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  1. CAMP SCHEDULE....... - since I was wondering and this was in the athletic..... Instead, Bills players will spend the next eight days doing strength and conditioning workouts. The team can do 60 minutes of weight-room work and 60 minutes of on-field conditioning per day, but it cannot conduct conditioning tests. Teams can also do 60-minute walk-throughs for the first four days and 75-minute walk-throughs on the last four days of the conditioning period. The “ramp-up period” will run from Aug. 12-16. That’s when teams can start with a 90-minute, non-padded practice and increase the duration of those practices by 15 minutes per day. On Aug. 14 and 16, players can have helmets and shells on, but no live contact is permitted. From Aug. 17-Sept. 6, teams can have 14 padded practices. That schedule, which includes no preseason games, presents a challenge for coaches.
  2. Ok just curious where you determined your info saying there is “zero evidence about healthy young 300lb guys being susceptible? I trust that guys that are wealthy and have millions at risk have access to some really great medical opinions regarding risk to their health that are better than the anecdotal stuff you find on the internet. I also know that the NFL mega corporation would want to discourage the players from opting out in general because less players hurt the game’s quality. So these opinions are coming from private doctors who aren’t influenced by the NFL steering these guys toward a decision. So these doctors are telling them there is a risk. Just because some kid is young and in shape doesn’t mean a disease can’t get them really sick and jeopardize their future. They also have to consider they may pass that disease to their spouse or children who may not be as healthy as they are. These players are people. They are not indestructible video game avatars.
  3. These are all reasonable points. I also think he is right when he says college football has no right to have these kids playing when they aren’t being compensated and without a union to protect them. He is spot on there. I know it’s fun to watch on TV but they are still kids and they are being abused for profit. They get all the risk and none of the reward. It’s not just the short term Covid for those kids it’s also the long term heart damage and various other organ issues that these kids will have later in life. I 100% doubt we get a full season in too. I would like to see a poll on what the TBD community thinks the season length will be. I think expecting a 16 game season with the cases skyrocketing is a pipe dream but one can hope. I figure even getting in 12-14 games would be an achievement for the NFL.
  4. At first I’m thinking you meant Frank Winters because he’s the only decent Winters to play in their league. Let’s just say I would take 54 year old Frank Winters over 27 year old Brian Winters. Pass...
  5. I am surprised no one asked when we might see a first day of players in any form of pads. Has any one heard ? Since this is not your typical CAMP have they even released a press briefing schedule for the next few weeks? I am interested in when we will see some actual football content. It’s weird because without having the public practices we have no content to discuss other than what they are willing to let the media see. I hope they have a few basic blue white scrimmages that are also aired.
  6. Even if he agreed of had a new deal they wouldn’t have put up with his crap for long.
  7. After we clinched an AFC east title game against Marino and the Phins (not sure which year but Reich was playing and Kelly was hurt), someone blocked the exit for the team buses. So the Phins and the equipment buses had to zig through the public lots to get out. Everyone decorated the player buses with Bills flags, beads , paint, etc on the way out. I remember it vividly because it took a looong time for them to get through. Tim McKyer pulled his window open and said “you are some crazy MF’ers!!!” I want to remember him flashing his 49er SB rings but I think that might be me embellishing in my brain.
  8. So had he actually signed here, would he have lasted 3 or more weeks in this culture without being dumped? No.
  9. Not correct. I made statements based on my knowledge of facts. I didn’t provide links but neither did you. Here is the link in the documentary which not only details the Georgia fraudulent election but also how easy it is to hack an election with current tech and no backup paper details. It The HBO documentary is called Kill Chain https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/kill-chain-the-cyber-war-on-americas-elections Where are the Trumper ”facts” that’s voting is fraudulent for mail-in? (hint: there are none) I am a drive by poster in the Politics section. I can’t believe that people won’t allow mail in ballots in the time of COVID. To me it seems like the cases are going up again and this is a decision to suppress voting , if people are scared to go out. I realize that we won’t ever agree on politics and that’s what voting is for. I use Twitter and other social media to discuss in depth politics because this isn’t the forum for politics. I’ll go back to discussing who our starting CB2 should be since that is why I come to a Bills forum anyway..
  10. Please describe the current trade deal changes with China ...I’m all ears in what it actually does for us. I am involved with a company that does international trade and would like you learned take on it from your “sources.”
  11. Sorry but driving the debt from 19 billion to 25 billion in 3 years will not drive jobs and was never a “conservative” taking point either. Every Trumper argument ends in making a joke because you have no agenda. The problem is Trumpers only think they are conservative because that is what Trump and Faux news tells them they are. True conservatives know Trump was never a conservative. The red hats and flag hugs won’t bring your jobs back. Neither will running up huge deficits. Neither will these smoke and mirrors trade deals that Trump touts.
  12. I came to my teams football site to read about football, which I will go back to. I already know my intellectual and economic superiority to the Breitbart knuckledraggers who read Trump tweets like they are wisdom. I used to vote for the GOP when it actually stood for something, but I have enough common sense and moral character to understand that the reality TV host carnival barker in the white house is running this ship into an iceberg. His decisions will take decades to fix.
  13. I know it’s so horrible that people in Europe start out with 5 weeks paid vacation...... I am so glad I had to work 30 years to earn what they get on day 1. We need I get over ourselves. We have some great things in the US but we are arrogant and we need to improve or get out the way. What worked 5o years ago doesn’t work now.
  14. Sorry sorry dude..not a lib. In fact voted straight GOP until Trump.
  15. Having a real conversation of facts with a Trumper is like playing chess with a pigeon. I move my rook, the pigeon lands on the board, kicks over pieces, craps , and then struts around like it won....
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