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  1. Agreed. something of this nature should not be posted unless there is a source to go with it. It might be true, but shouldn't be here posted as a fact without a source.
  2. I don't mind Tasker. I don't think he is great but I find very little about him to not like. Glab...wow, where to go. It seems she is a nice person. She seems to work hard at what she does and seems to to her research. I think she is great as the person to do quick TV or video spots interviewing players and the like..BUT, I have a hard time with her on a radio show like this. It isn't her fault, but her voice is just very hard to listen to for anything more than a minute or two...and her personality, while fun, is more suited to a goofy morning drive-time radio talk show than it is a show like this. I hope she keeps her job with the Bills, does sideline stuff, video segments...and is on call for EMERGENCY fill ins for the radio show, but the full time 12-3pm show isn't a good permanent gig for her.
  3. After all the stuff this guy has done, why isn't he just banned from the NFL totally, or given a 2 year ban. By banning him less than a full season, all you are doing it having him put himself back in the news and cause trouble every year. I'm all for giving people 2nd and even 3rd chances...but not much beyond that...and not ANYMORE beyond that when they use the media to always come after you (not to mention always seeming to be in trouble with the law.) The NFL doesn't need him in any way, shape, or form. Just be done with him already.
  4. I don't 'fear' gilmore as much as some CBs from the past because of the type of player he is. He is solid, very few, if any weaknesses. But, he is not the type of player who you have to 'fear' in that he will turn the game around with one or two big plays. He's not a Deon Sanders type, or even Aeneas Williams.... returning picks for TD's. He is great because he just does everything he is supposed to do at a high level. Nothing to 'fear', just a pain to play against.
  5. This view is very very narrow. I was going to reply to this post directly but I see a lot of other people have made many of the same posts I have.
  6. good so far, but if players are going to live there....what is your power supply for the island? How about other infrastructure like drinking water and sewers? Fire station? If you are starting your island from scratch...there is a lot more to it.
  7. We have heard over and over and over....the Foxboro is not a nice place to play for a lot of players. That coaching staff wears on people. A lot of players probably only sign/played there because with Brady they thought they were a superbowl contender every year. Even if you think Bellichick makes the team a contender...with Brady gone 'half' of that 'winning draw' is gone. I'm sure a lot of players are hesitant to want to be there ESPECIALLY with new rules/regulations that may come because of Covid and how that coaching staff will deal with them.
  8. Except, as above, for the required meeting space, weight rooms, and practice fields that NFL teams seem to spend a lot more time on than most other sports.
  9. I thought a bubble would work better for MLB than the NFL. NFL teams have more players requiring more space/training facilities/practice fields. You could have a MLB bubble with a few diamonds available, and the teams just share them for practice. In the NFL, how much time and how much space do you need for practice, and as far as training facilities (meeting rooms, weight rooms, etc), it puts a LOT more stress on single locations even if you have just a handful of teams.
  10. Very few things will ever be 100% safe. As a society, we have to determine where to draw the line between risk and reward. To most people, keeping schools closed for Covid-19 vs the flu ...the line seems to be between them. Your very linear argument seems to be ignoring that. So why would many prefer to keep schools closed for Covid and not the yearly flu? Everything we know so far says Covid has a higher hospitilization rate, higher death rate, more long term issues that arrive in people who recover from it, and there is no vacccine for Covid (if a huge, wide spread outbreak of the flu occurred, we have several vaccines available that could be administered in the community)
  11. As far as the sports leagues go...I wouldn't say ineptitude....maybe a bit too much optimism......planning for the best case scenario (or at least hoping for it and integrating it into the plans.) Heres the thing, they want to play, they want to make money....so they have to plan for that based on the current conditions and then make adjustments around it. They would much rather plan for a scenario with a bit of caution that makes them the most money and adjust on the fly if need be.......rather than plan for a scenario that doesn't make them as much money.
  12. I had a long discussion with a few friends about this...and while many of us understand this..it wasn't apparent until we broke it down. If your party wants to win a presidential election, your candidate should be someone younger or newer to National politics.........older in age, well established veteran Washington DC politicians don't do so well in the past few decades: -1992, young newcomer Bill Clinton beats George H Bush -1996, Clinton beats older, long time politician Bob Dole -2000, Bush Jr (new to Washington politics, although not his family) Beats long time Washington politician Al Gore -2004, Bush Jr Beats John Kerry, who had been in Congress for almost 20 years -2008, Obama, younger and a relative newcomer, beats Washington Veteran John McCain. -2012, Obama beats Romney (best recent example of two 'younger' candidates against each other) -2016, Trump Beats Clinton. While not young, Trump wasn't the Washington DC veteran...against Hillary who many in the country viewed as the best example of typical Washington insiders I'm sure there have been exceptions and will be exceptions in the future...but the rule seems to be if your party wants to win....have your candidate be younger and fairly new to Washington...do NOT have a candidate 65-70 or older and viewed as someone with long time ties to Washington DC. The problem is....the voters/party members are the ones who select their candidate in the primaries. I'm sure many people who are very dedicated to their party may not like this...but it seems the best way for EITHER party to win election is you find a candidate who is younger, moderate within their party, and someone who is fairly new to Washington.
  13. I think its better than 50-50 around here, but the numbers are getting worse. My personal observation is that in the last 2-3 weeks, more people are out in public without masks, and social distancing...well, that concept is fading fast.
  14. I never thought of this...I always assumed there would be a season almost for sure. First of all, I still think there will be a season. Even if they have to shorten it AND push it back. Shorten the season to 10 games, and play the Superbowl in March if you have to...that would give them a lot more time to work things out. As far as the draft, I would personally want a weighted lottery, with some restrictions to keep it fair in my mind. Slightly weighted (Cincy has a 10% chance at top pick)...but no team can move more than 12 spots up or down. Worst case scenario for Cincy is they pick 12th...best case for KS is they pick 21st. Buffalo would be able to pick anywhere from 10th to 32nd in this case.
  15. I hate the pats team and their fans...both Dolphins I hate the team, but don't care either way about the fans. Jets, I don't mind the team..its JUST the fans I hate.
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