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  1. Thats about where I'd like Christian Williams as well... Think Dexter Lawrence is better than him.
  2. I don't but if a gun was to my head I'd be happy with Hollywood Brown bc he looks elite.
  3. Yep and like you say I actually have always thought SLB is his natural position... our lb core would be ultra elite like you say and if Milano could hang with slot receivers yeah we could stay in that most of the time... I just don't think he's in play for us bc I think they have too much invested on Edmunds being our MLB and you can't take him off the field on third down... and also you can't afford to take Milano off the field basically ever... if like you say they thought that could be our Nickel package on steroids that would be awesome... I don't think Milano could hang with a lot of slot receivers tho and Taron Johnson is too good of a nickel... I wish we could take White tho be he is super elite at MLB.
  4. Bpa would be Devin White at 9 and we're not taking Devin White. It's a balance more weighted toward bpa but it bends a little for a need.
  5. That is pretty awesome.... Not Bob's Burger's but that show is hilarious.
  6. "Yes... or NOOO, that is between me and my diary." Anybody who can cite that quote gets one ticket to the annual bbmb ice cream social.
  7. Spain basically looks to be a bigger version of (but plays the same size as) the Melvin Fowler guard version... And I'm good with that for a year. Dude hustles and can shield and basically is not a world mover. He uses surprise leverage when he catches people off guard and will finish to make it look good when he does that.
  8. Im telling ya I like Gary at 9. Staple
  9. You'd think with that quality play it was Williams lol... but no that is definitely Nsekhe.
  10. Ty Nsekhe https://youtu.be/ntHowShGouo Quinton Spain Line's looking pretty good right now.
  11. Yeah Spain gives us much more flexibility... I'm thinking Spain at LG and Feliciano at RG as it stands right now. I think we could get by with that but never know maybe they'll get someone on day two or 3 too.
  12. Good point... in my mind I was visualizing Long at center... meant better center with what I was thinking but still if your getting blown up at center your going to get blown up at guard. Guard you're by yourself more than center.
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