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  1. I live about 20 miles from Mineral in Fredericksburg. I was living in an apartment at the time and at first, I had no clue what was going on (why would I?). After a couple seconds, it hit me what it was. Shook pretty bad in the apartment. Sounded worse than it really was. Went outside and everyone was outside trying to figure out what just happened. Phones were dead too because I guess everyone started calling friends asking if they felt it.
  2. Does every white WR from any team have to go to NE to be the next Welker or Edelman? It’s such a lazy idea. The reality is, Sills will likely sit on the PS for a couple seasons, barely see playing time, get called up, and everyone will predict 7 catches for 95 and a TD. The real stat line will be 8 snaps, 0 targets.
  3. For me? I can’t cook. So I’ll go with whatever my wife makes
  4. I’ll be honest, this might be the most care free I have been in a long time. I have no clue if we will win 4 games or 14 games, but I’m willing to bet that it’s gonna be a fun ride regardless. One thing I’m confident in with Allen is that if he’s going to go down, he’s going down swinging. And that alone will be entertainment. And football is really just entertainment if you think about it. And after years of tyrod, Trent, etc, I’ll take the gunslinger who makes it fun over the play it safe qb.
  5. Well, I do agree with this. But technically, the 14-2 Jaguars in 1999 didn’t beat the 13-3 Titans, but still won the division. Definitely not relevant other than to say they didn’t beat the man (Titans), but something that I’ll always remember. They also lost to Tennessee in the playoffs that year, so they essentially went 14-3, or 15-3 depending on which playoff game, with all three losses being to titans.
  6. There are certainly many players that could work, but Davis has to be the guy. That’s embarrassing. I also think Trent Edwards belongs, if for nothing else, that 4th down play at the end of the Packers game in 2010. I don’t remember the details but I vaguely remember it being a 4th and long and he either threw it for a couple yards or ran out of bounds for a couple yards? Peterman did something similar vs the Bears last year. He will get nominated 100 times so I won’t bother
  7. I had directv and loved them until they screwed up an install. Switched to FIOS and it was great, but it was pretty expensive. I got into the streaming services and for me, I like PS Vue. I get the local channels, and pretty much every other channel someone would need like NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA, NHL, all the ESPNs, and then the obvious stuff like HGTV, TBS, TRU, and all the crap my wife likes such as BRAVO, E, Food Network, TLC, etc. You can DVR an unlimited amount of stuff, stream to any device, and it’s $49.95 per month. It has gone up from its original price of $34.95 I think it was, but I didn’t care too much since channels were added as well, with my local CBS being one of them at that time. I see internet mentioned here as well. I’m $80 a month for FIOS with 100mps download and upload. I stream flawlessly with 0 buffer or loading. I don’t really play video games anymore since I’m married with kids, but the times I do play, it’s also flawless with perfect connection. So I’m all in at $129.95 per month, which is $40 cheaper I think than FIOS internet and TV package. So you arent gonna save a ton, but enough to make it worth it. The $40 I save every month offsets the Sunday Ticket streaming I pay $100 yearly for. So I’m making out pretty good. I’m sure there’s cheaper ways of doing things, such as a $35 package with directv now, and having $50 internet, but I prefer to spend a little more and be happy and confident it all works.
  8. I tend to believe the grass is always greener. I also live in the mid-Atlantic, a little south of DC. In the winter, I always tell my wife “if I complain about the heat this summer, remind me of today.” In the summer, I say “if I complain about the cold, remind me of today.” Basically, I think everyone in the mid-Atlantic love Fall and Spring. We are just warm enough of a climate that 30 degrees sucks, and we are far enough south that 90 degree days with high humidity dominate the weather from late May to early September. We have such huge extremes. At this point, I think I’d prefer living somewhere where the weather doesn’t fluctuate as much, regardless of temperature. Like Florida. Is it hot, I guess (I truly believe June-August is hotter in VA), but it is nice not knowing what 30 degrees feels like (southern Florida especially). San Diego I think has little fluctuation if you can afford to live there and don’t mind wild fires and 10:00 Bills games Sunday mornings (perhaps the main reason I won’t move West).
  9. This may have been said, but if anyone thinks this is just “another guy” kind of thing, his death is literally on the home page of NFL.com.
  10. To anyone who is worried about 700 college carries, I’d ask this...... Are you one of the ones who say RBs are a dime a dozen, and you should never pay big $ for a RB? If so, who cares if he had 700 carries? If you feel this way, then don’t we only need him for 4 seasons, not 10?
  11. My mom did this as well. Got a home warranty, thought she got a great deal, and then gets the runaround every time something happens. Her AC went out, middle of July here in VA. Her house got up to 90 degrees inside. Took over a month, and her ending up replacing it herself. That company is worthless. It was also supposed to cover appliances. Her microwave over the stove went out. They did give her $180 for a new one, which $180 will buy the bottom of the barrel version, but what about installation? Lucky for her, I know how to do that kind of work, so I did it. Otherwise, she would’ve lost money there too. Home warranties are an absolute joke and you will get nothing but the runaround with them.
  12. I would vote McBeane. I can’t stand that name. I don’t know why. I can’t believe that name was used and actually stuck.
  13. To me, I read this and think this is why he didn’t take DK, a guy who tested well but had a lot of questions regarding football. Beane is basically saying if he misses on a guy who produced in college, it happens, but when you miss on a guy who didn’t really produce, then you really look bad. PS- I wanted DK so I’m not trying to knock him. Just sounds like this is why he wasn’t on our radar
  14. How about Ed Allover your quarterback. I’ll see myself out
  15. I’ll agree, you’re in need of help! 👍
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