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  1. I actually liked deadspin but I love the move to revolt against a conglomerate forcing pegs into holes Ana shitting on a successful company.
  2. I've been asking for this going back to NE!
  3. Is there another way to feature Lupica other than being a whiny B word?
  4. I remember my first thread.... Went about this well too man.
  5. Mehta is a Jets Fan boy who goes 100 MPH for them when things are good and 100MPH against when they're bad. He has zero journalistic integrity ...
  6. Yeah but there were reports Zay was developing chemistry with Allen in the off-season and we all saw how that played out lol. Most of these reports from practice are just like the ones from camp, largely space filler for beat reports during the week. Some are true, most are fluff.
  7. COREY DAVISWR, TENNESSEE TITANS Corey Davis (undisclosed) was sidelined for Wednesday's practice. It could very well be nothing, but it's at least worth monitoring heading into Thursday since Davis isn't a usual Wednesday rest candidate. Delanie Walker (ankle) was sidelined, too. Davis should be fully entrusted as a WR3 against Tampa Bay's pass funnel if he's good to go for Week 8. I'll put on my tin foil hat and say.... yes... we are sniffing around and they put him in moth balls to keep him from getting hurt.
  8. This is a freaking mess for the NFL. I am certain there will be an investigation, and I am equally certain the general public will never know the full picture because the NFL Will kick it under the carpet so no one judges them for doping up players so they keep playing despite bad injuries... a practice that's gone on for decades, and the NFL has been sued over numerous times. I don't trust the team doctors at all, but if his health situation was in question so much that he sought out 3 different independent medical opinions, there is 1) obviously something wrong there, and 2) he was looking for a doctor who agreed with him. If the team doctors and the first 2 independent doctors told him he could play, but the third said he needed surgery and scheduled it immediately, then sounds to me like he wanted to shut it down and have surgery. Now to be 100% honest, I am fine with that. Just because the Team doesn't agree, doesn't mean the dude wasn't in an extreme amount of pain and didn't need surgery. It just means they wanted him to play through it and he didn't want to. I feel bad for the guy that they're going after him for wanting to do what's right by his body. It's not like this is elective surgery like having a nose job lol. He should be the one to determine if the pain is too much for him to play out the season, not the team. The team pressuring him is a TERRIBLE look regardless of how the process all played out. And if there is any truth to them just doping up players to get them ready to play regardless of injuries, then they should be fined and penalized at least a draft pick. Yeah I think it's highly unlikely they'd open themselves up to this kind of lawsuit... I don't doubt maybe they sent the wrong thing at some point, but no way it was intentional. At best that kind of tactic may be able to delay surgery for what? A day? A Week? There are still 9 weeks left in the season, it's not like they thought they could pull a fast one by sending the wrong MRI and get this guy to play out the year lol. This sounds like a lot of leaks from the player to smear the team. AGAIN I don't doubt the team did some shady ***** with giving him drugs to mask the pain and asked him to play through it, but I have such a hard time believing all the stuff coming out, it's just insane... if it's true then so be it and the Jets are a DISASTER and a bunch of ***** bags... but I just can't believe it without some sort of proof.
  9. NFL Update@MySportsUpdate Michael Bennett isn’t happy with his role in New England. Bennett told reporters that he took nothing away from his one-game suspension for conduct detrimental. “I got suspended, lost money. What am I supposed to take away from that?" Do you want to be traded? "It's up to them." 3:19 PM · Oct 23, 2019·TweetDeck If they cut him, would you sign him?Current deal:Current Contract (📝: indicates contract trigger occuring during that year) Year Age Base Salary Prorated Bonus Per Game Roster Bonus Cap Number Cap % Dead Money & Cap Savings Cut (pre-June 1)Cut (post-June 1)Trade (pre-June 1)Trade (post-June 1)RestructureExtension 2019 34 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $6,323,529 3.4% $2,000,000 $4,323,529 2020 35 $7,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,250,000 $10,250,000 5.1% $2,000,000 $8,250,000 Total $10,000,000 $4,000,000 $2,750,000 $16,573,529
  10. the Bills will look for a CB in the next few years in the draft in the event they can't keep White (which not doing so would be a mistake)... I bet we use a 1st or 2nd in the next 2 years on another CB. McDermott's D needs at least 1 lock down corner, and White is that, but I see then planning just in case they can't keep him. Outside of that Levi is fine, he's not amazing, but he's fine. It's harder than it sounds to have 2 CBs like White since he's top 5 in the NFL.
  11. Oh my god, I got someone on the internet to say I was right... I may retire 😉
  12. Still better than the Dolphins, Skins, and Bungles.... and he's still in the NFL... That was the point, your hyperbole about his lack of skills are obviously not shared in NFL circles. Thanks for the input though.
  13. Hmmmm.... Giants signed LB Deone Bucannon. The 2014 first-round bust was waived by the Bucs 13 days ago. In theory, 27-year-old Bucannon brings versatility to a defense. In reality, he will probably begin as a healthy scratch and is unlikely to make it more than a few weeks in the Big Apple. SOURCE: Jordan Raanan on Twitter Oct 22, 2019, 4:14 PM ET
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