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  1. Dude ... ironically enough, I heard Twisted Sister on the radio whilst (my word) driving home from work this evening. And NO ... I am NOT gonna take it. Dr. D.'s fingers just wrote a check that his ass can't cash. Game on.
  2. This story is shocking enough. What's more shocking is that it didn't take place in Florida.
  3. I think DLR is spent. I also think Wolfie is a joke. The only VH reunion I want to see is Eddie, Alex, Michael and Sammy. That's it. And if they could pull off a tour with ONLY that lineup, I'd go in a heartbeat. I had tickets to see them on their For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge tour, but was sent to night school. I was in the Navy and missing a class was not an option. This was in 1991 and I'm still pissed! Anyway ... I'll add Van Hagar to my list.
  4. If I didn't know any better, I'd interpret this as you calling me unfunny.
  5. I saw Waters do the Wall at MSG in 2010. Phenomenal. I'd just love to see them all together to do an entire tour.
  6. I'd pay big bucks to see Waters/Gilmour in a Floyd reunion - as long as all they played was Waters/Gilmour Floyd.
  7. I think it's too early to write the book on McDermott and Beane. At the very least, let's see how this season shakes out. Then I think it's fair to begin grading their overall tenure.
  8. I just heard that Dennis DeYoung will be playing in Albany, NY for the 4th of July fireworks show. Free show. He'll be singing ONLY Styx tunes. I would absolutely love to see this, but there's no way in hell I'm going to Albany for the 4th of July. Styx is one of those bands I wish could get their poop together and reunite. I did see them with their new singer many years ago and it was good. But DeYoung would have made it spectacular.
  9. Fired: Less than 5 wins. Extended: Double digit regular season wins and a playoff win.
  10. Montreal is Canada's New Orleans.
  11. Yeah, the current Queen show is far more legit than any Quiet Riot act. It's more of a celebration of their great music with a singer capable of singing them - but, as you say - not trying to be Freddie. Very respectful, I agree.
  12. They have an American Idol alum (James Durbin) singing now, LOL.
  13. I don't think anyone will argue that Sam keeps getting put into excellent situations and being paid well in the process. The fact of the matter is that he's been Mr. Irrelevant on these SB contenders' best offenses in the entire league. And that's because he's injury prone and won't play through any kind of discomfort. Again ... fact.
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