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  1. I think it's highly unlikely but this is something I would love to be wrong about. After watching San Francisco's defense's this past season it's absolutely a must to improve our front four if McD wants to be one of those teams that is carried by its defense.
  2. Anything that happened between 2000-2017 is basically fair game. Those years were a constant nightmare that I sometimes wondered if it would ever come to an end. Really is remarkable for the all wrong reasons when you think about it
  3. I couldn't agree more, those were pretty much my exact thoughts when that one came out. Maybe it's different because we are Buffalo fans and already familiar with the subject but I felt like that episode was more cookie cutter and didn't dive deep into the subject matter. I thought they might've explored how the Bills notoriously partied all throughout the Super Bowl weeks and I also thought they could've examined the unique relationship between the region of WNY and the Bills and how big of a deal it was for the area that it was being put in the National spotlight for 4 years in a row.
  4. At one point the commercials used to be a lot of fun, but I feel like they have been horrible for the last decade at least. Unfortunately American pop culture has changed for the much worse in my opinion. I think we are getting to the point where people realize this and don't even care about the commercials anymore.
  5. The biggest problem is she just is not knowledgeable at all about football. Some of the stuff she says you could get that same analysis from a 5th grader. The problem is she is getting paid to do this job. I tuned in briefly to WGR this week when she was filling in and one of her commentaries was and I paraphrase but this is pretty close to that exact quote "The players who made it to the Super Bowl are going to skip out of playing in the Pro Bowl this year and you can't blame them for wanting to do that" and it wasn't being said tongue in cheek either, she was being 100% serious when she made that comment. Once again some of the stuff she says is generic football commentary that you could pay a 5th grader to comment on.
  6. 28-23 San Fran. Put me down for Defense wins championships. This game will also show(yet again) why the Bills need to build a much stronger pass rush if they want to be real contenders
  7. Yeah I don't get it. Everybody acts like he's the biggest Dbag on the planet but in reality he actually seems like a pretty cool, fun dude. Charismatic? Sure. But actually a Douche? I don't see it. I've never met the guy but I heard he was really cool when he was in town for the Bills game and he actually speaks very fondly of Bills fans whenever he gets the chance. And you can't hate on the guy for the empire he has built at all. Any one of us on this message board would give anything to have his career and he built it from the ground up. I really can't hate on the dude.
  8. I watched the NHL skills competition Friday night and the NHL all star game last night...both were meh. I think the big post football season transition move for me was getting out to the driving range yesterday and working off the rust.
  9. Bills away games next year in Las Vegas, San Fran, Tennessee...and now LONDON! Poor Pinto Ron is going to be broke after next season
  10. What if Norwood made the kick in SB 25? What if the Bills beat the Steelers backups in 2004? What if the Music City Miracle was ruled a forward lateral?
  11. He's definitely having more luck with his football team than his hockey team
  12. I can vividly remember seeing a Colts game on TV during the Peyton years when their offense was insane with an OFF (Fence) sign. I always thought that was pretty cool and fitting for that team.
  13. I'm not expecting this to be too exciting. These are usually a lot more fun to listen to after a season of turmoil and when you know people are gonna be losing their jobs.
  14. Yeah I agree with you. I'm a local WNYer and there is already a TON of buzz in the air about people wanting to go to this game. I have heard several people that have never done the Bills road trip game thing before talking about how they want to go to this one, I have heard of people here in WNY who aren't Bills fans first and foremost that want to make the trip out for this game. I don't think the cost is as big of a factor as LaBattBlue thinks either. I'm sure the Nashville trip for everybody last season wasn't on the cheap side either.
  15. You don't think the Vegas game next season has a shot?
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