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  1. Does the reporter really expect McD to give a definitive answer on the Monday as to whether Feliciano will be playing this week?
  2. I wish the Bills were playing one of these scrubs next week
  3. Lets talk about GM's who are making the right calls every time in the draft and free agency.... Its a very short list so shouldnt take long...
  4. QB whisperer Marrone will make the right moves..
  5. Probably thought they could beat the Jests without him Lesson learnt..
  6. Great first game... Anyone got any love for Beane for finding him in the 7th?
  7. Yep.. and they can always keep him if they don’t get their asking price.. Anyway... I’m not optimistic about the Bills being the high bidder... are you?
  8. Why would they trade him to us? Suggest plenty of teams would be interested
  9. Who would have thrught that would happen given the way the D has gone this year..
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