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  1. I try and not use bad language around my kids when we watch (6,5,3) but the word “stupid” and the “GD worst flipping play call ever in this teams stupid history” came out today. i know i know, very tame, however, i wasn’t wrong. That deep fade on 3rd and 3 was the absolute worst. Like throwing when up late against the Cowboys.
  2. You’re a better person than me. I rub it in their faces every chance i get. Some friends are shocked at my delight in the anguish of Jest fans. Tomorrow, I’ll be smiling from ear to ear.
  3. I’d say he’s being used perfectly. For some reason, the Bills don’t have an intermediate passing game. As a compliment that usually opens up the underneath patterns, that Beasley is very good at. Those routes haven’t been productive this season so far, and i think that’s what so many people were hoping for. Beasley is great in short yardage situations, but he’s not an explosive player. He’s sure handed and runs great routes. Defenses aren’t giving away the middle of the field for Beasley to exploit those holes. But, Daboll has seemingly found a place for Beasley in the red zone. That route he ran today was beautiful. Same as last weeks. If they had another outside threat that could draw at least single coverage, this offense could really open up. Scheming around personnel deficiencies doesn’t make for an explosive offense. Until that’s fixed, the passing game will be middle of the road and frustrating.
  4. I can’t wait. I’ve already told my boss i need some private time from 10-10.20am tomorrow. I’ll be smiling all day. CANT WAIT!! I love Joe and Evan. I live on Long Island, and am surrounded by terrible Jest fans. Just awful people really. Tomorrow will be wonderful. After the Patriots demolished them, they were angry, but they had hope for Darnold. Not anymore. GLORIOUS!!!
  5. Ego. Plain and simple. And not in a bad way either. They’re the best ever, together. Without them together, the ENTIRE league changes. Who fills the void? Is there a void? All of it rests on Brady’s shoulders. He seems like the kind of guy who is always looking to improve. No better way than to make even more history.
  6. I had a similar thought. This game reminded me of games past where the Bills would show some potential, and then second half adjustments by Belichick, would turn the game around. I can see a tremendous amount of potential for this team, I’m not sure how they get to the next level. It sounds as if getting chewed out at halftime made a difference. Maybe this team needs an edge player. Someone who fits the process but has that crazy fueled fire inside of them, that gets everyone ready to fight on every series. It’s not to say that they aren’t motivated, but they need something extra.
  7. I forced my son to wear his Bills hoodie, even though he was sweating from wrestling my other two kids. My wife told him “if you take that off and they lose, Daddy will never let you forget it.” She’s right, and he knew it.
  8. No team is designed to play down to its competitors level. That being said, the issues on offense are attributable to a young QB learning how to find that delicate balance between making a play, and making a mistake. Some better weapons wouldn’t be terrible either. The defense is tremendous. And they play full speed for 4 quarters, which takes a huge amount of pressure off of Josh Allen. If Allen continues to produce and grow from week to week, so will his production.
  9. Great write up as always Shaw. This defense is tremendous. They continue to dictate to the opposition what they can and can’t do. Bulk yards on 2 plays, that didn’t amount to anything. I agree with your confidence in the team. It’s foreign to me, and it doesn’t feel right, but it does feel good. I have concerns about the offense in the 3rd quarter. I’m not sure what happens during half time, but week after week the offense comes out flat, and seemingly let’s the opposing team a chance to take control of the game. But have no fear; The Defense is Here! I love this defense. I can’t stop saying it. Thanks again Shaw!
  10. Oh man... that fake tough guy line is great
  11. Losing exclusivity doesn’t mean that it’s a loss of service. If you’re a Direct Tv subscriber, you will still be able to get the ticket, so there would be no reason to quit the service. Unless it isn’t competitively priced with the market, then that’s on Direct TV. AT&T isn’t going to abandon the partnership with the NFL, they’re just going to lose the exclusive deal. This is clearly signaling a change in how it the NFL will be distributing its product after this deal ends. Im sure that this will be a sticking point after this next CBA.
  12. Absolutely agree. Leading men is a difficult and almost impossible task at times. There’s a delicate balance between accountability and holding others accountable. Im genuinely curious which QB’s all time developed that skill set quickest, and how does it translate to championships. I’m not even sure i know who the great leaders have been?
  13. That Lee Smith quote is fantastic. ”you ain’t a me guy when you do good, so don’t be a me guy when you ***** up.” incredible. Anyone that supports the Bills, but doesn’t love Josh Allen is nuts.
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