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  1. Pancho is smiling down on us.. Not only the Bills win making him proud, but his kids are picking up where he left off!! Viva Los Bills!! Fly high our friend!!
  2. If the Bills are gonna be an AFC contender, we should blowout the jets(just like KC and Baltimore would).. I know division games can be more competitive, but I'll say 34-10 in a convincing win!!
  3. Last week I called and got $60 off a month for 1 year(accepted this offer several times)... BUT, I called today about the ticket, no promos for that, but I did get the equipment fee promo. $25 equip fee waived every month and the best part is, this promo NEVER expires til I cancel service. That's $300 a year on that promo alone (The way I look at it, I'm getting the ticket free every year with this promo).. First I have heard of this promo but I'll take it!!
  4. Just made my yearly call(I dread it, but worth it), and for 4th straight year I accepted $60 off per month for 12 months. I'll call next week to get my annual Ticket discount(hoping I can talk them into free this year). Side note, I see plenty of negatives on this post and I feel for ya. Best advice was already posted above, tell them "money is tight and trying to see if any promotions available, if not we may have to cancel".. Good Luck guys!!
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