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  1. If we upset the Ravens only to lose in Pittsburgh the next week that would suck but 10-6 would be fine.
  2. The best part of the game, and the uncharacteristic part showing maybe McD is learning, is that at 30-20 we stayed aggressive. He played for the jugular until it was 37-20 which is exactly what a team like the Pats or KC or the Ravens would do. We need to play this way to gain confidence or be more than a 1 and done playoff team.
  3. McD to Daboll over headset...I know we have great fields position so how about Gore up the middle on first and second down ok?
  4. But it may soon be a one score game. Great teams keep playing their game. Good teams worry about losing when they are ahead.
  5. McD play with the lead offense is back..Run Gore left , run Gore Middle. Swing pass. punt. Let’s play to eek out another 6 point win... Might as well turn on the Houston v Ravens game.....
  6. No what is important is there are 21 minutes left in the game and good teams continue to balance there offense. McD will run Gore up the middle every first and second down for the remainder of the game because we have a lead. He needs to keep playing like we are in control not like we are afraid to lose. By your reaction you must be afraid to lose as well.
  7. The only bad thing about this game is we still won’t get our 300 yard passing game because now we will go into tortoise offensive mode AKA “the McD Rope a Dope”
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