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  1. Who knows why they put that in. Comic relief? Societal commentary? It doesn't matter. That chase is golden and those roads are no chip shot either.
  2. I'm to the left of Bernie. To me he doesn't go far enough. That being said, this is ridiculous. They wanted to cut his salary and they did. Ron threw him under the bus too. How did we get to this place? I weep for the future.
  3. gomper

    wnysteel love

    RIP Dave. Give the Bills some positive energy wherever you are. I know you will.
  4. Well, I disagree. I think both of them are acutely aware of the sports world. I know what you're saying but if you listen past the New York bluster, they know what's up. If you're really into an intelligent show, try Papa and Lund on KNBR. Not only is Papa the best play by play guy in the league, he's a great co-host as well.
  5. WGR take notice. This is how articulate sports talk with intelligence, passion, and not blatant snark and inflated self importance. Funny thing is, the show is 11 hours away and from being broadcast and still better than anything on GR in the morning today. Joe ::"This franchise...." Lol.
  6. Our fellow member is in stage 4. A few years ago being a member on this site, he gave my GF an interview that changed her life for the better. Be at peace Dave.
  7. I honestly don't know where the quality control or management is with this station. The morning show is awful and in the afternoon, Bulldog is as lazy as they come. Fine I guess. They have no competition and they obviously don't care. However, to be on the Bills radio network, and put such a lame effort into it is appalling. I love Greg Papa, so I listen to the 49'ers broadcast online. That pregame is informative , intelligent, and seamless. I can't say the same for GR. Obviously. Where is PSE in all this? How can they allow such a negligent product to represent them? I'd be outraged and demand changes. Maybe they don't know or maybe they don't give a s***. Obviously GR doesn't.
  8. It's like another amateur hour weekend show. I caught it driving last week. GR is so bad now. If this is the future, I weep for all of us.
  9. He was phenomenal in a 1985 movie called Beer. It's on YouTube and totally worth a viewing.
  10. Thank you all for the serious replies. Peroxide bath did help. GF discovered that bowls of vinegar helps suck in the smell. The house smells like a dream lol. Thank God I'm going to the game :). What a fun weekend! Go Bills!
  11. Happened last night. I thought Gumby was having a seizure. The smell is everywhere lol. Any tips on removing this wonderful aroma?
  12. I guess lol. The middle aged insight is something I'll always cherish. You don't know until you know. "Stones fall from my eyes instead of tears."
  13. His lyrics will live forever. He articulated everything I was feeling but couldn't put words to. RIP Robert. Thank you for everything.
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