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  1. My take on this... (... thanks for asking..) Penn from Penn & Teller surname is Jillette spelt with a J...
  2. Ok… thanks for the clarification on that … Whilst my maths was wrong … I was trying to make the point that just because you are the favourite in every game… even a strong favourite… stringing 5 wins in a row together ain’t a walk in the park…
  3. WTF happened? Had to do some work at HT and just now checked the score...
  4. Think they mean JA only counting $16M against the cap this year… next year goes to $40 and then $50m in 2025
  5. I’ll be happy just to see then take care of business and not have the games come down to the wire.. similar type results like the Patriots game will do me ..
  6. Yes... I agree the Chiefs are more likely to win out... Bills have two tough games left against Miami and Bengals... Chiefs hardest game is last game against the Raiders away... thats probably on a par with the Bills playing the Jets...
  7. You likely to drop any more games? Only real possibility is the Raiders away last game ...
  8. Yep… but they are not favourites to win ALL 5 games … the odds of them doing so is less than 50%
  9. Well… i hope you are correct of course,,, but chances are greater than 50 percent they will drop another game,.. I would put the Bengals game alone as a 60/40 chance of a win…
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