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  1. Do you let your dog lick plates before the dishwasher?

    My dog turned 9 the past July and still acts/gets around like a puppy. I don't buy this crap, nor do I believe that I need to spend $20 on a bag of "healthy" dog food, when Beneful is just fine. My dog once ate a small sock. She didn't puke it up until about three weeks later. Don't believe the hype.
  2. Do you let your dog lick plates before the dishwasher?

    As long as what I ate wasn't too spicy, then I let her lick the plate or bowl all the time. Free pre-wash, man.
  3. Eagles' Fan Arrested After Going "Mongo"

    Lyrically, everything Peart wrote was gold. But this album .... you can count me in the "don't dig it," crowd.
  4. Awful news from WSU - RIP QB Tyler Hilinski

    So, so !@#$ing sad. RIP and God Bless his family.
  5. Bills Backers of Guatemala

    If I go, will I have an affordable place to stay?
  6. Eagles' Fan Arrested After Going "Mongo"

    The Catillac Cats From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Wordsworth The Catillac Cats (also called Cats & Company) is the name of an animated series made in 1984 by DiC. The Catillac Cats formed the second half of each episode of the animated series Heathcliff.[1] Most episodes revolved around Riff-Raff's get-rich-quick schemes or searches for food.
  7. Offensive PI (rule change to consider)

    If anything, the penalties need to be simpler and, as someone else already pointed out, they need to be called. Furthermore, penalties need to be called primarily (if not only) when they actually affect a play. If someone puts his hands in someone's face and the play is on the other side of the field, why the !@#$ call it?
  8. Happy Birthday 🎂 Gugny

    47 and 1/365. Goes by so fast.
  9. RIP Dolores O’Riordan

    You think she would've lingered around for more than 46 years. RIP.
  10. Bradford will be the Available Viking QB

    "Pretty good," QBs can look elite when they have a truly elite defense (and offensive line) behind them.
  11. 13 victims found shackled in California home

    I was also wondering about this. Obviously, at least one of them was nuts to begin with. I wonder if fear plays any part, then the "victim," just gives up and goes along after awhile. Sick story.
  12. Happy Birthday 🎂 Gugny

    Thank you, everyone for the kind words. The naked swimming was SPECTACULAR. @ExiledInIllinois was there to take pictures, but he won't share them.
  13. 13 victims found shackled in California home

    I bet she was hot when she was younger.