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  1. Omg, this. Pregame traditionally, was a super comprehensive look at the team, the game, and the league. I had the misfortune of catching it twice last season. Two of the youngsters were talking their FF teams.. It sounded like a college radio station. Does anyone care over at WGR/Bills or do they think this is acceptable?
  2. I already posted about SBXXV. The week before against the Raiders was equally intense. After all the horrible teams, and all the horrible seasons, they finally made it to the SB. I believe it was Van who stated: "It took 25 years to get there, and they did it in championship style." No doubt Van. I remember just aimlessly walking around the concourse of the upper deck at halftime, just reeling in the reality that the Bills would be playing in the SB. The party in the lot after and all over WNY all night, was one not to be believed.
  3. That game still haunts me. TOP, 1 of 8 on 3rd downs, so many missed tackles, the "other 13 seconds." So close.
  4. This is pathetic. Ted could sneeze for 3 periods and sound better than Dunleavy. What an ego on him. He incredibly gets worse season after season. No sense of style and is straight up boring. Long, unnecessary conversations with Ray while the action is going on. And God help you if you're driving because you'll have no idea what's going on. While I'm at it, the whole broadcast has been bad going back to the Empire days. Sad when I have to look on my phone for shot totals during the game. Replays are terrible too.
  5. This. I highly doubt they gave each of the "200" applicants a balanced chance and listen. Someone here called it months ago .They'll fill the EOE requirements and hire Brown. If Chris can tone the manufactured enthusiasm and save it for the appropriate time, he might get better. At least it wasn't Sal. He did my nephew's championship game last year and it was absolutely brutal.
  6. Gone at 71. A great player and truly his own man. Great representative of Deadheads, and a unique broadcaster. Rest easy, big man.
  7. It's both but that's the Springville PD spot. They were there earlier this evening.
  8. Tailgating. Here in the Southtowns, it's almost a sport. I travel on the many country roads out here and people love to ride on your bumper until they can pass. I'm going a bit over the limit. I guess your time is more important than mine. The other day I was driving out of Springville. SPD is notorious for setting up there. It goes from 45 to 55 and they patrol the 45 stretch. Most people know this and wait the two miles to get up to 55. Not the idiot in the pickup behind me. He blows past me going 70 and we approach a blind curve and almost hit head on with a vehicle traveling the other way. Never in my life did I wish they were on patrol that day more. If pickup bro wound up in a ditch, that's on him. But don't take anyone else with you because of your stupidity.
  9. No better seats in the house.
  10. I guess I was right after the fact lol. Truthfully, I thought of this last week. It's an incredibly sexy matchup.
  11. My guess is SF@Buf on SNF. League loves these kind of matchups. Working, so sorry if SF game has already been posted.
  12. Please. Listen to some of his HS football games. You think Chris is bad? Sal is a trainwreck.
  13. Omg. Wouldn't that be fantastic. Doubt he'd leave the Bay. After all these years, I don't think people realize how good he is. He grew up a huge Van fan. He is great.
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