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  1. Computer Security

    What would I do without you, bug? I'll report back later and let you know how it worked. If you don't hear from me, it just means I'm still having computer problems.
  2. Mets fans?

    Jake fans 8 in his second spring game. Nice! So it looks like Thor, Jake, Harvey, Vargas and ............. ?????????????? Matz or Wheeler. They've both struggled all spring. Matz settled down after starting out like crap in his last start. Maybe he's ready to turn a corner. Right now, I'd feel more comfortable with Matz than Wheeler, but not by much. I have a feeling that it won't take long for Adrian Gonzalez to peter out and we'll see Bruce playing first (which I am not really a fan of) and Nimmo out in right. He's having a nice spring. I think Dom Smith might be done before he started. Bummer. Can't wait for the games that count! Let's Go Mets!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Holy $#!+ - looks like I'm going to the draft!

    We'll all be watching on TV ... the announcers will say, "we have a major move involving the Buf ...." - and we'll all lose the TV signal. ROSEN!
  4. Eric Wood issues

    That would take more licks than it does to get to the tootsie roll.
  5. The more I watch, the thing that pisses me off the most is Pitts' little wuss attempt to "stop" Gronk, then pretty much getting out of his way.
  6. How Do I Change My Account Name?

    Nah, man. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Glad I could help!
  7. RB Will Not Be a 2018 Draft Priority

    I figured with the 7th round piece. But I do think it's true that any team with an above average O line can turn a 3rd-4th round RB into a stud.
  8. RB Will Not Be a 2018 Draft Priority

    If they fix the OL, then that is absolutely true, IMO.
  9. How Do I Change My Account Name?

    Top right of your screen, click your name (has a dropdown). Click Account Settings On the left, click Display Name You make the change there. Hope this helps, Irv.
  10. GoFundGugny: Donations needed until Memorial Day!!

    I don't mind a little chink in the armor.
  11. I'd like to know who the "sources," are.
  12. GoFundGugny: Donations needed until Memorial Day!!

    Mods - Please pin this thread, then lock it. @BringBackFergy - I want you on retainer in case Chef Jim tries to renege. (can I say that here?)
  13. Bills Re-sign Travaris Cadet

    This is great news, to me. I really like Cadet and hope I he can stay healthy.
  14. Tyrod named starting QB of Browns

    I hate going down this road, but goddammit, you sucked me in. EJ outperformed Taylor in both practice and preseason by leaps and bounds. Rex wanted "his guy," and he got him. Both EJ and Tyrod sucked. And yes ... Tyrod turned out to be the better QB (that hurt to write). But he never earned, nor did he compete for, the starting job.