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  1. Yes he does fit their type …as do others … However Ive heard a few people now go beyond the logic ( pardon the pun ) of him being a good fit .and moving on to claiming they have heard from “insiders “ that he is their guy … I would be very surprised if more than half a dozen people would know what the Bills really think at this stage of proceedings… and I don’t think any of them are going to be blabbing to Pat Moran from Talking Buffalo podcast ..unless they want it out there …
  2. Burton doesn’t seem to be their type…
  3. I have heard the Franklin rumours a couple of times now… I’m thinking smokescreen …
  4. I got Polk pegged around 50-65… so if the Bills got him with their second pick I wouldn’t be complaining… ideally it’s after a double dip… I probably agree that’s it’s unlikely he becomes an No 1 … however If you get a guy in that range are you expecting him to become be a No 1 ? Of course it’s nice for it to happen but not sure it should be the expectation… On the other hand … I have heard Beane say he “wants football players not athletes” .. but I don’t think he practices what he preaches looking at a lot of their Top 100 picks … They seemed to go against type last year with Torrence at the end of the second ..who wasn’t much of an athletic freak… and what do you know … looks like they have found themselves a football player
  5. When we get onto hypotheticals about trading Josh … think it’s telling me that the pre draft commentary has just about ran its course…. And we desperately need to get this draft in the books and move on
  6. I prefer to think of him as a “better Davis”…. I could see some upside in his game the next two years playing with JA … edit…. I see you just said the same thing in the post before 😂👍
  7. Or he doesn’t want to do it .. or the other teams don’t want to trade down that far or they just prefer to take Nabors or Odunze themselves … Not as much fun to dream otherwise though … we’ll know in 11 days of dreams come true
  8. he is suggesting that something is possible … like no kidding Sherlock 😂
  9. I dunno… he is just saying it’s possible .. not that he has actually heard anything about it happening
  10. Johnny started the off season as a solid mid teens Round 1 pick.. now he is the end of Round 1 guy that the “experts” try to squeeze in when they do Round 1 only mocks … The Kiper Belt with Field of Dreams Yates have him at 49 on their latest … but they have a bet each way and says they expect a team to still take him in Round 1… lols all round there … sometimes they pick with what they expect teams to do … and others it’s their opinions …
  11. Seems to be falling in some mocks… yeah I know … mocks right … but starting to wonder if there is something negative out there ?
  12. Throw in 60 and keep 128 and the Seahawks may even consider this … Not for me personally
  13. Hey ..: if they can’t get him for a fourth - don’t do it If he wants more money - don’t do it But the Broncos might want to realise that they are trying to trade an above average, not great 28 yr old WR on the eve of one of the deepest WR drafts of all time..
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