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  1. Correction.. I searched out the article and it was Jawaan Taylor going to the Bills at 9 and not Cody Ford.. I got my OT's who ended up going in the 2nd Round confused.. He picks Ford to go to the Bengals at 11... If people are interested in how his first cut worked out last year, here is the link... Obviously he hadnt heard the rumours about Murray at this stage.. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011490/article/daniel-jeremiah-mock-draft-10-kyler-murray-lands-with-patriots
  2. It’s early to be having inside information at this stage.. He is throwing darts at a board..
  3. Last year I recall Jeremiah mocking Cody Ford to the Bills at Pick 9 in one of his drafts..
  4. it’s what happens if your QB does their ACL week 2...
  5. Watching these two offenses march up and down the field reminds me of the Bills..
  6. Titans because I bet them at 12/1 to win the AFC after the Patriots game which I thought were crazy over odds... Packers in the NFC... never liked the 49ers since their 80’s dominance...
  7. I will also admit to not being too enthusiastic about Singletary when they picked him in the third.. Was hoping they were going to pick TE Jace Sternberger who went the next pick to the Packers... he has been underwhelming to say the least... Motor has been great and looking forward to an even better year in 2020..
  8. Show him the door now.. just in case the paperwork goes missing in March..
  9. Things that will be the same.... -One rebuilding division foe and another one coached by an absolute numpty.... -Senior Coaching staff all returning for another year Things that will be better for the Bills -Big dogs of the division appears to be in decline -A team that had 9 new starters on O will have had another off season to develop -$80-$90 M in Cap to find a few playmakers .. ( Hopefully...)
  10. Im not saying he is Top 3 at all, but you are aware his previous coach was Gase right? He wouldn’t know what a good player looked like..
  11. Because an upgrade will be available in FA from Kroft and I think they need it... It appears you don’t agree so I guess I’ll leave it at that...
  12. The position needs to be improved next year as I don’t see Kroft, Smith Knox & Sweeney getting it done...
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