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  1. Gabe is not a burner but neither was James Lofton. It’s all about those long strides. It’s deceiving how much ground they cover on deep passes. Big difference versus a smurf with short arms. I think Gabe had a shot on that catch.
  2. I hate any pass play that has only 1 receiver in a pattern. What an awful design.
  3. One item missing here is our whole offense is based on option routes so when you cross up the receivers you also mess up the timing and QB. They can also call non-option route plays to stop this indecision as I think Daboll may be exposed as someone who goes to these routes almost exclusively. Are you telling me that we field 3 all pro receivers who can’t get open on basic route trees?
  4. Putting any restrictions on Sabres games ought to keep their crowds down to about 700 per game to see that sh&$show.
  5. I agree that Sanders was not in sync yet with this offense. On the bomb he is open but also not fast enough to the ball. That’s a TD if it was Brown or even Gabe.
  6. Why do you need to try 2 fakes a year from a guy on his knees when you have a money kicker capable of scoring from 55 yards out all game long.
  7. Multiple Lamar fumbles… good thing he isn’t the Bills QB or there would be 11 threads about impending season long doom about it tomorrow.
  8. Nick Wright is the PeeWee Herman of commentators. He isn’t even athletic enough to run onto the field to fetch the tee after kickoff.
  9. You mean like when they got to the Super Bowl as a wild card and then barely won the wild card game because Houston choked on a 32 point lead ? Like that year, only winning the SB? A SB win is all that matters.
  10. I like your 24 hour rule. I do the same. Reactions can be based on emotion and not objective review. I remember Jim Kelly often being told to get out of town for years during any loss week during our 4 SB years so I ignore the Josh doomsayers. Anytime a QB has an average game they will be branded a flop in Buffalo because we are conditioned to believe our QB sucks. The reality is this team may go 3-2 or even 2-3 to start the year and still go 8-2 or 7-3 for the first 10. It’s a long season.
  11. Miami is still Miami. Pats outplayed them and moved the ball up and down the field on them with a conservative offense. They only lost because of turnovers and poor red zone play. Miami has a weak offensive line and Tua should not have time to throw. Play fast on offense and we win this game by 10.
  12. Run / pass % is a dumb stat. It means nothing. You can put up 28 in a half throwing and then run the whole 2nd half and look like a balanced team.
  13. This was it in a nutshell. Play to your strengths. Daboll getting cute on short yardage. McDermott going for 4th and 8 when he has a guy who can kick the 52 yarder and a lead, Josh looking deep all game long because they told him they need to hit more big plays when there were guys open at 10 yards all game, getting a blocked punt, a one man pattern on a flea flicker, running Sanders as your deep threat instead of Davis or Diggs, putting 39 on an island when they can’t run the ball on you. All are coaching impacted. This not only played mediocre but it’s coaching staff looked amateurish yesterday. I am so sick of hearing how Daboll spent 60 hour weeks all summer working on how to counteract what teams would be doing to stop us. Just play our game, like KC plays their game, and make someone prove they can stop you. Don’t change your game trying to be cute.
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