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  1. What is your POV on Santa and the Tooth Fairy?
  2. This would be incredibly risky and boarder line nuts since JC cannot be extended until after this season. Meaning zero guarantee he signs here (or anywhere he's possibly traded to) long term. Only way I'd consider this if it doesn't include draft picks and Texans are basically just trying to dump him - which would also be crazy on their part. Still very far fetched.
  3. This is a business play in the hopes two sinking ships can stay afloat better as one. The question is how soon will they rip the bandaid off and stop printing? it's a huge expense, yet there still is a lot of print ad revenue out there (esp locally). So a catch 22. There will DEF be cost cutting measures. These old school publishers never thought the internet was going to really disrupt a 100+ yr old lucrative business and never made forward thinking M&A moves...Whoops! As of today, Twitter is worth about 30x that of Gannett in market cap. And with the right, aggressive offer a decade ago a big pub could have probably acquired TWTR. Here is your factoid for the day: in late 2006, Google acquired youtube for $1.65B...Today, over 5B videos are watched daily on YT with 80% of the audience being under 49. Cha Ching.
  4. "Brandon, what are the chances you'll take Zemgus, Vladimir, and Angry Larry as a camp bodies and eat part of their salaries? You are cap strong."
  5. Frazier said he is really close to 'back.' Reminder: the injury wasn't as bad as it looked. That said, I can only imagine what is going on between his ears to 'forget about the leg.' Has to be tough.
  6. Radio.com digital platforms are garbage...I deal with it, but jeez it's bad. /rant
  7. Knowing this game means nothing, the Colts are going to be very good for the next (at least) 5 years. They have been drafting well, have Luck, and have the ~2nd most available cap space in NFL. Perhaps these are two franchises that will start to see each other in the post season.
  8. Regardless of what happens this year, that is an unbelievable stat.
  9. Bills: “congrats on your thickness” NFL: “please pee in this cup”
  10. The pride of (one year at) Williamsville South
  11. I can't see Beane shipping a 1 to anyone for any player at this point. Clowney is somewhat intriguing and has played in all of his games the past two years. He is trending to be a double digit sack guy who tends to cause and/or recover fumbles - meaning he is around the ball. I would not be on board with shipping a 1, but would be on board with getting him if he continues to trend up. He just turned 26. Who knows how much $$ he's after too. Not a huge thing today, but eventually Beane will need to pay his picks.
  12. Pills are a thing no matter where you live. It's crazy/scary.
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