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  1. Lighten up Francis, my statement still holds.
  2. The damage is beyond done to his image...but Billionaires tend to not go to prison unless they steal other billionaires' $$.
  3. This. Darnold I think was most likely graded higher than Allen (how could he not?) but Sam should be a Giant right now. Saquon is a freak, but will get a lot of wear on the tires against 8-man boxes and no OBJ.
  4. HansLanda

    Who gets cut when these signings become official

    Remember they can carry 90 guys to training camp, so I assume they'll have as many Olinemen there to get "the best 5" via competition.
  5. HansLanda

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    I think Titans think they are going places and need a backup with starting experience
  6. HansLanda

    John Miller gets nice contract with Benglas

    I think he can play, just didn't work out here after a good looking rook year.
  7. HansLanda

    Bills Team Dinner

    Hauschka highest paid player at that table aside from Allen?
  8. HansLanda

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    I am all about trying to get Frank the 522 rushing yards needed to surpass Barry freaking Sanders. We should really get behind this...knowing it's prob his last year.
  9. HansLanda

    Ryan Shazier

    It is the classiest move I've seen in sports since...I don't know. It gets him additional longterm health care benefits - I think - for every additional year he is rostered too. Per NFLPA deal.
  10. HansLanda

    Ron Darby Man Without A Team (edit: re-upped with Philly)

    The dollars go down as each hour passes. He can play though, no doubt. I wonder if he really is scheme-specific (?) There must be something to that.
  11. HansLanda

    Tyrell to Oak

    Gruden just wants to score points. Can't keep up with KC w/o points. That division is turning into the Big12.
  12. HansLanda

    Matt Milano update

    The injury did look bad, but a clean fibula break is much better than a torn up ankle (soft tissue) or a tibia like Alex Smith. Fibula is non-weight bearing.
  13. HansLanda

    John Miller - Sigh

    Lol - He also sucks at his job.
  14. HansLanda

    John Miller - Sigh

    You would pick him over Reich? Payton? Nagy? Even Pete Carrol or McVay? No you wouldn't, because that would be silly. Yes, no, maybe, yes, no.
  15. HansLanda

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    Let's be real, he knocked a guy's helmet off and grabbed a fumble. Was he a stud in college? yes. But all these guys were. Is he dominant in NFL?