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  1. Why Cam Newton could help draw Julio Jones to Patriots From this article, Jones thinks Matt Ryan regresses in deep balls but Jones wants to play with Cam Newton!!! Does him not watch any of Newton's recent deep throws? ===================================================================== "You know who (Jones) really wants to play with? ... He wants to play with Cam Newton. He likes Cam," Holley said, as seen in the video above. "That's the other thing: He thinks (Falcons quarterback) Matt Ryan has lost a little zing on his deep ball." =========================
  2. Can't really tell whether Rousseau was their trade-up target but the reason you listed is just him playing DE for one season. That reason alone doesn't mean Rousseau is a lesser prospect. Front office could still like him a lot after viewing his tapes and interviewing him that they attempt to trade up for him.
  3. The "first year" players allowing to attend rookie minicamp are the players have been on an NFL roster but have yet to accrue a season of free agency credit." Thus, Epenesa isn't eligible to participate.
  4. Broncos released RT Ja'Wuan James and likely will not only void his $10 million salary but also recoup his signing bonus. In the meantime, WR DaeSean Hamilton suffered a torn ACL training away from team facility less than 24 hours after being waived. He was more likely to be traded or claimed of waiver wire before the injury. Since the injury occurred off site, his salary is in jeopardy too.
  5. From this article: The Bills phoned Rosenhaus once the first round wound into the mid-20s, telling him they intended to select Rousseau if he was still available when they picked at No. 30.
  6. I just checked, “right” Josh Rosen had 0 dropped interception last season, I guess Bills made a mistake after all 😎
  7. Mel Kiper's highest-graded quarterbacks ever for the NFL draft: John Elway ranks first since 1979, Trevor Lawrence makes the top 10 1. John Elway 2. Andrew Luck 3. Peyton Manning 4. Trevor Lawrence 5. Jim Kelly 6. Andre Ware 7. Drew Bledsoe 8. Ryan Leaf 9. Troy Akiman 10. Josh Allen
  8. Even though his teammates indeed didn't play good enough, you don't throw your teammates under the bus in a media session like this, that's the point. In a private conversion with your people, sure, go ahead to talk about the "truth", but not in a media interview.
  9. Does "right" Josh Rosen get one ring today too? Not sure whether a practice squad player, especially one signs to other teams during the season, would be given a ring. In the meantime, Blaine Gabbert does get his 1st ring today for his 16 pass attempts in the whole season.
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