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  1. Posted this straight after the KC loss… Glad he took my advice,,,
  2. I’ve moved past the anger onto regret.. It was a tremendous opportunity in a weak year… they could play better and more consistent this year but just run into a superior team in the playoffs or SB that emerges in 2022.. Anyway… can’t do anything about it.. just hope for the best and one before I die..
  3. Hey Turk… do you know if Cynthia Frelund factors this into her models when running her simulations on the Bills season?
  4. As this will be the most profitable outcome … probably… Ditto for me…hope it stays just with those December games as I don’t travel that late in the season anyway…but this is going to be a pain in the backside to people …
  5. She is a genius …glad the Turk is here to share her words of wisdom…
  6. Always had an inkling the Bills would be in the season opener… They have come a long way these past few years …
  7. Early Bye week 7… although the first 6 weeks are tough with 4 road games..
  8. It wasn’t just the SD game… what about the Houston game when he threw the pick 6… I was at that game so it’s burnt into my memory…
  9. Yes.. in hindsight they should have not traded the pick and taken Mahomes ( or even Watson ) in 2017... My point about the draft is thats its never going to be an exact science.. .you would know this better than most so I dont get why we are still hand wringing over this decision 5 years later.. particular when the Bills have had a three year run the likes of what we havent seen in 30 years.. Whether it was "lucky" they picked Allen the next year ( you wouldnt have known it at the time based on the hysterical media reaction around "wrong Josh" and from most here who thought he was going to be a bust..) or not .. well .. so be it.. Maybe the Bills were due a bit of luck for once.. I think you would have to say that it was a brave decision to pick him.. they also had to maneuver their way up the list to get him so he didnt fall into their laps.. Also if you want to look at these draft day decisions through the lens of hindsight.. then the Bengals should have realised come 2017 that Dalton was on his last legs and it was time then to move on...they went 15-33 with him the three years he was there after this draft... But doubt they are fretting too much now... They just made Mahomes look like a stooge in the Second half of the Championship game.. Seriously on that performance versus how Josh played in his two playoff appearances I think you can be optimistic about the future...
  10. 10 years $375M… Thats going to look like such a bargain in a few years time when the salary cap increases.. Oh …it’s a broadcasting contract 😑?
  11. Several other teams passed on Mahomes too.. one of them was the Bengals who I believe selected John Ross instead in that draft (.. who??) And guess which team ( bengals v chiefs) has blocked the other from a superbowl appearance? The draft should never be the be all and end all.. Be thankful that the Bills got another guy that can take them to the Superbowl ( we hope..) . Just like what happened to the Bengals... As I have said to you before.. Allen V Mahomes has been going for 4 years now.. we are probably at the end of the first quarter .. Lets see how the final score board reads at the end of their careers..
  12. Reddit quoting twitter you say?... Booking international flights now...
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