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  1. Would be willing to pay too!
  2. I’ll probably just drive up there and hold up a sign
  3. Thanks for answering this for me. Makes total sense. Too bad I see now how it could be an uphill battle and yeah definitely it is amazing what they have accomplished with what is working against them.
  4. Can UB jump up a conference to like the Big East or something?
  5. 73 Dion Dawkins. Wanted to say Kirk Chambers (drought favorite) 72
  6. Hi there. I always like to go to TC. I was going to take off Wed, Thurs Friday for the first 3 days. I usually just go by myself. If any ST holders will have some or one extra Training camp ticket for those days and are not using them and would like to transfer them to a fellow Bills fan I would be happy to put them to good use. I appreciate anything anyone has. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, you can’t screw up #89 Sam Aiken 88
  8. We should sign Deestroying as our punter and kick off specialist. Perfect fit.
  9. I hate the Chiefs. They make these edgy moves that one up us all the time.
  10. Imma let you finish in a second, but Wegmans chicken, broccoli, potato soup is the best soup of all time!
  11. I wonder what Beane says every time he calls Matt. "Hey wanna get a little run up here for a few weeks?" "Hey, you bored?" "Hey, you know why I'm calling." Text: "Ready?"
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