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  1. This I agree with. I'm just thinking that choking time and again might cajole him into better decisions in the moment down the road. The ironic part, for all his culture building, they may win it inspite of him. Levy's teams couldn't do it, maybe this one will.
  2. His game management is horrible. I know they hired someone last season to help, but that hasn't worked so far. They could have won this game. Hopefully it doesn't bite them like the Jacksonville loss did last. Plenty of blame to go around. It starts at the top. Come January, he has to be better. Unacceptable for a team this talented.
  3. Baldy is a must follow. Continuous great insight all season long.
  4. This is why the RedZone is worth every penny. If last week's games weren't enough reason.
  5. Love him or hate him, he ain't lying here.... Tom Brady addresses absence 😅 https://www.thescore.com/s/22621972
  6. It's ridiculous but expected. That's what you get when you win. I personally don't mind missing some of the 1st quarter against the Jets for a $90 pair. Playoff game I'll bite the bullet and pay.
  7. For us Dead Saul fans. Missed this first watch.
  8. Irony was a main running thread throughout the series. Jimmy starts by manipulating the elderly, and in the end,, an elderly Carol Burnett exposes him. One of a million examples of playing the long game as a writing team.
  9. Plus the scene between the gates at the end. Definitely GF2 call back there. I thought it was terrific. After all his selfishness, he redeemed himself by saving Kim from having her life destroyed, further.
  10. If this is in play, then I have no idea. Really, I'm completely in the dark about tonight. Theories abound but what I'm truly going to miss is the magnificent writing (obviously amongst other things) and constantly being surprised. That's a special talent these days. It's comforting to know that whatever happens, it'll be excellent. Can't say that about many shows, ever. BCS has joined BB, Sopranos, The Wire in the TV HOF. It's been a great ride.
  11. What an extraordinary episode. Poor Kim finally let all the grief out for what she did to Howard and her own life. Gene about to kill Carol Burnett. Wow, just tremendous. One last chapter to go.
  12. I really can't stand him. With his little quick quips and lame pop culture references, he's like that loud annoying drunk at the end of the bar. He's a Bears fan. He did a Bears pre-season game a few years back that was WGR cringe worthy. The kind of bandwagoners I like are the ones who've watched us suffering for years and want the Bills to finally get a ring.
  13. His football pxp work doesn't get enough credit.
  14. I enjoyed it but it being one of the last four seemed misplaced. Would have been better earlier in the season. But, after the last three epics before it, who am I to complain.
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