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  1. What do you mean, an African or a European swallow?
  2. That will largely be the determinant as to how good we are this season. 🤞
  3. Lighten up a little, I was just kidding, ... sort of.
  4. No, you still missed it, the basis anyway. No need to discuss further however. I'm very open to the notion that it didn't mean as much as it may seem, but there is a difference, as pointed out, between us and the others.
  5. No, as usual, you leapfrogged the primary point. No worries, I'm used to it.
  6. Interesting comment. So I did some minor research. KC: Yes, in their worst season in 6 seasons. The year prior not the case. '21, the opposite. '20 not the case. Bal: To three above-average rushing teams. 3 of our 4 were against well below-average rushing teams. Neither team narrowly missed making the playoffs either and were not in the same situations, losing games to notably inferior teams more often than not. The difference must be coaching.
  7. That's a lot of QBs tho. You should also have some competency at the position presumably.
  8. Well, OK, but the 4 games in which we allowed the most rushing yards, we lost. All games that we lost by less than a TD. The 6th most was the Giants, which we nearly lost. The 7th which we also lost. If you don't think that significant, so be it. 🙂
  9. Well, let's hope that our 15th yardage and 28th ranked yards-per-carry against defense improves in that category. In the playoffs we allowed 252 rushing yards on 5.4 yards-per-carry in two games. We've neglected the run-D part of our defense that past couple of seasons in favor of smaller LBs that excel in defending the pass. Which is odd since McD's philosophy is that you need a good rushing game to win it all in setting his expectations for our offense, but defensively he obviously operates contrarily. The four games in which we allowed the most rushing yards, and in 5 of the 7 most, were losses. Three of those losses were against non-playoff teams.
  10. He's got the postseason down, now he's working on the preseason. How is Nathan Peterman still in the league?
  11. Come on now, that's not the proper TSW spirit. More emotion.
  12. Did you get a rock? As to THREE and FOUR, see my post to Thurm above. On FIVE, thanks! IMO this is the season that McD's methodologies are exposed as being both dysfunctional as well a ill-fitted to an offense led by Allen. Well, other teams with lesser talent played better than we did offensively in the playoffs almost as a rule. It was our rushing D that did us in v. KC. Everyone lauds McD's Williams & Bernard, but our rush D predictably diminished and went from 5th to 15th in YPG allowed from '22 to '23, and from 14th to 28th in YPC allowed from '22 to '23. What's telling about that is that McD preaches balance in offense as if it's 1990, claiming that's how you win games (with the strongest armed QB in the league), while setting up his D to defend the run. At some point thinking like that can only be exposed. Your point on Spagnuolo appears to be at least somewhat trying to defer McD's incompetence off onto an embellishment of Spags. In his 16 playoff games with KC, his defenses have allowed 24+ points in half of them and over 30 in four of them. His average PA is 23 PPG, which is far from great, it's well below average on a season. In the playoffs it's in the average range. The average score of all teams in last season's playoffs was 24.7, but that doesn't include accounting for defensive of STs TDs, so it's somewhat lower than that after those are removed. Spags is good, but he's not so good that he should be shutting down Allen like he shuts down Jackson or Tagavailoa. The whole Diggs thing is and continues to be poor planning. They fully knew that there were issues last season but outright lied to us about them. It doesn't matter why, they did. You say that Diggs and Brady were not a fit, indeed, they were not. But neither are Allen & McD. That's about as poor a fit as can exist. McD controls Brady. It's impossible to separate Brady and McD. For anyone denying this or even on the bubble re: it, that'll clear up this season.
  13. Thanks for the post! But let's keep this on point. That's fine, but it does not mitigate the fact that no one stepped up. It was a prime opportunity for someone to have done so. And the greater point, this is standard on McD's playoff teams for all and whatever that implies. On a side note, we barely beat KC during the regular season, a win that had it been a loss would have resulted in us missing the playoffs, with KC having Pacheco out. So while it has nothing to do with this particular game, the injury argument is a double-edged sword. Similarly, we barely beat the Chargers who were missing Herbert and Allen, the only two offensive players worth a crap on their offense. ... again, off-topic. The point is that if we're going to start explaining our losses away due to injuries, then we also in the same broad-brush way, need to explain some of our eked-out wins away in the same vein. I'm not sure we want to do that, particularly last season where a STs TD let us beat Miami, Herbert/Allen out let us beat the Chargers, a D TD handed us our win v. NE, and no doubt another one or two. Thank you! That's the primary point here. I say that it had a whole lot more than something to do, quite a lot to do in fact, with McD's inane complimentary football approach that insists that passing (with Allen as your QB that is) and rushing (with no RB of any significant consequence until further notice) needs to be balanced. 39 passing plays, 39 rushing plays That's not a coincidence. Allen was hardly perfect, either in that game or under Brady where on average he posted only better passing numbers than he did in 2019, and regarding the averages, only marginally so. Again, it's a huge season for the McDermott Way. But again, absolutely no one stepped up otherwise to propel us to a win. Very solid is one thing, doing more than merely contributing while not even hitting average performance for a starting player or as the top players for that game is hardly doing something to propel the team to a win. After reading New Era's post after yours, I decided to take a look at every playoff game for comps. In 12 other games and therefore 24 other team performances, only twice did a team not put up the combined receiving yards that our two leading receivers in our game referenced here, with one being Jackson on Baltimore, who's awful in the playoffs. otherwise, only 7 of 24 other teams failed to put up a receiver that got equal to or more than Shakir and Kincaid combined here. That means 17 of 24 teams played notably better in that regard, even against KC, including Miami; and even the playoff dysfunctional Jackson played better vs. KC than Allen did with Flowers posting more than Shakir/Kincaid combined, with 115. In a few cases teams had multiple players that did that and in one case Dallas had three, all over 100 yards receiving. New Era mentions that McCaffrey "only" had 22 carries for 80 yards against KC in the Super Bowl, which granted, isn't impressive. But he also went 8 for 8 in receptions and posted 160 yards from scrimmage and 5.3 yards-per-touch. Our leading YFS player in this game was Cook with 82 yards, on 3.7 yards-per-touch. Here's the thing, in our two playoff games, we had the second and third lowest net passing yards of all 26 playoff performances, and the our passing performance in vs. the Chiefs was the 3rd fewest total passing yards with the Steelers playoff game having been the 6th fewest passing yards of all 26 performances. Here's the thing, this "balanced approach" is what McD has said he wants. But it's what McD wants, despite having a generational talent at QB with an arm that is arguably the best in NFL history. It's also why under Brady, in all 9 games including the playoff games, Allen's yards-per-game average was what would have ranked 14th on the season, 11th not including the playoffs. This is what McD wants. If he didn't it wouldn't be the case. That's what he instructed Brady to do. Either way, having bottom-dwelling passing production in the playoffs when we have Allen is ridiculous. That absolute worst that it should have been is something well above average.
  14. It's going to be interesting to see how this thread ages. Coleman may be better suited to a career in the stand-up comedy circuit than in the NFL.
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