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  1. Take this from a known (at times, but often misunderstood (right, @Chandler#81??) troll. Try harder.
  2. I found out (in my 30s - I'm now 50) that neither of my grandfathers was my biological grandfather. I know the names of both of my biological grandfathers, but I've never been interested in knowing anything about them or their families. Part of me would like to know more about health histories, but not enough for me to pursue. The biggest impact this has had on me that I'm actually aware of is that I grew up telling people that I'm Puerto Rican and Italian .... and now I know that the only Italian thing about me is my last name. This, after giving my son hi
  3. Is it just me, or does Brees have a really tiny head?
  4. I vaguely recall "quietly spectacular," but I forgot the context. Please refresh my memory!!!
  5. Your team not having a QB was more impactful.
  6. For those of you who may remember a former TBD member named Turbosrgood, his doppelganger is Sean McDermott. It is insane how much they look alike. Turbo could EASILY pass for McDermott and probably have a lot of fun with it at tailgates, bars, etc.
  7. He's always been better. I was very upset when Woods left. I was very happy when Sam left.
  8. Yep. He's the Steve Howe of the NFL.
  9. 50-year-old Bills fan, here. Grew up in upstate NY (between Saratoga and Lake George). Became a Bills fan on January 27, 1991 .... the day of their Super Bowl game vs. the Giants. I've gone from homer to hater to borderline indifferent (Tyrod era) over the years. I can't remember loving this team more than I do right now. I practically wake up with butterflies in my stomach on game day. Today is brutal. My stomach is in knots and I still have another 7 hours to wait. Being a Bills fan has made me angry and made me cry tears of joy (last week)
  10. Thank you!! I absolutely LOVE the color of the kitchen cabinets !!
  11. I actually enjoyed Clerks 2. Definitely not as good as the first, but it had some great humor. To this day, whenever I watch the porch mnkey scene, I laugh just as hard as I did the first time I saw it.
  12. I think Godfather II is every bit as good as the original. To each his own, but I was shocked to see this submitted.
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