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  1. Kudos to the fans who were at the game

    I'll never forget that game, it was surreal in there. What a day
  2. What a day...

    Started a post the other day wondering about attendance. All i can say to my fellow Bills fans that were there today. I'll never forget it. Wow. Absolutely surreal.
  3. Cold weather tailgating.

    Bring one of those bowl shaped fire pits, like 30 bucks at depot. Much more portable
  4. Attendance Sunday?

    Agree with this post
  5. Bonnies b-ball coach trolls Bills

    Go Cuse
  6. Attendance Sunday?

    That was the hardest part last off season. I was a proud season ticket holder. Had been to (a modest by soem standards) 39 straight home games, something I was very proud of. I was sure as the next season rolled around I'd feel depressed that I no longer had season tickets. However that was not the case. I still will have attended 3, maybe 4 games this season which is enough to get me my fill. My crew still meets up, but rather now at each others houses or bars for the games. The hardest part of being a season ticket holder is not being up at 6 am or the late season depressing games but when they are on back to back..and back weekends. The days are so long and take a lot out of me, even only being an hour down the road. I no longer have the comradery of MY section (331, row 26, seat 2) which I do miss. But on the flip side I do like picking different spots in the stadium to experience each individual game.
  7. Attendance Sunday?

    Giving them away for Miami too?
  8. Do you remember the first football game you went too?

    I was 11 in 1987 when I noticed the Bills and the NFL, in 1988 I fell in love with the Bills. So when my family was planning a trip to visit our cousins in the Boston area in 1989 I hounded my dad to plan the trip around a time when the Bills played the Patriots (at this point I was living in the Adirondacks, 4 1/2 hours from Rich stadium.) He obliged. SO my first football game was at the old foxboro during the bickering Bills season. Buffalo was 7-3 and the Patriots were 3-7. I remember being surprised by how many Bills fans were there and even felt a little sorry for the young pats fan and his dad sitting in front of me when the Bills raced out to a 24-7 lead.....They would lose the game 33-24. I was miserable the rest of the trip. Fortunately we made the playoffs that season and then would go on to the next four Super Bowls after that. I never went back to Foxboro but we would start taking bus trips out to Buffalo all through the 90's. The first time I stepped into Rich Stadium I was in awe.
  9. Attendance Sunday?

    My buddy who is driving for this one wanted out, citing the weather. Won't let him off the hook though as I had to drive out for the Tampa game. Attendance is way down in all sports. I doubt this has to do with the NFL players kneeling.
  10. Attendance Sunday?

    Got tickets for this one back in August on Stub Hub for $19. Thought I gotta pretty sweet deal. This week I see they're as low as $6! That's preseason pricing. What do you think will be the actual in house attendance Sunday? 40-45k. This was my first year without seasons in quite some time. I must say I do not miss being locked into these meaningless (or close to) December games anymore. With that said I still look forward to Sunday even if it's a preseason environment.
  11. The Best Buffalo Bills Player To Be "Wasted" In The Drought

    Takeo Spikes
  12. 43 years and done...

    Yeah, ok. See ya next week
  13. Gameday Thread 1st Half Bills @ Chargers

  14. Playoff Positioning

    Baltimore's schedule might be easier but I think they are very capable of losing a lot of those games.