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  1. My sister made me a shirt with the design on the left for Christmas. I’ve worn it every game since the Patriots MNF game. It has not be washed since then. I also wear my red Bills 47’ brand hat with a white standing Buffalo, gray lulu lemon sweatpants and a long overcoat that belonged to my grandfather. I will be wearing this outfit for the rest of my life.
  2. Definitely not the best thing, but Kliff Kingsbury was fired from being a college HC and only got interest as an OC in CFB. Then all of a sudden AZ was hot on his trail. It only takes one!
  3. Excellent point. I remember Y1 he was kind of a deer in the headlights in the sense that it seemed like the kid was having any success he was having based on sheer talent alone. They were working on the mental aspects, but he was succeeding with his physical skills. Then last year week 1 he came out and just seemed so much more confident in the Jets game. He was taking his time diagnosing plays, changing protection, audibling. He looked like he was in command. He had his ups and downs, but it was an early taste of what we see this year. All I know is he’s way further ahead
  4. Daboll has consistently put Josh in a position to succeed, that is why. Part of his plan from the get go was to throw him to the wolves. Instead of a training wheels offense like Lamar plays in, a crap show like Darnold or a run first offense to protect him like Mayfield. Josh has been operating a VERY complex system since day 1. It wasn’t about cutting corners, it was about getting a raw/inexperienced QB up to speed so he can perform at a high level 10-15 years down the line and not just perform in years 1-2. In terms of Palmer, you just may not understand how that all works. Yes, P
  5. @Penfield45 I am still looking for some clarification as to why the Ravens are better and more dynamic running the ball this year?
  6. Panthers hired Scott Fitterer from Seattle. 5/7 GM spots are now accounted for. ATL - Fontenot (Supposedly done, can’t be made official until Saints eliminated from playoffs) CAR - Fitterer DEN - Paton DET - Holmes HOU - Caserio Unaccounted for... JAX WSH Neither organization has requested to interview members of our front office, although that can change. I don’t think JAX poaches anyone from us, and despite the Carolina connection with Rivera in WSH they don’t seem interested in any
  7. Did we watch the same video? Maybe I missed it, but Cosell doesn’t even say that in there? It was a 2 minute segment on Bills/Ravens. He spent the first 30 seconds talking about how these two teams played last year and Buffalo did a really good job, but they played out of their base defense (that was one of the only times we played extensively out of our base defense, we play Nickel a lot under McDermott), and this year they play in Nickel 90% of the time with Taron Johnson assuming LB responsibilities (and he says Johnson is VERY good at it). Then he says very briefly th
  8. There were 7 GM openings going into this off-season. 3 have now been filled. DET - Holmes HOU - Caserio DEN- Paton ATL- Looks like Rick Smith it Fontenot CAR- Has 4 finalists JAX- Ray Farmer is the rumor? WSH - Team without a strong connection yet. Seems more and more likely we keep the band together in the front office. HC wise there are 7 openings as well. JAX is the first shoe to drop. It looks like Daboll will either go to LAC or stay... would be huge if we could stick around and win a
  9. I have no idea the discussion’s Daboll has had with McDermott/The Bills but it wouldn’t shock me if there was an agreement in place for Daboll to leave certain staff members alone if he takes a HC job elsewhere this off-season. I’ve seen it happen before where they agree on certain names or agree that if they leave nobody is touched. I don’t think we get gutted, and if we do lose some staff members it’s going to be lower level guys. We have to remember Daboll has connections all across the league, most of his offensive staff here was already in place when he got here, they’
  10. Actually this is what you’re supposed to do. They were down 24 - 16 after the touchdown. He was going to kick the XP but after the penalty he decided to go for it. If they convert the 2 pt conversion it makes it a 2 FG game. If they don’t convert, the probability is very high that they convert the two point conversion the next time they score. In one scenario you don’t have to score a TD to tie it. In the scenario you kick the XP or don’t convert the 2 pt play you have to score a TD. It was absolutely the right call analytically. https://www
  11. I totally get where you’re coming from and I used to think it was quite a bit of BS. Although my mind was changed about 2 year’s ago, I work with pro athletes, albeit in a different sport. I actually picked this up in talking to coaches, generally they’re former players and they talk about how they went on strike for better pay and treatment, it was for future generations, etc. they try and pass that on to players who play today. The NFLPA is going to do the same thing because it’s lead by former players and it’s for players. Coaches, agents and advisors are going to impart that same
  12. I agree with you on Josh, but there’s usually a feeling that players have to get paid for other players and for future generations of players. If you can get a big deal, you take a big deal because it helps guys out later. I’m sure the NFLPA and his peers wouldn’t look too kindly at a star like Josh taking a below market deal, because there won’t be context in future negotiation and teams will just say “we’re not paying you significantly more than Allen.” Because Josh didn’t take the most he could get it lowers the bar for others.
  13. I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops for months. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that Baker can’t win on his own. I looked a few weeks back and the Browns are something like 1-15 when Baker throws more than 35 times. Less than 35 times and they’re around .500. He doesn’t win you games on his own. I think Cleveland gives Baker a bridge deal like Watson got, there was a lot of talk that they might move on from him, but I don’t think they can do that now. He will get something like 4/160. The Ravens are committed to Lamar, he’s going to get a huge deal, probabl
  14. It's simple. McDermott read all the people on this message board saying he didn't know opposing player's names. Seeing the McDermott has a growth mindset, he's now going to list EVERY name possible when he has a chance - even his own players. This is because he heard us here and wanted to be sure to make the proper adjustment!
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