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  1. This one hits home for me, My grandfather grew up on Jefferson Avenue 😥 That was my true family link to the city of Buffalo
  2. Couldn't have a better statement game than knocking off the defending Super Bowl champs on opening night. I like it!
  3. I've never had any problems buying beer with my Bills Bucks card before
  4. Yeah I was really sad to see Harrison Phillips leave but I've kinda come around on an optimistic feeling Settle might be an upgrade there.
  5. From things I've heard/read about Schobel he was never really the kinda guy that embraced playing in Buffalo. Certainly not the D*** Jack Eichel was but I am not surprised he's never come back around.
  6. I went to the Baltimore game in 2016 and I remember Ubering through the projects at one point and it legitimately felt like driving through the set of The Wire. Crazy for sure
  7. I think this is the year we are bound to have some luck finally with at least a couple of these lineman panning out. I keep seeing stuff from Washington fans that Tim Settle is going to be a great player as well.
  8. This is actually the scenario I'm rooting for lol. My group wants to do the LA game for our away game this year but it's just gonna be so expensive. I wanna do Chicago, I am hoping if it became the opening weekend game it would sway the excitement in favor of that game for the road trip🤞
  9. Thanks for the Memories and Best of Luck to #55! 🍻
  10. I think my biggest thing is beyond the price itself, I think the atmosphere is going to be so much more watered down at the new stadium. Is it even going to be worth it to go to every game at that point? Right now the atmosphere in the stadium has a special vibe that makes you want to be there but I think we are going to lose that. I'd still go to a couple games a year but I'm 99.9% sure I am dropping season tickets once the new stadium opens.
  11. It almost feels like they do this on purpose to create buzz/speculation lol
  12. I've heard this theory mentioned before during new stadium talks and sure I don't dispute there's some truth to it....But is there reaaalllyyy that large of a population of super wealthy Bills fans out there that have been just waiting for a super expensive stadium to jump in and get season tickets? Like I said I'm sure there are some cases of that but I'm having a hard time buying there's that big of a demographic out there for this scenario
  13. Please Bills Win A Super Bowl(while hosting the AFC Championship at home) within the next 4 years 🙏
  14. I have a watch very similar to this one. I have it on now because we went out for Mother's Day Brunch earlier but I don't wear it too often. Usually just throw it on for nicer occasions once in awhile. I don't have a smart watch either, I already have a smart phone so I never really understood the appeal for them lol.
  15. I've always wondered how many single seat Season Ticket Holders are out there? I bet there's more of them than you would think. I knew of a guy who just had a single season ticket by himself. I totally respect it, when your a diehard fan it sucks missing out. I have season tickets with one buddy right now, don't think I would ever want to go back to having a group together unless I knew everybody had their s*** together
  16. I'm throwing it back to Norma Arnold, The Wonder Years
  17. I'm a local WNYer and I love both the Bills and Sabres and a Stanley Cup would be amazing and celebrated to the Max in the 716 but it's not even a question a Bills Super Bowl would be the undisputed choice. My original point/question was more lumping both franchises together because of the history and tradition they have v.s. a newcomer coming to town.
  18. I agree it's not something we will ever have to worry about it but just for fun it's something I've thought about before. There's just no way I would be as emotionally invested if we had an NBA or MLB expansion team that struck fire out of the gate(what happened with the Vegas Knights was a small part of the inspiration behind this topic) compared to a Bills or Sabres title run but I'm sure it would still be exciting and Buffalo would be all into it.
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