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  1. Joe Flacco: Iā€™m here to win games, not be a mentor I remember quite a few wanted Flacco especially two years ago to replace Tyron, I guess Flacco is not a process guy? šŸ™‚
  2. Buffalo Bills brass doesn't agree with you: Or teams around the league, for example: https://www.chargers.com/video/bolts-surprise-young-fan-with-one-day-contract-166476
  3. Now you're backtracking, now there are two kinds of Quarterbacks, listed Quaterbacks and actual Quarterbacks. In this case, your original statement needs to be changed to "even if he was the only listed Quarterback on the roster he wouldn't have been the best actual Quarterback on the roster" in order to make any sense. You are welcome.
  4. Maybe, but he would still be the best Quarterback on the roster since he is the only Quarterback consider a 3rd string TE is not a Quarterback. If a 3rd string TE is considered a Quarterback, then the statement of "only" Quarterback is wrong. Logic 101
  5. This is logically flaw. When you said X was the only Quarterback (I emphasize only here), this makes none of the other players on the roster qualify as "Quarterback" no matter what your definition of "Quarterback" is. Otherwise, if anyone else on the roster is considered a Quarterback, X is then not the only Quarterback. Thus, X would be the best (and the wort, and the only) Quarterback on the roster.
  6. They may feel #6 is too high for Haskins but would still be interested in him if Haskins drops and Giants either trade down from #6 or trade up from #17.
  7. Not against Nsekhe. Just sayin. From 9:08: https://youtu.be/pwZxORO6vsg?t=548
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