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  1. Apparently other teams are calling them about the pick... Doesnt hurt to listen...
  2. There are too many variables at Pick 30... they could even trade down 10 spots or so making it even harder to speculate... Ive found myself doing less mock drafts this year as can’t get too excited by anyone who is left at 30 most of the time Ive got some guys I hope they take and a smaller list of guys that I hope they don’t pick... most likely it will end up being someone else.. The experience is a little meh this year, but if this is the price to pay for being a top 4 team than so be it..
  3. The NFL has done a fantastic job of creating this several months long off season interest in an event that is so totally random... My thoughts are that no one does Mock drafting well... If I had to name a “favourite” it’s probably Chris Trapasso... if you don’t like who he mocks to you today, just wait until tomorrow...
  4. But game 14 is ok? We cant lose Josh for the season in that game?
  5. So not much point in the Bills handing over third round value in a trade right?
  6. Seems like no one else wants him... Bills are bidding against themselves
  7. I don’t like Moehrig at 17 .... I see him mocked in the first regularly, but I wouldn’t be happy with the Bills taking him at 30...
  8. So we are getting Pitts? Exciting news...
  9. Well plenty of other teams ignore this and take other positions in Round 1. You talk the Chiefs up a lot but they took a RB in Round 1 last year . Im also actually saying the opposite of drafting for need by the way...
  10. Yes I know there is a 5th year option .... We both know they aren’t taking a QB and I don’t believe they should be restricting the choice of who they take at 30 to the other 3 categories listed ... If they did could they possibly be caught “reaching for need” once again?
  11. I don’t get the hang up of “Round 1”... Its pick 30... so three picks later and it’s ok to pick him.? They picked Ford at 38 and were trying to move up higher... so I think if they like Jenkins I doubt the Round 1 / pick 30 thing is putting them off...
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