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  1. Jeez after reading everything he does I dont know how they dont keep him on the practice squad. Its like when someone at your workplace leaves/retires/etc and then all of the houseplants die (because they were the ones watering them and no one knew) and the coffee maker isnt as clean looking as it use to be.
  2. The bad FG holding drove me nuts. Like people thinking Christian Wade could be called up from the practice squad the last two seasons type of frustration. I think those have been my biggest sources of anger when it comes to the teams and to that extent the fans.
  3. Been a pretty busy day today, but I did see the news a few hours and was pretty excited. Let's Go!
  4. Im not saying the Bills would, but has anyone heard if the NFL will have some type of veteran exemption on the practice squad like they did for 2020? If so, if MB doesnt sign anywhere, would the team bring him back for the QB room or maybe be the "covid" QB for 2021. I know some people dont think he is a "good" backup, but surely everyone could agree he would make a good "emergency" QB. Even if this doesnt happen, Im sure they will have his # close by. Heaven forbid, if any of the QBs get hurt/covid/etc I'd say he would be one of the first people contacted since he knows the system
  5. Love the Star Wars reference, but I dont recall reading about him on here. I havnt read every thread on here though TBH.
  6. He was always so happy when Josh or anyone else made a play! It was great to catch him on the sideline cheering during games!
  7. Wow. He would probably have a career in the NFL in Special Teams alone right? I'm thinking FG blocks and punt blocking at the minimum. A quick search says he did 4.48 40. So career Special Teams player at worse, right?
  8. Saying that the Bills have mismanaged their CAP, I don't think that's completely fair. The NFL lowered the salary cap because of COVID. Beane even said himself, he would have made some moves differently if he knew the cap would go down. If the CAP had stayed the same or went over 200 Million, that would have been at least 16 million more to work with. Add in the fact the money the Bills saved by cutting QJ and JB (That could have been done still even if the CAP did go down). I wont try to speculate on what the cost of signing anyone would have been for resigning or FAs if the CAP wasn't lowere
  9. Yup! Ive only heard good things about him off the field from my friends as well.
  10. LOL However, if Harrison Smith ever becomes a Bill, its back on like Donkey Kong. (Back to the friend of friend thing). Which I'm sure no one cares, but if anyone is still reading this Harrison and Lee do a football camp together in Knoxville each summer. They played AAU basketball with each other growing up, both from Knoxville.
  11. As someone who is beloved by his teammates, and a good teammate himself, Lee has always gotten a lot of grief that isnt warranted by fans. If he was as bad as everyone says he wouldn't have gotten as much playing time as he did or have a job in the NFL for 10 years. He and his family live in Knoxville, tn and has kids in school. I dont know him personally (friend of friends of mine), but perhaps part of his retirement is wanting to be closer to his home and family. Atlanta is a 1 hr flight from Knoxville on any standard flight. 3 hours to drive. Just a little more then Nashville is
  12. Browsed through this thread, didnt see this mentioned, he was a teammate with Cole at SMU!
  13. You know working from home he is definitely wearing that right now. The tree may or may not still be up. If so, its either a St. Patrick's Day Tree or the Beane Family "can't even right now."
  14. LoL. Sure, but it's just my not my personality to do that. Even if that person should be bad mouthed.
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