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  1. I've said it many times before but we were spoiled for many years with RJ and Van
  2. Very sorry to hear about your loss....98 years is a hell of a run
  3. They made me nervous after the first Offensive series but they definitely played good as the day went on. That Washington front four is no joke
  4. I've heard awesome things about them before. Naples is a couple hours away from me but I play golf out there occasionally, next time I go I will have to make a pit stop
  5. Curious for anybody who pays attention to this stuff....have other teams been continuing a Wall of Fame type thing as they have opened new stadiums? I genuinely don't know if it is still a thing or considered dated now?
  6. This was the road game my group picked this year, I decided awhile back to sit this year's trip out(had some other stuff going on and not a huge fan of DC), but now I'm even more thankful I didn't bother going with how bad the weather is this weekend.
  7. He just dropped the call immediately and went to another one The funny thing was I remember it was the 2nd call he had taken that day and the first call was kinda out there too and after that one he did say something to the effect of "we're really having a day today so far"...it was really funny though, wish I still had it saved somewhere
  8. Not only that but I remember a story about the week leading up to the Super Bowl against the Giants, which was also the first year Bruce won NFL Defensive Player of the Year, during the media sessions Bruce was proclaiming it was officially his era and he was the best Defensive player in the league now and they went back to LT about it and LT pretty much agreed with it. I know I have read this somewhere, there has gotta be some old-timers on this board who can back me up on this?
  9. Any idea what year that would be from? Must've been a nice Nostalgia trip for you
  10. You don't think Bruce Smith was considered a household name back then?
  11. https://x.com/JennaCottrell/status/1704940475331891279?s=20 It's nice to see the respect being shown here, Milano is a guy that has flown under the radar across the NFL over the years but I think he is finally starting to get the league wide recognition he deserves. He has been outstanding in the first two weeks so far.
  12. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/sabres/adams-sabres-championship-window-is-open
  13. Nothing will ever top the guy that called into Sal's show and asked what was going on with Russ Brandon banging Lauren Hall...my all-time favorite WGR moment
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