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  1. My son is 10 and was crushed last night. I’m from WNY and put this belief in him. I wouldn’t have it any other way. He woke up and put his Diggs jersey on (and said we should trade Von Miller for Justin Tuck ha!) and went to school ready to get some grief from his friends. Picked him up from school and we were back to discussing what the Bills need to do next. Every time I drop him off at school regardless if the Bills win or lose, he always says Go Bills before he shuts the door. I enjoy having the bond with my son, even though it can be tough at times….
  2. Cheer up butter cup! Life gets harder than Buffalo wins. Enjoy your life and family. There’s always next year my friend!
  3. Offense wins games and the Bills have a complete team to do so. I’m just starting to believe that the narrative of an offensive coach could be the answer, and I’m a big fan/believer in McD.
  4. I have to agree…..as much as I like McD, Allen needs an offensive minded coach. Just like Coward has said and I’m finally starting to believe it. Defense doesn’t win SB’s anymore.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-saquon-barkley-seeking-christian-163800030.html Disregard.....I guess it was just a pipedream anyways.
  6. Then who's gonna run the ball next year? Cook? Hines?
  7. Jacobs would be a great pickup, but no way he's now resigning with the Raiders.
  8. If he's still there when we draft? Possibly a good chance, but why not save the first pick on OL help?
  9. Bills need to go all in and sign Saquon Barkley and draft OL help. I know it will require a lot of cap space and maneuvering, but could be done. Hopefully he will not require an extremely long term contract and will believe that he could win a SB here in Buffalo. Eisen believes this is what we should do and I agree. https://youtu.be/2yu0eu-jQW0
  10. http://Bills Mobile: Von Miller: "Adversity Builds Character"
  11. Bills Mobile: Von Miller: "Adversity Builds Character" This guy gets it! I appreciate the veteran leadership this guys exemplifies.
  12. WNY

    I'm done.

    Pull yourself up by your boot straps kid. Life gets harder than this. I love the Bills more than anythingl, but won’t let them get me down. Life isn’t worth it. We’ve got a great team that needs to get it figured out, which I’m confident they’ll make the playoffs. Don’t let losses be the say all, do all….
  13. https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/1539312980424175618?s=20&t=hgwVYlxQzo1eBQOJZO012w
  14. With these additional picks, I think we’ll grab a punter somewhere. Getting Bass has paid dividends…..
  15. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2021/02/24/buffalo-bills-trade-christian-mccaffrey-carolina-panthers/ Don't see how we'd have the cap space, but would be one hell of a pickup.
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