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  1. Oh I agree, as of now the 1990 Bills team is still the best Bills team I've seen in my lifetime....the AFL Championship teams were way before my time. I wasn't trying to say I think this current Bills team is better than the Super Bowl teams yet.
  2. Interesting take, I feel like that could be true from a Bills fan perspective but will that still be true from an overall football fan perspective? The 90s Bills will still be the only team to go to 4 consecutive Super Bowls. I guess that's one point I didn't make in my original post. I think until it happens again..and it probably won't for a long time if ever...then the 90s Bills will always have their place in NFL history. I actually am a huge 90s Nostalgia fanatic in general. I'm just talking about how Bills fans were kinda stuck in the early 90s for 25 years because of how bad the organization became after those years. I think now that we have finally become a relevant franchise again we won't ever have to go back to those days.
  3. This is the correct take. I'm not big on making excuses but I don't think anybody saw these type of injuries occurring this early into the season. I think we can win tomorrow but I won't go in full panic mode if we don't because we haven't been playing at full strength. Still a long season to go and outside of Hyde we should be able to get everybody back for down the stretch when it really matters.
  4. Just a question for fun but I'd def be curious to hear how others feel about this. As Bills fans we spent many, many years re-living and celebrating the Super Bowl era Bills teams and I know it was an incredible era and what those years meant for WNY. But now that we finally have ushered in a new era of exciting Bills football (I still think the best is yet to come and we will make it back to the Super Bowl whether it's this year or another) will the 90s Nostalgia finally die out? It definitely seems like it has already lost a lot of steam as people are more focused on the current team as they should be. The second part of the question is Are YOU ok with it? I was a huge fan of those teams and would not be the diehard Bills fan I am today without them but I'm at a point where I'm ok to let go of some of that Nostalgia. I think because of how bad we were for about two decades following the Super Bowl runs we really beat it to death re-living and reminiscing about the old glory years. Obviously the memories will always be there...but maybe we will no longer have to rely on them as Bills fans like we had to prior to Josh Allen and the Process coming along. The only thing about it that makes me sad is the younger generation coming up today won't truly know the history and understand what those Bills teams meant to the Buffalo/WNY area but at least they will have an amazing team of their own to claim.
  5. Glad to see the Classic TV shows get the proper recognition they deserve in this thread
  6. No problem with it. It's an emotional game baby!
  7. It's way too early to panic. It's really just going to come down to how long these injuries linger for. If we get most guys back relatively soon we will be right back on track. If we are going to continue to be decimated by injuries as the season rolls along that could change the course of direction but way, way, way too early to start panicking.
  8. This guy doesn't seem to have any luck with text messages
  9. Were you in a Coma during the Super Bow years?
  10. Now that's an entirely different question and for that one I would answer...Yes 100% I don't think the winning now would feel so sweet if it wasn't for all the suffering we endured for so long
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