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  1. Sorry everyone. This one is on me. I wore my old 97 Rock Voice of the Bills Shirt. It’s orange. My some told me not to wear it, but i did anyway. Sorry, I’ll do better next week.
  2. For me, this is the best. I have young kids that have sports all day every weekend. I turn off all notifications on my phone, and then we watch the replay on Game Pass. It’s awesome. And you get All 22 for the games too, which is great.
  3. But as we’ve seen for years and years, someone has to show Lawrence how it’s done, and more importantly, how it’s NOT done. If he is as good as as everyone says, then he should be ready to play an NFL game sooner than later. Throwing him to the wolves is a terrible idea for a kid who has no idea what an NFL pass rush looks like. Let’s not forget that Meyer hasn’t coached an NFL game either. If he really is the guy, then the 4 games he’s going to spend on the bench will be the best learning experience of his career.
  4. I loved Chan Gailey, and his offense; and the Goon Squad led by Stevie Johnson. I really thought they were going to put it all together. Then Donald Jones got flattened by Vince Wilfork, Stevie didn’t train in the off-season, and Fitz was, well, Fitz. I stand by my hatred of George Edwards, and his “hybrid thang” defense.
  5. Fred Jackson deserves it because he was the best player on terrible teams; who’s previous best player was the punter. He held the team together for a long time. Same with Kyle Williams. Hughes is a good player, who got a nice second chance with the Bills, but he’s never been a real consistent game changer. Fan favorite for sure, but he’s never been the best player on this team, let alone the defensive unit.
  6. Not before Fred or Kyle... probably not after then either.
  7. I think if the modern day version of either of those ALL TIME GREATS were available to the Bills, I’m pretty sure McBeane would do everything in their power to sign them.... including having Edmunds pick them up at the airport. On the off chance that neither of them are available, then yes, Edmunds will do. Both he and the defense played better once his shoulder was healed. It’s hard to play full speed downhill and thump people, when your shoulder is busted up.
  8. You can watch ANY highlight clip, and see that Rousseau is an actual football player. Maybin was a clown, dressed as a football player.
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