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  1. I told my son today that this feels like a dream. I love it so much, but i can’t help... feelings...
  2. I mean, that’s a little extreme. This same defense without Snacks Harrison, held a top 5 offense to 3 points in the first half. That’s not a weakness. Tackling was a major issue today. Ed Oliver got pushed around all day, and there were several issues of miscommunication in the secondary. Those kinds of things can be fixed in practice this week, and going forward. It’s only the 3rd game of limited offseason and no preseason. Those things matter, and it’s obvious now.
  3. It’s hard to not get tossed around by Aaron Donald. That dude is the best for a reason.
  4. Anyone else having trouble with the live stream radio feed on Game Pass? Is there a trouble shooting hack I’m missing? This is one of the worst products I’ve ever purchased.
  5. Moss and Singletary have had 6 carries. That’s not nearly enough to want “better”. They absolutely need to start running the ball more with the RB’s. This drive is a great example. Flat again out of the locker room, that’s not a good sign.
  6. It’s great to see a modern NFL offense being run finally.
  7. Amazing!!!! I literally looked up “best buffalo wings in Binghamton” and the second option was KFC. You sir, have turned this frown, upside down.
  8. I’ll be in a hotel room in Binghamton for work. I’m not thrilled and neither are my kids.
  9. Is Gamepass worth it? My friend who I split the ticket with, got rid of DTV. So now I’m left with no way to watch live games. My son is panicking, and I don’t want to go the reddit route. Any suggestions?
  10. In fairness, CJ Mosley played tough. He was their entire defense, and it showed when he went out. The Jets are garbage. There is no way around it.
  11. True. But this is also the Jets. A garbage team, full of garbage players and coaches. Hearing anything regarding their suffering, should bring joy and elation.
  12. I think you are wrong on this. Players have the ability to opt out of the season. No one is forcing them. No fans are outside their homes, demanding that they sacrifice themselves before the people. There’s not one person in this country, that isn’t aware of the virus, and your characterization of people wanting football as some kind of backwards thinking redneck, is exactly the kind of mindset, that has allowed us to be pitted against each other during this time. As a fellow Bills fan, I want a season. I want something that resembles normal in my life. That doesn’t make me a bad person. It doesn’t make me a bad fan, and it doesn’t mean that I value human life, more or less than someone else. There is no right way out of this, but building community and strengthening bonds, can go a long way to help. Sports plays a huge part in equalizing people from different sides of issues and life. I think the absence of that, has made this past 4 months more difficult; and the continued absence will make the coming months worse.
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