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  1. Gave Davis has said he models himself after his idol, Larry Fitzgerald on the field. He very apparently models himself after Fitzgerald off the field as well. He’s a good one.
  2. The post you were replying to was someone mulling over the idea of Dorsey going with Daboll or staying with us and you never stated otherwise in your post. May have just mashed it all together in my head lol
  3. Yes. People are being groomed for certain roles... maybe not outwardly for every person (some know they're being groomed to take over position X while others don't)... but the things that they're exposed to are preparing them for future duties. The higher ups are aware and keep tabs/place people in certain circles for specific reasons.
  4. It's often agreed upon behind the scenes who you're allowed to take and who you aren't allowed to take. It's a fairly big deal so they sort it out ahead of time. I'm not sure this makes sense in the context of Dorsey? Dorsey is set up to be the next OC here with Josh... where both are very comfortable with each other... why would Dorsey follow Daboll? When Daboll leaves and Dorsey moves up don't you think coaches have already discussed where they stand with Dorsey and the organization as a whole? A succession plan is already in place. The only guys leaving
  5. This is more Brandon Beane’s philosophy on the salary cap then it is the Pegulas not having money. Maybe you’re right and it’s because they’re cash poor… but I doubt it.
  6. I think Wentz’s collapse is overblown and a product of a poor environment. Reich has show himself to be a steadying hand. Wentz is far more dynamic than Rivers is and in my opinion that was the element they were lacking against us last year. I don’t think the gap between Wentz, Mayfield and Jackson is all that big.
  7. The Colts are the 3rd best team in the conference and get zero love. I guess because Wentz is a question mark… but they’re one of the best run organizations in sports right now.
  8. I don’t see this happening. Wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense in my eyes… Hughes has been a consistently good player for us and likely won’t carry much value in a deal with Minnesota. Epenesa is cheap, controlled and has upside…perfect for a rotation. There’s also Josh’s contract to think about. Don’t get me wrong… I love the idea of Hunter… but this isn’t a move I see us making.
  9. Josh Allen’s shorts. He looks good in them. I want to buy the pornographic email that Doug Whaley sent to the entire Steelers organization as a NFT. Kind of Bills related?
  10. This is news to me… lots of folks on here keeps telling me the sky is falling and our window is closing.
  11. I’m going to double dip a bit here.. McDermott specifically had dinner with Bruce and Jim among others when he was first hired… Proving how detail-oriented he is, McDermott even asked if he could take notes on his phone during the meeting. Tasker said the purpose of the meeting was to help him understand “why our team was different, and still is.” Weird… https://www.google.com/amp/s/buffalowdown.com/2017/04/06/buffalo-bills-sean-mcdermott-legends/amp/
  12. This train of thought is exactly why my generation sucks. Think we know it all and laugh off the experience of those who came before us - it is idiotic. You don't have to see eye to eye with everything they said, did or suggest to do now... but there's always some knowledge to be gained from someone. Even if 99.9% of what they say is eyewash... you can use the other 0.1%. Great quote one of my coworkers (who is much older than me) shared with me a few weeks back "There are no friends or enemies, only teachers." You're hurting yourself if you're not trying to learn from
  13. Funny because they’re basically the same team too
  14. Do you mean that Diggs and Beasley compliment each other well or that they’re good complimentary pieces to another WR in an offense? Because if you’re telling me the WR who lead the NFL in catches and yards in the #2 ranked offense in the game is just a “complimentary piece” I’m going to have some questions….
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