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  1. Two low firsts..23 and 31... Giving up a hell of a lot more to get to number 2... There was speculation of what the Bills( they had two firsts as well) had to give up to get from 12 to 2 and it was insane...Doubt it was possible for the Patriots to able to get there..
  2. If he still has some of the piles of green stuff he earned on the field, he will be able to get a kidney from China when they execute their next political prisoner and do their next organ harvesting, or India because we all have two right, and someone there will sell him one of theirs for 10 grand... https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/true-stories/the-reality-of-human-organ-harvesting-in-china/news-story/14d3aa5751c39d6639a1cc5b39f223b7 https://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-india-kidney-snap-story.html
  3. Im going to the home opener this year against the Bengals and this thread scares me.. Coffee and cream stout???
  4. Taking Tytus Howard at 23 was mind boggling to me considering other OL talent still available
  5. Feliciano’s contract is guaranteed in 2019 so he would have to look pretty lousy to be cut in my opinion..
  6. As we all know, Offensive Line If going to be where the action is.. As has been said, decent players from that unit will be getting cut and making other teams...
  7. And the year before a few people wanted to take Mahomes:.. Thankfully we didn’t hear much about that afterwards.
  8. You proposed a similar deal to this a few months back in another thread, and I must admit that I thought they would have to give him more money.. It’s a very good deal for the Bills with his salary essentially already guaranteed this year as Rodak has already pointed out.. He obviously wants to stay in Buffalo and remain part of what they are building....even if his game is down a notch or two come 2021, he still could be providing value for money at the amount they have to pay him..
  9. It’s the off-season and anything seems possible.. I think it’s ok to be optimistic after the free agency and draft.. The OL was my biggest worry this time last year.... 3 months ago I would have been excited to think they could acquire Morse, Spain and Ford let alone a couple of others they have found that will at the least be replacing lesser players on the team..I’m expecting this improvement to be dramatic admittedly coming off a low base... Next issue was the WRs and TE’s .. whilst the makeover has not been quite as thorough here, I still think there are a couple of good acquisitions that Beane has made, and reasons to think returning players can improve.. Of course, ultimately we all know who the biggest difference maker on the field has to be in 2019..At least we know that JA won’t leave any stone unturned in his preparation and work ethic.. We will have to wait and see if he is the guy, but at least we should know one way or the other this season with the other improvements made to the offense..
  10. That is an impossibility.. Allen could win the SB this year, and someone would say they would have won it last year with Mahomes..
  11. People pining for Clay...LOL. Guess that’s why he signed with Arizona for those big bucks... I wouldnt be surprised if he is not on any teams roster come Week 1
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