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  1. Most dominate decade of sports athletes

    The 90s would have my vote for sure, but that also comes with some bias because that was the era I grew up in.
  2. i would be ok with trading back the 22nd pick but if we can get Roquan Smith I think they need to grab him..and I also think that has gotta be their plan B right now knowing McDermott's defensive background.
  3. Draft Plans and Food Ideas

    Going to the Bills draft party at the field house for the first time this year. Traditionally the draft has usually been a night out at the bar with the boys.
  4. While I agree we need to build the offensive line I would be disappointed if we stayed at 12 and 22 and used both picks for the offensive line. If we are not spending picks to trade up then we can use some later round picks to bring in solid lineman. At 12 we should really be hoping to get our hands on a difference maker like Roquan Smith. Then I would go after best available defensive tackle at 22.
  5. My personal thoughts are they are going to do everything they possibly can to get in a position where they can draft a QB that they value enough to pull the trigger...IF they can. From everything I am following/listening to league wide I think there are still some legitimate doubts NYG would be willing to part with the 2nd pick, and the cost of trading up in general at any spot might just cost too much. I think if Beane can't get the right offer for the right price, they could go to a plan B where they stay at 12 and go after Edmunds or Smith. Just my opinion from everything I have been listening to from both the Bills and what is going on league wide.
  6. If no QB and Roquan Smith is off the board, I would be ok with Tremaine Edmunds as well
  7. If there is no way Beane can pull off a move to get us in a position to draft a Quarterback in Round 1, then what do you want to see us target in Round 1 next? I think if we can land Roquan Smith it would be a very good consolation prize to not bringing in a marquee QB. I'm sure McDermott would love to get his hands on a stub LB that can be the quarterback of the defense for years to come. If we don't get either QB or Smith then I will feel kind of disappointed.
  8. I'm sure the Rams will be interested...because well they are interested in anybody and everybody this offseason.
  9. Bills coming to GB this fall

    How much do you think tickets will cost approximately? I know GB tickets can be some of the hardest to get your hands on.
  10. #KellyTough

    That's an awesome story! I honestly think that a big reason I was such a huge fan of those Super Bowl Bills teams was not only how fun they were to watch on the field but how much fun all of those guys were off the field from all of the stories I have heard over the years. Larger than life personalities that you just don't see anymore in today's NFL
  11. #KellyTough

    Any cool, fun first hand stories you can share? His post game parties were legendary!
  12. Sammy Watkins is a lunatic

    Zay Jones, Richie Incognito, Sammy Watkins all walk into a bar...
  13. Have You Ever Gotten Into A Fight Defending The Bills?

    This thread has been filled with all sorts of entertainment ...Thank You!
  14. Sabres & NHL 2017-18 - Draft Lottery on April 28th

    Oh I could definitely see a deli in Buffalo turning that into a sandwich!
  15. Sabres & NHL 2017-18 - Draft Lottery on April 28th

    Hopefully that isn't the only Rasmus that will be joining the organization next year