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  1. This sounds a lot like Rex Ryan.
  2. This is exactly what I was going to submit. This year is all about Allen learning and showing progress week-to-week.
  3. Gugny

    Happy anniversary to mr and mrs Hammer?

    Now we know his pricing model. A dollar for every year married. Someone put an end to this!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary, Hammers!
  4. Gugny

    Mets fans?

    That is a fantastic point. I know this is a separate discussion (and one that I love) - but it's my opinion that an MVP cannot come from a losing team (which is why MLB needs a "Player of the Year" award); the Cy Young is completely different. It's the best pitcher of the year. However - I am certain that there are voters who blur the lines between value and dominance. Your point is solid.
  5. Gugny

    Mets fans?

    Thanks for those stats/comparisons. I think the fact that no one will win 20 games REALLY helps Jake's cause. If Scherzer led the league in strikeouts and got 20 wins, it would be difficult for him to lose. But that point is moot. I think it's a 2-man race, at this point (Jake/Scherzer). I think Scherzer's ERA being so far above 2 helps a lot. But if Jake throws a stinker and gets to 2 or higher, I'd have to think Scherzer would win. Jake's last start is very important. I think if he gets the win AND keep the ERA below 1.80 ... he's a lock.
  6. Gugny

    Mets fans?

    I think as long as Jake gets 10 wins and keeps his ERA below 1.80, he'll win. 13 wins is the fewest for any Cy Young winner. That's why I think 9 wins will kill it for him. I think anyone who knows baseball knows he's been the most consistently dominant pitcher in the game, let alone in the NL. I just think voters will have difficulty voting for him with single digit wins. I think this is why Callaway took him out after only 98 pitches. His next start will likely be a complete game in order to bump his ERA down and hopefully not have to rely on the bullpen to save anything for him. My unbiased opinion - he should be the unanimous choice for the Cy Young. No one has been nearly as dominant as he has. This is an individual award and pitchers can't control what happens after they leave the game; nor can they control how much run support they get (to an extent - and Jake has helped his own cause more than once this year). Jake deserves the Cy Young, period.
  7. This is exactly what did not happen. Ravens? Yes. Chargers? No.
  8. Gugny

    IceBowl 69 will post midseason. What's our game plan?

    She's nice. Leave her alone and let her ask her questions.
  9. Haha! You got that write!
  10. Gugny

    Mets fans?

    We need a true 1B. Badly. Daniel Murphy was a true DH who we turned into a crappy 2B (that helped cost us the World Series). Enough of this ****, already. Get a !@#$ing first baseman.
  11. He deserves praise for being the youngest QB since 1970 to start an NFL game - and doing very well in his first start. I haven't heard anything said about him that hasn't been warranted. He looks great for a rookie and he's making some rookie mistakes. That simple, really. Teams that have started 1-1-1 (history):
  12. @Bocephuz - These breakdowns are awesome and I'm glad to see you back doing them. Thanks for the hard work. Go Bills!