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  1. Dumb and Dumberer...I knew that one was going to be a huge mistake before it was even released
  2. First the thread about the guy who got fired because his boss wouldn't give him the night off to watch the game and now this....playoff football is in the air in the 716
  3. You can tell playoff football is finally back in the air in Buffalo baby....and I'm loving every minute of it!!!! This was the first thread I opened up after a long day at work and got a lot of amusement from it. Some great posting all around in this one. Is it Saturday night yet!?
  4. I think the Colts game was more playing against a pretty solid team that presented us with some matchup problems instead of the Bills needing a wakeup call or going into the game taking them too lightly.
  5. How do you like the view from being in Row 37? I used to be a bit lower row wise but recently switched sections and now I'm higher up because I didn't have any other choice(row wise, still in the 100 level)? I figured it will be fine but it's always to good to hear some first hand reviews
  6. It's going to be a tough game. But it's the divisional round of the playoffs it's not supposed to be easy
  7. That's fair. Even though I see it differently I can understand that point of view. I can't see the Pegula's taking it down though. Like I mentioned in another post, I imagine Bills Mafia will be recognized at the stadium in some way or another at some point.
  8. While it's true nobody really refers to Buffalo fans as the 12th Man anymore, mostly because of the Bills Mafia rage, but I dunno I still feel like it's strongly connected to the Bills Super Bowl era and wouldn't want to see it come off the wall because I feel like then your erasing history.
  9. Yes but you can't erase history either. The 12th Man is heavily associated with the Super Bowl runs and it's not like you should take Jim Kelly's name off the wall of fame because someday Josh Allen will be going up there ya know? I'm sure once we achieve some true success in this era(which I think we're well on our way) Bills Mafia will be honored or recognized in some way(not sure it goes up on the wall but there could be some kind of statue or plaque outside the stadium or something)
  10. Agreed. Well said. It was the next step that needed to be taken. I think from here on out the goal is Super Bowl or Bust(not for this season specifically but for the McDermott/Josh Allen era)
  11. Well you clearly weren't around for the Super Bowl years if that's what you think
  12. The best defense is a great offense....but I do think we will focus on the defensive side of the ball this offseason
  13. The Colts are probably the strongest team in the trenches on both sides of the ball in the league. They might not be stacked at the skill positions but Rivers can still play and I knew the level of line play they are capable of would present challenges. Will be interesting to see what moves the Colts make going forward because they have the foundation to be a legit contender too.
  14. I honestly think a lot of Bills fans went into this game underestimating how good the Colts were. The game was much closer than I would've liked/expected but I knew it was going to be a slugfest and I think Buffalo played better than some Bills fans are making it out to be. There's no way we were going to steamroll them the way we were burying all those teams to close out the regular season because they were the first real test we've had since the Chiefs game.
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