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  1. 🎶"Lets pull it out for a happy ending"🎶
  2. I agree, I only posted 3rd video bc it was local buffalo news material lol
  3. Not one for rap, but I'll listen to any song dedicated to the Bills.. sort of hoping "The Jambrones" come out with a new song
  4. I actually tried this before, cancel my account and having my wife get account in her name.. they noticed the address and last name and said bc we were married it is considered fraud!! If we were not married, it could have possibly worked(hope you have better luck)! But, all said and done we have been getting the $60 off a month repeatedly(including a new year starting this month, and discount on the ticket)
  5. You enjoyed it?? Really?? That ***** was real life, not a theatrical performance!
  6. Just made my annual call to direct tv.. my promo of $60 off per month for 1 year expired yesterday. Got same offer this year, $60 off per month for a year and $12.99 off sunday ticket per month. No contract and I'm staying with them for atleast another year! Let the football season begin!
  7. Gargamel no more! Time for our Bills to get the best of him!!
  8. I'm talking in leverage sense, 6 picks is not many for Beane to maneuver and trade up for a guy(like his 1st 2 drafts with us).. could be in minority, but I wouldn't give multiple picks for Clowney. Not for 1 year rental and certainly not to sign to a huge contract
  9. Could be wrong, but didn't we give up late round pick for Corey Coleman? If so, we only have 6 picks next year
  10. Just my opinion, but I'd hate to give multiple picks for clowney.. less leverage during draft next year(we dont have many picks as it is now), and to sign him long term would be overpriced, rather save our picks and sign our own!!
  11. Great thread my man!! Enjoy reading through the posts and love the fan base to our bills!!
  12. Not sure of year(late 90's) or the score, but it was Bills vs the fish, Bills won.... but a moment I'll always remember, it was snowing all game, but 2nd half got so bad we couldn't even see the field/players(after everyplay they were shoveling the yard lines on the field).. the magical part that will always be with me is 50,000+ fans singing together to the song "Let it snow"!!!(without the music playing).. so whoever it was who started singing, getting everyone else to join in, major props to them and thank you for a great moment!!
  13. No other caption can touch this.. 1st comment on the thread, and you nailed it!! Mods, close thread and pin it, this was the perfect response!!
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