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  1. Did the jetski have the word "playoffs" written on the side?
  2. Not that it matters but they beat theTebow Broncos like 40-13 or something. Though that was more on the defense, I think we picked him off multiple times, a couple for scores.. Then that Bronco team won a dramatic home playoff game vs the Steelers, even though they were 8-8. That annoyed me.
  3. Bummer, I live about a mile and a half a way and make it to 1 or 2 a year. I get it though.
  4. That's pretty cool, if In had a DD I'd try it once. Bet the atmosphere would be kinda cool if there's a tailgate spot
  5. I remember my father (a Giants fan) and I were watching. He said this is over and went to take a shower. Minutes later I was going insane....The next week I believe we were down to the raiders late on Sunday night. He said this is over and went to bed. Minutes later I was going crazy. To this day it's a joke between us that if the Bills are losing he has to find something to do. If only he had been doing something else for Norwood's kick.
  6. Wasn't he the one who cheered on Gronk when he attacked Tre?
  7. I mean we'd be scheduled for it but because Pittsburgh is awful they'd move us to 1pm and put someone else in the slot
  8. Prob be flexed out of this game when the Steelers start 2-6
  9. Love there being an X Mas day game. Always the lamest sports day if your not an NBA fan, which I am not
  10. Hadn't thought about this, good point
  11. I hear ya, picked up a decent Owens and Moulds off eBay a few years back very cheap (also ugly dark blue era) when they were the reebok knockoffs. Freddy and Thurman are good ones I got from China a longer while back. Prob 7 jerseys total. Gotta be stitched and gotta be close to the real thing.
  12. Does DHGATE do quality stuff? Been thinking about getting my Diggs from them. It's always a roll of the dice with those sites but when you hit the right one they are sweet. Got my Freddy some years back from a China site and it is awesome. When I tried to get a Watkins it was stitched but absolute crap. Which was foreshadowing I guess...
  13. This is always a fun thread. It stinks the dark cloud that hangs over the schedule release this year, but one of my favorite non competition sports days of the year. Right there with selection Sunday for me.
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