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  1. Did it happen all that often? I thought Long played G a lot of time when Morse was absent and Feliciano to C.. I have said this a few times but I thought Feliciano was good at C and I could see him being a cheaper alternative there from 2021 if he is re-signed and could allow them to trade Morse..
  2. Probably but looking at how Flacco played last year there isn’t a lot in it..
  3. Like I said it’s the goal, but if it’s not achieved then it doesn’t necessarily mean the season is a failure.. By the same token, they could win a playoff game but still end up having a disappointing year...( in my view) Progress/success need not happen in small increments.. The demise ( hopefully) of the Patriots really opens things up for the Bills..
  4. Not really too concerned about what other teams do...including Pats, Bucs, Jets etc.... As you said, the Championship should be the goal this year... probably the first time that would honestly be the case in 20 years.. Does that mean it will be a bad/disappointing season if they don't get the trophy? No.... but I need to see it first and then decide at the end of the season...
  5. Australians are banned from overseas travel... That is unlikely to change in 2020 except maybe to New Zealand who have close to zero new cases...
  6. I went to the Bills Titans game in 2015... had a great time in Nashville.. Unfortunately it appears unlikely international borders will be open in time for me to head back in 2020.,, would have definitely done the Vegas/Nashville back to back games otherwise...
  7. Think his price will be too rich for Beane.. I’m happy for them to roll with Spain and Feliciano for 2020..
  8. When you start a thread like this, you must deep down have a feeling how its going to end up...
  9. Gee... who to believe out of John Clayton and Manish? Two impeccable sources..
  10. Beane was trying to spend this pick trying to move up for Zac Moss... Whilst I am not a fan of Fromm so far and have low expectations about him amounting to much .. the risk of giving him an opportunity is negligible...
  11. Where are you in such a hurry to get to twenty seconds earlier in your small, really small town?
  12. Last night I had a dream that sometime soon traumatised Bills fans will stop fretting over the Patriots..
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