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  1. “Definitely” ? How will we decide that?
  2. Aussie Joe

    WR Prospect talk

    I like Butler but at Pick 9? I see Chris Trapasso has the Bills taking him there.. Still a long way to go until the draft, but i can’t see him as the BPA if they stay at 9.. If he is the pick then they need to trade down..
  3. Allen’s play this year was far from perfect but there is something about him that inspires optimism.. It’s certainly a different feeling then watching other QB’s the Bills have had out there the past decade... I don’t know.. maybe I want to believe too much, and I’m seeing something that isn’t there,( a lot of the “experts” certainly don’t see it), but for Pete’s sake, get him some blockers and receivers so we can see what he is really capable of..
  4. Aussie Joe

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    Of the players left, I would have preferred Clelin Ferrell
  5. Aussie Joe

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    I’m wondering if this is starting to get beyond being funny and this dude has a problem?
  6. Aussie Joe

    Bills sign OT Jeremiah Sirles to 1 year extension

    True.. Id pay more for a good one... Might be of more benefit then paying $5M for a bad one..
  7. Aussie Joe

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    So can you tell me who is going to still be there at 9 so I can evaluate?
  8. Aussie Joe

    Bills sign OT Jeremiah Sirles to 1 year extension

    Id rather spend the $5Mil a year on somebody competent, even good perhaps..
  9. Aussie Joe

    Startling Star statistic

    True.. The real judgement about how they value him will come when they are able to move on from him with nil or minimal dead money.. We will see if they are still happy paying him come 2021
  10. Aussie Joe

    Bills sign OT Jeremiah Sirles to 1 year extension

    Mills will be paid a lot more than this guy..
  11. Aussie Joe

    Startling Star statistic

    Pretty much agree with what you are saying... The reason I'm not too hung up about Star's contract in particular is that they can move on at the end of 2020 before they have to start paying the 2017 draft class.. They seem to have plenty of spare money the next two years to afford his deal.. To be honest, I'm hoping they might have his replacement under a rookie contract by then.. Also, I think Beane is no dummy when it comes to negotiating, based on some of the other deals we have seen from him.. he wouldn't have paid him $10M a year for the sake of it.. assume another team was bidding up the price and they thought they had a bigger need for him... Still, I think its fair to make an assessment about the deal now we are a season on ... Also, keep in mind Beane's comments yesterday about not overpaying players.. I think there is a little bit of "practice what you preach" in relation to Star's deal...
  12. Aussie Joe

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    I wouldn't pick Jonah Williams at 9 and I'm starting to think that he wont be the first OL off the board... In regards to the trade down scenario., its feasible but you really need to see who is still there at 9.. Im hoping that some of the QB's get drafted before the Bills pick and a quality Edge rusher might still be there... I think there will be good interior OL available into the 2nd and 3rd rounds..
  13. Aussie Joe

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    I was going to ask the same thing... I think he is going to be a riser through the combine/draft process...