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  1. I’m down in Fredericksburg, maybe 50 miles away, and the rain held out. It was 80 degrees, so everyone was out with shorts and tshirts. It was nice. There were literally 100s of kids in my neighborhood. We didn’t have candy because we were taking our kids around the neighborhood
  2. If we go 11-5 with losses to Dallas, and Philly last week, that means we are 11-5, with a 9-3 conference record. Good luck missing out with that record. We’ve set ourselves up for tie breakers. Also, if your scenario came through, that also means we beat Cleveland. I haven’t looked it up, but that puts them at 6 losses, even if they win every other game. So we beat them. Tennessee, Jax, and Oakland have 4 losses already. We beat Tennessee. So remove them. That leaves Jax and Oakland, who can each only lose 1 more just to tie. Again, I don’t know what their conference record would be, but I imagine it would be worse. I just looked. Oakland has 2 conference losses already with KC and Houston. They play KC again. I assume that would be 3 losses. Jax also has 2 conference losses. They also have a game against Chargers, so one of those two would have to lose. And chargers are already at 5 losses I believe anyways. So basically, 11-5 is a lock at this point. The only way it wouldn’t be is if we beat the Cowboys, but lose to Browns instead. And even then, 8-4 conference record would still be tough to beat
  3. I still think KC is 2. Buffalo is between 3 to 5 for me. I think anyone could argue any of those positions. We have the 3rd best record (well tied for 2), so you can easily make the case for 3. I wanna see Allen cut down the bad plays. But my biggest issue on offense is the lack of scoring. I know our defense it great, and I know we move the ball pretty well, but those yards aren’t turning into points. When (or if for those who are pessimistic), then the sky’s the limit. Regardless, this is a playoff team, and not a “2017 Bills” playoff team. I think they can win in the playoffs. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost to Houston either. Either way, it’s gonna be a fun 2019-20!
  4. So last year, with the drafting of a QB and breaking the drought the year prior, it was the most stress free season I had witnessed. Wins and losses mattered, but the final season win loss record didn’t stress me out since we finally tasted the playoffs. Going into this season, I told everyone that I had the same feeling. All I cared about was Allen’s development, in hopes of it giving us hope that year 3 and beyond were more than just playoff chances, but actual playoff runs. I didn’t think I’d get stressed and would still care more about Allen’s development than win loss outcome. Here we are, at 3-1, and that’s gone out the window. I am excited and nervous because 4-1 with this team and this schedule would set us up nicely for double digit wins, which we haven’t seen in 20 years. We need this game. To me, it has the feel of a playoff game, with full knowledge that it’s just one game in a 16 game season. Our season can turn on this one game. Not to overlook opponents, but 4-1 should turn into 5-1, setting us up nicely for 6-2 at worse. We haven’t won 6 in first 10 games in 20 years either. We need this. Let’s go!!!!
  5. I just have a hard time believing this. I have seen this posted a couple times, yet there’s never a link to any audio. I doubt this is true
  6. 0-3 points most halfs? I’m confused too. Didn’t we have 14 last week and 21 week 2? If so, then it’s not most, it’s equal.
  7. Maybe it’s the song but that was awesome.
  8. I use an Apple TV and have 200mps internet. It’s flawless for me. Been using it since 2015. The first year was the worst as I used a chromecast. Decided to use appletv the following season because I could download the app on it, unlike the first generation where I’d have to cast it to the Apple TV.
  9. Maybe Matt Schaub as honorable mention for a few seasons
  10. To anyone that thinks our WRs are set (I like them), green would still be a great addition. I liken our group to Seattle of the past few years. Sure, they had Baldwin, and he was their go to guy and even put up 14 TDS in a season, but you wouldn’t consider him a true #1 would you? Like Baldwin, I think brown can put up numbers, and likely will be pretty good. But he’s not an AJ Green type that we could definitely use.
  11. I think he declined a trade to buffalo in 2008, and the article I posted mentions that, as well as GB. Because the GB part of the deal fell through, KC kept him until he was a FA in the offseason, where he signed with Atlanta in 2009
  12. I remember hearing that. But keep in mind, when this happened, I believe it was the week before the Chargers game in 2008 with Trent Edwards, who looked pretty good at the time. So I don’t know if the issue was winning as we were 4-1 at that point I think. Maybe he just didn’t want to move further north? Edit- found this link. I guess it was between us and the packers, so I assume he just preferred GB. But it fell apart at the last second when KC upped their asking price to a 2nd https://thepowersweep.com/blog/packers-tight-end-tony-gonzalez-chiefs-2008-trade
  13. The thing is, nobody needs to stop talking about. It’s just ridiculous to make a thread acting like you’ve come up with some new idea, when in actuality, it’s been beaten to death. Everyone thinks this season hinges on Allen. Not just this site, but everyone everywhere Oh, and just typing Josh Allen into the search bar returns 233 pages of results, but nobody has discussed this topic. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/search/?&q=Josh allen&type=forums_topic&nodes=1&search_and_or=or&start_after=year
  14. Well here is a couple minutes of my life I’ll never get back. You seriously think nobody is talking about Allen, or his need to take the next step? This might just be the most absurd thing I’ve read in a long time.
  15. I’m shocked nobody has said you’re kids are more important than the Bills, so don’t worry about how to listen. Seriously though, I’d probably try and listen as well. I’m only kidding about the first sentence
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