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  1. He did an interview with our local sports radio the Friday before Peterman's last start. He went on and on about how "Buffalo was rallying around" Peterman. That's when he lost me. There's not one Bills fan I know who didn't want to puke when hearing that Peterman would start that game. It was a crappy take. But I'll leave it alone.
  2. Gugny

    Pregame thread: Wk 14 Jets at Bills

    The thumb thing would make sense. Arm strength clearly is not an issue, but if he can't properly grip the ball, then the passes would (and did) still go very far, just not with tight spirals. Hopefully it's just more due to him throwing off balance, on the run and/or across his body.
  3. Go to your original post. At the bottom, click "Edit." When you are the original poster, you can edit the title, as well as the post.
  4. Gugny

    Pregame thread: Wk 14 Jets at Bills

    I've been out of pocket for the past few days. Is there something that would indicate that Allen's elbow is no bueno?
  5. I agree. And it wouldn't bother me so much if McDermott and Beane didn't work with KB previously in Carolina. If they're building a roster based on character and they can't even read the character of a player with whom they've had firsthand experience ... I'm concerned.
  6. No and no. Furthermore, I've opined numerous times on here that John Wawrow is the best writer who covers the Bills and he responds to people all the time here. And I'm not sure if he's related to the other Talbot who used to come here and link to his own crap and push his garbage every chance he could. If not, it would be very coincidental.
  7. Watching with my dad in the living room. He is THE reason I saw it, because I was gonna change the channel and he said, "hey, you never know."
  8. Gugny

    Is your memory getting worse with age?

    This is the first I'm reading this ´╗┐thread. Funny stuff!
  9. Gugny

    Why I gave up on the process

    I've never even given PR wings a thought, but damn --- that's a great idea. Maybe seasoned with Sazon and Adobo, fried, then tossed in a garlic, butter, cilantro sauce. Mmmmmm!!!
  10. Gugny

    NFL helmets in college colors

    Yeah, those two stood out to me, as well. Many, however, were cooler than their real helmets (not Buffalo's, IMO).
  11. Gugny

    Steelers Fan Keeping it Classy

    I heard it was just a half-choke. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  12. Gugny

    Mets fans?

    He's fun to watch, for sure.
  13. Gugny

    WR Technique Q - Overthrow to Foster

    Is "both," an option?
  14. Gugny

    Is your memory getting worse with age?

    This is the first I'm reading this thread. Funny stuff!