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  1. I honestly don't know where the quality control or management is with this station. The morning show is awful and in the afternoon, Bulldog is as lazy as they come. Fine I guess. They have no competition and they obviously don't care. However, to be on the Bills radio network, and put such a lame effort into it is appalling. I love Greg Papa, so I listen to the 49'ers broadcast online. That pregame is informative , intelligent, and seamless. I can't say the same for GR. Obviously. Where is PSE in all this? How can they allow such a negligent product to represent them? I'd be outraged and demand changes. Maybe they don't know or maybe they don't give a s***. Obviously GR doesn't.
  2. It's like another amateur hour weekend show. I caught it driving last week. GR is so bad now. If this is the future, I weep for all of us.
  3. He was phenomenal in a 1985 movie called Beer. It's on YouTube and totally worth a viewing.
  4. Thank you all for the serious replies. Peroxide bath did help. GF discovered that bowls of vinegar helps suck in the smell. The house smells like a dream lol. Thank God I'm going to the game :). What a fun weekend! Go Bills!
  5. Happened last night. I thought Gumby was having a seizure. The smell is everywhere lol. Any tips on removing this wonderful aroma?
  6. I guess lol. The middle aged insight is something I'll always cherish. You don't know until you know. "Stones fall from my eyes instead of tears."
  7. His lyrics will live forever. He articulated everything I was feeling but couldn't put words to. RIP Robert. Thank you for everything.
  8. Attention WGR :This is what true sports talk talent sounds like.
  9. Yes. I'm really not sure why she's there at all. Plus, if you're going to take up a segment at least be interesting. She's not.
  10. I took him in the 11th round of our FF draft. A few people rolled their eyes. We'll see who gets the last laugh.
  11. I've dealt with it all. White trash, couples who always fought, and the guy using his front lawn as a storage facility. I'm lucky now. I live in a somewhat hidden neighborhood outside of Colden. Next door neighbor is a salt of the earth type who always has the right tool for whatever work I'm doing around the house. Super chill and his wife is too. Other neighbor is a single guy who keeps to himself. All the people in our court are friendly but mostly keep to themselves. It's nice to know that if anything went really wrong, I have people that will be there for help/advice. Over the years, I had one neighbor that stood out in a lesson of not judging a book by its cover. When my ex and I were first starting out, we lived in an apartment building on route 16 in Holland. 4 units. Upstairs was a trucker who was never home and a single mom who kept to herself. The downstairs back unit was empty for months. One day I came home and found a U-Haul and a few motorcycles in the driveway. Our new neighbor was a member of the Kingsmen or one of those gangs. This will be interesting I thought. Nothing a note for a few weeks, then came a Friday night. My ex and little one were sleeping when the music and the partying got louder and louder. It woke up my ex and she asked me to go and ask them to turn it down. Oh boy. I knock on the door thinking that if got out of hand I would at least get two shots in before getting beaten to a pulp. To my surprise, he apologized and said they'd try to keep it down. They did for about an hour but then it went back up to its previous level. No matter. The ex slept through it and I didn't mind. At least they tried. They turned out to be great neighbors. His old lady loved our little one and would always bring home little gifts for him. He was always up for a beer and I got to know some of his fellow members a bit. Great guys. After about a year my ex and I started to get into our careers and we bought a small house. Right before we moved, I came home one night to find my neighbor and his buddy standing in front of my ex's car with the door open. Another guy was in between him. It turns out the guy was going through my ex's car trying to steal the CD player. This guy was bleeding from the mouth and had the beginnings on a massive shiner. My neighbor caught him in the act and administered some street justice. They told me they just called the cops and to get my shot in now if I liked lol. I told them they did a fine job and it wasn't necessary. The cops knew the kid and hauled him away amidst warnings from us never to return. I bought him a case of his favorite beer as a thank you. It goes to show you don't ever know about people. It was a valuable lesson to learn and one I keep until this day.
  12. Same thing happened when he got a look at the Rams in Foxboro in 2001. After that, I knew the Pats would beat them in the SB.
  13. I often have wondered what SB25 may have been if Parcells and Belichick didn't get such a real time look at the Bills just weeks before they played for the championship.
  14. An interesting guy for sure. Lived life full tilt. RIP.
  15. Grateful Dead - Spring 1990 So Glad You Made It. Silky, focused, inspirational latter day Dead in their last great year. SRV- Austin City Limits. Both the 83 and 89 shows are paired but 89 has the controlled fire all his fans love. Nothing sloppy. Pure heart. Miles Davis--Live Around The World. Not a huge choice of a lot of Miles fans but it is amazing. Otis Redding-Live In Europe. As soulful as it comes. No one ever did it better. Jimi-Band of Gypsys. Vietnam War through his guitar. Very heavy groove.
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