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  1. I would love to see the methods some of these guys use. How does someone write for SI and consistently give teams certain records and then in the commentary say he is probably under or overvaluing them? Either have convictions about your picks and your methods or find another line of work. This is what is wrong with the new wave of sports journalism. Its short on real content.
  2. A dynasty is never built by one individual, its a core group which includes management, coaching, and key players.
  3. Richie punching holes in his 90 year old grandma's walls...this guy is a head case.
  4. Honestly, today's NFL lineman and LBs are so much bigger and faster now that Flutie would be injured all the time after taking hits. Let's not kid ourselves. The game he played required him to be much more elusive than the defense. I don't know that he would be anymore.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. The great thing about Josh is he has his own style. Joe Montana and Peyton Manning didn't really fit a predecessor style. They just were who they were. Not saying Josh will ever be that good though.
  6. a) It all rests on Allen's improvement b) let's see what injuries we get before the season c) We really need to win the first 3 games if we are going to shoot for a 9-10 in season.
  7. Kickers/Punter rarely get contact. Its more concerning about key players like the QB.
  8. Hal Garner, special teamer, at Chestnut ridge park in 88. Super nice guy and so was his family. Sad thing is many years later I had heard he has fought some mental health issues beyond the physical issues from the hits.
  9. I just don't get this whole thread.......Trump acts like a crazed 8 year old in the media, calls people names like a school yard kid and then gets mad when the media calls him out on it??? In a normal work environment he would be fired based on behavior. In a normal public company he would be fired as CEO by a board for his inability to communicate effectively and his behaviors. Not sure why anyone thinks he is being persecuted. It's obviously his language. He isn't being funny, he just being mean so he gets called out for it. If he stuck to his policies, he might actually get more praise.
  10. NFL Players bodies can't take an 18 game season. You would need 70 man rosters. I love watching games, so as a fan I am all for it, but right now many teams can barely stay healthy for 16. The roster expansion would be key. I really don't think the players association should vote against increasing the season by 10% if you added 30% more jobs. I do question how much small market cities like Buffalo would have to jack up its prices to pay for that though....
  11. It could be as simple as 2 wins in one season this year over New England plus a winning record to get him a 2-3 year extension. The onus isn't just on showing we will be winners, its on showing we are the heir apparent to the division.
  12. As a Moderate Ex-Republican ( a party that doesn't exist under spend freely, no morals Trump), I fear both Trump getting elected or a Far lefty getting elected as a knee jerk reaction to his craziness. Either way he has managed to screw the country just as Putin has intended. Bravo!!!! My net taxes have gone up federally, my earnings have stagnated, my employer is cutting people even though they are getting my tax money for free, my friends are losing their jobs and the jobs they are getting in return pay less. The only Fake news is the "excellent economy" theory. If I hadn't been investing wisely I would be pissed. The market is primed for a major collapse because (*^*&%^$^#just thinks threatening every major trading partner like he did with his private company is good business. Its not. If Trump ran a public company, he would have been fired long ago. I can't believe so many people buy his bull####. He is the pro wrestler of politicians, just yells ***** and everyone yells it back like its a fact..... SAAAADDDDD
  13. I would prefer we become the 6th most FIRST DOWN decision making team....
  14. PFF also accounts for things like missed tackle, blown assignments/coverages. That doesn't show up on a generic stat line. Pro bowl voting is like a beauty contest, it literally means nothing and once you go, you often keep going based on name alone. This board has plenty of threads every year with people clamoring for "names" of free agents just because we have heard of them not because anyone really watches the details about how they play....
  15. Lawson would need to provide a much improved pass rush to warrant anything more than 2 years $10million total from me and that would need to have the standard one year $ guarantee so we could walk quickly. He just hasn’t impressed enough to show any confidence in any long term deal.
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