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  1. That game would fall on my wife's birthday. Hoping thats not the case
  2. Kind of a silly question. After a 4 or 5 year hiatus I got season tickets again. I also had season tickets back when you got the old paper stubs and still had them when they made the switch over to the plastic cards. But now in this day and age of mobile tickets do they still mail anything out? I suppose not, as its unnecessary? I used to love getting that package in late June.
  3. UPDATE* Got a solo season in 339. For those considering solo's it is something they do and they are not difficult to get. Even though I routinley make 3-4 games a year it feels SOOOO GOOOD to be a season ticket holder again! I couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer
  4. Wow, thats too bad. It was a special night in the old house. Suprised the tix went unsold. Week of the game the tix were going pretty cheap and there were concerns of a sell out. But they stadium looked full that night.
  5. No prob taking a loss on the ticket, just wondering if its even feasible to expect anything. Ill prob use it most for the non night games as work comes into play. Unfortunately I'll miss the bigger games likely.
  6. So a group of 4 of us had season tickets in the middle of the drought, like 09-16 or something. 1 guy moved away, one guy had a kid and F'd up his priorities and the third guy I honestly would not hang around with without the other two. Just a complete fool. We usualy meet up at our dear old Hammers once a year to tailgate away and laugh about old times though. Last year there was no way I was missing the Pats playoff game and drove out solo because everyone else said it would be too cold (which it really wasn't if you were prepared) There was no way i'd miss it I found that I actually really enjoyed the experience. In fact in previous years I've made one or two solo late season/cheap ticket trips out as well. I get leave Rochetser later and listen to WGR, have wings at a bar, go to the game; able to concentrate fully and drive home with no Monday hangover. It was suprisingly enjoyable when I began doing this and the social interaction is always still there when surrounded by mafia. I'm getting older I guess. This year i am thinking about getting a solo season up in the cheap seats. I'll probably only use it 4 times or so becuase I will still go to a couple games with groups. Thus my question. Har difficult will it be to unload a single ticket on the secondary market? By no means am I looking to profit or even break even, but can i expect to still sell? or am i gifiting it? (I know, depends on opponent/time). Also anybody else ever do a solo season? Seems I'll be able to get one. Already talking to a ticket guy. part of me is just screaming to be a season ticket holder again, it's a badge I always wore proudly Go Bills
  7. Honestly, unless the Bills pick high (obviously glad we didn't) i've always found it boring and a bit overatted...
  8. I'll never forget the feeling of being in the stadium that night when the lights went out and the Bills ran out of the tunnel. Electric
  9. Kinda silly, they'd get a boatload of cash if they sold them to the public
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