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  1. Right - I am also in NOVA, so I assume that would apply... but that is why I am using Seattle because we basically never play there.
  2. I've never had an issue using the Apple TV app and I am "physically" out of market anyway.
  3. (1) Find literally any address that is eligible (sounds like your soon-to-be-old-place). (2) Keep/change your credit card to that address at the time DTV charges They should give some indication when they bill. (3) After they bill, change address to your new place. I use an OLD Seattle apartment address for this every year. DTV only looks at your CC + Address at the time of billing. They don't monitor during the season.
  4. I can't see Beane shipping a 1 to anyone for any player at this point. Clowney is somewhat intriguing and has played in all of his games the past two years. He is trending to be a double digit sack guy who tends to cause and/or recover fumbles - meaning he is around the ball. I would not be on board with shipping a 1, but would be on board with getting him if he continues to trend up. He just turned 26. Who knows how much $$ he's after too. Not a huge thing today, but eventually Beane will need to pay his picks.
  5. Pills are a thing no matter where you live. It's crazy/scary.
  6. Print news biz has been off a cliff for a long time, the fact he is leaving TV for digital-only should be an indicator local TV is next to get crushed.
  7. I wouldn't be shocked if Daboll puts Allen in position to make many more high-percentage check down throws with Cole in the mix to balance homerun shots.
  8. No one will believe in this team unless Allen takes a step.
  9. 100% re: timing. Not only is Allen going to just miss some of these from time to time, he also had a revolving door of WRs and I don't think they really ever got into a rhythm. These are throws Brady can make with his eyes closed to Edelman. Hopefully Cole gives Allen some level of competence with these routes this year. With Foster and Brown stretching the field on outside, it seems very likely there will be soft areas behind the LB's were Cole and Jones can eat!
  10. Wilkins was not in for a pre-draft visit. I would be shocked if he's the guy.
  11. We need to unearth this thread over the weekend and show which of these posts were close and which were complete smoke.
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