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  1. Bills is #7 at 29.2% Broncos is 4th worst at 19.7% (on a separated note: it's surprising to see Bengals at #6)
  2. while we are on Tyrod Taylor train...... ------------------------------------ https://www.barstoolsports.com/chicago/mind-blown-tyrod-taylor-and-lamar-jackson-are-practically-identical-through-their-first-16-starts#scrollToComments Tyrod: Lamar: Obviously more yards and tuddies from Lamar but over double the attempts. Y/A is within a 2% margin and objectively Lamar has much, MUCH more talent around him on the ground which makes it even more preposterous. Really think about how much Lamar ball washing is going on right now vs. how fast Tyrod gets run out of places vs. how ***** impossible it would be to lump these two together through their first 16 starts. ------------------------------------
  3. Bears and Bills happened to play Eagles last week and the week before. By these two detailed analysis, it's not hard to see Josh is ahead of Trubisky in their development. Of course, Josh needs to continue to improve in several areas (long throw, fumble issue, etc), but right now, I don't see there are anything indicating he'll have a big regression in year 3 like Trubisky.
  4. I want to see Josh Allen continue to improve and eventually be the guy. However, when I saw this tweet yesterday, I can't help but think it's a misleading comparison due to different eras. in 1993, average comp%: 57.9%, average pass yard/game: 200.6, average TD/game: 1.2, average INT/game: 1.0 in 2019, average comp%: 64.8%, average pass yard/game: 238.5, average TD/game: 1.5, average INT/game: 0.8
  5. Yeah, I find it totally not interesting that Allen and Trubisky have similar stats in year 2 which is not an indicator of whether they would end up the same. It's just like I find it totally not interesting that Tom Brady and Christian Ponder have similar year 2 stats which confirms year2 stats isn't an indicator of QBs would end up similar. However, I like to help people lacking this kind of logic and trying to use similar year 2 stats to stir the pot. 😉 And you're welcome!!
  6. and whether it'll happen or not has nothing to do with having similar passing yards, TDs, and INTs in their sophomore season. So what's the point of listing their year 2 stats especially you already admit similar stats aren't implying they would end up as similar QBs?
  7. warning of what? If you are not implying two QBs with similar passing yards, TDs, and INTs in year 2 will end up as similar QBs, what do you try to warn by listing Allen's and Trubisky's year 2 stats?
  8. great, then there is no reason to compare Allen and Trubisky by listing their year 2 stats side-by-side.
  9. Are you implying if two QBs have similar passing yards, TDs, and INTs in year 2 while ignoring anything else, they will end up as similar QBs? If so, do you want to guess who the following two QBs are with similar numbers in their sophomore seasons and whether they end up as similar QBs? player A: 2843 passing yards, 63.9 comp%, 18 TDs, 12 INTs, QB rating: 86.5 player B: 2935 passing yards, 62.1 comp%, 18 TDs, 12 INTs, QB rating: 81.2
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