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  1. You’re an importer/exporter right? Probably time for you to export your bad takes elsewhere…
  2. They’ve played well since beating us, but it’s not like they’ve been firing in all cylinders. OT to beat the Malik Willis lead Titans? 3 point win against the Chargers who spit up all over themselves every week? 10 point game in Q4 against the Bryce Perkins lead Rams with Van Jefferson and Tutu Atwell as their leading WR? The 49ers game was a nice win, otherwise they’re finding ways to win games, but let’s not act like they’re lighting the world on fire.
  3. He also fumbled a punt return last week agains the Rams and they took him out and put Justin Watson back there to return punts.
  4. Not quite sure what you mean by this? Care to explain in more detail.
  5. It would be really cool to sit back and analyze the lives and motivations of people who post on this message board as much as they do the players. It would be absolutely fascinating.
  6. Good post from Greg. Most people were saying they wanted Davis to emerge as a WR2… but they didn’t actually know what that meant and were expecting WR1 production, but just less production than Diggs which would make him our WR2. It doesn’t excuse the drops and miscues… they’re annoying… but he’s still been producing. That’s all.
  7. Yeah, I’m over it too. Mostly because we have a large group of fans on this message board that keep behaving as if we acquired Barry Sanders in his prime and are misusing him.
  8. You also can't overvalue them and blow them out of proportion... but you do...
  9. 2.5 years of a high level play with 3 games of poor play isn’t nearly enough to claim “regression” it’s more people overreacting/hyperbole. My point was… what has Josh done his entire life that makes you think he won’t adjust? He typically adapts… it might not happen as soon as you’d like it… but he’s shown an unbelievable ability to adapt.
  10. I know this is from a little further in the past now… but what about Josh’s 26 years on earth makes you think he won’t adapt at some point?
  11. We traded for Nyheim Hines and Dean Marlowe. Claimed AJ Klein off of waivers. Signed John Brown to the practice squad. We have OBJ in for a visit. We’re literally doing the exact same things as KC… adding depth where we can find it. Give it a rest.
  12. The holder gets up and throws an incomplete pass? Then the clock stops… it takes less than 7 seconds.
  13. I mean I guess I’ll add to this… time wasn’t the issue. They got down to the Detroit 20 with 20 seconds left and 2 timeouts and then went incomplete, incomplete and sack. They had plenty of time and the 2 timeouts allowed them to do whatever they wanted. Burning a timeout at 1:52 isn’t making a difference in that sequence… they didn’t run out of time lol
  14. I don’t really feel like going through everything else right now, but they didn’t panic. It was 1st and 10. They called a timeout with 7 seconds left to give them another chance at a FG if there was a botched snap or anything of that nature. Actually a smart football move that you didn’t recognize. If someone like say, Sean McVay did this, people would be licking his wee-wee.
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