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  1. I was in college for 2014-2017 season. It verifies instantly because I got my Masters in May of 2018, and by August, I was already ineligible. So for 2018, I used my younger brothers college info. It was tricky, and I don’t remember why. I think it had something to do with using my card, and my ZIP code maybe? I don’t remember. Anyways, I remember it worked when I did it through PayPal. Again, I don’t remember the details of why it didn’t work easily, or if it was user error, but I just remember that PayPal worked.
  2. This may have been said, but if anyone thinks this is just “another guy” kind of thing, his death is literally on the home page of NFL.com.
  3. To anyone who is worried about 700 college carries, I’d ask this...... Are you one of the ones who say RBs are a dime a dozen, and you should never pay big $ for a RB? If so, who cares if he had 700 carries? If you feel this way, then don’t we only need him for 4 seasons, not 10?
  4. My mom did this as well. Got a home warranty, thought she got a great deal, and then gets the runaround every time something happens. Her AC went out, middle of July here in VA. Her house got up to 90 degrees inside. Took over a month, and her ending up replacing it herself. That company is worthless. It was also supposed to cover appliances. Her microwave over the stove went out. They did give her $180 for a new one, which $180 will buy the bottom of the barrel version, but what about installation? Lucky for her, I know how to do that kind of work, so I did it. Otherwise, she would’ve lost money there too. Home warranties are an absolute joke and you will get nothing but the runaround with them.
  5. I would vote McBeane. I can’t stand that name. I don’t know why. I can’t believe that name was used and actually stuck.
  6. To me, I read this and think this is why he didn’t take DK, a guy who tested well but had a lot of questions regarding football. Beane is basically saying if he misses on a guy who produced in college, it happens, but when you miss on a guy who didn’t really produce, then you really look bad. PS- I wanted DK so I’m not trying to knock him. Just sounds like this is why he wasn’t on our radar
  7. How about Ed Allover your quarterback. I’ll see myself out
  8. I’ll agree, you’re in need of help! 👍
  9. I watched the draft with my one of my brothers, a die hard SF fan. He said something along the lines of the 49ers met with Metcalf, and there was some sort of verbal argument or something. I know nothing about this, other than him saying the 49ers will not be drafting him because it a verbal altercation edit: I did a quick search and found this article that doesn’t have details, but mentions something about the interview and DK learning a lesson from it. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/what-dk-metcalf-learned-49ers-interview-nfl-scouting-combine
  10. Excuse my ignorance here, but is that really Kingsbury? I only ask because I thought it was hilarious that the tv in the background showed Murray (I assume it was him), and he also says Josh is an “NFL QB.”
  11. Anywhere near Fredericksburg? I’m thinking of going to a game and can’t decide if I wanna do richmond or DC?
  12. I don’t remember but did they change the Thanksgiving rules (if Lions play NFC, Dallas plays AFC)? If that’s the case, unless Miami gets 4 straight road games, we will be Thanksgiving.
  13. As someone pointed out, that’s following the dolphins schedule for anyone who wants a Thanksgiving game.
  14. For anyone hoping for Thanksgiving, I noticed Miami is @Cle week 12, @NYJ week 14, and @NYG week 15. No chance they are getting 4 straight road games (Thanksgiving week 13)
  15. Somebody may have already said this as I haven’t read every post, but...... Lets remember that last year, they took the QB with all the tools, the highest upside, but perhaps the rawest of all QBs coming out. To me, that means they are not afraid to draft high potential early in the draft. If they were willing to do that with the most important position in sports, I see no reason they wouldn’t be willing to do it here. Do I think it will happen? Beats me. I don’t have sources. I don’t really follow college football much. But from what we know from last year, I couldn’t say I’d be surprised if they swing for the huge upside, even with the bust potential.
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