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    Another Great Video presentation

    I was just gonna start a thread with the new Jennie Fagen video, but this thread puts it to shame! Good Stuff Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Bills4life1924

    out of area viewing

    Post of the year!! (It's ironic ur posting bout viewing the game.. But, your post is unviewable lol)
  3. Even a 7th is better than keeping him as the 3!! Something is better than nothing!
  4. Bills4life1924

    MVP candidate!! Jon Ryan(video)!!

    Just a fun video.. I'll say this, Jon Ryan doesn't lack personality (in fact, YouTube him and there are several entertaining videos)
  5. Bills4life1924

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    I believe Tanney is with the Giants?? So we can't get him without a trade. But we will see sign someone if AJ is indeed done
  6. Bills4life1924

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    True, never disliked ivory, but ever since Murphy saw game action last year i just like his vision/catch ability and the way he runs
  7. Bills4life1924

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    100% agree.. with Allen playing, the defense has so much more to game plan against. He opens up the whole field with his arm strength, deep ball, run game and his athleticism. Just his presence alone to open up the offenses playbook/and spread the defense out helps his chances to win the starting job
  8. Bills4life1924

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Hell, wouldn't be shocked if ivory is used for just short yardage situations. I liked Murphy since he was activated last year. I could see him being the primary backup!
  9. Pretty much the same content as other videos.. But towards the end, it throws in our 1st round picks.. Just thought I'd share, enjoy!
  10. I wish they would make a song that doesn't include current coaches/players.. this way we could play it every year not worrying if they are still part of the team or not.. I like numerous bills songs they have, but it sucks to play them and hear/see the former coaches and players!
  11. Bills4life1924

    Caption this! KB vs Cam edition

    Kb: Yo Cam, you see that beautiful pass Nathan Peterman threw to me? Not 1, not 2... But numerous great passes! Oh, and btw, I took the last one for a score!!.. Were u watching?"
  12. Well my faith is in the coaching staff, so if they list depth chart as that, I'll trust them over me lol
  13. Yes I understand that. But u think they would have the upper hand on the backup job. Not a rookie defensive tackle that probably never snapped a football in live action before (if I'm wrong, then my bad)
  14. How is Harrison Philips backup long snapper?? You would think Bodine or Groy would have landed that spot. I'm fine with it but just odd I guess.