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  1. I thought they were related. Thanks for clearing that up. I though brother or cousin, since Jason would have an obvious in for him to get on this.
  2. Yea thats quite possible, its interesting to see the fine line of what is a backup QB across the league and being out of the league. For example Alex Tanney is still in the league.
  3. Interesting. I wonder what MB would think of something like that. He does seem like a team player, and could be put back on the roster if JA got hurt. He wouldnt normally play in a game anyways in a perfect world (unless its mop up duty) 🤔
  4. His salary might be an issue. He is currently making 2 mil a yr, I dont know how much he can make on the PS.
  5. In that scenario, is DW on the 53 or what does the QB roster look like in this situation.
  6. So Davis Webb was in all of the QB meetings last year after he joined the team even though he was on the PS. Id say he is back on the PS, and the Bills roll with 3 on the main roster. I cant see Barkley being cut and going down the same road when Peterman was the backup. If you remember how much BB said he regretted not getting Derek Anderson in at the beginning of the year. Now his contract expires after this year, all bets are off. Fromm might have potential but I cant see them making the same mistake with so much ridding on this upcoming season.
  7. For what its worth Alex Tanney is still in the league, so mission accomplished?
  8. Yea, I rocked out Madden 06 for about 5+ years. Kept a journal. Loved it, have not been willing to buy a new Madden since. However, I did break down and get EA Access last week. For $30 for a year, even if I hate Madden, I can still play NHL and FIFA so I think I will be able to squeeze the $2.50 a month out of it. I think I will enjoy Madden for awhile if nothing else because of playing in HD on a huge tv will be fun, and having the current players will be cool. However, Im sure I'll be sad with Franchise mode 😕 I play MLB the Show as well, so I refuse to dive into another digital card collecting game. I grind enough in that (I dont pay extra $) so Madden will be fun (hopefully).
  9. Good, let the AFC North beat up on each other a little bit more. I think the Bills win the division but for some reason they do not, any outside help from other teams beating each other to help in the wild card is good.
  10. Sure I agree, if E.O. begins a trend like M.D then yes it could be a similar path.
  11. Member when the Bills have had other players in the past get in trouble during the off-season and so many people had so many opinions on the matter. Wild speculation and people saying how bad of a person they are. I member. Well everyone will be cheering for him again and totally forget about this once he is on the field, making plays because Pepridge Farms, with a side of member berries, members. Seriously though let it play out.
  12. The Chargers seem to have done it right, I cant explain the Rams. So I dont know how branding/jersey design works but how can they do the Chargers stuff which makes sense but the Rams look like a mess. Completely different people working on it or how does this work? How much is Nike's choice and much is the team's choice?
  13. Is it just me or does it seem that Oregon becoming super popular and all of their uniform combos has made Nike try to be way to edgy and cool with everything else. Not everything needs to be completley reinvented. Some things only need a few strokes of brillance not mircosoft painting there way through stuff.
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