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  1. He bought them each a Traeger. Might not be flashy but I love mine.
  2. Who the ***** is Seth Galina? You’d think this team has been to the playoffs every year for the past decade by the way they rip the QB after one game. Do people not remember the laughing stock we were for 17 years? We had a great season and our second year QB was big part of helping this team get to the playoffs. Sure he had some ups and downs just like he did Saturday night, he’s got a ways to go but we are a very competitive football team right now. Despite his struggles he put us in position to tie, then possibly to win if it wasn’t for that damn penalty. He’s been doing this all year long. Give it up. It’s on to next season and let’s hope he takes a few more steps forward in his growth. These stupid posts aren’t changing the minds of the people running this organization.
  3. The game was rigged. JJ Watt slammed Allen to the ground putting all his weight on him after Allen released the ball. Should of been flagged also. The game was close to 75 minutes long and there wasn’t one in play penalty against the Texans. How often does that happen? Sure the Bills blew the lead but the officials were clearly one sided. The announcers drooled over Watt and Watson all game like they already knew the damn outcome. In my 30 years of watching football I never seen a sideline official walk on the field and force a ref to change his call. Never. Booger up in the press box talking about common sense, it’s common sense to kneel or wave for a fair catch while giving yourself up on a kick return. The NFL ain’t even acknowledging they ***** up because they got exactly what they wanted. Then you turn on the NFL network today and they are gushing about the Texans thrilling OT victory. Still ignoring the bogus penalty in OT, the play clock running out and how they stripped the Bills 7 points..... bull####. ***** rigged.
  4. So what would you say if he forced it to one of the other WRs who were covered and running running shallower routes and had that pass get picked off? Dimarco had position and never made the play on the ball. Even if it did get picked off 50 yards down field it isn’t much difference then a punt.
  5. Never bothered to read. Sure he made mistakes and some are over analyzed because of the stage he was on during this game and some because of who he is and what the media likes to say about him. Kid had a great season and improved in his second year. People who watched every snap know this. You can’t blame the kid for not getting in the endzone when his supporting cast ain’t making the plays needed to get there. It works both ways. Brown steps out of bounds at the five yard line on third down. Duke drops a ball in the end zone which he has two mitts on. Yeah we seen the bad side of Josh yesterday when the game was slipping away from us and the Texans had all the momentum. He’s got to be smarter while trying to make plays. At the same time when your down and time is running out you have to force the issue somewhere. If you don’t you ain’t gonna succeed. In the end, after a disastrous sack on third down, then another one on 4th down (which we should of punted), he led us down the field to tie the game up. He then put us in position to have a FG opportunity if it wasn’t for a terrible call on the field. Not many QBs do this on a regular basis and Josh has delivered all year in these situations. Outcome hasn’t always lead to victory but he has always taken the game down to the wire. Ravens and Pats loss came down to the last play. Against the Browns he put us up late in the 4th with a TD drive that was answered by Cleveland. Then he took us right back down the field and put us back in FG position and gave us an opportunity to tie. You can add on the 4 game winning drives in the 4th quarter to this list of him giving us opportunities to win games. He’s far from perfect but he’s improving. Keep adding weapons and building that o line and we are gonna be a powerful team on both sides of the ball.
  6. Brown had a third down catch on the 5 yard line where he stepped out of bounds. Duke had a pass in his hands in the end zone that he ended up dropping it. Bills coaches keep putting Gore on the field in the red zone believing he is a pounder when he gets way more negative plays then positive..... These all helped this team settle for FGs, can’t put that all on Allen. Allen’s needs to do better but so do the others. Coaches included. This was a positive season with a huge heartbreaking loss.... It’s time to improve
  7. I thought the defender slipped or something. When he released it it looked like Dimarco got behind him. It came out high giving the safety an opportunity to get over and the defender eventually caught up to Dimarco. Ball was still well placed and Dimarco had the best shot of getting even though he completely whiffed on the time to start his jump..... There was no one else open though, can’t blame him for trying to make a play.
  8. Wasn’t our average starting point at our 12 yard line the first half and we scored on 4 drives?
  9. like 2nd and 10, down by 3, under two minutes on the clock, and in the red zone. 😂
  10. What’s funny about this is when they talk about JJs would be interception. If that was Mahommes or Brady throwing it through some Joe Blows arms they would be talking about how they threaded the needle to complete a pass under pressure. Hahaha. It would only be an interception if JJ caught it but he didn’t.
  11. There was no one thing that beat us. Different plays took opportunities away from us. Mistake on D cost us. Why Gore was handed the ball on 2nd and ten in the red zone blew my mind that late in the game. Josh took two brutal sacks, but the second one on 4th and 28 I thought was a terrible position to go for it. We had 3 timeouts, should of just tried to back them up with a punt. I think we had 3 receptions where WRs were unaware of the sidelines. That’s brutal. And then there was the refs....3 extra refs come on the field to talk over the kick return TD but none of them notice the play clock at zero.
  12. Second half was not great but he put us in position to tie with no timeouts on the clock. We were in position to try a FG in overtime if it wasn’t for the ***** penalty. Despite some bone head plays by Allen, his WRs left some bone head plays on the field by not being aware of the sideline that could of helped us in this game.... He gets a B from me. On the road in playoff atmosphere he had about 375 yards passing, running and receiving. Like I said he wasn’t pretty but he played his ass off.
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