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  1. I’m sure the NFL will act on these complaints straight away.. From what I have seen.. Chiefs fans are happy because it benefits them in retaining Sneed and Jones
  2. And the cap is likely north of $300m come 2026
  3. Probably looks better than ours does now …
  4. I would rather have $38m though than $25m .. Like I said, it’s not gunna get them Higgins, but it might make the difference for them getting someone else , for example a next level down WR they otherwise would have missed out on …
  5. It is what it is.. $13m that Beane now doesn’t have to find through moves or having to go without someone that can fill a hole… I mean, I’m not under any illusions they are signing Tee Higgins or anything ..but I’m sure it will assist this year where they are likely to be as hard up against it dollar wise as they ever have been before …
  6. Cap has gone up $31m this year and probably will to go up more next year … Von and potential Diggs issues just got a little easier to deal with after this season…
  7. You hate them more than NE because they are the ones doing it now… They got at least a decade to go to get to NE levels of hate for me..
  8. Looks like I didn’t comment in this thread at the time of the extension…. I like Knox, and probably would have been in favour like most were … It’s not looking great now though … and they are handcuffed to him another year at least ,,,. I hope Brady can utilise him more in 2024 than what we saw this year … but I don’t want this to come at the expense of Kincaid taking the next step … Trying to be optimistic…. He is a number 1 TE on some teams still , so they should be able to move him on for a pick next year ..
  9. You got people here crapping themselves over the prospect of Gabe going there … imagine if Diggs ends up there 😎…
  10. Great post …. These sort of markets are more gimmick than anything ..with only low maximum wager limits permitted.. here is the full market… still overwhelming odds on he stays in Buffalo Also noting the Chiefs are the same odds as the Texans …. Not sure our mate Warrior will be as excited about Diggs ending up there..
  11. At the very least … the 5th year option buys them more time to work out the future for Rousseau…
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