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  1. BillsPride12

    Micah Hyde's San Diego wife loves Buffalo

    People forget how close and accessible Toronto is for these guys when they wanna live it up at the clubs and enjoy the big city life. People also forget about how much these guys enjoy hanging at the Sundowner right over the border.
  2. BillsPride12

    The Young Guns Have Arrived in the NFL !!

    It feels nice to have a horse in the race for once
  3. BillsPride12

    Tre White is the Best Player On the Bills Now

    We will sign him long term. That was the first piece McDermott brought in here. There's no way he's letting him leave. Especially with McDermott's DB background. Marv Levy had a saying back in the day..."I don't want pro bowl players...I want Super Bowl players".....Tre fits that
  4. BillsPride12

    Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years

    I know somebody who worked in the events department at the Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls and said he was absolutely brutal behind the scenes when he came to town...just a real miserable, rude, arrogant piece of s***....Glad he is finally getting what is coming to him F*** Bill Cosby...and F*** Pudding too!
  5. BillsPride12

    Roll call for Lambeau!!

    If the Bills Backer tailgate party is anything like the one they threw in Kansas City a few years back everybody will be in for an absolute blast. There was plenty of booze and food to go around for everybody so don't get nervous. Just try to show up with at least a case of beer to contribute. I also have a feeling Bills fans might be taking over many Wisconsin bars all weekend just a hunch
  6. BillsPride12

    Seven years ago today already..

    Yeah absolutely. The 80s/90's were on a whole different level! I guess I was referring to the 2000's/playoff drought era and it is actually pretty sad that a week 3 win ranks so high up there but that's what we've been dealt with since 99. Another game that gets honorable mention though is the 2002 Snow game against Miami where Ricky Williams ran all over us but Bledsoe and Moulds had a huge day. There was just something magical about that day, looking back at it now that game was actually much closer to the 90s era than the current era and it still had more of the old school charm at that point before the game became over commercialized and social media showed up into the picture. Was at that one with my Dad and brother, a memory I will never forget!
  7. BillsPride12

    Seven years ago today already..

    That was hands down the best Bills game in the modern era. I also believe that Sunday's upset victory over Minnesota was the best game since then. Hoping we can shock the world again this weekend in Green Bay!
  8. The thing that amazes me about all of this BS is that the people that have the power to get this changed are the owners and where in the hell have they been on this matter? I haven't heard a peep out of any of them
  9. BillsPride12

    Roll call for Lambeau!!

    Anybody know any good bars in Milwaukee or Green Bay worth hitting?
  10. BillsPride12

    John Murphy - Underrated or Overrated as Announcer?

    He's definitely not overrated because most people don't have him highly rated to begin with but I certainly wouldn't say he is underrated either. Average sounds about right to me.
  11. BillsPride12

    First ever Bills game, and man, what a game

    Awesome! Hell of a game to go to my man. Bills road trips are the best, I'm flying out to Milwaukee for this weeks game Thursday night and im already getting fired up.
  12. BillsPride12

    Roll call for Lambeau!!

    Going out there with a group of 13. Flying into Milwaukee Thursday night. Driving up to Green Bay Saturday morning. Looking forward to lots of Beer, Cheese, Brats and hanging with Bills fans!
  13. BillsPride12

    Wyoming Fan - New Bills Fan

    I see some early similarities to Brett Favre. In his prime Favre was the most fun Quarterback to ever watch play football
  14. BillsPride12

    Allen is a budding superstar

    There will still be a ton of growing pains I'm sure but the kid just seems to have "IT"...the ones that have "IT" show flashes of "IT" pretty fast. I remember Brett Favre's first game against the Bengals. He was super raw but he showed he had natural instincts to play QB in the NFL. I really think we are seeing that with Allen already. I never once had the same feeling about Trent Edwards, JP Losman, EJ Manuel, or Tyrod that i do with Allen. This truly feels like the arrival of a special Quarterback for once.
  15. BillsPride12

    Here comes Rosen

    Rosen is a Nerd!