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  1. Hes done as an elite QB. He is now an average-to-above average QB. Good enough for New England to be a top team this year with the way their D is playing. If he plays next year, it is going to be a tough year for him.
  2. I like Allen, and I THINK he has progressed from last year to this year. I still can't say for sure though that he is the long term solution. Today was a good day, but I want/need to see more days like this...and at least a few days like this against a higher quality opponent to be convinced.
  3. I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't like the #1 seed only getting the bye. I'd rather have it like it is now (2 teams getting the bye) or just go with a 16 team playoff and no byes....division winners get home field advantage.
  4. I know you 'can only play the teams that are on your schedule thing', but seeing HOW they played against those teams, I just think this is an average football team. Its the type of team that can finish 6-10 or 5-11 if they played a brutal schedule...or can finish 10-6 if they play an easy schedule. Either way, as it is now...this is a team that IF they do make the playoffs, isn't likely to go far. Allen needs to be better. I'm not sure if he can..or has it in him...but for this team to compete in the playoffs, he has to be a better QB than he is now. That is the easy way to playoff contender. Sure, the D can get better, you can get better WR's, the offensive line can become dominant. But, if only one thing changes..and that one thing is Allen becomes a top-10 QB....you are set for playoff success. However, as I have said in previous weeks, I still think that teams are not static. Teams can get better (or worse) between week 9 and week 17. Hopefully, this Bills team is one that gets better.
  5. Maybe there should be a 2 separate forums here...one for only 'positive cheerleading' of the Bills, and one where criticism is allowed. If anyone trolls being negative in the 'positive' thread/forum, they can be suspended or whatever by the mods. We'll see which one gets visited/used more. I never understood the "positive only" talk...or the 'can't you just enjoy the win' posts. I personally like the wins..I enjoy them....but then after them I want to talk about how to keep the winning going...I want to talk about how this team can get better.
  6. There are some fans who think every single loss point to impending doom on the horizon, after a loss, they are quick to pull out the 'told you so' card. There are some fans who think every win should be celebrated the same, no matter the circumstances, and they bash anyone on this forum who points out anything but total joy and support after any win. The truth, as usual, is someplace in the middle. The Bills have defeated the 'poor' teams on their schedule. They beat probably the 2 worst teams in the NFL, a bad Giants team, and a bad-to-mediocre Titans and Jets team. Not your 'quality' wins. They also have lost to the only 2 teams they have faced that are not 'below average'. On the other hand, Most good (not great but good) teams do the same. A 'good' playoff team will beat the bad teams on their schedule, split vs the middle teams, and lose to most of the 'great; teams. That is how the league works. The thing to remember is the league and teams do change. The Bills are not going to be the same team in week 17 they are now. Teams DO get better and teams DO get worse over the course of the season. From what we have seen so far, if NOTHING changed, I would think the Bills don't have much of a chance of beating any good team in the playoffs. However, I also truly believe teams will change from now to the end of the year. If the Bills change is for the better, they will have a shot at beating other playoff teams.
  7. The season is not over. This team (as many others have) can improve and turn into a better team as the season goes on. It is not appropriate to say they are a 100% paper tiger. But, it should be looked at the fact their wins are against a mediocre Titans team, a narrow win over the Jets, 2 wins over probably the 2 worst teams in the league (fins and bengals) and a bad Giants team. So they haven't beaten a 'top half of the league' team yet...but they have only played 2 of them so far. This team, right now, MAY not be (probably isn't) a legit threat to win playoff games.....but they they can get better as the season goes on. As per usual, some fans are super exuberant after every win and think the Bills are a superbowl contender...other fans are always negative and scream as loud as they can the team is a joke after every loss. The truth, as usual, is someplace in the middle, championed by the silent majority (or at least plurality)
  8. Sports radio is harder for me to listen to all around: -Murph is a homer, that is true, but I expect that. I'll listen sometimes and I don't hate the show, but he too often acts like the 'old guy, get off my lawn' type of thing -Sports radio in general has gone away from what I liked (a host bringing up a topic or two, asking for callers, and commenting on what THEIR opinion is)....and it has gone more to a confrontational radio (host brings up a topic, STRONGLY tells you their opinion, and then basically mocks any caller that disagrees). That is what must get ratings, because in the past 10-15 years, it seems all sports talk has gone to that (think Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith..etc) -I don't listen to Jim Rome much at all (never like the style of his show), but he seems like he is one of the MORE tolerant guys out there with respect to others opinions. -Shopp and the Bulldog. They have gone stale. They have been stale for a while. The younger guys on WGR aren't as polished, but I much prefer listening to them on Nights or weekends just for something different. The best thing WGR can do is to 'split up' their hosts and move them around to different shows. When one of the morning guys teams up with one of the afternoon guys occasionally, it gets me to listed just to hear some different interaction. -Instigators is probably my favorite show now. A bit too much of the "when I played hockey...." from the hosts, but overall they are more fun to listen to and more tolerant of callers. Good guests also. The other day, Peters made a comment about how now that he is out of the game, he doesn't like watching many of the fights (the staged fights as he defines them). Agree with him or not, I like hearing someone actually CHANGE and EVOLVE their opinion of something. -Finally, Callers just don't call in as much as they used to. People now don't want to call, wait on hold, and then talk to the show...they would much rather interact by twitter or text.
  9. I would have to think 10-6 or 11-5. While I think the Bills are better than most of the teams on their upcoming schedule....there are just those days in the NFL where the better team doesn't win. Bad calls, unexptected injuries, bad decisions by a 2nd year QB....one Big play that wasn't expected...etc. With that said, I think 11-5 is a good possibility with them making the playoffs.
  10. More than 40. If they wanted to, they could probably score every time, and it would be a victory for the college team to record 1 or 2 stops the entire game..or to simply score one time.
  11. Yeah...I still don't really like it..but if you were the FIRST person to ever do it..fine...you got your few mintues of fame. But now when people do it after hundreds of others already have....I just don't get it.
  12. Yeah..but that takes the fun out of it...and pretty much takes the whole point out of a message forum.
  13. So, for the National TV game on Thansgiving Vs Dallas...what will the Bills be...8 and 3? 9-2? If you split Cleveland and Philly...and beat Miami both times, Denver, and Washington....That gets you to 9-2.
  14. I'm good, FOR NOW...if Allen just plays like he does, but stops too many stupid ints. He's not throwing deep well or at all, but he does seem to have the 'comeback' trait in him. Just stop making soooo many stupid throws.
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