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  1. Amen to that!!!! Buffalo is looking tough this season 😃
  2. Bahahahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw it as odd 😂😂😂🤣
  3. You're on the money he makes me sick 😷
  4. My honest thoughts on him, he has been a battering ram for his career(just seemed kind of punch drunk in the interview) Seems like a great guy and a team guy definitley a process guy
  5. I swear I'm an excellent "human being" lol, just fixed it guys 🍻
  6. All in all it was an awesome video great insight into the teams mentality and their brotherhood, I just found a little hidden entertainment in the "human being" description of his teammates is all and even Tasker seemed puzzled on the last time he said it was all, I'm glad he's on the team he's that gritty blocking tight end who can make a big catch when need be 👌
  7. Just watch the interview and it'll make sense .....it's the bye Just making small talk sheesh I see that wolf pack mentality on this team, these guys go to war together on sundays it's great to watch!!
  8. Like I said I like the guy I just thought him saying "human beings" 5 times was a bit odd, other than that it was a great interview and I guess that made it a bit more interesting lmao If you did you'd be a great "human being" Definitley better focus than clay 🤲 MCD has these guys fully bought in its great to see!!
  9. Great inside look into the mentality of the team and the process thats got the Bills playing as a cohesive unit. On a side note he described people as "human beings" multiple times and I think it's funny check it out it's awesome interview!!
  10. I really like this pipe dream brother I died laughing when I finished reading it hahaha I hope it comes true
  11. Ain't it the truth and we come in knowing who our playmakers are on offense too so we can cook up a serious offensive game plan for the rest of the season, Gore and yeldon have been great then you get a shot in the arm with singletary back to be the slash/ take it to the house guy, Duke showed what he can add for our redzone trips, Knox is gaining traction as a playmaker to account for, Brown and Beasley are the icing on the 🍰
  12. This seems reasonable to me, our defense makes em all winnable the only games I'm worried about are the pats and cowboys tbh
  13. This season is coming together nicely 🤞
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