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  1. Correct. Andre Reed mentioned that on Twitter today and about how Sweet Pea was hanging out in the Bills locker room one time with all the guys. Although I don't watch it anymore I was a big boxing fan growing up in the 90s and have some great memories watching Pernell Whitaker fights with my old man. R.I.P. Sweet Pea one of the greats from my all time favorite era of being a sports fan
  2. Just go with the old fashioned method of sending a bunch of Hookers and Blow up to his room Saturday night...
  3. Technically the best I've ever seen would have to be at Disney in Epcot but my personal favorite would be the neighborhood shows I used to put on with about 5 or 6 of my neighbors about 15 years or so ago now. That's something I would love to be able to re-live but some people moved away, a couple of the guys are no longer friends due to something that happened between their wives....Life moves on but the memories will always be there
  4. Bills fans consider 95% of the team that was around during the Super Bowl years legendary
  5. It's been awhile for me....fun memories from younger days though!
  6. I think this may have been done on here before at one point or another(but what subject hasn't been for as long as message boards have been around now) but it's always a fun one and in honor of Father's Day let's hear your all time favorite syndicated Fathers. 1) I always go with Jack Arnold as my top choice. Always reminded me of my old man in a lot of ways 2) Carl Winslow 3) Dan Conner 4) Al Bundy 5) Tim Taylor
  7. Anybody thinking the Bills don't resign White after his rookie deal are out of their minds. McDermott loves Tre. This is a whole new regime boys, can't let things that happened in the past influence the future.
  8. I always remembered the story being he took them to McDonald's(which I know is a weird choice for a professional football team) but I just tried to google some articles and although I found some about him serving the team Cheeseburgers none of them mention McDonald's so perhaps this is one of those my mind is playing tricks on me things...I mean we are talking 2004 here!
  9. Ah the old Mike Mularkey team bonding over Cheeseburgers at McDonald's experience
  10. The main reason I opened this thread was to make sure somebody mentioned him. Well done
  11. It's just cool to see so many of these high caliber players that have a lot of respect for Coach McDermott. Can't wait to see the relationships grow between him and our young players.
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