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  1. This issue has been annoying me for the last couple of years.. Kick and Punt returns are one of the most exciting parts of the game but I do agree that it appears they might be getting us used to these plays not being part of the game in the longer term... As is often said, you could throw a flag on probably every play if you look hard enough.. and they try their best to do that on these ST plays.. no doubt under instructions from head office..
  2. DE would be the last position I would expect the Bills to sign anyone at the moment
  3. From memory there were two flags against the Bills…so the drive wasn’t ending even if he doesn’t make the catch
  4. Oh ok.. had not head that... Disappointing if true..
  5. Dawkins will be here at the very least in 2022 given his contract and to be fair I am prepared to cut him some slack as he had serious Covid late in the offseason, so Im thinking that this has affected his preparation so far this year I think they will need to move on from Morse and Felciano though... Replace one early in the draft and the other with someone decent in FA
  6. I was the biggest critic here about the Basham pick...and would have much preferred Humphrey... Copped a few eye roll emoticons and red crosses at the time though...
  7. The OL did cost us today although they still put up enough points to win the game... However, there are bigger fish to fry later in the season.. and even next year... So what is the long term plan with this OL? Morse, Feliciano need to be replaced in 2022.. do they have money left in the cap to do it in FA?
  8. I predicted 12-5 at the start of the season but I wont argue 13-4
  9. They have played them the last 3 years and kept him well under a 100.. Even last year with a ton of injuries.. I heard that narrative during the week many times...
  10. Yet the narrative heading into tonight was how we had stopped Henry in the last 3 games
  11. I am disappointed in the D as well tonight... But its interesting that Frazier has been getting heaps of praise the last month.. No team brings it every week... Lets give the other team a bit of credit.. they have a few decent players..
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