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  1. Dang ok, I guess I'm glad it was atleast called right
  2. Has anyone ever checked/said if that holding call was legit or not? I could re watch the game, but I really dont want to do that.
  3. This play is going burn me for awhile, and makes even more mad that I care this much.
  4. Exactly, plus in this situation its 2nd Down. If he slips, its still 3rd down on the one.
  5. I dont know why I'm not seeing this more (maybe I'm missing them) It's second & goal (and what less then a yard). Why are they going shotgun? Instead Allen gets drilled on a run play (is that where he hurt his hand). JUST QB SNEAK. If he is stuffed, it's still at least on the one 🤬
  6. Goto the sports tab. It was playing some dumb movie when I first tried as well.
  7. They have talked up Johnson, its time to see what he can do. So much freaking out over "nothing". (I know Hyde is good, but still)
  8. Matt Flynn had a 6 TD game in 2012.
  9. This. I rarely make these type of statements but any somewhat athletic person (as long as they catch it/running correct route) could have scored that 2nd TD.
  10. It wasnt working on the app on my phone, but it was on the website on a pc
  11. This, I think some of these were his call.
  12. I had been wondering, how good is the Rams OL usually? Cant say I've watched a lot of LAR.
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