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  1. What an interesting article, fascinating honestly. I'm an empath so I know what he's talking about and I've long felt that covid19 and the unrest in the world is the next coming of a world war. Not that war in any capacity anywhere has really truly stopped, especially the middle east for instance. I just heard a lot of scary stuff about covid and whats really happening now from an army national gaurd medical officer with a high clearance and to be blunt they've been testing soldiers that are home with covid and they can't get it to exit their bodies PERIOD. Let that sink in, he says that it already is on it's third mutation and not only that but even if you had/have covid and have had zero symptoms your life will be shortened 10-20 years because its like getting hepatitis c it stays no matter what and it ruins your pulmonary system. Now think about what someone who struggled and had/has symptoms has in store for their life expectancy =( This is scary as all get out. Maybe Sammy the millionaire who undoubtedly has more connections than us knows a lot more than he's letting on. He dropped some large bombs
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