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  1. I want the Patriots at 1pm to open the season. Likely a rookie QB starting, in Buffalo. I think that lines up for an easy win and starts things off right. We have plenty of BIG games and will have plenty of primetime games. But let that first one be a 1pm Sunday kick vs New England
  2. Growing up in the Adirondacks 80s/90s I had little to zero Bills coverage other than Shout! magazine (which always came a week late) and whatever I'd cut out of the school library newspaper and bring home with me so I could read it 5 times through. That's how it all started for me with this team!
  3. McDermott should have beaten this guy in the playoffs TWICE. Coach better start getting the big wins.
  4. This is a good point. Not only do expectations lend themselves to greater disappointment but the weekly wins are severely dulled. During the drought a big win made my week. I rode that wave of joy for days in the hopes of this being the year we would win enough of these that we make the playoffs. Not any more, and especially now. Off two straight divisional playoff losses AT HOME (!?) all I will think about is playoffs and if we finally break through. With optimistic anticipation and dread in my gut the whole time as weeks 1-17 roll by. The weekly joy is gone. With all that said. This clearly is still the better place to be. But this is the reality I will live until we finally break through, or return to the doldrums and expectations are lowered.
  5. Thanks. I'll be gunning for there, whats the usual charge?
  6. Kettle's is strategically placed for this trip for me, but never been. If i roll in at 3:30 will i sttill have a shot at getting a spot? That's only 3 hours from kick so I know its probably gotta be tight at best
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