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  1. I think at this point everybody on the team realizes that they have the potential to win a Super Bowl. Check your ego's at the door, to hell with stats and accolades just go out there and play as a TEAM and they can beat anybody in this league.....You love to see it!
  2. That was an awesome watch. I'm so proud to be a fan of this team not only because we are good but because of all of the high character type of players we have. We might have suffered for what seemed like an eternity but Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane really built the type of team that reflects the city of Buffalo and all of Western New York and it still feels kinda surreal to me.
  3. Once Social Media took over the world(for the worse)
  4. I just checked this morning and those passes are sold out now anyways, so it looks like we will be pregaming at the bars as well! Broadway Street is such a blast
  5. You won't have any problem with that. It's going to be all Bills fans everywhere you go
  6. Great thread and topic OP. I got a little choked up at reading through these replies and I can absolutely relate myself. I guess it's not surprising that so many of us can when you realize it's practically been 3 decades since the Super Bowl years now. I was just a kid back then and life was so different....so so different. Both of my grandfathers are gone, One grandmother is gone(She hated football and was one of those why are you wasting so much of your time and energy on these bums during the drought era Bills kinda people...Man what I would give to see her see what the Bills have become now and how WNY has a total case of Bills Fever), and I had an Uncle that was married to my Dad's sister that was the big Bills fan of the Family and had season tickets during the Super Bowl years and I would be amazed at all of his amazing, cool Bills stories. 10 years ago he and My aunt got Divorced and he is off doing his own thing now, I am connected to him through Facebook we chat on there about the Bills sometimes but it's obviously just not the same. I am thrilled with the state of the Bills right now but at the same I keep thinking about how I just wish everything else was still the same as it used to be. It downright hurts sometimes...especially with everything else going on in this world. In a crazy way though it is comforting to know so many of you are experiencing similar or your own personal feelings. I think being a Bills fan helps you stay connected to your roots and I know if we end up winning the whole thing all those memories and the loved ones that are gone are going to be right there with me and I'll be crying like a baby...Our time is coming GO BILLS!!!
  7. Bruce Smith's offseason work with the team is paying off
  8. I was going to ask the same thing. I know there is a pre-ticketed tailgate event where tickets are $85 to get in but I was wondering what the other tailgating options are? Where is the Pinto crew going to be setup at for this one?
  9. Once we found out they were cancelling on the Buffalo stop this year I was hoping to make it to Pittsburgh for this one but I couldn't make it work with my schedule
  10. Playoff atmosphere this week for sure!!! These are the type of games I dreamed about having during the 17 year playoff drought
  11. I still live in my general hometown area so Yes I still keep in touch and see some people here and there moreso from high school than going back to middle school. But I have a much greater number of people that I have lost touch with than the ones I have kept in touch with. I think it's pretty common once you get into your later 20s and 30s.
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