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  1. I worked at Popeyes for 2 years... never got sick of it really except around thanksgiving.
  2. akcash

    2nd date ideas

    It was ok... turns out we weren't a love connection but I had fun. Can't wait to get back out there
  3. akcash

    2nd date ideas

    Yes sir and everybody else she said she had a good time and we're going hiking Thurs... Boo ya... thanks for all yalls help!
  4. akcash

    2nd date ideas

    This sounds sweet. Might be the next date. That'd be cool ha. I'm 33... she's 28.
  5. akcash

    2nd date ideas

    This is the play... text is away. I'll let u know yay or nay.
  6. akcash

    2nd date ideas

    What is top golf Augie? I'll Google it.
  7. So i had an awesome date with this girl, we had a really chill time. We're both pretty athletic and into fitness and we went to a old fashion baseball game at the Genesee Country Village, and then went to a nearby park to play catch with a softball. I'd be shooting to probably do something in Rochester... she kind of lives near Leroy by the 490 exit. Any ideas for fun things to do in Rochester for a second date?
  8. how long after the game is over does it take for the game to be available on gamepass? Anybody know?
  9. I think Bodine was pretty solid last year. It'd prolly be a lugury to keep him ad a backup center but I think he fits that role pretty good.
  10. I think most people are thinking this... with Morse in there this is our best combination... better than with the lesser guards in there.
  11. Is that where u sneak though Akron/Newsread and get on the thruway in Pembroke?
  12. Hartwell Rd... just off Delaware. Lived in NB for about 7 years... grew up out by Darien Lake.
  13. I don't know why but I immediately thought you said itheads shay. Then I only counted 7 characters... hahaa, funny stuff there.
  14. Seriously I'm sry what is pmt?
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