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  1. So when he plays a good game we don’t need to compare with every other QB who played good. It’s all the same right?
  2. Anyone who thinks Allen played this bad against the Pats is delusional. Yeah he played bad but this is a ***** joke.
  3. The whole team came out flat with the exception of Hauska. Doesn’t matter what other QBs did against the Phins, this ain’t fantasy football and all that matters is the W.
  4. I have been saying this all year. These guys are learning how to win despite playing perfect football and are overcoming a lot of ups and down throughout theses games. This is what you want. The Patriots won a lot of ugly games back in Brady’s first few years. Hopefully this is the start of something special for the Bills.
  5. I’m happy with just winning right now. Not too worried about stats with all the changes we had on O this year. Guys a learning how to win and you learn more from a close win then you do a blowout.
  6. Are O has looked the best when Singletary has been on the field. I thought they were king of limiting his touches and then planned on unleashing him against the Pats. That’s what I was thinking until he got injured atleast. No sense limiting him now, let’s get the train moving.
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