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  1. If the coach was even referring to the chicks and not the team! Just creepy but hey, it was a different world then
  2. What? Is this sarcasm? If you quit on the Bills the family quits on you.
  3. I'd rather get the Pats/Jets game than Steelers/Raiders here in Rochester. Oh well, I'll be locked into the Fish squishing anyway
  4. Nah, you're not screwed at all. Simply just get shot one my man.
  5. The 50s? Now? Disney? All i know is those poor lemmings got shafted.
  6. Interesting fact on lemmings. They really dont follow eachother off the cliff, rather Disney forced them off the cliff for a movie back in the 50s for dramatics. No hidden covid point here. Just that Disney has been lousy for a long time. Go Bills!
  7. GO BILLS, That's it. No controversy, no disagreements and no politics. Squish the fish and Go Bills!
  8. Sure would love to beat the Dolphins down to feel better about things. I wish this game kicked off in 3 minutes
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