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  1. He made millions in the NFL, good for him. My son just started playing this year, and it’s an awesome sport I had zero interest in besides those Bandits games from the 90’s with the Gait(sp?) Brothers.
  2. This is a great point. This is also one of those lessons that can only be learned on the field. And you either adjust to it, or you don’t. There isn’t enough veteran depth with playoff experience to share and let the guys know what to expect. Seeing Diggs on the field after the game, shows he gets it.
  3. This is so good. I love that there’s a National Voice for this team, that has the same passion for them as the rest of us.
  4. The shot would make it feel like his toe was numb. I would imagine that he won’t notice it one bit, considering the weather and the stakes of the game. Turf toe is painful. It sounds wimpy, but it’s a bad one.
  5. Wont they just start a total rebuild? Eat all the dead cap space they can, surround Winston with garbage, and tank next season? That’s the new model for successful teams.
  6. I don’t think it’s spoiled, as much as the game is different now than the one these guys changed 15 years ago. It’s crazy to think that either one of these guys could play the game at the pace that Mahomes, Rodgers and Allen are playing right now. The offenses they run aren’t even close to the ones that the Chiefs, Packers, and Bills are running. Power run left? When was the last time we saw any kind of power run formation from the Bills. Brees and Brady are legends because they were the QB’s that were the Vanguards of the new Era. But they don’t have the athleticism to run
  7. I can’t stand Drew Brees. I can’t stand Tom Brady. I think I would rather watch Rodgers pound on Brady though.
  8. That AJ Klein neutral zone infraction stands out to me as the play that turned it all around. They were hyped up, getting run on, no is focused. Then that flag. The momentum shifted a bit in favor of the Ravens, and it seemed like this was it. Something clicked. You could tell that they started communicating better, and the defense took over. That’s the players coaching themselves on the field. I’ve seen that happen with my boys on the field, where even for a play or two, they get that it’s on them, and I think I love that the most about this defense, and this team.
  9. Again, great coaching and preparation from this staff. They keep getting it right.
  10. I want to say Yes, but that’s some hallowed ground. His value often goes unrecognized on stat sheets, but without him this defense would be lost.
  11. Aggressive! It was awesome to see the coaching staff have confidence to let them get after Jackson. Everything turned around after that AJ Klein Offside. Which is great to see. That’s a well coached team that took the field today, and it showed.
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