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  1. He looks like the second coming of Troy Polamalu. He's gotta be a legitimate candidate for DPOY right now.
  2. Sadly I think there's some truth in that
  3. I've been to the Pinto tailgate many times but have yet to try Pete's Pizza...one of these days.
  4. He was one of us. He is right up there with any of them as far as guys who played for the Bills that represented the persona of WNY. Was an extremely sad day when he passed, can't believe it's been 8 years already.
  5. Watching at home. Bringing out the deep fryer for Wings, Fries, and Pizza Logs/Banana Pepper Logs
  6. We are one stud pass rusher away from being an Elite defense but boy we are getting close!
  7. Sabres Baby Sabres! Once the hockey game is over I will flip over to the football game. I have a buddy who is a Rams fan so I will be rooting for the Seahawks of course
  8. This is a pretty cool listen and gives a glimpse of the mutual respect between Bills fans and El Pres. Really cool that the Pinto crew backed him up instead of pleasing ESPN
  9. He does love Bills Mafia though! The Pizza Pete review is getting a ton of positive feedback all over the Social Media sites. Really great to see
  10. It's not just you. I'm not a regular in the Hammer lot but I try to stop by a few times a season for some bowling ball shots and to catch the Ketchup and Mustard thing once in awhile. But they really dragged on the pre ceremony yesterday and a lot of people in the crowd were getting restless and starting to complain. I agree that I think the Ketchup and Mustard thing is starting to jump the shark. With that said nothing but love and respect for the Pinto Man's tailgate party though.
  11. His catch radius is insane! Would be the perfect weapon for Allen to have
  12. DeAndre Hopkins(It's a shame Watkins didn't work out)
  13. No cell phones, no social media, a different type of fan mentality back then, just different times in general. You will never see crowds like that again in sports unfortunately 😥
  14. Cannot believe nobody is mentioning Milano! He was all over the field today and played like a madman.
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