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  1. Gugny

    2023 Concerts

    I would guess driving @DC Tomout of his mind.
  2. There really aren’t many things funnier than some good ol’ domestic violence against women, I reckon! Yee Haw!
  3. “Takes two to tango” …. Lovely.
  4. Is that about Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend?
  5. Part of me agrees with you, but for the Eagles I will make an exception. I’ve never seen them live (and won’t, now that Frey has passed), but with them, I would totally appreciate the meticulousness of their harmonies - vocals and guitars. Overall, I do enjoy when bands do different things with their tunes live. I love it, actually. But I feel like I would be in awe of the Eagles duplicating what they did in the studio.
  6. Eh. I’d rather have them not show up now instead of not showing up in the playoffs (which has become somewhat of the norm).
  7. I think a beef on Weck with an over easy fried egg on it would taste amazing.
  8. He’s a walking LAMP. Tim Tebow without the collar. In the end, everything was all about him. His impact was so great because he’s a man made monster. Fraud.
  9. Hines ... he's that pass-catching running back that Beane coveted so much after McKissick threw the screws to the Bills. He's also that pass-catching running back who Father McDermott and his altar boy Kenny Dorsey turned into a special teamer. Hines knows the deal ...
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