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  1. Thanks Buzz Killington... Just ride it out for a while... this looks like a pretty open year where a lot of things seem possible...
  2. Is the NFC really much better? Softest year for while...
  3. The good arguments are in the other 5 AJ Green threads..
  4. I actually was under the impression that Motor didn’t miss many ( if any?) games in college.. Yeah.. he did a hamstring ... it happens .., not sure we can read much into that at this stage..
  5. You could say the same about injuries at several positions though.. As has been mentioned, Gore hasn’t been seriously injured in several years... I was also under the impression that Singletary is back the next game... is that still in question?
  6. I think they will be ok at RB this season with Motor back.. Gore has been fine and has been pretty injury free the past 7-8 years.. he is proving age is just a number.. Id probably look to draft another RB on Day 3 at the next draft..
  7. It appears that they thought Foster was going to have that role... Maybe he can still get there after this latest injury..
  8. Its a very high bar we have here.. Not only do they have to hit on every draft pick ( seems they are hitting on several), they have to all come in and play lights out immediately ..
  9. I won’t fault the Ford pick at 38... Look at all the “experts” on nfl.com final mock drafts... They all had him going in the first round..
  10. Offseason additions for OT, WR and DE should just about complete it.. Even if their record is slightly worse next year, they will have a better chance of beating the elite teams in the playoffs which is what it’s all about...
  11. I’m going to come out and say it... The Bills will be even better next year... Im never concerned about the schedule in advance of the season starting..
  12. Im not seeing Top 5, but I think they will be Top half of the League which is a dramatic improvement from last year... They need another piece this offseason to move into the Top 5..
  13. And I'm sure that they are all better football players now than what they were on 2015...( the ones that are still playing anyway..)
  14. Yeah, its normally not my thing either.. but thought that the Bills odds were more than generous so thought I would give it a go... Wish I had bet the over 6.5... with games against Miami x 2, Jets and Washington, they could probably put Peterman back out there and cover this...
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