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  1. There's an elevated hole at the Niagara Falls Country Club golf course where you can see out to Toronto, it's pretty cool.
  2. All the random smokeshows that used to appear on Married With Children
  3. I love that this thread is still going strong. Nice work fellas
  4. It's cool they did this study and interesting that Bruce is still number 1 when you tally up the years before sacks became an official stat. I had always heard growing up that if they counted sacks back in the day Deacon Jones would've been the all-time sack leader by far.
  5. My biggest fear is starting to be Beasley. I think we should be able to overcome the current losses without any drastic hiccups but in losing Beasley we will lose an entire dimension of our offense. Hopefully this whole situation will smooth itself out but looking rocky right now.
  6. In all my travels around the US, Milwaukee is by far the most similar city to Buffalo so I had a soft spot for them during this run. But yeah Giannis is just the man! My favorite athlete in pro sports today outside of any Buffalo players
  7. I still think the biggest tragedy of the 90s was that she turned down Playboy
  8. Go Bucks! I was rooting for them hard last night. Very happy for the city of Milwaukee!
  9. That makes sense, I was just a wee lad back in those days.
  10. She was the youngest daughter on the TGIF show Step by Step
  11. That would actually be pretty cool! It's funny I was just thinking about this driving through Erie last week on my way to a golf trip in the Cleveland area. There ended up being another group of Bills fans at the course that we're there for a Bachelor party and there was alot of fun banter between all the Bills and Browns fans all day. It would be cool if Buffalo, Pitt and Cleveland ever end up in the same division someday
  12. A lesson I learned the hard way in my 20s
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