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  1. Same, here and I agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. No, dude, I was serious. You're totally right. And the drum that you're beating is the same drum I've ALWAYS beaten when it comes to this lazy POS. I had a soft moment and you accurately called me out on it. Not a jerk at all, brother!!!!
  3. I was TRYING to be kind. But you're right. I gave him way too much credit.
  4. Agree 100%. I've never been a Sam Fan. But there's a difference between not reaching potential and being a bust. He could have been elite. He's not. But he's still very good and can be great at times. I'm just glad he's not in Buffalo anymore.
  5. Well, since you asked for suggestions …. How about the next one, you do a Chip Kelly Draft. Only white players can be selected.
  6. I was just about to write how I'm not a big Herbie fan. But then I realized how much of an upgrade this would be. I'm all for it! Just in the past few years, my ears (football coverage, in general) have endured Rex, Beth Mowins, Jason Witten and Booger. I hope Witten plays football until he's 93. Anything to keep his ass out of the booth. But Booger .... Booger made me use the mute button. He gots to go.
  7. You should take a gander at Gore's yearly stats. He is a HOF player. None of those guys listed were "Buffalo Bills," per se. They all played the majority of their careers - and their best football - with other teams.
  8. I think it's more likely that he's just damaged goods. I could be biased. I've always liked Cam Newton. I also think a lot of those "missed" calls were due to his size and nothing else. We've already seen similar treatment with Josh Allen not getting egregious roughing calls. I'd love to see Cam come back and have a few good seasons. But not in Buffalo.
  9. Cam Newton was the victim of refs regularly turning a blind eye to what should have been roughing the passer calls for at least one entire season. He deserved to b!tch about that. I don't think he handles himself well in press conferences at times. I do think there is somewhat of an immaturity issue there. But, by all accounts, he has always been a very hard worker and a great teammate; and a guy who's played through injury for a lot of his career.
  10. It is painfully irresponsible. When Gov. Cuomo speaks .. he has experts around him and asks them if what he's saying is accurate. He's not above being corrected, or having experts elaborate or clarify, because he understands the importance of clear and accurate communication.
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