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  1. I hear ya, but Davis can handle business. And like you said he has room to grow and that's what I LOVE about him!! Promising rookie season, physical, separation, great hands and will win the contested balls. Not to mention great sideline awareness for some toe drag swag. But Sanders is an excellent route runner and 4 wide sets are gonna be wild! Might not be the burner he was but our wide outs(diggs, beasley, sanders and even put Davis and hodgins in that category)are known for separation from db's and ill take that all day!
  2. Im fine with Davis as the 2(more like the 3 with Beasley).. He showed he can ball, wth are u looking for with Davis?? But Sanders will add a nice element to the offense, something we lacked with Brown last year due to injury. 4 wide sets are gonna be crazy to cover!
  3. Like I said, not selling, just curious of the value. And it should have been done awhile ago, but these will get framed, atleast some of them, and others will be in fire proof safe(ya never know lol)
  4. I dont know what their worth, ill take offers, but my father and I are both just curios to the value. Ill prob spend the small fee to have appraised and see what just a few tickets sell for
  5. So many dont believe they are real, but I know what we have. And it doesn't bother me bc it is far fetched. But I am curious to the value. And no we would not sell all, but if price is good, prob part with a few
  6. Well tell me how to keep the quality of photo while lowering the size of it so I can embed and edit post. Photo size too large for original. Sorry im not tech savvy, but any help for clarity of photo is appreciated!!
  7. 10 tickets to the "Comeback" game. My father was a limo driver and was supposed to drive his boss and 9 others to the game. But a snow storm over night(central ny) they had cancelled. Im just wondering the value if anyone would know before I pay for an appraisal. Not selling yet, just curious after all these years! Thanks!! (Anyone from herkimer/Utica area? Owner of crystal chandelier and herkimer diamond minds Rudy and Renee Scialdo was also the owner of limousine service. My father drove for Rudys group often?) https://ibb.co/HPsqNzT
  8. Or look back at the last game! (Put it behind you and live in the moment)
  9. Pancho is smiling down on us.. Not only the Bills win making him proud, but his kids are picking up where he left off!! Viva Los Bills!! Fly high our friend!!
  10. If the Bills are gonna be an AFC contender, we should blowout the jets(just like KC and Baltimore would).. I know division games can be more competitive, but I'll say 34-10 in a convincing win!!
  11. Last week I called and got $60 off a month for 1 year(accepted this offer several times)... BUT, I called today about the ticket, no promos for that, but I did get the equipment fee promo. $25 equip fee waived every month and the best part is, this promo NEVER expires til I cancel service. That's $300 a year on that promo alone (The way I look at it, I'm getting the ticket free every year with this promo).. First I have heard of this promo but I'll take it!!
  12. Just made my yearly call(I dread it, but worth it), and for 4th straight year I accepted $60 off per month for 12 months. I'll call next week to get my annual Ticket discount(hoping I can talk them into free this year). Side note, I see plenty of negatives on this post and I feel for ya. Best advice was already posted above, tell them "money is tight and trying to see if any promotions available, if not we may have to cancel".. Good Luck guys!!
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