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  1. Its super disappointing, but the Bills still would have had to win 2 more games. Josh Allen could have had a career ending injury on his first snap against the Bengals then again, he could have been Super Bowl MVP.
  2. Does LS Cole Jenkins have any chance to unseat R.F or this just a due diligence and for someone to snap to Punt god during rookie camp?
  3. I fixed your post Obsessing and loving/hating punters is as natural as bone in wings & blue cheese!
  4. Maybe they were afraid someone else was willing to trade with Balt or Dallas to jump Buffalo?
  5. Haslams did just recently sell there Pilot's to Casey's for a cool 220 million back in Sept.
  6. As others have said, I think the Bills will always get "slighted" in rankings, so the media personalities can generate more clicks and buzz by ruffling up the fans to get those clicks.
  7. I don't hate that theory. It's smart/makes sense in a way because the team will face alot of those types of teams each year. Rack up those wins, go 50/50 on other games, you are probably in the playoffs each year. I will also add several times when Marlowe had to start/go in at one of the the safetys that the defense still played well in those games (if I recall correctly)
  8. Goes to show that players WILL take less when they are in good situations. I've suggested this several times and I get poo poo'd about it sometimes. I know its not a rule or should be expected, but some players will take less...
  9. I was in favor of signing Fitz, but Case Keenum has got to be a top back QB in the NFL right? Probably top 3 or 5 backup in league? Then Barkley surely is a top QB3, lowend QB2?
  10. I am on the fence, I mean I see both sides. I will say I think the hardest hit JA took this past season, was from within the pocket. When the OL whiffed and he just got trucked (I dont remember the game). Never the less, important games/drives he needs to be JA unleashed.
  11. I have been a fan of bringing back J.P as a reserve.
  12. Is there a limit on how many times they can do that or other complications if they do that? I dont know, so thats why I ask. You also have Cam Lewis
  13. Watching that video, it goes to show game 1 that the dude could juke out players, stiff arm guys, and flick it a mile. He has come a long way but JA still looked like JA in that video
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