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  1. BillsPride12

    Woodstock 50

    These stories are amazing. Even with all of the bad stuff that happened, I still wish I attended Woodstock in 99 just for the experience in itself.
  2. BillsPride12

    Woodstock 50

    Cool stuff, thanks for sharing. I always enjoy hearing first hand encounters for events like these. I remember watching a lot of the concert on PPV. It was a big deal at the time.
  3. BillsPride12

    Woodstock 50

    I've only met one person in my real life interactions that was at the original Woodstock, a former co-worker of mine. She even brought in her ticket stub and some other souvenir things one day. It was pretty cool hearing some first hand accounts of what it was like being there. Ironically I don't know anybody in real life that attended Woodstock in 99 even though that was pretty much my generation. Any board members attend Woodstock 99?
  4. BillsPride12

    Beane was pi##ed off about Buffalo comments

    I didn't even realize those two had a show...really shows how relevant they are nowadays
  5. BillsPride12

    This just occurred to me....no Panthers free agents to us?

    Go figure the one time I actually wanted us to go after a Carolina Panther
  6. BillsPride12

    Mitch Morse talks a bit on why he chose Buffalo

    He didn't sign here because Buffalo is a blue-collar, hard working town and that is his kind of town???
  7. BillsPride12

    Matt Milano update

    Milano is one of our best value picks in years! Can't wait to see him back on the field this season.
  8. BillsPride12

    Is this the most active Bills free agency period ever?

    Fletcher was signed in a previous offseason to the one where we got Spikes and Adams but we also got Lawyer Milloy that year too
  9. BillsPride12

    Our thoughts on Jim Kelly when he fled for the USFL

    Haha fair point!
  10. BillsPride12

    Our thoughts on Jim Kelly when he fled for the USFL

    Interesting tidbit, where did you hear about this? I'm not doubting it, just curious because I've never heard about that before.
  11. BillsPride12

    Jordan poyer & AB spat?

  12. BillsPride12

    Jordan poyer & AB spat?

    That actually does make a lot of sense now. I just can't see how Beane would bring in AB here if it were true. That tidbit had been bugging me all day
  13. BillsPride12

    TV Shows You Want Revived

    I always liked the show Boston Public. I think that would be cool to see in a modern take with the social media and technology era.
  14. BillsPride12

    Jordan poyer & AB spat?

    AB slept with Poyer's wife(I believe it was before they were married though). That was the most puzzling part of this whole thing to me. I can't see Beane and McDermott pulling the trigger on the trade for that reason alone with all of their talk about locker room culture and trying to build a family.
  15. BillsPride12

    RIP King Kong Bundy

    It really is crazy how celebrity deaths always come in bunches