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  1. Aussie Joe

    2018 Schedule Weeks 5-8

    Halfway through the season, looks like the Bills will be having a 4,000 yd QB with these sort of results...
  2. Aussie Joe

    Incognito's Retirement?

    Hope he gets a last decent pay from somebody.... I think he is going to need the money with perhaps a difficult life ahead...
  3. Aussie Joe

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    Even though AJ goes 23-30 288 yards 3 TDS in a week 1 squeaker 34-31 win at Baltimore, Peterman gets the Week 2 start after he bests McDermott 3 out of 5 wrestling falls that week at practice... Peterman to Dez Bryant proves to be a winning combination as the duo hook up for two scores in a 28-14 win... AJ is recalled Week 3 and 4 but unfortunately they are flogged on the road in Minnesota and Green Bay by a combined score of 76 -20... Bills Mafia is still ecstatic with the 2-2 start after Tyrod goes 0-3-1 in Cleveland...
  4. Aussie Joe

    Rookie Premiere photo of Allen and Co.

    Was just thinking... the off season is long... Only 4 months to go...
  5. Aussie Joe

    Harrison Phillips Senior Stats vs Suh

    Yeah.. agree that Phillips should not be compared to Suh... Number 2 versus Number 96 and all.. But... if you hadn't heard about Phillips before he was drafted then I question your interest in the draft process, particularly in a year when the Bills had three picks in the second/early third where he was being projected as going.... Phillips was a good get... They could have picked him at 53 and it wouldn't have been deemed a reach in my view... Helped me take an edge off giving up their second rounders to get Allen as I genuinely would have been happy with him at 53 or 56...
  6. Aussie Joe

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    I’ve happily moved on but wish Tyrod all the best... Wonder where he will be in 2019? He will still be wanting starter money from someone but doubt the Browns will be paying him again.. Might be the Giants if Eli pulls the pin after this year..
  7. Poyer is on a bargain contract... Might be worthy of an upgrade in 2019 if he has another good year this year...
  8. Nice... He is certainly punching above his weight with her...
  9. Aussie Joe

    Harrison Phillips Senior Stats vs Suh

    This guy was picked at 96... He is a freaking steal... Adolphus Washington was picked in the 80's by comparison...
  10. Aussie Joe

    How much longer will we have shady?

    So? He will just have to get by on his multiple millions that he is paid then?
  11. Aussie Joe

    Harrison Phillips Senior Stats vs Suh

    Kyle Williams scouting report... http://www.footballsfuture.com/2006/prospects/kyle_williams.html
  12. Aussie Joe

    How much longer will we have shady?

    Havent they got something like eleventy billion dollars spare under the cap next year??
  13. Aussie Joe

    How much longer will we have shady?

    He will play here at least this year and next.,
  14. Aussie Joe

    Bills scout!?!?!(warning, sense of humor needed lol)

    I believe I was conceived shortly after my parents watching this..
  15. Aussie Joe

    Cap Space June 1st

    So we should know June 1st then?