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  1. I love Edmunds... I think he is a huge weapon in coverage and a sideline to sideline linebacker all day... if he played slb he would be maybe the best in the league... I think he has a long way to go between the tackles against the run and he could be the sole difference in the run defense IF he can apply the proper instincts and physicality between the tackles. I think the transition to MLB was a pretty overwhelming task for him against the run last year and I think our run defense at times suffered due to it... Also a major hit to the run defense was when Milano went down. (And Taron Johnson as a previous poster said.)
  2. My first Major draft moment was when we wiffed on him in the draft... I was floored
  3. So I went there today to check out the Ralph Monet Exhibit with my family and they have this room with a video of Mary Wilson talking about his life on a video and a wall size time line with snippets of significant moments of his life like his first Lions game with his Dad to when he joined the Navy and after and when he was part of the foolish club that started the AFL... And so I'm reading the wall and talking to a fellow there... I get to the other side where on the plaque I read '09 Hall of fame signed Bills helmet and Greatest Comeback in NFL history game ball... I'll tell you even if you're not a fan of art it is something else to see that ball in person. I remember my dad taped that game on VHS and I watched it like 10 times just of that tape when I was a kid... Pretty cool... just wanted to share... Go Bills!
  4. This is the deal... Dawkins and Ford are maulers... Morse is not a Maulers but can basically do what Wood did. Nsekhe can provide enough and same with Waddle. Long is a backup. Feliciano is a mauler and has very heavy feet so he'll get exposed I pass pro. Spain can get to a spot and shield... hes big but he doesn't have great core strength and he's not going to maul guys. Teller I think has some mauler I him and has the most upside on the interior. That's the deal. Nsekhe-Dawkins-Morse-Ford-Waddle For president. Mike drop.
  5. He should start at RT Nsekhe-Dawkins-Morse-Ford-Waddle all day.
  6. Whats your view on that 53rd tough cut? What will be the scenario after its all narrowed down? This is going to be such a competitive spot on the team. You got guys like Sills and Duke Johnson who if they turn out could mean we keep 7 receivers. The tight end battle and running back battle are also super competitive. I could see us keeping 7 wide outs and 4 running backs. IMO I think Tommy Sweeney makes the team. Say Sills and D. Johnson both earn their way onto the roster. I feel like that 53rd spot is going to be between Jake Fisher, Patrick Dimarco, Jason Croom if they decide to keep 7 receivers, 4 rbs, and 4 tes. Or they could decide to just keep 3 TE's... At least thats my view of it... I guess if I had to make a bold prediction I would guess they would use the tight ends and running backs as full backs when they use a full back.
  7. I'm gonna say 4300 yards and 28 tds through the air amongst all qbs
  8. Love ya bro... I was talking about the past... say we're in a time machine and we insert what I described in the year 2018... do we win more games? I think yes
  9. Basically yeah that's what I mean lol
  10. Do we win more games in 2018? I think yes... essentially that is what we have this year... I believe with Nsekhe, Dawkins, Morse, Ford, and Waddle we have basically the pass pro talent that Dawkins has brought thus far at all 5 positions... And with adding John brown we basically have added another equivalent to what Bob brought in his prime last year. It's scary to think how much different the run game and passing game would have been with that field stretching ability as well. I think our offense is going to be very dominant this year and our backs are going to have empty hallways to run though. Not to mention the presence Cole Beasley's gonna bring. Man this Kool Aid is good.
  11. Nsekhe-Dawkins-Morse-Ford-Waddle Spain-Long-Feliciano Book it
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