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  1. The Chiefs don't look as good as they did last year (tough to say for a team with their record, but they eye test isn't as good lately.) The question is...are they NOT as good as a 14-2 team should be? Or were they simply on their version of 'cruise control' the last 2 months and will turn it on when they need to?
  2. I'm not saying I disagree with you, I just want to see a few more playoff games with both. Mahomes has a SB, 5 playoff starts, 4-1 in the playoff games (close enough to 2 SBs possibly and maybe 6-0 if not for a phantom off sides penalty), 13 tds an 2 ints, and he is likely to add to that this year. Allen so far is 0-1 with no passing TDS. Once again, maybe the regular season shows Allen has caught up to Mahomes...but I have trouble declaring it myself until I see some of it in the playoffs.
  3. I'm happy with no major/big name offseason moves. If anything can even be debated about whether you can afford (money) a particular free agent or trade, I'd want to stay away from that and instead focus on keep the current team together. The cap is going to get tight enough already with some big contracts coming up. With that said, if there are any key pieces you CAN'T keep here long term, then look for the most cost effective replacement/solution for them. If we were playing Madden here with no salary cap, then I'd be fine with paying top $$ for a #1 TE, a great 2nd CG, and s
  4. I'm fine with it, as long as the rules are the same for all teams, go ahead and end them. Get down to 1 or 2 preseason games, and shorten regular camp one week.
  5. Of course the fans are going to have a hard time accepting it, and they think it is just a matter of time until they are back on top. The same thing happened with the Bills in the 1980s and 1990s. When your team has winning season after winning season...it does 2 things. First of all, it brings in more casual fans that normally would not have followed the team. Secondly, it conditions ALL fans, but ESPECIALLY those new fans who have never seen losing....to think this is just 'the way it is'. When you have winning season after winning season, you won't/don't want to c
  6. Personally I love 1pm games. I also love Saturday games. I know that is the 'worst' and 'least desirable' slot, but that would be my choice. Get hyped up for the Bills game, watch it first, and then relax and watch the rest of the games after.
  7. Ok, on Big Ben....he looks just about done. Not because his skills are totally shot (he's not as good as he once was but still has talent). But rather, hes not done because he isn't willing to take a hit like he used to. At his best, Ben was as good as he was because he would just stand in there and stand in there and take any hit to make a play. Hes almost the opposite now. Too many times he throws the ball away (missing a big play) or throws it up for grabs for anyone simply because he seems a lot more afraid of a hit than he hever has.
  8. Not on the field related, but I started thinking of this a few weeks ago, but especially yesterday.. Do you think the Bills /Allen are at the point where they are going to start getting national attention in form of big national endorsement deals? Its early and this season is not even over (no playoff wins yet) but what are the odds we might see any players doing tv ads for insurance companies? automakers? in strong consideration for the cover of madden? starting next season...
  9. I agree 100%. In the cap world, you simply can't pay (long term) players who you would consider #1's at their position all over the board. You want a top tier TE? The top 4-5 guys are already making about $10 per year or more, and that is going to go up next year (as it always does). You have to pay Allen...and if you want to have Brown and Beasley (or guys LIKE them) along with Diggs, something has to give. Pay a 'top TE' and you are likely going to have to not pay one (or two) of those WR's and/or have to really, really get buy with a budget Defensive unit.
  10. Honestly, I like seeing the statistics in the article, the charts. I do not want to discuss it on this board and hope the discussion doesn't turn political, but I enjoyed the info in the article.
  11. If the Bills win at least one playoff game....and don't have a dumpster fire of anoffseason..I think so many people will want to go to games that even the late season games will come close to being a sellout once tix go on sale.
  12. A decade or so...I would have made it my priority to do whatever I could to go. What is in my bank account? I'd start with that number as for what I would pay. Now, however, I'm perfectly happy at home. Give me 2 tickets to the superbowl with the Bills in it..and I'd look for someone who would enjoy the trip more than I would. I had season tickets for years, but as far as gameday goes now, I see the game better and have a better Sunday watching it at home (or a friends house) on high def TV than I ever did in the stadium. More importantly, if the Bills did win, I wo
  13. Agreed. There is no team in the playoffs that the Bills can't beat (including the Chiefs, although it would be a tough win) but there also will be no team that the bills would be guaranteed to beat. Remember, this is a team that lost to the cardinals and Titans (and chiefs) and was one possession away from potentially losing 4 other games. They didn't lose them, that is the most important thing, but in the playoffs every game is hopefully a coin toss that is slightly favored toward your side.
  14. Slightly off topic, but I am always fascinated when I look back to the late 1970s and early 1980s to see how those 2-14 teams were 'built' and how they allowed for the late 80s/early 90s teams to be built. How did the Bills get so bad in the early 1980's? -Chuck Knox was done as coach of the Bills and left before the 2-14 seasons..leaving the Bills to go bottom-of-the-barrel for their next coaches...Kay Stephonson and Hank Bullough. -Joe Ferguson (maybe good? but never great) was at the end of his career, and the QB drafted in the 2nd round to be the heir apparent was none o
  15. I so much agree. Not only would I rather see the bills play geographically close (and cities who are similar) teams like Pittsburgh, Cleveland...and Detroit or Indy or Cincy......but I think it would also be more fun to see teams like the Pats and Jets in a division with other Northeast teams (re-do conferences and see the Jets, Giants, Pats and Philly in the same division? I'd love to see that too)
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