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  1. Jerry Hughes looks like super Jerry Hughes... he looks like he put on like 15 pounds and is more powerful... Also... Dotson could be a candidate for replacing Milano next year.
  2. I think this is true... I think he ran a 4.5 speed across the field with a strained or torn hamstring and it didnt even phase him... and hes like yeah I'm out.
  3. This is cool... how does this work? Is it like... Team A: 1st string defense and 2nd string O Play Team B: 1st string offense and 2nd string defense 2nd string offense produces points for team A and 1st string offense produces points for team B? All while 1st strings play each other and 2nd strings play each other?
  4. Sounds right op. I think some of us are having these changing of the guard dreams... I said in another thread how i had a dream... Pat's vs Bills (like a week ago)... only remember one play... Cam threw a short pass over the middle... it bounced off the receivers hand... we almost picked it and it bounced into another crossing receivers hands for a net 2 yard gain. Bills are like Bitcoin before it broke out. Pats are no longer immortal. With that said I still think it's a close race for AFCE crown. I think we get it tho.
  5. His hands were money last year. I think I remember him dropping one ball that wasn't even a perfect throw. Allen threw some absolute rockets at him that he had to stretch out for an he brought them in. Props to John Brown. I think if he stays healthy hes going to have a big year. Hes lighting it up in the Madden sims with Diggs on the other side. Edit: Oopsss... John not Jon
  6. Had a dream the Bills were playing the Pat's last night... Only remember one play... Cam threw a short pass over the middle and it was tipped.... our linebacker almost picked it and it bounced into another crossing receiver who made a net 2 yard gain on the play. Things are looking up.
  7. Ed Oliver stand up and spy Cam. /threat
  8. OP had an original thought. Hes comparing expectations of two franchises and saying he thinks our expectations for our situation dont put as much pressure on obd as a whole. I get what hes saying. ... There might be a hint of Boomer 9ers vs Bills superbowl in there too. Not sure though. I think it's an appropriate expression of a viewpoint for a Bills message board.
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