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  1. Just trying to get a quick answer. Can move thread.
  2. If we had a dome last Sunday in Orchard Park the game still would have been moved to Detroit.
  3. Dude these ankle injuries are killing us. On the bright side... not major and hopefully all healthy in playoffs.
  4. We can def do it. Revenge tour is about to begin.
  5. Thank you Virgil for this post. I didn't see the game live myself... was gonna start a thread but if you don't mind I'll share my first impression and and with a story: Just coming back from NYC today... yesterday I had to turn off the game when it was 24-10 at half. Was being a good sport, went to a play with aunt. Come out at intermission. To see one play on my phone. The fumble. Intermission ends, go back into play. Was going to try not to look at my phone until watched game later. Looked at phone. Phone shows notification from NFL... "👀 Bills-Vikings 30-30." At restaurant eating, said 33-30 Vikings. Just rewatched game. I feel a lot better. Once again we outplayed them. They broke a long run, sucks but not why we lost. Key penalty, Jefferson and Cousins made some heroic plays against out patchwork secondary whose been overachieving all year and most of the day did what they were asked to do. Freak fumble. Amazing late heroic play by defense. One bad decision by Allen who was trying to go for the win instead of the tie. Keep playing Bills. This will not keep up.
  6. I'm sry I missed game and watched replay and kind of didn't get the full gist. Serious question bc I missed it... what quarter and how much time left when we didn't kick fg?
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2022/11/report-josh-allens-elbow-injury-short-term-bills-qb-expected-to-play-through-the-pain.html%3foutputType=amp
  8. If we don't get OBJ I'd like to see more Kumerow out wide with Davis/Shakir slot
  9. I watched the all 22... Allen didn't grab his arm right after he threw the last one for what its worth.
  10. Jacksonville dumps it off to Engram in the flats all the time and he does damage getting yards after the catch. I think Knox would be really good at the same thing. We do however do that with other players so it's not like we're not doing it.
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