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  1. Never wavered

    I was 24 years old the last time I got to experience a Bills playoff game. I'm 41, going on 42 now. So much has happened for so many over that horrible drought. But like all the loyal Bills fans my love for watching MY team every sunday never wavered. No matter how many people switched from Rams fans, to Patriot fans, to Steelers fans and back to the Patriots....we never wavered. No matter how frustrated we became with the carousel of coaches and GMs...We never wavered. No matter how many times we were told "the Bills suck." We never wavered. Always proud to wear our colors. No matter today's outcome the longest playoff drought in American sports is finally, mercifully over. Today is OUR day! I raise my glass to you all. Lets keep this ride going, beat Jacksonville and GO BILLS!

    To wake up on a Bills playoff game day....i was 24 the last time that happened. It's awesome
  3. Breaking News! Bills beat Jags......Madden 18

    Won 19-17 with McCoy, lost 10-6 without.....on PS4 for what it's worth
  4. Let's Go TITANS!

    Man the Chiefs know how to choke in the playoffs
  5. What a great week

    Let's have another great week! Go Bills!
  6. WWE Buffalo Bills Smackdown

    Love it!
  7. ESPN Replay of Bills vs Titans 1999

    with 20 seconds to go they could have run a draw play and spiked the ball with about 3 seconds to go. That would have done it, no throw back.
  8. Jacks-Ville # 1 rush team in NFL

    The stats are a bit deceiving. Jax runs the ball FAR more than even the second top running team.
  9. Rochester Playoff viewing locations?

    Good stuff guys, def got some options!
  10. Rochester Playoff viewing locations?

    Champs, is that the place in the mall? Or right outside I should say?
  11. Rochester Playoff viewing locations?

    You're a stronger person than I, congrats on the little ones! May they never experience a drought.
  12. Rochester Playoff viewing locations?

    Thanks for the invite but I'm not sure I could unleash my friends on you with a good conscious. Go Bills!
  13. Rochester Playoff viewing locations?

    Go Bills
  14. A great NYPOST article!

    Awesome, thanks for sharing
  15. Rochester Playoff viewing locations?

    I'm the type of fan that prefers to stay at home for the Bills games as I tend to get worked up and don't love the chaos of a normal NFL Sunday when I am trying to focus on the Bills. However this game is special and it feels like it should be celebrated among my Bills peers. A few friends and I are considering what bar we'd like to watch the game at Sunday. I know they all will be filled with Bills fans but does anyone know of some that might be more festive than others; or have organized viewing parties? I know CMF is usually at Shooters but they will not be this weekend. Caught the Thursday night game at City Tavern in Victor which was nice but I think their must be better. We are focusing on the east side of town and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. GO BILLS! PLAYOFFS!