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  1. Easy, a lot of us turds had dads who didn't root for the Bills!
  2. My fanatacism started in, you guessed it, the strike season on 1987. I was 11 and grew up in a Giants household/area in the Adirondacks (at that time). I remember people making fun of the Bills and it made me dislike the Giants and Jets, so I hopped on board as we made a playoff push that season; ultimately coming up just short. Still, it wasn't until the next season the roots really took hold. I remember crying after we lost to the Bengals in the AFC championship, back then next season felt eons away. Even at that young age I knew right then and there, as my tears dried, that I was on board for life. Fast forward 36 years and my dad is more a Bills fan than a Giants fan now, my undying loyalty to my team over the years converted him; and now that I live in Rochester its a way we stay connected. Now, if we can win just one while we can enjoy it together. Go Bills!
  3. Oh man, why? Why would anyone do that? I'd panick and probably have a heart attack of I ever found myself in that situation.
  4. Man, that cave squeezing stuff gives the creeps.
  5. I want the Patriots at 1pm to open the season. Likely a rookie QB starting, in Buffalo. I think that lines up for an easy win and starts things off right. We have plenty of BIG games and will have plenty of primetime games. But let that first one be a 1pm Sunday kick vs New England
  6. Growing up in the Adirondacks 80s/90s I had little to zero Bills coverage other than Shout! magazine (which always came a week late) and whatever I'd cut out of the school library newspaper and bring home with me so I could read it 5 times through. That's how it all started for me with this team!
  7. McDermott should have beaten this guy in the playoffs TWICE. Coach better start getting the big wins.
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