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  1. Sounds right op. I think some of us are having these changing of the guard dreams... I said in another thread how i had a dream... Pat's vs Bills (like a week ago)... only remember one play... Cam threw a short pass over the middle... it bounced off the receivers hand... we almost picked it and it bounced into another crossing receivers hands for a net 2 yard gain. Bills are like Bitcoin before it broke out. Pats are no longer immortal. With that said I still think it's a close race for AFCE crown. I think we get it tho.
  2. His hands were money last year. I think I remember him dropping one ball that wasn't even a perfect throw. Allen threw some absolute rockets at him that he had to stretch out for an he brought them in. Props to John Brown. I think if he stays healthy hes going to have a big year. Hes lighting it up in the Madden sims with Diggs on the other side. Edit: Oopsss... John not Jon
  3. Had a dream the Bills were playing the Pat's last night... Only remember one play... Cam threw a short pass over the middle and it was tipped.... our linebacker almost picked it and it bounced into another crossing receiver who made a net 2 yard gain on the play. Things are looking up.
  4. Ed Oliver stand up and spy Cam. /threat
  5. OP had an original thought. Hes comparing expectations of two franchises and saying he thinks our expectations for our situation dont put as much pressure on obd as a whole. I get what hes saying. ... There might be a hint of Boomer 9ers vs Bills superbowl in there too. Not sure though. I think it's an appropriate expression of a viewpoint for a Bills message board.
  6. I think you are dead on... I give the D-Line a B-B+... I think with a suspended oliver, epenesa potential, and Quinton Jefferson talent... and Harrison Phillip's coming back as a 4th option at interior rusher... I think the DLine as a whole is really strong and deep and will live up to a B to B+ grade.
  7. I watched this recently. This was a really fun game.
  8. I think these protests have really sent a message to local govts and I think lessons will be learned on that end and training will be updated. On the other end people will always be young and do foolish things. Everybody or at least most people are guilty of it on some level. Those lessons unfortunately probably will never get through on time. Hopefully good people being trained and being the bigger man will limit some of these instances going forward.
  9. Madison Carter did an excellent job covering the story on channel 7. It's a sad day. Fortunately nothing major happened and this can all be cleaned up and fixed. Lessons can be learned from what happened today and before.
  10. Theres a regular battery in the back and yes u can jump start if if that battery is bad.
  11. I love all the Bills... however I like Jaquan Johnson. I think hes really good. Looking forward for the RIGHT time when he gets his shot.
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