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  1. So sick ofnthe vikings/eagles at 8:30 mentions. Only been like 35 or 40
  2. When are people going to stop saying how good the Chargers are going to be. They've yet to prove it. At. All.
  3. Herbert doesn't seem to have it in the big moments
  4. I got a single season up in the 300s for $450. because of work the night games are very difficult to attend. I sold my Titans, Packers and Vikings ticket (wedding to attend that weekend) and made my $450 back plus $100 profit. 200 for the Packers game, 250 for the Titans and 100 for the Packers.....For a single ticket...in the 300s....Esentially I am getting paid to go to 5 Bills games 🙂 LOVING the market!
  5. I'm just stunned on how poor Denver played that last sequence. Stunned.
  6. i think they sell pills now that claim to add 5 inches, not sure what brands they work with though
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