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  1. I believe the courts did find that he had a "killer instinct" in a civil trial.
  2. It's not an excuse but I wonder how many players this effected today, might explain in part why offense was so "off". Again not an excuse, but still these things make a difference.
  3. What happened to the "I" formation 4th down plays from pre season... jeez... EDIT: ok looks like they still had the "I" but that was ugly
  4. Bills need to keep making big stops on D. If they can hold them, and then score. It could be a huge difference. 10-7 vs 17-0!
  5. It would be great to end this half with a long Bills TD drive.
  6. on second down. McKenzie is by himself on the sideline I believe.
  7. Everyone is wanting that vet CB depth, but I think Sal C. mentioned earlier in the offseason. Levi is the vet now.
  8. The only reason I could see a Coach saying this is to "trick/dare" him into running more? On the other hand, when you have such competitive high level players that get motivated/fired up by even the smallest of comments, why would you give a star player any reason to be more fired up.
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