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  1. Aussie Joe

    Would the Bills select Josh Allen?

    Do you have a link to this mock? I would be interested to see how the other 8 picks have fallen to allow him to drop to 9..
  2. What about Carolina? McDermott & Beane are their own men now in Buffalo..
  3. I think we have both made our arguments.. let’s wait and see what happens on draft night.. I expect then to pick twice in the first round..
  4. Ton of picks?? They had already traded away their second round picks, and they didn’t pick again after 16 until 96.. Im just making the point if he traded up in those circumstances he won’t think twice about doing the same this time, when things don’t seem as threadbare..
  5. The cost would be huge though... I don’t want them giving up next years first... think the Bills have been down that road before..
  6. I don’t think the Fisher signing will impact on what happens with DiMarco.. Wouldn’t be surprised if Fisher is not there Week 1..
  7. He traded pick 65 to move up five spots for a MLB last year when they had a lot more holes to fill then this time... If he likes someone he won’t be afraid to move up and get them..
  8. If he has his eye on somebody like Harry or a lineman like Risner or Lindstrom then I could definitely see him moving up to late 20s rather than hoping they are still there at 40..
  9. Think Allbright has got this one wrong.. Unless Rivers is retiring..
  10. I predict the Bills will pick twice in the first round..
  11. I guess it’s feasible in all seriousness.. Doubt BB was doing much scouting of Round 1 QB”s that year though..
  12. Right.. right.. His 2016 draft was quality..
  13. My biggest question about the 2017 draft.. Who found Milano? Hope that dude got a raise..
  14. Im not so sure about that... Perhaps some opinions might have been exchanged about Dawkins..
  15. Some people have said here that he was assisting us in 2017 from Panthers HQ.. Not that I would buy into such scuttlebutt of course