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  1. Last night was fun. Kim is just basically trouble at this point. She simply can't hold herself back. Lalo remains to be as resourceful as ever. He's a great character.
  2. Totally agree. The boxing scene was ridiculous. That being said, this show has delivered time and again. I never underestimate these writers. It's going to be a hell of a finish.
  3. What is amazing about BCS is, to me, how they have rolled two shows into one. The first 4 seasons were a study in a slow burn character development. How Jimmy changed, his relationship with his brother Chuck, Kim, Mike, Howard and on and on. Now, all the decisions these characters made have them going full throttle into the BB pace and twists we all love. Bad choice road indeed.
  4. Phenomenal episode. Nacho went out his way. The writers absolutely nailed it. Can't wait for next week.
  5. Wow. We really have our priorities messed up.
  6. Gus sure asks a lot of Nacho. If the Salamancas get to him first, he'll have a really bad day lol.
  7. Depends on what the main is. Burger or burrito it's shoe string. Steak, steak fries. Prime rib, garlic mashed.
  8. They're both like 12 year old. Most of Hollywood is but Rock missed the opportunity for an all- time comeback. Think Jada and mouth
  9. Something simple like a big BBQ. Players can make their favorites. Fans as well.
  10. Yes! Great guy and a huge Bills fan. He's missed.
  11. I believe it was WNYsteel
  12. The dear departed David Rhodes hooked my wife up with her current job. She just got a massive raise. We live within our means but this really helps. Thank you for this beautiful space l. RIP David.
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