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  1. Saw a pretty cool documentary on the Napster/MP3 days on Paramount Plus over the weekend
  2. I've been to training camp a couple times. It's fun but getting to be too much of a hassle. It is definitely great for the Rochester folks though
  3. Wow I had no idea Wegmans subs went back that far! I was still pretty young during the Super Bowl years so I remember them but through the lens of a kid. I thought Wegmans subs became a thing during the Flutie years.
  4. The Bills got royally screwed in this situation. I can't fault Beane or McDermott for how they handled it. Araiza wasn't completely upfront about what his situation was, this thing completely blindsided them. They had no choice but to release him or it would have been an absolute PR nightmare. It already was that in the brief time period the allegations broke out. After how everything transpired and lack of clarity from Araiza's camp the Bills were never going to bring him back here. The extra kick in the nuts on this thing is of course getting signed by the Chiefs of all teams.
  5. And then there are the women that just want to sleep with famous people(I mean I'm sure in Bill's case it's more about the $$$)but I just read an interview with Fred Durst and he talked about how before he became famous he was just some goofy dude from North Carolina who never got chicks and then once he became famous all of these women wanted to sleep with him just because he was famous. He said of course he went along for the ride but he knew how ridiculous and superficial it was and would just laugh to himself over the whole thing. The entire interview was pretty candid and insightful and really put Fred Durst in a different light for me.
  6. He must have Millions of Dollars in his bank account
  7. Willis McGahee- might've been the only guy who hated playing professional sports in Buffalo more than Jack Eichel Chris Kelsay- Not only did he suck but I heard stories of him trying to play the "Don't you know who I am" card after getting into some trouble at the Big Tree. It's laughable when players like that try playing the big-timer card Donte Whitner- He wasn't the worst player ever but I couldn't stand his attitude and another example of a guy who way over valued who he was as an NFL talent. From what I remember there was also some internet/Twitter beef with him and Bills fans back in the day. Probably one of the first instances of that kinda thing which seems to be the norm nowadays. Doug Marrone- He was just an idiot Not gonna lie determining my final four took a lot of time and thinking as there were plenty of eligible candidates. Sidenote: I think the people who are listing guys like Marv Levy and Darryl Talley are out of their mind
  8. Saw Bill Burr in Buffalo a couple Summers ago and he was hilarious. Threw in a few bits taking jabs at both the Bills and Sabres but ultimately said he thought the Bills had a great team and was rooting for us to win it that year(this was the Summer leading into the 2022 season where everybody was jumping on the Bills bandwagon)
  9. I'll start off with Burges Meredith's character from the Grumpy Old Men movies, absolute gem
  10. Thanks. I must have missed it/deleted it without realizing what it was
  11. How did you guys find out about this? Was an email sent out or something?
  12. That character was HILARIOUS but apparently not a very accurate representation of Jerry West the person. He and his family were pretty pissed by the way he was depicted in that show. I mean just about everybody on that show was a caricature, the Larry Bird character being another glaring example. But anyways RIP to the great Jerry West
  13. It was amusing when it first came out. Used to watch it with the family on 4th of July and it became a bit of a tradition but it def got old and stale over time. I totally agree by banning Chestnut from competing people will tune out in droves.
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