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  1. How many games since the Bills passed for 300?
  2. They won’t be getting the first pick...
  3. Aussie Joe

    I mean...I’d still pay for Teddy

    To achieve what exactly? Bills gunna give away picks to get worse picks?
  4. Aussie Joe

    Andrew Luck is done

    Stuvian might be on the thread of the season with this one..
  5. Aussie Joe

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    Possibly, or maybe he told them not to bother.. he was going home..
  6. Aussie Joe

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    I recall a lot of people liked Woods, but was he ever going to stay in Buffalo?
  7. Aussie Joe

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    I actually enjoyed the D Line beating up on Watson all day yesterday..
  8. Aussie Joe

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    Other than the Bills, no one plays D anymore...
  9. Aussie Joe

    Peterman is here to stay!

    Peterman is gone... I think the chances of him taking another snap for the Bills ( if not in the NFL) again are very small... Allen would have to be inactive next week and Anderson would have to get knocked out of the game for that to happen.. His confidence is gone by now... he needs to move onto another career..
  10. Surely these teams cant win the SB this year...neither team has a D
  11. Aussie Joe

    The Refs!

    The game was there to be won when they went up 13-10..