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  1. Until you watch his lazy route running. He does banana routes instead of hard cuts.
  2. Sternberger was a turd trying to catch anything. No thanks on that idea.
  3. He didn’t sell his route. The guy knew exactly where the ball was joking I played WR, did you? If you think he had 3 yards of separation against some nobody then I think you have beer goggles already.
  4. Hi, I’m Gabe Davis. I have two speeds slow and slower. My cuts are so lazy my pop Warner coach is yelling at the screen.
  5. Now maybe he will learn some new terms like “blitz” and “man coverage”
  6. I don’t get the hype with Queen. He gets washed all the time and you rarely see him make some play against the passing game.
  7. The first time I truly remember RJ was as a kid listening in my bedroom to Rick Martin’s 50th goal. I always wanted to listen to him over Darling once cable hit.
  8. Did anyone see the Rodgers cap hit got pushed to ‘24 and per CBSSporstline it’s ONE HUNDRED SEVEN MILLION for that year!!! Wow, they will be forced into eating $ on him for years.
  9. The Bills will make 2 trades in the first 2 rounds. Down in round one, and up in round 2.
  10. Way off base with what you thought I meant. I don’t dislike the coverage aspect. I don’t care about being outdoors or under cover. Look at how nice the roofing is at Tottenham (braces and outcropping) and then look at the drawing for Buffalo. Don’t build a spectacular outside facade only to have the roof look like an afterthought.
  11. DHop will be a Bill Friday. The Cards want a 2nd so they may wait it out until that round is completed. We offer next year’s 3rd that we get for Tremaine and maybe a 6th rounder this year in exchange for them eating some of DHops salary.
  12. I think that next year’s 3rd could be used on Hopkins after the 2nd round completes this year. The Cards want a 2nd rounder but I don’t think anyone will give it to them. Bills jump in with next year’s 3rd and still get Cards to eat some of his contract. If we don’t get our top WR pick in round 1, this is a big possibility IMO.
  13. Surprised these are leaked but I am still disappointed in the poor roofline. It just seems cheap looking in the initial pictures compared to Tottenham. I also still am shocked there is not a waterfall somewhere as an homage to Niagara Falls.
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