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  1. Still sport my ugly early 2000s blue Moulds jersey some Sundays during the season. Loved the guy.
  2. Fingers crossed that Pittsburgh game is week 3 as was listed in the earlier leak, if it's accurate. Gonna do that road trip so long as it isn't week one (wife's b day) or week 4 (10th anniversary). Been to a handful road games but never there
  3. Did you not read the reasoning behind most of the excitement? It's when we know which games we can do and when to schedule trips. Just go away. Your input is not needed here.
  4. Cleveland is a fun trip, did that one 7 or 8 years ago. Ton of Bills fans there. Tailgate was fun, the Browns fans were mostly cool.. If it lines up me and some pals are going to the Steelers game this year. Never been there.
  5. Scrolling through this I was thinking the same thing!
  6. This is awesome, thanks for sharing! Before my time but I pretty saavy on Bills history and love watching stuff like this!
  7. Agreed. My wife is Peruvian so we visit South America a lot. Down there it's common to see American team sports logos on hats that have designs that make no sense like a Packers "G" with a palm tree or Yankees symbol on a basketball. (I get this design is inspired by the Buffalo flag, but it still looks wrong)
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