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  1. If next years second round will have more talent than this years second, why in the world would we trade a first (which if the 2nd round is stacked, wouldn’t the 1st be even better) next year to draft in a “light” second round this year? You basically are saying you want to move up in an already weak class.
  2. I can see this. And the narrative is Belichick intentionally waited for the 2021 class to get his guy (sort of like how we passed on 2017 for 2018) instead of settling for someone in 2020 draft.
  3. The best part about this is we finally shouldn’t care if we have the best RB. For years it’s like we wanted the best. Sure, it would be a nice supplement to our passing game now, but as last year proved, we don’t really even need it to be good.
  4. The one thing I hope we come out of the draft with is a new starting QB. Allen had 21 dropped INTs, and that’s unacceptable. In reality though, I hope we come out with an impact starting player. No clue who that is as I did not watch much college, and have paid less attention to the draft this year as any other year I can remember.
  5. Thank you. To me, it’s almost like the thought is, “the vaccine isn’t mandatory, but you’re just not allowed to do anything if you don’t get it.” I will stay out of politics, because this isn’t the place for it. But there are some who don’t want to get it because it’s literally 14 months in the making. My biggest contention with it all is how can anyone say it’s effective and works, but then those who are vaccinated still have to live life the same way as those who aren’t? If it’s because they can still carry it, well isn’t that the problem of those who CHOSE not to get i
  6. Yeah, but all of his Baltimore production was with Flacco. So I get what he’s saying.
  7. Mark Anderson. Great rookie year, then nothing till NE (of course). https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/A/AndeMa21.htm Also, how about Mike Furrey. One good season with Detroit in 2006, ok 2007, and nothing Steven Ridley comes to mind as well. Robert Edwards, although that was injury.
  8. I wonder how many new fans we’ll get for this?
  9. So I can’t speak to what happened to Foster in 2019, but one thing I’ve thought about is isn’t it interesting that everyone Allen has played with has had their best years with him, even going back to his rookie season? Foster, Beasley, Brown (had a similar year with Arizona), Diggs, Zay Jones. Basically, guys like Brady and Rodgers have always made those around them better. I wonder if we are seeing a little of that already with Allen.
  10. Yeah, I don’t get that argument. If you want to argue that Ertz isn’t good, go for it. But if you think more weapons won’t help, I don’t know what to say. Look at TB. It’s not as if all their receivers had 1000 yards. But the point of all their weapons is you don’t know who to plan against. Double Godwin, Evans has a big day. Double Evans, Godwin goes off. Try to take away both, Miller or Brown step up. Here, I’d say we are doing really well as far as weapons go. But we can be better. Maybe it’s a better receiving threat out of the backfield. Maybe it is a TE. Maybe it’s more speed or mor
  11. Maybe it’s silly, but for 2 years now, I was eying 2021 as the year to make a big jump and win 12 to 13 games, since we knew 14 of the 16 games. It has seemed like the easiest year in a long time to me. However, what I never expected was for us to win 13 this year, mainly based on the schedule. I thought we could win 9 or 10, and still be much better than 2019 despite the win total. So who knows how we’ll do in 2021 as we are certainly further ahead than I would’ve thought. But at the same time, we all know that a schedule that looks easy beforehand doesn’t necessarily translate to
  12. This is where I am. It’s not so much that they beat us as it is the Mahomes is the greatest ever hype. I get it, he’s young and has been amazing. But this is Brady’s 10th SB. Mahomes would need to keep up what he’s done so far for another 12-15 years before he is Brady. While it may seem like that’s what will happen, 12 to 15 years is way too many to project. So I hope Brady destroys them if I were being honest.
  13. Definitely true as Tennessee can go 12-4 and Pitt 13-3 if they both win out
  14. Guess who’s getting a kidney? yes, I have listened to a lot of WGR and that commercial drives me insane
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