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  1. RIP. She was in a ton of stuff but I'll def remember her the most from her work on Cheers
  2. We've got something here with Cozens, Quinn, and Peterka. Wow!
  3. I heard all about these fights from my Grandpa while I was growing up
  4. My crew is considering doing Philly next year for our annual road trip game but there's a part of me that wonders if it would be worth it if the fans are as bad as their reputation.
  5. As if there already isn't enough reasons for Buffalo sports fans to hate Dallas as it is
  6. Was Seattle really ever considered a player friendly destination? I know they had good teams for awhile but I do remember reading some articles that came out after that run that there was a lot of turmoil behind the scenes
  7. I feel like this is a fitting thread to add this. Enjoy! ☺️
  8. They haven't all been pretty but when the season is all said and done we might be looking back very thankfully at some of these gutsy wins they pulled out running this Gauntlet. All it takes is for a flukey loss or two from KC and we could possibly have a shot at the 1 seed still. But we absolutely have to keep our foot on the gas.
  9. Being in school seems way more fun nowadays than when I was a wee young lad
  10. The people that think Beane and McDermott are just going to let Edmunds walk at the end of the season are going to be disappointed
  11. I just hope it's not Sunday night. I work early Monday morning and I've already blown two PTO days on the Titans and Packers games. It's cool we are relevant and getting tons of National exposure now but all these primetime games are starting to feel like overkill IMO
  12. What show was this and what was it on? Sounds like something I'd like to check out
  13. He also had a Monster game against Dallas on Thanksgiving in 2019...give my man some Turkey legs *****! He keeps getting robbed
  14. I've always wondered how things would've shaken out if there was the traditional two week break between the Championship game and Super Bowl. There's no doubt the Bills were riding the high of the 51-3 thrashing of the Raiders in the AFC Championship game all week. I wonder if there was the extra week off that by the second week they would've turned things down a notch and started to focus more on the Giants.
  15. Going into the season winning the Super Bowl was absolutely my expectation...but the insane amount of injuries they have been dealt has thrown a wrench into that. If they can ever get close to full strength again I expect them be competing for the whole thing but if the injuries just remain a constant I'm not going to fault them if they can't get it done this year. It's been extremely frustrating nonetheless.
  16. Oh I never did either but I know it used to an event. I always thought it was ridiculous but it's also kinda sad to see society trending towards less human interaction.
  17. Is Black Friday insanity still a thing? I was under the impression it's really died down over the years due to all of the online shopping nowadays
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