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  1. I remember pre the 2019 draft there was a poster here who had a real hard on for this dude , and wanted the Bills to move up and take him at the end of the first.. Havent heard much from him since ...
  2. Fair enough.. no other team seems linked to him though other than the Bills...
  3. Can someone define “close” as in “close to finalising the deal”… How many months we talking?
  4. Top 5 draft pick…. Were there other games like this?
  5. Regress meaning he doesn’t have two franchise record setting seasons in a row? Love to be wrong but the numbers probably go backwards a little..no one is underestimating him anymore …
  6. You haven’t mentioned Mitch Morse taking a pay cut… do you approve of that one?
  7. Nah…but he agreed to do it…wanting to do something and agreeing to do something are not always the same thing… made my original post clear on that…but my point is that I now don’t see him getting traded since he agreed to take a pay cut … Getting cut would be more likely…
  8. Mario…it’s Brandon…. Thanks for taking that pay cut a few months back …it’s made it easier for us to now trade you to the Bengals …enjoy Cincinnati… Fast forward to 2022 offseason…. Hey Pegs …it’s a Brandon… none of the guys will agree to take team friendly deals or pay cuts anymore… I don’t understand it…
  9. its not about his right to refuse the vaccine …he doesn’t want to comply with the protocols for not being vaccinated
  10. Im glad this issue doesn’t have the potential to distract the team when their SB window is well and truly open at its widest in 25 years…
  11. That would be Maddy Glib.. his Pegula Sports employee
  12. The Dolphins fans are saying that this is a remarkable catching exhibition from their secondary in appalling conditions so whats not to like...?
  13. Having Pick 5 and Pick 3 the last two years and coming away with Tua is a good result for the Bills…
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