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  1. They'll go 8 of 10 passing 2 runs by Gore, and the drive will be capped by a 7 yard passing TD to Smoke... 80 yards
  2. You're point is both obvious and terrible... This is a message board for discussion... So we're discussing... Don't like the topic then don't read it or don't comment. Coming after comments because you think the overall thread is invalid is flat out idiotic. Just move on and don't comment, no need to try and piss on other people's parade...
  3. I'd go a 3rd nothing more.... Miami are idiots, they're gonna have 50 picks and no players worth the powder to blow themselves up with ...
  4. Yeah we should stop talking about football for a few weeks instead... I mean it's not like this is a discussion forum or anything.... So what's your favorite color?
  5. That's not the point we were discussing... But you're correct. Still doesn't mean we should be higher on power rankings. We should be comparing the Bills against th rest of the league not against the ***** teams we've seen in the past.
  6. Hahahahaha it has happened 6 times since 2000... It was luck. Doesn't mean were some great team...
  7. Not all wins and losses are created equally... A win is a win in the standings but gutting out a game where your offense gave up 4 turnovers doesn't make you a world beater. Just like beating the Dolphins doesn't carry much weight since they're intentionally trying to lose. On the flip side the Texans losing to the Saints in a shoot out where both looked great carries more "power" and credit for those teams.
  8. Pretty simple, the Bills won because they scored more points... You're welcome.
  9. Bell is amazing, he's an arrogant head case but he's amazing... To hold him like we did, the Bills had a phenomenal game plan. The announcers slobbed his knob so much you'd have though he ran for 250 and 5 TDs, but they for the most part shut down one of the best in the game. Encouraging since they take on Barkley next week.
  10. I'd sign Jaron Brown immediately! 6'3", great size and speed.... He's what people HOPED Duke Williams would be, only he is it already and an NFL proven commodity.
  11. Per Eagles.com the team has released Eli Harold just weeks after trading for him. Beane wins that trade too, Bates is looking like she'll of a swing backup with massive upside as he develops.
  12. Have you seen the build of most Kickers? Have you seen the build of guys like Roscoe Parrish and Darren Sproles? Dudes are TINY... Assuming because she is a woman she's gonna get blown up and knocked out, again is just ignorant and stupid.
  13. The people coming out and saying she can't because she's a woman are morons... I guarantee women's can kick just as well as men in Football. Women Soccer players have insane legs, just as good as the men kicking in the NFL today. There is absolutely nothing a hypothetical woman can't do in the NFL kicking that a man can. That said Carli Lloyds's age is more of a factor than her kicking... She's at the age where men and women begin to break down physically. She is less likely to be able to sustain her success because of that. But I'm all for her trying. If women want to play and can do everything necessary, who the hell are you message board key board warriors to begrudge this woman who as an athlete has completed AND WON at the highest levels in the world. Bunch of ignorant bozos who need to move out of their moms basements...
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