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  1. I think the Hamlin hit was worthy of a flag; but not of an ejection. I'm just happy that his ejection didn't last longer than four hours.
  2. Yeah, I was a huge Cheers fan when it was on. When Shelley Long left, it took me a little while to embrace Rebecca. But Kirstie Alley really did do a tremendous job with the role and the show didn't suffer one bit. RIP.
  3. I'll tell you what grinds my gears ... after every incompletion Aaron Rodgers throws, he signals holding against the defense. It makes me want to punch him in the face.
  4. To be clear, I am NOT criticizing Josh one bit. But he's had more than a handful of dramatic flops after barely being touched. But like I said ... I don't care one bit. And I do agree that he's smart to bring late/dirty hits to the officials' attention every single time; even if it doesn't result in a flag.
  5. Josh Allen has become one of the NFL's most frequent (and worst) floppers. Be careful what you wish for.
  6. My Knox reference was to his first two seasons when he was actually getting targets and not catching them. Now he's catching every pass thrown his way, but they are few and far between ... which I trust will change. Re: Diggs ... gotcha. And yes ... Diggs has had some drops that have made me say bad words this season.
  7. Gabe Davis has 35 receptions vs. 67 targets (52%). When Dawson Knox was catching half of his targets, he was getting lamb basted on this board, and rightfully so. For perspective, McKittrick also has 35 receptions .... vs. 50 targets. And inserting Diggs into a Davis conversation is kind of silly. He has 91 receptions vs. 128 targets (71%). They don't belong in the same conversation. I am a big Gabe Davis fan, but he has been a disappointment this season. Yes ... he's on pace to get close to 1000 receiving yards this season and he's made some great catches. But some of his drops have been horrible. Drive killers. Imminent touchdowns. He just needs to be more reliable.
  8. Douchey? Yes. Dirty? No. It's time to evict the Patriots from your head.
  9. If there's one thing Elway does well, it's evaluate QB talent!
  10. Numbers 1-3 are absolutely huge concerns. I also agree that the kid wanting a trade out of Pittsburgh is a better (MUCH better) fit than Benitendi. I know he was cheap, but I kind of did a double-take when they re-signed Vogelbach. Ruf is pure garbage ... as is McCann. I'd love to see both Alvarez and Baty become full-time players. But that goes back to DH ... if Alvarez is catching every day, they will definitely need a DH. If they can somehow swing Rodon AND get Walker and/or Bassitt back, then that gives some flexibility for the bullpen with Megill and/or Peterson, if need be. Max Scherzer Justin Verlander Carlos Rodon Carlos Carrasco Chris Bassitt/Taijuan Walker David Peterson Tylor Megill I could live with that.
  11. Hue's record was 1-31 because the Browns wanted it that way. And yes ... I absolutely blame Mayfield for Hue being fired when he was fired.
  12. For the love of Christ and everything holy, can we please put the f*cking Beasley thing to bed?
  13. The Mets didn't run away with the division because Scherzer and deGrom each missed a chunk of the season. They cannot go into this season banking on Scherzer and Verlander staying healthy for the full season. I just can't see them ponying up for Rodon after the Verlander deal and the Diaz deal. We shall see. But I agree ... the rotation as-is does not give me any warm fuzzies.
  14. If the season were to start today, this would be the rotation: Max Scherzer Justin Verlander Carlos Carrasco David Peterson Tylor Megill
  15. We watch them both. Bad Santa will be this coming weekend/early next week.
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