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  1. The thing I don’t like about stuff like this is it’s impossible to account for what a player would have been in a different environment. I am pretty certain that some players will be great no matter where they go (Peyton Manning), but others you have to wonder if it would be the same. With Mahommes, he’s in a great spot with Reid as HC and speed at offensive positions that fit his style perfectly. Would Zay Jones, Robert Foster, and Clay match the production he got out of Hill, Kielce, and even Watkins? I doubt it. Would the production have been greater than what Allen produced, perhaps that is more likely. I dont know though. Mahommes was great this year and nobody can take that away. His stats will forever be logged in NFL record books and stat sheets. But thinking he’d put up 5,000 and 50 in our offense is probably a little naive. Bills fans will likely view this as the Manning/Brady debate. Is Brady as good or better than Manning, or is he a system guy? Is Mahommes better than Allen, or is he a system guy? Obviously Mahommes is better now, regardless of system, but if Allen is good down the road and throwing for 4200 and 35 TDS while Mahommes is throwing for 4500 and 40 TDS, who is better? We can never know that but I guess that’s a good problem to have debating if your team has the best qb in the league!
  2. Unrelated to foster, but how does pro football reference (who I like and use often) have mike Williams (#40) as playing for San Diego? I know I still mess that up but I don’t run a website.
  3. billsfan5121

    Brady says he plans to play in 2019 and beyond...

    I assume this has already been said in this thread, but i didn’t read it all. But I am at the point where I don’t even care if Brady retires. There was a day when I would just dream about the day the division was up for grabs because Brady was gone. But he looked so terrible this past week that I honestly don’t even view him as a threat anymore. That’s of course assuming we improve. But if you can’t beat the Patriots now, then I don’t think you’re much of a threat to any other team in the afc either.
  4. billsfan5121

    Josh Allen's progress

    It really doesn’t sound right, but in a way I can see how Allen’s velocity and ball placement could cause issues, resulting in more drops. I’m not talking about uncatchable passes, but those ones that are slightly off but would still constitute as a drop, whereas a Brees type of qb may have put it in the perfect spot
  5. billsfan5121

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    Not that all breaks are the same but I broke my fibula, surgery wasn’t needed, and I was walking again in the normal 6 weeks. I’m also not an athlete so I guess I just needed to walk, not run, hit, etc. Regardless, since Milano needed surgery, clearly his was worse. I hope he’s back for TC.
  6. billsfan5121

    What time of day do the playoff games start?

    Saturday games are 4:00 (4:30?) and late game at 8 sunday is standard 1:00 and 4:05 start time
  7. billsfan5121

    Worst injury you have ever had

    I had a standard crowbar. Unfortunately, it’s a drainage tank that was blocked, and I was by myself. Instead of hooking one end of the manhole cover and trying to pull it up, I put the crowbar in, raised it up enough to get my fingers in (done that many times before), and as soon as I went to lift up, the crowbar shifted and the cover came slamming down on my fingers. It was a pain I can’t even describe.
  8. billsfan5121

    Worst injury you have ever had

    I actually wrote about that happening to me earlier in this thread. Happened in September. Let me just say I feel awful for your coworker because that is brutal. Didn’t rip off any part of my finger, but it ripped the skin, requiring stitches on both sides of my middle finger and one side of my index finger. Fingernails fell off about a month ago (nearly 1.5 months after injury). They are slowly coming back. I think my nail bed is somewhat damaged, but it’s nothing I would consider fixing unless it somehow causes pain later.
  9. billsfan5121

    What does Josh Allen need to do in Bills last 6 games?

    Show growth. I’m not going to put a number on here like some have, some of which are great numbers for vets to achieve in 6 games, but just look like he belongs. Show signs. He can have down moments, but show flashes that we can point to that would suggest he can be a good/great one
  10. billsfan5121

    Do you drive in the left lane (fast lane) on highways?

    Not bad. I don’t know if there is any alternative to 95 to get to Richmond from there (97 in Baltimore to 50/301 to Richmond?) but I will say whenever I go to buffalo, I completely avoid 95 north to 270 and just take 17 to 66 to 81, hit some backroads for a bit till I get to Breezewood PA. 95 is such a joke down here and I don’t know if they will ever be able to fix it. A 60 mile drive can take 1.5 hours one day, then 3 hours the next. I’ve used navigation coming home just to get a rough estimate on time, and I’ll just watch that estimated time of arrival push back further and further. I’ll start with an ETA of 4:00, but won’t get home till 6:00.
  11. billsfan5121

    Do you drive in the left lane (fast lane) on highways?

    It is typically about 3:30 hours to Philly, from exit 130 (Fredericksburg), which is an hour north of Richmond, when leaving during a random time, like at night. For you to do that on a Sunday is amazing. Typically, it comes to a stop around mile marker 118 to 124 or so going north on Sunday, and 118 to 130 (12 miles) can take over an hour. Couple that with thanksgiving this week and you hit the jackpot somehow.
  12. For guys like Pryor, it’s probably a little easier when you’ve made a few million, assuming you’re smart with your money. For the bubble players in training camp, it’s gotta be much harder, but at the same time, they probably expect it’s a real possibility
  13. billsfan5121

    The Best Team in the NFL is......

    The rams are probably best, but I think losing to NO might essentially be the killer to their SB hopes. It’ll be tough if they have to go to NO in the playoffs