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  1. I make that they are comments from a bitter Jets fan.. MiA, PIt and the Jets beat a few teams last year too..
  2. Plus Diggs is signed for another 4 years.. Adams will be squealing for a contract until he gets one and given how much they have given up for him they are going to have to pay him what he wants..
  3. I haven’t forgot either of them...
  4. Little surprising you missed Mack Beckham I can understand..
  5. Things trending nicely for the season to kick off as scheduled
  6. So what’s the latest from the watch? Anything new to report?
  7. So why did they sign him? He is not getting paid chump change... an error from Beane?
  8. To knee or not to knee.. that is the question ..
  9. Jets MVP of decade... IK Enemkpali..
  10. Been to 7 Bills games on various visits to the US over the past few years (also went to the Jags game in London in 2015).. Seen Bills games in Atlanta, Cincinnati, New Jersey, Nashville, Houston and Indianapolis.. Only 1 in Buffalo ... last years opener against Bengals which was by far the best atmosphere of any NFL game I have been to.. I enjoyed the game and visit to Niagara Falls but probably won’t be back in Buffalo anytime soon.. Best away game I have been to was Nashville...really fun place to spend a weekend..
  11. Did it happen all that often? I thought Long played G a lot of time when Morse was absent and Feliciano to C.. I have said this a few times but I thought Feliciano was good at C and I could see him being a cheaper alternative there from 2021 if he is re-signed and could allow them to trade Morse..
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