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  1. Bills4life1924

    Let's give the mods credit for giving all the emojis

    Face or butt crack? lol jk well done Real!! 🌮🌯🔔=💩
  2. Bills4life1924

    Let's give the mods credit for giving all the emojis

    Clever, well done! 👏
  3. Bills4life1924

    Let's give the mods credit for giving all the emojis

    It's such a small step for TBD, but a big leap for the future posts/comments on this board! (My bad, was I supposed to comment with an emoji?)
  4. I actually believe this, but we will never know for sure.
  5. Well put my friend, well put!
  6. I found this stupid, but hilarious at the same time haha😂😂 (just a little something to pass the time)
  7. His father passed away after battling ALS the night before his 1st game. Family decided to not tell him until after his game (but he found out through social media). Unbelievable path this kid has had and I wish him all the best!
  8. Bills4life1924

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    Thurman was main attraction for a local stores grand opening near me a few years back, I was 3rd in line (Thanks to a great wife who waited for 4 hours, while I was at work, God bless her), Thurman was almost an hour late. He blamed his driver and joked about hiring new driver lol.. Great personality and all around stand up guy (let alone player).
  9. I agree with ur assessment, and had this convo in the past with friends. But unfortunately it's just the way it is. Similar to the way David Tyree(not Plaxico Burress w/ game winning touchdown)was the hero against the Pats. Yes he made an incredible play, but that is not the only play made during the game, it's just the one that sticks out the most being towards end of game(Tyree would not have the notoriety he does if he made that catch in 1st half). There are many examples of players donned the hero or at fault in closing moments in games in every sport.
  10. Bills4life1924

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    That was a great catch!! Maybe he could convert to receiver for us😂
  11. Bills4life1924

    Thurmans Jersey to be retired!

    I hear ya, we all hope he is that and much more. Here's to hoping!!(And believing, and wanting, and praying) 🏈🏈🏈🏆🏆🏆
  12. Bills4life1924

    Thurmans Jersey to be retired!

    I like your humor 26 😂
  13. Bills4life1924

    Thurmans Jersey to be retired!

    Well deserved, congrats to Thurman! Now we will wait 25+ years for the next retirement of a Bills jersey #17
  14. Mind blown.. I follow olympics, but I guess not as much as I thought. Did not know this
  15. Bills4life1924

    Micah Hyde on "Good Morning Football"

    Agreed, very likeable and great player. I feel in the next year or 2, there will be several fan favorites