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  1. We are in mayfield ny Sacandaga lake/Adirondacks....I guess I could let him research the jets and giants woes hehe
  2. Thank you so much for the most thoughtful post I've ever gotten on here on Two Bills Drive you're awesome
  3. Howdy everyone I just wanted to hear your thoughts about something that took place today in my journey of fatherhood. I'm a father of five boys and my oldest is 13 and asked me if he still had to be a Bills fan. Let me rephrase that he asked his grandma my mom to ask me if it's okay if he stops being a Bills fan.... I've never felt guilty for encouraging my boys to be Bills fans as I'm a son of Buffalo I was born there and my whole family on my father's side lives there. When my mother asked him why he said because it's become too upsetting and it's not fun anymore. He said he asked her to ask me because he knew it would break my heart. This isn't a Pity post to be honest and I'm not the type that's going to be like I'm never going to watch this team again or I give up and all that crap that a lot of posters say.... it was a tough season and sometimes when you're extremely close things seem so far away... What I'm really looking for is good advice for when I sit down and talk with my boys about this season Etc and being a Bills fan in general I'm sure some of you that are older and wiser than I have had to talk with your sons and daughters.... I truly see this team as very close.... some more addition by subtraction is needed thank God Bean has drafted some really good talent the past few years to soften the blow of our aging vets as they fade and move on... just a few key pieces I know we say this every year but a few pieces and I think we're there maybe a new coach too maybe not I know that's going to rile some people up but sometimes I'm just unsure about McDermott.... One before I die just one before I die please
  4. Good morning and happy Divisional round of the playoffs Sunday to all!!! I don't post much but I do when I feel I'm compelled to and today folks I've got a feeling, here me out!! I feel like this team is a freight train going 100 miles per hour on the road to the Super Bowl!!! Yeah we've got injuries, yeah they've got swifteys, yeah they've got Kermit and Kelce, yeah they've got a tough defense BUT IT ALL ENDS HERE FOLKS!!!!! This is the end of the road for KC!!!! We've got so many playmakers on deck it's finally the year for us this is the best bills team we've trotted out for the Allen era. Pick your poison KC, we've got Allen, Diggs, Knox, Kincaid, Shakir and cook and we spread the ball around to keep teams guessing. Not to mention our offensive line that has been mauling teams and keeping allen mostly clean. Our defense has depth, the next man up has been solid to spectacular when called upon and mcdermott has been calling it well!! Here it is folks, worst version KC versus best version Buffalo!!! I smell a blow out!!! To top it all off there's us involved now!!!! LET'S GO 12TH MAN THE TIME IS NOW, BILLS BY A BILLION!!!!!
  5. I love it!!! Absolutely hit the nail on the head, this is the game with the most motivation for the bills since the superbowls....Josh and steff must be licking their chops and I bet the coaches have installed/saved the best plays on offense and defense for this opportunity 🙌 🦬 bills by a billion!!!!
  6. He's the worst he hates the Buffalo Bills he kills us every opportunity he gets nearly got Josh Allen killed in the game against Philly through enough Flags to his hands wore out in the first quarter to keep them in the game otherwise we ran away with that game I'm not looking forward to this looks like Patrick Mahomes is going to get the help he was looking for last time we played them that he threw a tantrum over
  7. I think it'll be a step forward imo, poyer and Hyde were trash this year, tre hasn't barely played....Gabe needed to sink or swim, he sank...we need another great draft and we'll be fine imo....I don’t disagree about mclappy and I want Joe Brady back, possibly as hc with a different dc That's how I feel tyty
  8. It's too bad because he's talented and can drop the hammer, he was a heck of a pick by beane....do you think benfords got enough sturdiness to be a banger like that??
  9. Exactly, we needed a year to retool and reload and figure out everything...heck we have multiple starting rookies that are playing well I'm over being upset with the season, a few games this year that we shouldn't have lost upset me a ton and I'm not gonna be a petulant child about it anymore lol
  10. Honestly I'd like elam at fs and hamlin at ss
  11. I agree about it not being acceptable but I didn't get into that end of things, to me that's a given in the situation. I'm trying to stay positive here about the future of the team. We really do have a lot of budding stars...
  12. I have an odd feeling we'll make it in but if we don't there's a whole ton of positives to be taken from this season. - Kincaid is a true stud, he will be a game breaker for our offense next year no doubt. - Bernard is a stud as well and a playmaker that this defense needs, he's better than Edmunds. -Cook is a baller and will be even better next season!! -Spencer Brown is a legit RT for the future!! -Cyrus will be a monster next year as he was better than average this year as a rook. -Shakir looks to be a playmaker and will be even better next year out of the slot(Beasely replacement finally). -We now know Gabe is not it and can cut bate and draft a real #2/ eventual Diggs replacement. -Ed Oliver is worth the contract and has finally got it all together. There's a lot of positives that have come out of this frustrating season imo. I'm a glass half full guy!! Hats off to Beanes drafting!!! We're going to be okay we have a lot of young talent at our nucleus now 🦬
  13. So what I would order at genos in Philly would be called a "peppersteak wiz wit" so that's peppers, onions and cheese with the steak..... Basically get some good soft foot long bakery hoagies, get good grass fed Angus thin sliced beef, the cheese is literally cheese whiz, cook the steak with butter and onions and peppers diced, put the steak and onions and peppers slightly chopped on top of the open faced hoagie and then add the cheese sauce over the top of it so it all melts together and close it up and eat it 😋
  14. Man I used to love watching driver play tbh, he was something else
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