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  1. Even if the Bills win multiple Super Bowls, some will cling to this view.
  2. Labeling a 7th rounder a dumpster fire is a red flag for your entire thought process haha. It makes the whole thing laughable. Look at any talent acquired by other organizations during the same time frame, it’s not nearly as pretty. Josh Allen or no Josh Allen.
  3. My guess is Gaine has a lot of those responsibilities and is paid closer to an AGM than not. This is an opportunity for us to attract some talent from outside to replenish our Front Office a little bit. Opportunities are going to come from word of mouth around the league, not necessarily AGM titles. Wouldn’t be able to get this Hunt guy on a lateral move.
  4. Benford is absolutely making the roster.
  5. His hat is sick… too bad it costs like $70
  6. Actually, what’s even more impressive about all of this, is that Elam does not have an agent. He represents himself with help of his father and uncle who both played in the league. He isn't employing an agent, rather, Elam is representing himself in the draft process with help from his father Abram and uncle Matt, both former NFL players and the latter an All-American defensive back at Florida, as well as advisors, financial planners and a lawyer.
  7. Well considering the coaching staff and scouting staff are entirely different, I don’t get the point.
  8. That's a real twisted description of what Beane said. Then again, what's the issue of taking an athlete that's versatile and letting the staff maximize his ability?
  9. If went on every thread in the last 3 days and compiled all of your posts repeating this same statement, I could put together a thread that rivals the stupid ***** 100 page Breece Hall thread. Enough already.
  10. Shameless plug as ESPN conducted a similar analysis. They were just a year and a half behind. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33297949/nfl-draft-which-teams-gotten-best-value-2012-rank-all-32
  11. Haha ESPN’s analysis looks familiar… I did it over a year ago and refreshed it this January. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33297949/nfl-draft-which-teams-gotten-best-value-2012-rank-all-32
  12. Let's examine this great quote as it pertains to pass catchers... Reid/Veach this off-season: ADDED/KEPT Marquez Valdes-Scantling (3 year deal) Juju Smith-Schuster (1 year deal) MOVED ON Demarcus Robinson (FA) Byron Pringle (FA) Tyreek Hill (Trade) McDermott/Beane this off-season: ADDED/KEPT Stefon Diggs (4 year extension + 2 existing years left) Isaiah McKenzie (2 year extension) Jamison Crowder (1 year FA) OJ Howard (1 year FA) MOVED ON Emmanuel Sanders (FA) Cole Beasley (Release) What exactly did Reid/Veach do different than McDermott/Beane this off-season that screams "offense is prioritized" ?
  13. It’s not negligence if people posting on TBD driver declare that the 7th best WR is worth a first round pick.
  14. What about Beane and McDermott being here for 5 years with next to zero leaked information gives you an idea that vibes and gossips goes around in the building? Being an insider, in a different organization, I can promise you that what you’re describing doesn’t happen like you’re describing it.
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