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  1. This is a good thing IMO
  2. River Phoenix- Stand By Me Pesci- Casino Mickey Rourke- The Wrestler Morgan Freeman- Shawshank Redemption Matthew Mcconaughey- Dazed and Confused
  3. Ooooo this is a great topic...I'm gonna need some time to think about my list but I will be back in here for sure
  4. This one hits home for me, My grandfather grew up on Jefferson Avenue 😥 That was my true family link to the city of Buffalo
  5. Couldn't have a better statement game than knocking off the defending Super Bowl champs on opening night. I like it!
  6. I've never had any problems buying beer with my Bills Bucks card before
  7. Yeah I was really sad to see Harrison Phillips leave but I've kinda come around on an optimistic feeling Settle might be an upgrade there.
  8. From things I've heard/read about Schobel he was never really the kinda guy that embraced playing in Buffalo. Certainly not the D*** Jack Eichel was but I am not surprised he's never come back around.
  9. I went to the Baltimore game in 2016 and I remember Ubering through the projects at one point and it legitimately felt like driving through the set of The Wire. Crazy for sure
  10. I think this is the year we are bound to have some luck finally with at least a couple of these lineman panning out. I keep seeing stuff from Washington fans that Tim Settle is going to be a great player as well.
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