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  1. Bills4life1924

    Just another "breaking the drought" video/2018 pump up video

    I wish they would make a song that doesn't include current coaches/players.. this way we could play it every year not worrying if they are still part of the team or not.. I like numerous bills songs they have, but it sucks to play them and hear/see the former coaches and players!
  2. Pretty much the same content as other videos.. But towards the end, it throws in our 1st round picks.. Just thought I'd share, enjoy!
  3. Bills4life1924

    Caption this! KB vs Cam edition

    Kb: Yo Cam, you see that beautiful pass Nathan Peterman threw to me? Not 1, not 2... But numerous great passes! Oh, and btw, I took the last one for a score!!.. Were u watching?"
  4. Well my faith is in the coaching staff, so if they list depth chart as that, I'll trust them over me lol
  5. Yes I understand that. But u think they would have the upper hand on the backup job. Not a rookie defensive tackle that probably never snapped a football in live action before (if I'm wrong, then my bad)
  6. How is Harrison Philips backup long snapper?? You would think Bodine or Groy would have landed that spot. I'm fine with it but just odd I guess.
  7. Bills4life1924

    [Update: SIGNED!] When does Josh Allen Sign his contract

    After emailing over 1000 colleges, trying like hell to get one to bring him in(that tells us, dude has passion for the game).. he will get paid, but no chance he holds out, he'll sign before training camp no doubt!
  8. Bills4life1924

    This video of our coach gets me pumped everytime!!

    Def agree, he was on the right path, then took a wrong turn!
  9. https://youtu.be/TFCLrt3dkZw I know it's prob been posted, but just watching videos of last season and this gets me amped. Love the culture and the way this team is heading! Looking forward to this season and the future to see what we can build on from last year!
  10. Good call, didn't even think bout that. But I still hear numerous analysts say Edwards over the radio. Not a huge deal, but his name is not that hard to remember imo lol
  11. Why the hell do so many people call him Tremaine Edwards?? Is it really that difficult to remember his name, Tremaine Edmunds?? Lol I heard numerous analysts say Edwards since we drafted him
  12. Bills4life1924

    Let's give the mods credit for giving all the emojis

    Face or butt crack? lol jk well done Real!! 🌮🌯🔔=💩
  13. Bills4life1924

    Let's give the mods credit for giving all the emojis

    Clever, well done! 👏
  14. Bills4life1924

    Let's give the mods credit for giving all the emojis

    It's such a small step for TBD, but a big leap for the future posts/comments on this board! (My bad, was I supposed to comment with an emoji?)
  15. I actually believe this, but we will never know for sure.