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  1. Its actually pretty easy to forget, I am pretty passionate about the Bills, but under that scenario of when it happened, and the insignificance of the game, since it was the end of the season, I just kinda laughed.
  2. SO DUMB. Should have been Pitt continuing to move down the field.
  3. that whole punt thing looks really dumb now. already past Pitts LOS from the punt
  4. Well this may sound crazy, but in all seriousness that 3rd down extra effort by Mayfield may have prevented the comeback by Pitt.
  5. Good for Vincent Taylor. I still think that the Bills were trying to sneak him onto the practice squad. I wish they would have kept him so they would have a some more meat up front, but then again Im just a smuck on the couch.
  6. Haha, the Jets already did that to the Bills a few years back. Onside kick TD. Bills Jets 2017
  7. Im watching CBS via local channel antenna. I can watch the Nick verson on my phone via Verizon NFL App. Because my local channel is on time, I can pull up my phone for the Nick. Longstory short, no, wtf was heard very clearly (however I was ready for it/ looking for it) The announcers were talking a little bit more then CBS was during that.
  8. Yes thats what I'm saying. They saved him. He was active so he could have played if they wanted. They saved him from further risking injury but could have very well played if Beasley got hurt.
  9. Actually it very possible with Moss's injury, that Antonio Williams (or someone else like Stills) gets called up, which leaves a PS spot open, and put Kumerow in that spot.
  10. I think the combination of him having his own injury and Beasley being injured, I think they might have saved him.
  11. To say a missed FG in the 3rd qtr cost the Colts or its what saved the Bills, is simply looking at the score. Its much deeper then that. If the Colts make that FG then the Bills are still in the lead, as well as the coarse of the entire game would have been different.
  12. People are trying to say coaching blew the game for the Colts. I would like to point out that perhaps the Colts did what they did because they feared how explosive the Bills can be. Think back when everyone complained when the Bills would kick FGs against Brady. Fans would say you cant kick FGs against the Pats. They need to be more aggressive, etc.
  13. Ouch, I mean Diggs just ran a straight line (fly, go, etc route)! LoL
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