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  1. There is no way to fix it back to earlier days when ESPN made up 50% of ALL of Disney's profit.
  2. This is a Tre White game. He's either going to get thrown on all day and we lose 42-30, or we don't see him because RW avoids his side of the field and Bills win 30-24.
  3. McD prefers to practice on grass. Just got a big extension. I would think he has already mentioned the want of a grass field to the Pegulas. I would not be shocked if that happens before next year.
  4. isn't COY about who does the most with the least? I would not say this roster is the least at all Beane Exec of year? I can see that
  5. 34-17, then NFL shuts down/presses pause for a month
  6. I couldn't care less about any additional TV coverage, more concerned if the NFL full season will happen.
  7. Open this thread if Allen and Tre ever get a ring. Until then, it's Mahomes by a wide margin.
  8. This offense should be able to outscore the Dolphins even w/o the LBs.
  9. I admit that I was a Rosen proponent on draft day a few years ago, however he does not need to be a Bill. It will put a very weird and unnecessary faux QB controversy at OBD.
  10. Part of the game...Doing it now gives SH a lot of time to find another team before season starts.
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