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  1. But 70% completion percentage. Just saying 😉
  2. It's the same play where 3 blockers in front of Allen just let Cunningham go by.
  3. NFL Rumors: Tom Brady Won’t Take Hometown Discount To Stay With Patriots “Well, here’s the thing: First of all, does he go back to the New England Patriots? He’s an unrestricted free agent and the Patriots cannot franchise him,” Glazer said. “I’m told if he does go back to the Patriots, he doesn’t want to do the same hometown discount he’s done in the past. So then you also look at other options out there. Certainly a team he’d help with their fan base, but there’s been talks about him going somewhere with Josh McDaniels. There’s only four openings, only one without a quarterback. That’s the Carolina Panthers. I just don’t see that happening. I think he fits better in, obviously, with the Patriots, but then it comes down to money.”
  4. Patriots fan burns Tom Brady jersey after Wild Card loss to Titans But people in this thread are arguing what other Bills fans should and shouldn’t do .............
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