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  1. That could probably still be true. Maybe they were upset because they thought the Jets could take Allen? I’d have to assume if they were that much more in love with Darnold than Allen, they could’ve made the move to 2 to ensure they got him.
  2. billsfan5121

    Found on youtube. Best plays of 2018

    Here’s something I noticed. When the video is over, the 2017 version pops up. I went ahead and watched it. Anyways, I know Allen isn’t a finished product. I know the offense struggled at times in 2018. I know it’s all a work in progress. But now to my point. Unless I missed it, does everyone realize that our first offensive TD in the first quarter of a game in a playoff season came in Week 11 against the Chargers with Peterman starting? Taylor led an offensive TD drive in the first quarter the week after against KC. But it took 10 games to score a TD in the first quarter. It’s a miracle we made the playoffs and it’s no wonder we moved on from Taylor. I don’t dislike Taylor because he led the one playoff season in my adult life (I’m 37 now), but in today’s NFL, that is awful. Edit- I just looked it up and this is all correct. We also did it twice more, once in each Miami game. So 4 1st quarter TDs all season.
  3. billsfan5121

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    This play you reference is probably my favorite play of the season. It is this one, or the back shoulder to foster down the field against the Jets, or the back shoulder TD to foster the last game of the year. To me, those are throws that a buffalo qb hasn’t made in forever.
  4. billsfan5121

    Bills one of 6 teams in on Leveon Bell

    It’s funny, I didn’t even care or think about Bell all offseason, then I see this thread and I can’t stop following it waiting for an update. I went from not even considering or wanting him to now I do want him.
  5. billsfan5121

    Can teams void a trade if a player refuses to report?

    This would be tough because if brown sat out the year, what would happen to the pick the Steelers made with the traded asset? I guess technically the trade could maybe have language that says something about buffalo getting Pitts 1st in 2020 if Brown doesn’t report, and Pitt gets his contract back and rights back?
  6. This is exactly right. I couldn’t imagine (I was too young to understand the business side of football) that the late 80s to early 90s Bills teams would’ve had a problem luring top talent to put them over the top. Again, I was younger back then, so maybe there’s an example of that happening (a player refusing to come here). Im talking after Kelly and the Bills as a whole were established.
  7. billsfan5121

    What really happened: Beane trolled the Steelers and AB

    Or, Beane saw an elite talent available at a huge position of need. AB doesn’t want to come here. Deal falls through. Unfortunately, that’s like what happened. BUT, I will say this. I do not fault Beane one bit for this. He saw an opportunity to land a top talent and he tried. There is absolutely nothing to be upset about regarding Beane. If we are going to be upset, we have two options here..... 1: Be upset with Brown (this is where I am). I think it’s ridiculous that a guy doesn’t want to play with a HOF QB, a winning franchise, then gets his chance to leave town and he turns it down. 2: Be upset at Rapaport for breaking the story before it was a done deal. If a trade was in the works and it was never reported (unlikely to ever happen this way in this day and age), we wouldn’t have woken up to numerous tweets and posts about buffalo being a terrible place to play and live.
  8. billsfan5121

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    Fair enough. It’s not like I know the guy but I just assume as a competitor, if I can see certain milestones staring him in the face, he sees those same milestones. If you think you can play, and you have something big in front of you, you go for it. That’s all I’m saying. So many of us have already brought up 4 straight Super Bowls. It’s frequently been said that it’ll never happen again. He has a shot to prove everyone wrong. If I were him, I’d go for it Also, I’m sure he’s second fiddle anyways, but I’m sure he’ll get paid in retirement all the backpay he is entitled to for circumventing the salary cap with his “team friendly” deals!
  9. billsfan5121

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    If he didn’t still care, he wouldn’t still be playing. He hasn’t had anything to prove in what, 5 years? He was a first ballot HOFer if he retired in 2014. So why play the last few seasons? He wants to keep adding to his legacy.
  10. billsfan5121

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    I get that he doesn’t have anything else to prove, but there are always achievements to be had. 1: Most team SB wins- 6 He could beat the Steelers on his own. 2: Most consecutive SB appearances- 4 He could tie that next season. 3: He already has the record but he could appear in his 10th SB next season. Really, we could go on and on. Career passing yardage (though Brees would likely keep him from that). The only glimmer of hope is he has been to the SB over 50% of his career. If he misses next year, he’d have to go the following year, and the year after that I think? But I believe the ability to go to 4 would be more important than losing the going to the SB >50% stat.
  11. The thing I don’t like about stuff like this is it’s impossible to account for what a player would have been in a different environment. I am pretty certain that some players will be great no matter where they go (Peyton Manning), but others you have to wonder if it would be the same. With Mahommes, he’s in a great spot with Reid as HC and speed at offensive positions that fit his style perfectly. Would Zay Jones, Robert Foster, and Clay match the production he got out of Hill, Kielce, and even Watkins? I doubt it. Would the production have been greater than what Allen produced, perhaps that is more likely. I dont know though. Mahommes was great this year and nobody can take that away. His stats will forever be logged in NFL record books and stat sheets. But thinking he’d put up 5,000 and 50 in our offense is probably a little naive. Bills fans will likely view this as the Manning/Brady debate. Is Brady as good or better than Manning, or is he a system guy? Is Mahommes better than Allen, or is he a system guy? Obviously Mahommes is better now, regardless of system, but if Allen is good down the road and throwing for 4200 and 35 TDS while Mahommes is throwing for 4500 and 40 TDS, who is better? We can never know that but I guess that’s a good problem to have debating if your team has the best qb in the league!
  12. Unrelated to foster, but how does pro football reference (who I like and use often) have mike Williams (#40) as playing for San Diego? I know I still mess that up but I don’t run a website.
  13. billsfan5121

    Brady says he plans to play in 2019 and beyond...

    I assume this has already been said in this thread, but i didn’t read it all. But I am at the point where I don’t even care if Brady retires. There was a day when I would just dream about the day the division was up for grabs because Brady was gone. But he looked so terrible this past week that I honestly don’t even view him as a threat anymore. That’s of course assuming we improve. But if you can’t beat the Patriots now, then I don’t think you’re much of a threat to any other team in the afc either.