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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mahommes wakes up tomorrow with more of a neck or spine problem then his head. Looked like defenders arm got caught around his helmet and gave it quite a yank during the tackle.
  2. Lol. You hear the players say it all the time when they want their pay day, “the NFL is a business”...... And Watson is just an employee.
  3. No he doesn’t, he’s an employee. Doesn’t matter what they told him, the guy paying the bills seen an opportunity to get a gm that they had pursued a couple years ago and he took it. Unless Watson wants to start chipping in on guys salaries he should just shut the ***** up, work hard and play.
  4. I find this situation so funny. Employee mad because the owner didn’t consult him on who he wanted him to hire. Watson is a ***** baby.
  5. When it’s too hard for them it’s just right for us. I Remember a legend saying that once or twice before
  6. They thought it was an easy win after being in the game with them in week 17 with Rudolph at QB. Game plan was probably pretty much the same and probably thought without Stafanki the Browns wouldn’t change much. If you got a chance to knock out a division rival you shouldn’t take it lightly
  7. Its win or go home. Our RBs don’t really bring fear in anyone’s eyes. If the weather does have an affect I hope they do what they gotta do to win. If running Josh can help, do it.
  8. It’s not that he can’t run, it’s that making guys miss is a big part of why he has success, if he can’t juke and cut like his normal self you don’t think he is less of a threat? Totally different style runners, if one is gonna be more effected by the weather, I’d put my money on lamars.
  9. I think the weather could be an advantage for us. Hate for that to be the way the game goes but if Lamar can’t stop on a dime and we are stacking the box I think that’s a good thing. Plus the wind will have more effect on his throw then Josh’s. It’s win or go home, if we gotta run Josh on a regular basis so be it. If he hits a couple passes to keep them honest we can mix the runs up a lot.
  10. Our WRs had a ***** terrible game. That’s what I remember. Josh’s game wasn’t great but they didn’t help him out at all
  11. Ain’t that what the Pats did? The first time we ran all over them and the second time we had our answer in the passing game. Not many people giving us a chance
  12. I missed most of the first, I think when I turned it on they were up 10-0. So what I seen was just a lot of running attempts and then passing on 3rd and long. It wasn’t working and it was very predictable.
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