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  1. So much for “defense travels”....if we are going to compete for SB in the near future we need at least 2 new major offensive weapons.
  2. Actually watching the playoffs it shows me we need at least 2 more playmaker which we already knew.....
  3. After the two picks spent on TE + Kroft they are definitely not looking for TEs this year. No Tampa is never trading us Mike Evans.
  4. Miami should give up the home game because no one would notice.
  5. Poor guy. Best LB of this generation having to hang it up early. Second worse off guy is McCaffrey wasting that limited RB prime is what will become a crappy Panther wasteland.
  6. Money aside ....add Cooper and Clowney and we would be a badA$$ team....
  7. My problem is that he played in a weak conference.only 25% of his catches came against top 25 teams. Anyone can bowl over dbs from Colorado State. So I would take Higgins over him due to size and quality of competition.
  8. I was a Conklin fan until I heard he has had 2 knee surgeries and that they have had to give him help. That tells me he will get overpaid and yet not last long. Pass please.
  9. See even KC has first possessions in the 1st qtr where they waste a timeout, then their all pro drops a third down easy pass, and then they give up a punt block for 7....
  10. I agree that Lamb will fall past 15 but not past us. No way Jeudy does.
  11. Not if you sign a top tier FA and draft a 2nd round guy to replace Jerry. Then you solely keep Murphy because you only need him for one year and that is the end of his contract. I would guess Shaq woundn’t sign anything less than 3 years and if he isn’t going to be a long term starter than I don’t want to give him that $. I agree Shaq is better than Murphy but I am assuming that they would prefer to sign a Top FA and use picks to replace Jerry. Shaq isn’t good enough to be out top pass rusher and this draft class isn’t going to yield one in round 2 so I assume we have to snag one in FA.
  12. My biggest take away was how different our red zone ability was from the first half of the season to the 2nd half of the season. Once teams saw our jet sweeps and Josh runs and clamped then down they realized we didn’t really run well inside the 10. Coming into the year I figured that was where Gore would help the most. He didn’t. It is why we need a bartering ram back in the draft.
  13. Pretty well thought out but I would kill myself before giving Foster $2.75 million and McKenIe can be tendered much lower as well. So I think your cap dollars will actually have more room in the end. I would prefer they stay away from 1 year RT And WR deals because those are positions of weakness. All and all pretty good effort!!
  14. Even Chris Kelsey had a 5.5 sack year and he had 60 tackles. Sorry but overpaying this guy would be a major mistake. 7.5 per is my max or he can walk. If he signs that then I am dumping Murphy. If he doesn’t sign we keep Murphy 1 more year. We are gonna draft a DE and we have a ton of cap room to get a premier DE to replace Jerry anyway.
  15. When you look at the highlight reels on YouTube Shenault doesn’t look that big and sorry but that conference is weak. Scoring on Colorado State doesn’t exactly wow anyone. Higgins looks like James Lofton. Length and power. Perfect fit. I would trade up for Higgins or Lamb if either get to the late teens.
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