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  1. You're not alone. It felt like all of Brown's 57 second half receptions were on 3rd downs to me.
  2. Man, he's got big hands ... and feet ...
  3. Meanwhile, Dawson Knox is leading the NFL in TDs by a Tight End and enjoying a 75% catch rate.
  4. I've not made any argument. I opened a topic for discussion (go figure, on a message board).
  5. Welcome to the board, Mr. Brady.
  6. This seems very unnecessary to me. But if it makes you feel better, you do you.
  7. Gugny

    Hey Yolo

    As long as it's not one of those God-forsaken uniform reveal videos!!
  8. Thanks, fellas. I've made the proper edit.
  9. "Dawson Knox had successful surgery yesterday, source said, with the goal of returning to the field as soon as possible." Boy ... Ian really went out on a limb, there!
  10. I thought he was the first pick made by Beane/McDermott. To be clear, I am not calling Beane into question (as indicated in the very first sentence of my post). I'm simply reacting to the daily/weekly topics/comments re: "Early Round Draft Pick," either not playing to potential or being a bust.
  11. I'll preface with sharing my opinion that I think Beane is a fantastic GM and that I've liked the vast majority of his early round picks. But reading various topics and comments here, I feel like the general sentiment on this board is that Beane's only decent pick has been Josh Allen. According to many, the list of busts include (but is not limited to): Moss, Singletary, Knox, Edmunds, Ford, Oliver and Phillips. Maybe I'm a homer; but it's more likely that some people/"fans," are just impossible to please.
  12. Gugny

    Hey Yolo

    That is a fantastic idea!!!
  13. Gugny

    Hey Yolo

    You're only 14 away from 2K, so what about you?
  14. Do we really want a DE with a girl's name?
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