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  1. I was surprised Allen is on the list because he’s a Bills player and we get no love. Perfect example is Tre at 47and Gilmore at 9. Lol. Based on last years season you could easily make arguments for both of them being the top CBS in the league if you watched them both play and not just listened to the media drool over Gilmore. Glad we got Tre, it took him 3 years to get to that level and he has a long career left. As far as Allen goes his play was pretty consistent after the bye, cutting the INTs out made a big difference. What I think helps him get into the top 100 is leadership and his play in the 4th quarter. What was it 5 game winning drives to lead the league in that category? He also put us up in Cleveland late in the game before Baker drove them down the field. But he bounced back and put us in FG range which didn’t pan out. He also drove them down the field against NE and Bal only to come up short. They all don’t go your way fellas. Having a guy who can move the ball during those moments is mportant. He also did this with no real #1 WR, a rookie TE, a rookie RB and old man Gore. In my opinion 87 is a good spot for Josh. I also think Poyer and Hyde deserve to be on the list. Those guys do a hell of a job week in week out and get very little credit from around the league.
  2. You can blame some of that on the coaching. We seen it a lot in games where we got up last year and games that were close, they played safe at times. How many times did we move up the field and then they trot old man Gore on the field in the red zone and end up taking FGs. As the season went on Gore was by far the weakest link in this offence but got put on the field (and handed the ball) at critical times every Sunday. Despite having almost a whole new group on O we still didn’t have a complete offense. I think Diggs and Moss will make a big difference. Singletary and Knox heading into their second seasons will help as well.
  3. Actually there was until we ran into 3 top 5 defences in our final 4 weeks of play.
  4. We had 2 returning players from our 2018 offense on last years squad.Did you think they were gonna light up the scoreboard? Allen has made improvements and the offense has made improvements, there is no reason think it won’t continue.
  5. Too bad ya just couldn’t move the players to Canada for the season. Less then 300 new cases nation wide the other day. I honestly don’t think there is gonna be a season this year.
  6. Sure everyone in the NFL has sent an inappropriate text that would offend someone else at some point. It’s the world we live in today.
  7. The ball has to move forward. It wasn’t a sack fumble, no one hit it out of his hands it was a pass that was suppose to be forward but the ball may or may not of moved forward, it’s too close to tell. The call on the field was fumble just like if a player missed a lateral pass.
  8. I think it could of easily been called either way that’s why I think the call on the field should not of been changed. Everyone knows the idea of the play but there was no solid evidence the ball actually moved forward. Just to close to call.
  9. Sure most people on here have taken one for the road at some point in their life. Not really a big deal if it’s your first or second drink of the night and your ok taking a risk of getting a fine. To bad for Ed it’s just stupidity when you do it and are already drunk.
  10. The disappointment of losing to the Steelers backups at home with playoffs on the line was super frustrating. We also started 1-5 because we were running Henry more then McGahee. Prettty sure McGahee started during the W also when Henry was injured. Once the made the switch we went on a real run. I think Taylor’s first season was the most frustrating though, some of it having to do with be another 10 years into the drought. What hurt the most was we had about 4 or 5 games that we lost by a TD or less. At the end of those games when we needed the best play out of our QB we got his worst. I remember the Philly game the best, we were down by 3 and got two opportunities. I know we hardly moved the ball, not sure if we even got a first down on the drives. When the drives stalled they were both on 3rd down and both the same deep pass down the right side, the second one was intercepted. The KC game was pretty frustrating also. Sammy had a career 1st half and after some KC adjustments Taylor is terrified to throw in his direction. Also another game where we had the ball and couldn’t score at the end. When you finish 8-8 and have 4 losses decided by a ess then a TD it’s not hard to determine better play out of our QB late in games could of been the difference. I don’t expect to win them all but I expect to win a couple. Just move the ball and give yourself an opportunity, but we couldn’t go anywhere in those situations. Allen might not be the most consistent but when the game is good on the line he plays his best football. We won a decent amount of games in the 4th quarter this year, we also lost a few where we were knocking on the door at the end and just couldn’t get in the end zone. A Hauska missed FG cost is the game in Cleveland as well.
  11. Reminds me of McCarron. Limited talent but productive in a school loaded with talent.
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