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  1. Go figure...NOW they say this after all the summer concerts have already been cancelled
  2. I understand some people feel Marv was overrated but it's laughable to not have him on the Buffalo Mt. Rushmore he was the head coach during the greatest era of Buffalo football. He was a great leader of men and watching the Last Dance and seeing the way Phil Jackson was able to handle the larger than life personalities of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman had me thinking back to Marv Levy and how all of our star players from back then credit the effect Marv had on them. People tend to forget how big the ego's were on Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Cornelius Bennett and so on and so on....I've never believed the narrative that any coach off the street would have had the same success or better success with that group. I'm not sure we get over the Bickering Bills phase as smoothly without the leadership of Marv.
  3. Not technically summer but was planning on doing the Vegas Bills game this year but we decided not to bother with the state of everything now.
  4. There's a Doc out on Netflix right now called Have a Good Trip and is all about a bunch of random celebrities stories of tripping on Acid and Shrooms lol. It's a pretty good watch. Anthony Bourdain had the best story
  5. Oliver because he already showed such a big jump from the first half of his rookie season to the second half. I think he has the best chance to be our elite level player. Would also love to see big jumps from Tremaine Edmunds, Allen, and Knox who all have the potential to take their game to another level.
  6. For the record I hope she finds success and her career takes off. She really does seem like a nice person. I know that Buffalo isn't her dream job either. Maybe this will get her feet wet and give her the experience she needs to get a job covering Missouri or the Bears
  7. The Maddy Glab thing is tough because as someone who is not a fan of hers I don't want it to come across like it has anything to do with being bitter about her looks(I know the previous posts weren't directed to me) and I know she has a college background in sports journalism and is a sports fan I'm not disputing that but in our market all of our sports reporters and analysts have always been locals to the WNY region for the most part(ok so I know Howard grew up in Queens and Jeremy is from Syracuse). She just seems like such a fish out of water in this market to me. I know Murph and Tasker aren't the greatest listen in the world but Murphy is the Bills play by play guy and been with the organization for over 35 years. Hell Tasker played on the Super Bowl teams that are still beloved in Buffalo. They have their place. It's just weird to me listening to an Outsider who clearly has no background with Buffalo Bills football. Has nothing to do with her being a young cute female. In fact I actually feel really bad feeling the way I do because she also seems like a very nice and sweet girl too. Just from my perspective regardless of having a degree I don't see her as somebody very qualified for the role.
  8. I get that Murphy has his detractors and it's not that I think he is a great listen but I'll admit that there's something about this that makes me a little sad. Murph is the classic old timer that you could picture as someone's Grandpa talking Bills football with at a family Christmas gathering or meeting at a bar. He might come across a bit stubborn or pessimistic but he was definitely an old school Bills guy. He's part of a dying breed. Sports coverage has been changing dramatically over the last five years and it makes me sad knowing we will be going forward with the likes of Maddy Glab who isn't from Buffalo, doesn't know a thing about the Bills or football in general and makes you wonder why the hell she even has the job in the first place lol. Chris Brown? Meh. I like Sal and he knows his stuff and I enjoy listening to him but once again he doesn't have that old school feel that I was accustomed to listening to growing up. It's crazy how fast times flying by and things are changing these days
  9. I don't know anything about the victim, other than apparently she was involved in a crack cocaine trafficking ring as pointed out above, but here's another thing whenever one of these kind of cases come up...People automatically assume the female victim was a poor innocent soul that could be your wife, sister, cousin, niece etc. but the kind of Women that hang around and go after the athletes(and I am not taking about the wives but more-so the Mistresses and sidepieces) are scandalous as all hell 99% of the time. No matter what Bennett was in the WRONG as I have stated before but I wasn't in the room, you weren't in the room we don't know how everything transpired and if drugs and alcohol were involved things tend to usually go down. Once again I truly believe he was WRONG for the actions that were committed but I cannot crucify the guy for the rest of his life because of this. I trust Marv Levy as much as anybody in this world when it comes to judging character and if Marv says he thinks Bennett has served his punishment for the crime and deserves the WOF recognition it's good enough for me.
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