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  1. lunch time is rough haha ever think of a saturday or sunday haha??
  2. Ok so Jack Kemp is one of my favorite stories to get my grandma (80 years old) to talk about. My grandma HATES Jack Kemp. She was the head of the womens bussiness society(not sure exactly how to word the association) in Buffalo back in the 70s because she was in an executive position with blue cross blue shield in Buffalo and that was rare at the time for a woman to hold such a position at that day and age. She had to work with Jack for development of a bill or something to that effect back then and she says he was the most smug and arrogant "prick"" she ever met in her life. She had to go to dinners with him etc multiple times and he hit on her and was a pig apparently lmfao. So whenever Jack Kemp is brought up in the household a little fire shows in her eyes and she tells the story!!! real life right here folks can't make this up 😃
  3. I feel your pain lol the great big nothing
  4. I totally agree zay was a beast this year imo I think he has low side #1 potential....3/4 of this board is sleepin on zay
  5. This year is shaping up to make us true contenders imo
  6. Yeah it was 2011 in 10 games played he had 1370 yards from scrimmage he was finally being given the role of a workhorse that he needed
  7. I agree about Ricky Martin but you don't remember when free was in his prime making marshawn expendable as well as cj spiller....you don't remember his mvp all pro pace that he was on that year before injury where he was unstoppable??? Fred could do it all and do it all above average and had some of the best balance and instincts I've ever seen in a rb...he made the absolute most of his touches ....im worry I'm a Freddy homer but the dudes my hero haha
  8. I gotta say Freddy haha if he had a chance to start from his early 20s he would have probably gotten a ring somewhere
  9. LMAO seriously right i was depressed for a day after till i watched his film etc and saw how talented he is and watched his senior bowl footage and was amazed
  10. i can totally dig this we need a pro bowler at dt again its what makes our d work
  11. completely agree i think hes going to develop a short game this offseason that will surprise people, he just never really had to learn how to dice up a defense with a short rhythm game yet but i think he can handle it, hes just got to really work at it non stop this offseason but im sure palmer is working with him to develop a competent screen and wheel route/fades arsenal
  12. i'm a ok with us trading up in the first and second round to grab 2 blue chip players we really want we are at the point where we can add 2 starters and be over the hump imo
  13. no sir this year he kicks it up another notch and cements his spot on the roster i see a good 3 2 touchdown games from him this year
  14. ab is strange i watched his interviews this offseason and come away thinking he is bat poo crazy and locker room cancer, hes like terelle owens in a lot of ways imo
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