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  1. Do Bears have a backup QB for Peterman? If not, what will happen when Peterman throws 4 int in the first half? Run-Run-Run-Punt? 😎
  2. Other than OBJ coming out of ACL with uncertainty how well he will play, are there really free agents considered different makers this late in the season??
  3. Milano never had full control of the ball before the ball hit the ground. He did have his hands underneath the ball in the very end but the tip of the ball still hit the ground. Or do you still think the (tip of the) ball never hit the ground even with these snapshots?
  4. Glad to see White still has both legs, the internet doctors in this forum were starting to make me worry about it. 😉
  5. maybe he just missed losing in college? 😎
  6. Bills won't be on hook of his (prorated) signing bonus in terms of cap hit if they trade for him. The cap hit calculation is different after a player was traded.
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