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  1. My honest opinion Jp losman....... My funny opinion Craig nall My best guess probably Fred Jackson he was always a super star and most of his career was wasted in Europe.....imo he may have been one of the all time greats had he had enough time starting
  2. my personal choice would be- either boogie-rosseau-obada-epenesa orrrrrrr boogie-rosseau-oliver-obada orrrrrrr obada-rosseau-boogie-epenesa This is strictly where I see things going once the season progresses, definitely not out of the gate. You can't keep talent off the field and I'm sorry but hughes is slow and weak compared to 2 seasons ago let alone 3 or 4. We have some major talent in the fold now that could use reps now not next year. Either Epenesa,obada,basham, or rosseau have better physical tools right now than Hughes(not even going to speak
  3. honestly I thought that would be dean marlowe he looked really good every snap I saw from him....and micah lost the step already and poyers lost half a step haha but they make up for it with smarts and great team work imo
  4. It was a snowy weekend and it was the last game of the year if I remember right. We were at home playing the jets and it was Sammy Watkins up against revis and he torched him all game lol. The dedication part comes here-my buddy and I go to leave the hotel to head to the game and a tire blows out on my car smh. So I stop at a Walmart and I'm told it'll be an hour wait I leave and go hit Monroe if I remember correctly. Monroe says it'll be an hour wait so I say "listen I'll give you $100 cash as a tip if you get me outta here in 15 mins" to the kid at the counter....bing bam boom I'm outta ther
  5. I felt it as soon as the afc championship was over brother right there with you, start doing some of your own scouting and deciding what the bills needs are it can be fun
  6. losing Shaq, Lorenzo, Phillips and to a lesser extent Star...... I can't complain too much about this season folks it was an awesome season all in all and it was fun to watch it unfold. I see a lot of finger pointing going around at different position groups on the team as well as blame for the coaches and I get that completely and agree with some of it. I feel like we didn't play our game and played completely Vanilla because we feared the chiefs(that's on the coaches for sure). All in all imo losing the above mentioned players made our defense lack the punch it had last yea
  7. Tre is a baller, the real problem is our lack of pass rush, qb's and wr's have had too much time this year, losing shaq and phillips really cost our defense
  8. Wow that's an interesting read!!!!! He's got the measurables to be a star tbh no sar/
  9. This is GOLD, well done sir, I legit paid someone at work $150 to cover me for this past saturday because my work was short handed and decided to say I had no choice but to come in( i work every third saturday and this wasn't one of them lol) so I feel ya man
  10. Just sit back and think about our coaches leading up to Mclappy............................................. let the names sink in............................ there do you feel better now?????????? If not you're hopeless bro
  11. I couldn't get enough of watching the rams swarm brady it was good stuff lol, Brady can't have much time left especially not when he's taking a beating like that
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