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  1. Why is 300 pages the magic number? Doubt it stops there
  2. It’s all going to end in tears with Diggs eventually blowing up and wanting out… Hopefully a couple of years away still and they won’t have to eat too much dead money…
  3. It’s pointless to speculate on what Arizona might have been offered,,, Lets revisit when the deal is done
  4. He will get more than OBJ is my prediction …
  5. If it’s about the money… another team will find a way to offer more… and this could still be a contender like say the Lions … Surely he thinks he is worth more than OBJ..
  6. Star L contract was a terrible deal… Isn’t that up to McD? And yet at the time 90 percent here were stroking themselves over what a “wizard” Beane was
  7. yeah pretty dumb…particularly after you already told us he is going to the Chiefs..
  8. With respect…Does it really matter if he ends up in the Division? he is a punter… not 30 yr old Tom Brady…
  9. 7th Round .. the 5th was for Hines
  10. His God Have we reached peak off-season yet with this thread? Probably not
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