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  1. Money there for Spain and J. Phillips if they want to take a reasonable deal and play for a contender...
  2. Our man JA needs to step up in these big games and not waste these efforts from our D... Second time this year after the Pats game that a lot of good play has been squandered.. Still... lots to be happy about on that side of the ball..
  3. If we lose next week, no one is going to be saying our season is over..
  4. Its still a positive that the other three all lost as well..
  5. Or the Bills can win one of their other two games if they lose..
  6. Wish you were marking some of my assignments back in the day...
  7. Really? Imagine the melt down here if they dont convert it?
  8. Get him some help in the offseason so that can take a bit of the focus off him..
  9. Yeah they didnt play well enough today to win... i think they can still improve though with another preseason under their belts.. Allens, Edmunds, Knox and Ford still learning their trades... They are still another couple of players away... a WR and DE at least needs to be added this offseason.. As a Super Bowl contender yes... 1 year away
  10. Allen's eight game two TD streak may be in a little bit of trouble...
  11. The same story against the Pats in Week 4... Two great efforts by the D absolutelty murdered by some of the worst O play you can imagine...
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