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  1. BillsPride12

    Reminder: Bills 2017 team highlights tonight

    Agreed. These videos just aren't the same as they used to be. The music they use for these video's suck now. I used to get goosebumps watching these highlight video's in the 90's and not just because of how good the team was but because of how well they were put together.
  2. BillsPride12

    Eric Moulds... What happened to him?

    Damn. I would've liked to read that full article
  3. BillsPride12

    Bills players slam WWE superstar through table!

    This brings back some great memories...I miss everything about that era
  4. I'd say he had about 5 extremely good seasons for the Bills and that was when the Bills were in their prime going to Super Bowls every year. It might be a different story had the Bills won a couple of those Super Bowls but he didn't stay on to have the longevity Bruce, Thurman, and Andre had. Biscuit was a huge component to the Bills success though, so many people forget about the season he had in 1991 when Bruce was injured most of that season and Bennett just wrecked havoc(he won AFC Defensive player of the year that season)
  5. Doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame but definitely should be on the Bills Wall of Fame
  6. BillsPride12

    Any TGIF Fans on ABC Growing Up?

    We had it so damn good!
  7. I have no idea what actually happened over there and what the exact reason he was let go for so I can't really speculate on that. The case wasn't strictly about her either, she was apparently just one of the female employees he was involved with. Go Russ Go!
  8. I have no idea how well known that is but her name kept popping up in rumors when the Russ Brandon story broke. I know it isn't something that is out there in the public so that just added to the hilarity of the phone call.
  9. The only disappointing thing is I would have liked to have heard where he was going with the rest of his point
  10. Between the delivery of Ken the Caller and the way Sal handled it after was just pure comedy....Ken keeping it real
  11. Thank you! I thought they might've removed that part from the audio vault
  12. BillsPride12

    Any TGIF Fans on ABC Growing Up?

    At least for their sake they don't know what they're missing out on
  13. So I was at work today and listening to Sal Cappaccio host the One Bills Live show with my headphones on and he takes the first call and this guy calls in and starts rambling on about how "I thought we were supposed to be bringing in high character people around here" and then brings up Zay Jones and LeSean McCoy but then he goes on and says "Russ Brandon's out there banging Lauren Hall"...Sal immediately dropped the call but I damn near lost it laughing so hard. It might have just been the delivery as it was an older guy and I don't think he did it for shock value and I don't think he realized that's something you can't blurt out on a radio show or the spontaneous nature of it but my co-workers were all wondering what the hell I was laughing at...please tell me somebody else caught this today and had a nice chuckle?
  14. BillsPride12

    Carbonated Beverages

    Waitress: "What'll ya have hun?" Customer: "Coke" Waitress: "What kinda coke?" Customer: "Sprite" As a Western New Yorker that is just weird as all hell to me