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  1. Gosh, some of these posts drive me insane. The reason you extend McDermott is because it shows faith in the program and the people here. It creates stability and in no way complacency... because until you win it all... you’re fighting every day to do so. That allows McDermott to work knowing he’s got the faith of his bosses. Imagine know your boss truly believed in you... you’d be so much more productive on a day to day basis. It’s scientifically proven. As for his past decision, yeah there have been some bad ones. But nobody knows the inner workings behind them. He made the decision and he’s learned from all of the bad ones in some way shape or form. Heck, he’s screwed up big time and gotten the team to remain resilient despite his mistakes. The believe in him and they love him. That means more than using a timeout at the right time... the belief and love translates during practice, games, team activities on every play and every minute. That’s what makes the guy special... he has a growth mindset. I knew he was special and the team was special when Josh + some of the guys and their wives were out and realized it was McDermott’s birthday. They stopped their dinner and sent him a video. There is a genuine love for each other. I don’t think folks realize the importance of feeling like a person in a professional sports organization... especially as a player. They are always looking over their shoulder... to know they’re loved is the most important thing you can provide them. We have one of the best coaches in the league and he wants to be in Buffalo. He is Buffalo. Enjoy it please, before you’re looking back in 20 years wishing we could capture the same aura.
  2. Cool! nice insurance policy if Feliciano has any setbacks, someone gets ill, etc. Worst case we flip him for a pick because teams are going to be hurting for depth. This is the advantage of having probably the deepest roster in the league. No superstars, but depth everywhere.
  3. Just think it’s a cool quote... it’s not marketing stuff when fans create it themselves. If I asked the Buffalo Bills to make a shirt and do a whole campaign around “Business Decisions” that would be a different story.
  4. This probably doesn’t need its own thread BUT things are slow around here... so why not? I think a Zack Moss “Business Decisions” shirt would be amazing. I’d love to see if some savvy graphic designers could put something together. For those that don’t know the backstory on this, here is the quote... "I finish all my runs in a fashion so that the next time they do try to make a tackle, it's a business decision," Moss said
  5. Von Miller also has asthma... so I’d bet that was in a factor in it take 17 days for him to get back into the swing of things. Everyone is going to be different. I’ve heard from people in the NFL Offices that the season is going to go on and they will have fans in states that allow it.
  6. Joe, I wouldn’t call you out for evaluating mainly on stats, only to be basing my argument on a statistic. That’s just dumb.
  7. We could turn this into a debate on ability too... if you’re judging a guy off of 1 season you’re definitely jumping to conclusions. You’re also definitely basing things off of stats... because if you watch his technique and noticed how disruptive he was... you wouldn’t be making this comment.
  8. Results from Major League Baseball's participation in a nationwide COVID-19 antibody study were made available Sunday. Per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, the study of 5,603 MLB employees returned 39 positive results (0.7 percent). MLB Network's Jon Heyman noted none of the people who tested positive have died from the virus and it's the largest national antibody study to date. The 400+ people I reference at the facility includes all staff... I would know... I was at those facilities.
  9. There’s been little to no spread amongst players in Major League Baseball, outside of the reported cases. You had over 400 people packed into facilities and locker rooms during Spring Training. Living in the same hotels... there was no spread. No players with symptoms. Professional wrestling is going on... they’re swearing and bleeding all over each other... nobody has contracted it. No wrestlers with symptoms. The number of professional athletes who have contracted COVID is tiny. If someone gets it, you remove them. Here is the definition of quarantine... a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed. It’s people who have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease... not all people... what we’ve been doing isn’t quarantine.
  10. Not how I handle mine either... but that’s what I see every time I’m out. Cloth masks aren’t doing a thing... the second it gets moist from your breath you’re going to be susceptible to spreading germs. Because the masks exists to stop the spread of germs, it doesn’t actually protect you from anything. It’s just an immediate shield from coughing and sneezing... but if a person is considerate, they’d cover their mouth/nose normally. Have you been through a checkout line? The person in front of you touches the pin-pad... I bet you also touch the pin-pad, and it goes on. It’s not being wiped down every time. You don’t think someone has picked an item up and decided they don’t want/need it and put it back only for someone else to pick it up? I’ve yet to see employees running out to sanitize an item that was touched/replace it on the shelf.
  11. If I can go to the grocery store and touch things that everyone else touches, put items back on the shelf, touch the key pad at check out and then it doesn't get wiped down, breathe into a mask that gets moist and that doesn't put people at risk... I can go to a football game if I want.
  12. I would disagree that Beane didn’t emerge as a strategist until the end of 2018. He didn’t just randomly become one overnight... he’s always been one. When he got to Buffalo he began to make immediate strides towards the plan that we seeing come to fruition today.
  13. You’re 100% right. That’s why if you’re the best at your craft, like a Bill Belicheck, you start to see when things are going to zig and you zag. Sports are cyclical, people think it’s a pattern of upward growth. Instead you go through the phases of rebuilding, competing and declining. Being able to stretch out that competing cycle by reinventing yourself is how you stay on top.
  14. Saw that Kuechly doesn’t want to completely leave football behind and he’s specifically interested in coaching. I’m going to do everyone’s favorite thing and make the McDermott - Carolina connection. Bob Babich is a great coach but bringing Kuechly in as an assistant could help Tremaine take another huge leap this year. This would be really cool to see. EDIT: https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/01/luke-kuechly-eyeing-coachingconsulting-gig
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