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  1. Rest in Power. Sorry for your loss. Go Bills!
  2. He stood out several times by being able to push his blocker off the line and set the edge. He didn’t seem to show much as a pass rusher, but he seems to have some ability that could be developed. Im not willing to bet the farm on his success, but he seems to have a place in the rotation.
  3. JA can’t do anything about the bad and predictable play calling. That alone would have won the WC game and we all know that. Adding Diggs is a HUGE upgrade over whatever player du jour was on the outside each week. It will also hold guys like Beasley accountable when he doesn’t fight for catchable balls. Execution on 3rd down is a HUGE need. I’d like to see him play with more urgency in those situations, doing whatever needs to be done to keep the offense on the field. That’s something that we all saw guys like Mahomes and Russell Wilson do time and time again all season, and both of them were late season MVP candidates. I would love to see JA take that leap and move into that tier of player. He’s shown he can do it late in the game. If he can do that on 3rd and long in the 2nd qtr, he won’t have to play out of his mind in the 4th.
  4. Im not sure Cam has the accuracy and ability to work the option routes the way that Brady did. That offense is centered around option combinations called at the line. I’m not sure that either Newton or Dalton play that kind of game.
  5. B+ Im never a fan of trading away 1st round picks. I do like Diggs a great deal though. He’s what this offense needs. Hopefully he waits a year before he continues his quibbling for a new deal; and hopefully it’s based off of a career year. My biggest concern is him complaining to Allen or worse, the media, about balls coming his way. That’s what did him in in Minny and I’d hate for their to be any issues in the locker room. All that being said, he’s a great talent, he plays hard every snap, and he fights for every ball. That’s the kind of thing that will endear him to fans and teammates. Go Bills!
  6. The same Ereck Flowers who got benched twice in 2 different positions while on one of the worst offensive lines in the history of the game? Im all for guys getting paid, but this is out of hand.
  7. Correct. He’s not that dumb. It’s click bait journalism at its finest. He writes this, tweets it out, and because it’s so bad, people talk about and circulate the article. The key in all this is that McBeane are not this dumb.
  8. I think he played in a conservative offense for years under Gilbride, which kept his stats low. He is a proven winner and leader. Top 10, he would be close, but certainly not too 5.
  9. He’s one of the best of his era. He has two all time great throws IN a super bowl, including the one that iced the perfect season. He deserves it based on the Tyree play alone.
  10. Unless he grows to master the scheme. Ultimately as a coach, that’s the goal. You want the athlete to master your scheme so that you can think and act as one in game. A good coach knows how to tweak the scheme to make it more accessible. Taking out the option routes, defeats the purpose of this offense, which is disguise. If Daboll stays, my hope is that he learns from his play calling mistakes, and works to provide constant rhythm for Allen. He clearly does better in the passing game when he gets in a rhythm. I know that’s obvious, but many times this season, it didn’t appear that it was to Daboll. This offense could be so deadly with better WR’s, and consistent play calling. It honestly is wonderful to be only complaining about that in the offseason.
  11. I wonder if Beane feel like Daryl Johnson has come along enough the take Lawson’s roll in the rotation. That would certainly free up at least a roster spot for an edge rusher in the draft.
  12. You’re kind of right, but proper technique can overcome his physical limitations. The idea is to chip the rusher, and by an extra second. The RB in situations like that isn’t being asked to contain the rusher and create a lane. They’re the last line of defense before you get over run. Like most rookie RB’s, pass protection is the biggest area to improve from season 1, to 2. I feel he will develop just fine in the offseason, and not be a liability on passing downs come next season.
  13. Id like this move more than Green. I think he fits the scheme a bit better with his ability to move in the middle of the field.
  14. The broadcast camera showed him run to the pile, and reach in. You couldn’t see what he was doing, but like i said, the onfield mics picked up the referee talking with someone saying “face mask 55”.
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