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  1. 1,000 yard season to cuttsville in one year... Its a tough business...
  2. Play to their best on both sides of the ball and the Bills will win...
  3. Can’t necessarily say that Brown and Beasley weren’t wanted.... They were free agents the Bills acquired because they offered the most money... doesn’t mean other Teams didn’t want them... Dallas put in an offer to retain Beasley..
  4. Look at this knob cheese comment from Chiefs Planet Diggs, Beasley, Brown, Davis, Knox, McKenzie.. They can keep pace and better
  5. Poor old Dabs... Looks like he has missed the boat this year...
  6. He wasnt knocked out cold, but he couldnt stand up...
  7. Dr Anthony Reid approves Mahomes to play
  8. Cant believe that I am feeling optomistic about this game a week out...Certainly wasnt the case last week... Think the Bills O matches up well against their D and Im expecting the Bills D plays like they did yesterday
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