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  1. this is the second time I have seen this “floated”? Bill will pick his own lame OC…
  2. In the very unlikely event they win out and win two playoff games… there is zero chance McD is fired … Zero..nil … zilch ..zippo… take it to the bank.. He is likely back next year even if they end up 7-10…
  3. I think they are both gunna get paid some big dollars elsewhere next year… Floyd came here to chase a ring on a “team friendly” deal… hasn’t exactly worked out …
  4. Previously I was hoping for the best. Now I’m hoping for a miracle …
  5. Yes … this is the move … SB awaits
  6. Why should homefeld be important ? Just rig the playoff game to get them into the SB
  7. Yet the Bucs are “permitted” to win two SBs? The Bills might have a small home market( which sells out and travel’s to away games ..) but they have fans all over the country since Josh Allen… Now their season is in the toilet with 6 weeks remaining… makes no sense ??
  8. The NFL exists just to screw over Bills fans …
  9. Seems most people saying “it’s rigged” always thinks that the whole thing is a conspiracy to screw over the Bills …( like who cares about the Bills??lol…) shouldn’t they do something every once in a while to help the Bills out if it’s really rigged? Even the goddam Jags and Bucs get a call occasionally ……When is it gunna be our turn ?
  10. If it was rigged .. wouldn’t they want the Bills to win this game? Eagles are 9-1 and cruising home .. Bills still have some big games coming up.., so now they are going be “out” already…?
  11. I thought they would lose pretty much all of the 2nd half .. until I thought Davis was going to win it in OT… lol 😂 when will I learn .. I’ve only been watching this team 40 years …
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