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  1. That is an impossibility.. Allen could win the SB this year, and someone would say they would have won it last year with Mahomes..
  2. People pining for Clay...LOL. Guess that’s why he signed with Arizona for those big bucks... I wouldnt be surprised if he is not on any teams roster come Week 1
  3. $11.5 M a year is some margin from what elite guys are getting eg Frank Clark and Lawrence ...$20 Milion plus is the new Number 1 DE money in 2019..
  4. Praying Dawson Knox has better knees then Charles Clay..
  5. Why not just have the rule like it used to be instead of some contrived 4th and 15 BS.. Its not supposed to be easy for the team to come back and win..
  6. The Bills were “connected to Bell during free agency” only through silly articles like this one quoted in the OP I can’t imagine any chance he comes to Buffalo in 2019
  7. Imagine the number of times this offseason that the Bills OL is going to be discussed here in an optimistic way.. Regardless of what combination they come up with, there is not even the most remote chance that the OL is not improved from last season.
  8. Shady will be the most watched player this offseason by the Management as they need to determine whether they are paying him $6 Million this year...
  9. But all three will be here in 2019 so let’s just see how that plays out first.. All three will be motivated to play with two in their contract year and Murphy will need to go better then last year otherwise he will be cut in my view with no guaranteed money left for 2020.. I know you are concerned that they haven’t extended Hughes yet, but given his age, I don’t think you can at this stage of the year..You need to see how he goes this season to make sure he isn’t slowing down..I think if he delivers like last year he will get extended... he seems to like it here from what I have seen from him.. Shaq looks like he will be gone, and whilst I always like to see draft picks retained, I think he could be upgraded next offseason.. Beane has done a pretty good job upgrading the OL in the 2019 offseason so I am expecting he turns his attention to pass rushers next offseason.
  10. Adam Gaze... And we think the Bills have problems..
  11. No doubt traded down from No 1 with Miami for their first in 2021.. “But the Bills have Josh Allen and he is terrible yada yada yada...!!!!”
  12. Don’t know what the story is with Ryan Lewis but I agree with the article that he is most likely gone.. I thought he played OK when given his limited opportunities last year, but he seemed to go straight back to the bench or not active the following week... Dont think McD is a fan.
  13. The real key to having success with players you draft is thinking enough of them to sign them to a 2nd contract after their rookie deal is finished.. It seems like it’s been a while since the Bills have done this with one of their picks and its likely Shaq Lawson won’t be breaking that drought... Hopefully a few from the 2017 class will be retained..
  14. How lucky have the Bills been that Gase has gone from Miami to the Jets? Maybe Beane has been kissed on the backside by that leprechaun...
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