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  1. GO BILLS! No idea how I make it through the off-season. No idea
  2. Don't forget the quirky 29-23 playoff win in the freezing cold, 94 I think
  3. Not my first game but I was at this one too. Still living in the Adirondacks then, my father and I took a bus out from Utica, NY. I remember as we got close they put the pregame on the radio and they were singing a song called "Takin' care of Pittsburgh" to the tune of taking care of business. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I believe this was the game a big fight broke out in the scoreboard end zone between Bills and Steelers fans, a few people spilling onto the field?
  4. Patriots 33 Bills 24, November 19th 1989 In Foxborough. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/198911190nwe.htm We were visiting family who lived in Massachusetts at the time for Thanksgiving and I talked my dad taking me to the Bills/Pats game that coincided with the trip. This was long before I lived in Western New York so a Bills game was a dream come true for me. As my handle says I've been a fan since '87 but it blossomed into fanaticism when I was 12 years old in that magical '88 season. So come the summer of '89 when the Massachusetts trip was planned I pestered my Giants fan father in buying tickets to the game and taking the family out to Mass a few days earlier. This was the very strange "Bickering Bills" season. We went to the game with my cousin. The 7-3 Bills jumped out to 24-7 lead on the 3-7 Patriots. I remember being impressed by how many Bills fans were in the stadium and feeling a little bad for the Patriot kid and his dad sitting right in front of me. Then it all fell apart. The Patriots scored the last 26 points of the game. I was so upset that I didn't even speak walking back to the car and very little on the drive back to my uncles house. Since then I've been to about 100 plus Bills games, just about all at the stadium, including having a 4 year run as a season ticket holder. I'll never forget that first game though. As bitter as it was at the time it's become a very fond memory for me, despite the loss.
  5. I remember with that 2012 Jets loss they did something like fire their OC in the preseason. They scored maybe one or two touchdowns in the entire preseason. Then they dropped 48 on us opening day. That and last years Baltimore loss were just kicks in the gut, I didn't even get to halftime before being deflated.
  6. Good find, a lot of people forget about this game. I also look for old Bills games in the off season to get my fix, thanks for sharing
  7. This new offensive line is gonna be great for both of us!
  8. Wish I could. Been to Nashville twice, my company is based there. Broadway is a blast, can't imagine the game day scene. Have fun and go Bills!
  9. Plus he's a Syracuse guy so double points in my book. I still remember him doing Orange post game when I was living in Syracuse in the early 2000s
  10. How can I roast that? It all is explained well and pretty much right (Jets didn't blow us out. Matt Barkley Led us to a big win in NY and the Jets rallied to beat us by 4 in Buffalo). I agree with everything you said. Of course you.and I both hope you're wrong. Go Bills.
  11. No, I got ya, i'm doin' ok. I always think the same when I see a dude wearing Parrish or McGahee. Then I look to see if it is stitched. Prob gonna hop the ugly white Bledsoe, need one of those light tops from that era.
  12. Funny, likely true and not too worried about if people think I'm broke or not.
  13. Good point on the screens. My stitched Freddy is just a touch more battle worn than I'd like.
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