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  1. Even though his teammates indeed didn't play good enough, you don't throw your teammates under the bus in a media session like this, that's the point. In a private conversion with your people, sure, go ahead to talk about the "truth", but not in a media interview.
  2. Does "right" Josh Rosen get one ring today too? Not sure whether a practice squad player, especially one signs to other teams during the season, would be given a ring. In the meantime, Blaine Gabbert does get his 1st ring today for his 16 pass attempts in the whole season.
  3. So McCown would be Texans’ HC and backup QB? One stone kills two birds? 😀
  4. Not only the Colts games, Beasley actually played quite well in the Ravens games even though he had no catch. Ravens chose to double team him often, for example, this play where he got the attention of two Ravens defenders and freed up Diggs: Beasley was open in quite a few plays but Allen either didn't see him or decided not to throw his way. For example, in the play below, Beasley was wide open and would have an easy touchdown if Allen could make the throw. Consider Allen threw to Diggs in the same direction in the end, it's probabl
  5. It's always nice to learn something new about NFL rules. Tucker's first FG hit the left upright, crossed the plane, but returned back through the goalposts, which according to NFL rules is still counted as unsuccessful. The spin on the ball does tricky things. --------------------------------------- Justin Tucker's first missed FG vs. Bills actually went in - before it didn't Using advanced technology to track the football, Lopez found that on Tucker's first miss, the 41-yard double doink, that the ball actually crossed over the bottom goalpost before moving
  6. Right, but Tua was named starter well before Fitz got Covid. The original message you replied is below, naming Tua as starter when both Tua and Fitz were options isn't really giving Miami the best chance to win a game deciding their playoff fate.
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