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  1. And have been drinking. Combination for best content.
  2. Superman when he was a baby didn't have the muscles and "I'm superman, gtfo of my way guy" stature. Allen has that baby Superman x factor without the muscles (stats). Those muscles will come... Those 300 yard worthless Dak Prescott games will come when we get another receiver and a right tackle. You can't put into words what Allen brings. You want proof he's baby superman... take a look at his 4th and 1s. Now go ahead and shut your face ("I mean in a fun way not like I'm going to hurt you."- Andy Bernard).
  3. who predicted 11-5 before the season? I did... bich
  4. So I went 7-6 in my fantasy league. Snuck into the playoffs with a week 13 win as the 5 seed. Had an injured team and have been waiver wire warrioring it all season. Knocked off the dude in my league that has L. Jackson and Mike Thomas and puts up 170 per week. Am now projected to win Championship with a 30 point lead going into today. Maybe this is the Bills in the playoffs? Maybe we're looking back in the begining of second quarter of the Superbowl in position? Go Bills
  5. If we beat the Pats... it's only a matter of time (if he doesn't already know) that he can contribute in us taking the division (if we beat jets too). You can see it in Fitz"s demeanor that he still loves Buffalo. I'm sure he would love to be the hero in making that happen like Dalton did in '17 when he got us to the playoffs. Go Bills!
  6. I'll be honest... something very similar to this happened to me in high school practice... I went to the Dr and I was fine... it looks worse than it is... he has a sprained ankle... it is very difficult to put weight alone on a severe sprain that just happened... then as it gets better it's hard to put "lineman/football" weight as you have extra force from the leverage you are trying to use... it took me about 2 solid weeks with heavy tape and ankle brace and I could play with it (I played center) now he has to play tackle with he'll have to cut on it which is even harder). I wouldn't be shocked if he was back available (not at 100%) in a few weeks.
  7. Let him she'd weight and put him at MLB.
  8. There's a big hole in the middle of our defense. That's not magically going to get better. Our offense is going to start having to win the games. Washington has a talented team too. They definitely could put it together against us.
  9. Sounds intriguing... I think we just need to let this year play out... next off season we need to get a right tackle, 2 d tackles, a d end and a wide receiver... we took a step forward this year. If we get in the playoffs it's gravy.
  10. He's got a point... the NFL is weak in general this year or maybe we're just "sneaky good" when we're healthy and play to our competition. James Jones is 3-4 weeks behind. He's focused on game tape from Allen before he grew and his points were largely based on things that Josh has eliminated from his game I don't think we know how this team will react when they get in a shootout bc we haven't been in one yet. I think we have a plan/strategy to deploy when we get in that situation. We just haven't been in that situation yet. 3-4 weeks ago I think that would have a scary situation for us... Now with Allens new focus on ball security it could be a brighter situation... We might not even see that situation this season. If we do Dallas might be our first test. They are good.
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