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  1. This season still has 16 regular season games so 8-8 is .500. Or do you mean when 17-game season kicks in? But even so, are you sure they can’t be .500 in this case? They could have a tie game in a 17-game season and end up with 8-8-1, which is .500. Or maybe 3 ties, or 5 ties, ...., you get the idea. 😏
  2. Do you know who else have similar 2nd year stats too? Tom Brady and Christian Ponder. We all know whether they end up the same in their career. The point? similar past stats doesn't project player development path. Tom Brady: 264/413, 63.9%, 2843 Yds, 18 TD, 12 Int Christian Ponder: 300/483, 62.1%, 2935 Yds, 18 TD, 12 Int
  3. Jefferson lined up at slot in 81% of the time. Furthermore, 110 of his 111 receptions were from slot. Obviously Bills isn't looking for a rookie slot receiver this season. We will know in few years whether Jefferson can develop into a NFL receiver and whether he can play outside at NFL. Drafting him at 22 probably makes sense for Vikings since they still have Thielen, but not as much for Bills consider what Bills already have at WR.
  4. Not exactly. He only selectively copied and pasted tweets fitting his narrative. In the end of his tenure in this site, he only posts tweets praising Rosen and the ones criticizing Allen, and basically ignore any others having different opinions.
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