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  1. Aussie Joe

    The Case for Peterman

    Not sure you would call this an open and shut case.. Its going to be Allen boys..
  2. The collective media has been extremely critical about Allen in the lead up to the draft and the months afterwards... They are either wrong then or wrong now when they are praising him after two preseason outings.. Either way I take their comments with a grain of salt..
  3. They have spent the last year 4 months crapping on Allen...
  4. Yes the media... They know best.
  5. Aussie Joe

    Star Lotulelei: Where is the Impact?

    Can’t say I am a fan of Star and thought they overpaid for him... McDermott and Beane know him better than I do though but then Tolbert and DiMarco haven’t been great either...
  6. I think Allen will be the Week 1 starter at this point... NP has had a good preseason to date, and if he gets some playing time this season because of injury ( the OL still looks porous so this is a major concern for JA) it won’t be the end of the world...
  7. Aussie Joe

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Not watching the game.. So a positive start then?
  8. Aussie Joe

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Back to reality... Didnt take long...
  9. Aussie Joe

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Go Boys! All I want to see is progress...
  10. Aussie Joe

    POLL: Is the Bills Playoff Drought Over or Not?

    No need for a poll.. Opinions on this are 50-50 according to Gugny,.
  11. Aussie Joe

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    Wow... Thats one crappy story..
  12. Aussie Joe

    Kelvin needs more buzz today

    Yep... contract year and his eyes might be lighting up at some of these WR deals.. If he brings it this year I certainly hope the Bills pay him and he mightn’t be cheap..
  13. Interesting debate... I’m still no closer to knowing who the Week 1 starter will be.. One thing I’m pretty sure of- I don’t see Peterman getting cut or on the Practice Squad in the short term...
  14. Holy hell... Have to follow this play by play on Nfl.com What am I reading? Doesn't seem possible...
  15. Aussie Joe

    Bills' 2018 Training Camp Practice Day 7

    Havent heard much about Siran Neal.. Had some hopes for him coming into camp but see him still there with the 3rds... Anyone seen how he is going?