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  1. I felt it as soon as the afc championship was over brother right there with you, start doing some of your own scouting and deciding what the bills needs are it can be fun
  2. losing Shaq, Lorenzo, Phillips and to a lesser extent Star...... I can't complain too much about this season folks it was an awesome season all in all and it was fun to watch it unfold. I see a lot of finger pointing going around at different position groups on the team as well as blame for the coaches and I get that completely and agree with some of it. I feel like we didn't play our game and played completely Vanilla because we feared the chiefs(that's on the coaches for sure). All in all imo losing the above mentioned players made our defense lack the punch it had last yea
  3. Tre is a baller, the real problem is our lack of pass rush, qb's and wr's have had too much time this year, losing shaq and phillips really cost our defense
  4. Wow that's an interesting read!!!!! He's got the measurables to be a star tbh no sar/
  5. This is GOLD, well done sir, I legit paid someone at work $150 to cover me for this past saturday because my work was short handed and decided to say I had no choice but to come in( i work every third saturday and this wasn't one of them lol) so I feel ya man
  6. Just sit back and think about our coaches leading up to Mclappy............................................. let the names sink in............................ there do you feel better now?????????? If not you're hopeless bro
  7. I couldn't get enough of watching the rams swarm brady it was good stuff lol, Brady can't have much time left especially not when he's taking a beating like that
  8. What an interesting article, fascinating honestly. I'm an empath so I know what he's talking about and I've long felt that covid19 and the unrest in the world is the next coming of a world war. Not that war in any capacity anywhere has really truly stopped, especially the middle east for instance. I just heard a lot of scary stuff about covid and whats really happening now from an army national gaurd medical officer with a high clearance and to be blunt they've been testing soldiers that are home with covid and they can't get it to exit their bodies PERIOD. Let that sink in, he says that
  9. Kong plus radiation is the only way I see it happening lol Radiation plus Kong is the ticket , some nuclear elbow drops should do?
  10. I'm pleased to see the grammar police are keeping things legit this fine friday morning ?
  11. Hey now I called Beasley and brown shiny new toys but honestly brown is a weak number 1 he is not open when he's not open he's no aj green or amari or Jones he's a level below that. So I'd say we have yet to see Josh's ceiling or even close to it when it comes to being a passer. Look at what other top QBs are working with, ***** mahomes has about 3 number 1 quality people who catch the ball between hill, mecole, and Watkins and then there's kelce.....I know I know mahomes is better but he's just unreal ...I'd like to see what Allen could do with that much surrounding talent and ref help
  12. I'd say Goku could defeat Godzilla ? Thanks for taking my points a bit further into detail I didn't even think that far into it ?
  13. It's rare that I get a day off work to be able to read a ton of the board, I saw the thread a day ago about Josh Allen needing to be a running qb to be effective so I threw my opinion out there haha
  14. Awesome reply and I agree about the Pittsburgh and cowboys games for sure I concur I doubt dabolls game plans and play calls much more than I doubt Allen as well and see the same needs for the team thanks for a well written reply
  15. Still all impressive nonetheless imo and Palmer is nothing to sneeze at as well Dak is better than what people give him credit for and good catch about Beasley's best season I couldn't remember but I knew it was damn close and Dak had a damn good offense around him that season all in all not to mention an awesome line. I think there needs to be more we are bills fans aren't we??
  16. I'd say it's possibly your subconscious at work and your inner thoughts possibly being in alignment with my detailed premise above
  17. I absolutely could have.......boom fixed for your reading pleasure
  18. Hi all I just wanted to drop a few thoughts about our very polarizing Qb. I know there's a good number of bills fans and those outside the organization that still doubt Josh and his potential. He's a total enigma as told by many stat crunching sports writers. His stats aren't the prettiest but I'd say there is no competitor in the NFL that has MORE heart and grit to will a victory (I see him as a tie with The most determined and focused QBs in the league in this respect). And then there's the eyeball test, Watch this kid when he plants his feet and the line holds for hi
  19. Awesome post this is fun to hear seems like Siberia isn't too bad of a place anymore, Allen passes the eyeball test when considering the lack of talent around him the last 2 seasons and I'm glad top wrs in college see what his potential is. Bottom line he took smoke and gave him a career year and did the same for Beasley and last season made a total bum wr zay j look above average, howd that work out with Derek Carr in the black n silver????
  20. We need someone who can be what we thought Gore would be for the goaline and short yardage situations A good hammer if you will and for late in games once singletaries shake and bake style and ankle breaking tires defenses out
  21. My thoughts exactly replace nsehke In a heartbeat and move ford to gaurd boom line fixed
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