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  1. If that's all you can take away from those years then that's on you my friend
  2. Exactly. I get that they need to play games from a business standpoint because of the money. But from a fans standpoint, what's the point?
  3. I'm with you 100%. What is the point of winning our first title if we couldn't have a Parade and celebrate it and no home playoff games where fans can attend and enjoy the atmosphere. Very sad situation all the way around. I think there are still a lot of fans in denial at how lame this season is going to turn out either way.
  4. I've been saying from the beginning at the very BEST case scenario we are going to see an ugly football season with a garbage product on the field. That is the absolute best case, but I'm still not convinced there will be a complete season yet either. I am at a point where I think it will at least kick off
  5. I hear ya. I watched a couple re-runs on Netflix myself recently. Keep in mind they only have season 1 on there so that might be part of the Meh factor. I have been watching a lot of old shows on Netflix and Hulu since the Pandemic began and one thing I have really noticed is how bad a lot of shows were in Season 1. I will say for me personally I still enjoyed the episodes of Supermarket Sweep I watched but it might've just been for the Nostalgia more than anything. I loved that early 90's and for me childhood time period.
  6. I eat both, I enjoy both but if I had to pick one my preference would be flats.
  7. Was never a huge gameshow person but I always liked Supermarket Sweep for it's simplicity and well I like food
  8. I am sitting out all together this year. I am not sure how my leagues are going to run though, I think there is still a huge amount of uncertainty from a fantasy football perspective.
  9. Not for the better unfortunately
  10. Watched it last night....pretty good/funny
  11. YeeHaw! Now let's go play some ball
  12. I know exactly what you are talking about. It was an NFL Pro Bowl Skills competition event. Favre and Bledsoe were the Mahomes and Allen of that era as far as firepower. That event also used moving targets though so accuracy came into play as well. It would be cool to see Josh and Mahomes compete in something like that.
  13. I would say that was a great offensive line we had in that era. Whenever I watch highlights from the Super Bowl years now it's not so much Andre, Jim, and Thurman I pay attention to and it has nothing to do with taking anything away from them but I get amazed at watching how dominant our offensive line was. Go back and watch the clips whether it was creating a concrete wall in pass blocking or opening holes big enough you could drive a Plow through for Thurman and Kenny Davis watching the o-line from that era is a thing of beauty. We haven't had a line even close to that since those days.
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