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  1. Firstly, I understand why it's done and often its certainly needed. However occasionaly I will see a title for a thread that was merged that intrigues me. The problem is when I click it it brings me to the beginning the the thread it got merged with, burying the topic/post somewhere in multiple pages. Is there a work around for this that I don't know about that will bring me not to the beginning of the original topic but rather to the post of the merged thread?
  2. And the worst part might be it forced me to stay up and watch that crap fest of a game
  3. I cant bear to listen. The hosts? The callers? Both?
  4. We're just losers this year. Come up small in every big spot
  5. And there it is. What will be the only thing that is talked about all week
  6. Late game Bills defense has showed up. Gotta keep moving the ball
  7. Uh oh. We recovered a fumble. Refs gonna be out to get us now
  8. That non penalty. Why do i even bother with this %@$ league.
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