first half he must have been fairly down over. Monday morning doesn't seem so bad anymore. Go BILLS!
  6. The team spirit and togetherness sure looks off the charts. There's no gaurantee that translates into wins but it surely cant hurt. Good to see.
  7. Me too.... especially when the first letters I saw were DE!
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