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  1. I believe Romo lit up TB on thanksgiving one year
  2. Best in the league? He’s not even the best in his division (Barkley). And I’d take McCaffery over him all day as well. Elliott is good but he’s not best in the league good. My brother is die hard cowboys fan and he thinks Elliott is good but should have never been paid. He says Elliott has declined the last few years and his best trait is that he always goes forward. So he won’t get many 20 yard runs, but he will get the 4-5 yard runs and he’s always falling forward when he gets tackled. He doesn’t get pushed back or stopped in his tracks. So even a 2 yard run can gain 4 yards. Otherwise, he’s not making people miss and he doesn’t have breakaway speed
  3. Ed Oliver will be the first Bill to test positive for COVID 19
  4. I don’t have too much of a problem with the premise of this post. A lot of companies are experiencing loss this year. But how in the world do you even come across this? It’s like you searched for problems to criticize the owners, and post them here to cause panic or worry.
  5. So I live in Fredericksburg and work in DC. Traffic is a non-issue right now. What was normally a 2-2.5 hour commute is now 1:15. No need to bypass the beltway right now.
  6. I’m tore on this thought. Part of me agrees, but another part of me wants Brady to tear it up, showing it was more him than Belichick. Brady is gone, Belichick isn’t. I'd much rather have it have been Brady being the main reason for NEs success
  7. It’s funny because it’s worked out for him, but I swear I used to think the same thing about Robert Woods. I felt he was always stumbling after the catch.
  8. I drove up from VA with my brother who’s a Cowboys fan. Had great seats, the atmosphere was amazing, and the game was going perfectly. Even after the last TD, I thought ok, they still need 2. Then, they missed in what could’ve likely been called PI on Greer I think it was, and everyone was going nuts. Who would’ve thought they’d get the onside, the yardage they needed, and make 2 kicks. Seemed so unlikely. Needless to say, we left the game and I drove till about Erie, PA before I finally stopped for a hotel, and not one word was spoken until the next day. He knew if he were to say something, I probably would’ve left him on the side of 90 somewhere
  9. For anyone who doesn’t think it’s impressive, unless my math is wrong, that’s rough 33’ per second once at top speed. Someone who tops out at 21mph, it’s roughly 30.8’ per second. So he’s getting nearly 2.5’ of separation every second at top speed, or roughly a yard. If a play takes 2.5 seconds from snap to release, and another 3 seconds for the ball to get to the spot, if Diggs is at top speed by 3 seconds into the play, he would have what, roughly 2 yards separation from the corner on a go route?
  10. For Allen to win MVP, he’s going to need 35-40TDs combined, 4000 in the air, and 11 wins. He could do that, but TDs would be my biggest concern. I guess he did have 29 combined this year, so with Diggs and hopeful improvement, I guess that’s not a huge stretch.
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