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  1. That's exactly what I do too. It helps me sleep and it can make for some strange dreams at times.
  2. Get two in a month in 97. None since. Lesson learned. Strangest ticket: Facing the wrong way parked on the right side of the street. Christmas morning at 2:25 am no less. I stopped at a buddies on the Eastside for some Xmas drinks. With all the snow and the direction I was coming from it was easier to park that way. I stayed the night and in the morning found the ticket. The woman at City Hall looked at and said " In my 23 years. I've never seen this." I told her I was sorry someone had to work Christmas, but c'mon. To my surprise, she dismissed it.
  3. Thanks so much for what you do for the site. All the best!!!
  4. If you can get the games on your phone and have a Samsung phone and TV, you can use the SmartView function in the 2nd page of the toolbar. Works great. Good luck !
  5. I think I understand what you're getting it. First, you may simply just acquired a higher tolerance over the years. It effects everyone differently. With steady drinking, sometimes you can fall over the edge into sloppiness out of nowhere. Depends on so many variables. I will say that if your friends behavior when they're pounding drinks bothers you, then you may have evolved passed that. I know one guy who turns into an emotional 15 year old when he gets a buzz on. "Whooaz" this and "B*tches" that. He's 49 too. Has patio furniture as well lol. Don't overthink it. Change your scene if you feel the need or simply adjust as you go. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Cheers!
  6. 3/19/90. Hartford. Foolish Heart is off the charts good.
  7. Over medium with Rye toast. Simple. Classic.
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