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  1. I respect that. We've waited this long right?
  2. Can we wear the 90's unis one fricken time in 20 years? I mean honestly.
  3. Seriously? Lol saying number 70 is a style of saying Cody Ford. It's a quick way of coding who we all know (bc we're Bills fans) Cody Ford is. The ones who knock the title... love you... but you need to chill.
  4. His arms are long enough... I think his shortcomings are a technique issue... it seems to me when he gets beat it's when he doesn't get enough depth and I don't think he has those instincts yet... I think when he comes back and has a chance to catch his breath he shows much better at RT. Why not? That's if he's not playing RG due to injury. I don't think it's guaranteed he overcomes this (imo) issue but imo I don't think it's a physical shortcoming. I think his feet are good enough... he has enough strength/athleticism and has 34" armlength which is plenty. Just a thought I've had lately wanted to post it.
  5. Billsblue... I'm not somebody with an ego thats going to pound you into the ground. Its just my opinion. I have love for everybody. I will say I watched the video several times. Lee Smith is a different guy but I think hes pretty cool. I enjoyed what he had to say about Duke.
  6. I'm usually not negative but this thread sucks.
  7. I voted Duke Williams. In Japan... Heart Surgeon... Number one... Steady hand.
  8. akcash


    I love this thread. Those are two great and underrated points...
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    Here I am 10:48pm Sat night pondering on my throne... all at once everything comes into focus... this is pretty awesome. We have "cakewalked" like a gif I saw in an earlier thread- on offense so far this year. Still we are 3-1... we have played some lower tier teams yes and we haven't put a full game together yet on offense (shout out defense) usually we would be 1-3 or 2-2 right now... losing a game we should have one... PROGRESS! GROWTH! It has happened before our very eyes and we haven't put a full game together yet. That is the next step. It is bound to happen soon when Josh Allen puts a full game together and gets rid of the ball quickly like he did I the second half last week... That to me was the light bulb turning on. I think this point forward we see a lot more of that... He's still going to have some growing pains but I feel like once healthy were going to get a lot more of the good from him than the bad. Here's to the rest of the season and a playoff birth!
  11. I sure hope so. I'd love if Allen was healthy number one. I like watching Barkley play too. I trust he can get it done.
  12. Yeah... we got a penalty on thar play and I wasn't supposed to be on the field lol.
  13. So I never played anything other than in the NYS adult league. This was back in '05 I was like 19. It was the same league the Buffalo Gladiators played in... I played for the Lyndonville Tigers... I played kind of a nickel linebacker role... We were playing the CNY Express and they had a guy named Chris Bresnahan... He was on the Patriots at one time... I was the 12th guy on the field and I put a hit on him. That's the closest I ever got to NFL action lol.
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