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  1. Really? The PI might of been a questionable call and maybe a little weak but the interception was 100% the wrong call. 2 plays later the Rams got into our end zone.
  2. The whole defense is having a bad year. I’m not believing our problems have been solved after 30 minutes of solid play against the Jets. To me the only player that is playing consistent football is Poyer. Until the unit is back to its old play, singling guys out who have produced in the past is pointless. It’s the most team oriented sport on the face of the earth. It’s true, he’s not playing his best football. At the same time, our DLine is not as strong as it once was, Milano has rarely played his replacements are terrible. Our DBs (some also out with injuries) have not been strong at all. On top of that he’s injured. We know this, it’s been talked about for weeks now. When your injured you confidence drops, you hesitate more, you give up a little extra so you don’t get burned for a huge play.
  3. You try to fix inconsistencies as the season goes on. You are never gonna win the same way all time. The more adversity you overcome along the way the more you’ll be prepared when you need it most.
  4. Doesn’t happen in Buffalo. McCoy in the snow storm is the last one I remember.
  5. Until we see the defense start playing like this on a regular basis I wouldn’t say it’s back. Everyone was saying the same thing after the Oakland game.
  6. Looked to me like he eased up a bit and still connected shoulder to shoulder. Can’t throw a flag because the impact looked to severe. Darnold hung him out to dry.
  7. Lol. It’s his fault Gabe didn’t set himself. Also his fault Kroft did a face plant in open field. O shot themselves in the foot a lot of the time today. You don’t see many games where offenses don’t punt. Game definitely could of been a blowout but a D+ is ridiculous bud.
  8. D better not fold now. Can’t believe we haven’t punted all day and we only have 15 points
  9. Bills coaches show how confident they are in our RBs. Sad. They picked them
  10. D can’t get off the field. We’ve had the ball for about 3 minutes in the first quarter. FFS. This is a ***** joke
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