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  1. Love it! A little before my time but I just love watching old Bills stuff
  2. I find stuff like this very cool. Anyone else have any old clippings like this?
  3. So does this mean 3 playoff games both Saturday and Sunday? It must right? I don't like the idea very much, a lot of 8-8s and 7-9s will be getting in now. As far as 7 games go I hope they don't start labor day weekend, i.always camp then!
  4. Man, WC weekend games are always better than Division weekend games
  5. Maybe the newly annointed golden boy Jackson can't get it done in the post season
  6. How old were you the last time the Bills won a playoff game? I was two years away from being able to drink in a bar; 19
  7. It's open enough. It was pretty packed but not elbow to elbow for the Pats game. Close though.
  8. Watch the Jacksonville playoff game there, was also a fun environment. Got that bar table right in front. Of I wasn't doing Pitt Pub I'd likely go there.
  9. Yeah, shooters is pretty solid. I hear ya on the drive to Webster, I hear Hooligans is a good spot too. Basin Pub is ok, but I've had issues with poor service there. Plus if you want a lively environment for a game that is not the place. Being around other happy/angry Bills fans helps with the nerves for me.
  10. Me either, that's why I had never gone there for a game before. I was surprised by the environment, again likely do to the local Bills backers sponsoring it. For the Pats game I got there at 3:45 and it was already packed. I ended up standing the whole game but that's fine, nervous energy would have prob forced me to stand anyway.
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