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  1. I agree with your premise. There doesn't have to be a direct correlation between the Sabres and the Bills.....the idea is that....things happen. Every single team in any sport can have a season that is below expetcations. The difference is....'below expectations for the Sabres turns out to be historically bad because of where they started from. The Bills are not likely to have that kind of season...but, there is always a chance they are going to be a certain level below expectations. With that team it could be a .500 record and fighting for a wild card spot. I'm not saying that is my predi
  2. Unless Belichick has Brady and/or is cheating, he isn't anything too special. He doesn't have Brady, and hopefully he isn't cheating so I'm not worried. If anything, his 'attitude' seems to be driving players away from the Pats (without brady there, a lot of guys don't want to put up with that staff)
  3. Look at the charts today (Sunday). Yesterdays report numbers were a tad bit better week-over-week, but today now they show a slight uptick week-over-week by the day. So as of this morning, we are at 4 of the last 5 days where the number of cases reported on a given day this week is slightly higher than reported on the same day the previous week. Alarming? Maybe not? A turning point in the trend? hopefully not, hopefully just statistical noise...but certainly something to keep watching if this continues for the next few days. Dig a little deaper into the numbers...
  4. Ok, its only 3 days, but its getting a bit worrisome than cases are starting to trend back up (No news seems to be reporting this yet...maybe its just something they think is too small of a sample?) More cases reported in the USA yesterday (Wed, 24th) than last week (Wed, 17th). More cases reported Tue of this week than Tue of last week. More cases reported Mon of this week than Mon of last week. I'm not taking a shot at your or your comment....as I have a problem with both sides of the poltical debate (truly, I really REALLY think i'm someplace in the middle) but...what I la
  5. The world of Toronto esports is getting a big makeover. A new $500 million entertainment venue, with seating for up to 7,000 fans, is currently being planned for a 2025 opening. OverActive Media says the facility plans to host more than 200 events each year, mostly entertainment and music bookings, while also facilitating conventions, corporate events, awards shows, and esports competitions. full article (with pictures) here: https://www.ign.com/articles/planned-toronto-esports-arena-has-7000-seats-and-looks-wild
  6. I agree with the first part of your reply. Some people seem to 'live' on this forum, checking threads what....a few times per day? Once a topic doesn't have any posts for a few hours to them that thread is dead. I am in your position....I may check the forum a couple times per day, but then if I'm busy I might go a week or more without checking in....so why do people have a problem if we post a little while after-the-fact?
  7. I agree. If this team wasn't against the cap with some tough financial decisions, I think it would be a 'no-brainer' that he would stay. But that isn't the case. When you are tight with money and have to let some players go, the best way to do that is not look at the skill of that player in a vacuum.....but look at how much of a drop-off your replacement will be. Brown may still be good and valuable, but if there isn't that big of a drop off in who will replace him, those are the moves you make.
  8. Simple for me. The OL has to be better. I think this was a below average line the entire year. Allen's mobility saved them a lot of sacks (put most other QBs behind this line and they would be allowing a LOT more sacks) and they didn't open many holes in the running game.
  9. OL....they are a bit overrated as a unit, NOT good run blocking and miss too many blitz pickups. DL...more pass rush will make your secondary look better also.
  10. I besides K.C. just being really good, I think there are just some very simple things the Bills can get better at: 1. Offensive line. They aren't awful, but all season they haven't been great. This line is just not good at opening holes for the running game, and at times has a lot of trouble picking up the blitz. You want to improve the offense? Need to start here. 2. Pass rush. Not only can/does that lead to more sacks, but it makes your secondary look better without upgrading back there. 3. Speed. A RB or another staring WR that is just a burner. Not
  11. I'm being honest, I am going to tune out of the national coverage on all networks for the most part leading up to the game. I just can't take all that talk and attention Brady is going to get. I just can't.
  12. The Chiefs don't look as good as they did last year (tough to say for a team with their record, but they eye test isn't as good lately.) The question is...are they NOT as good as a 14-2 team should be? Or were they simply on their version of 'cruise control' the last 2 months and will turn it on when they need to?
  13. I'm not saying I disagree with you, I just want to see a few more playoff games with both. Mahomes has a SB, 5 playoff starts, 4-1 in the playoff games (close enough to 2 SBs possibly and maybe 6-0 if not for a phantom off sides penalty), 13 tds an 2 ints, and he is likely to add to that this year. Allen so far is 0-1 with no passing TDS. Once again, maybe the regular season shows Allen has caught up to Mahomes...but I have trouble declaring it myself until I see some of it in the playoffs.
  14. I'm happy with no major/big name offseason moves. If anything can even be debated about whether you can afford (money) a particular free agent or trade, I'd want to stay away from that and instead focus on keep the current team together. The cap is going to get tight enough already with some big contracts coming up. With that said, if there are any key pieces you CAN'T keep here long term, then look for the most cost effective replacement/solution for them. If we were playing Madden here with no salary cap, then I'd be fine with paying top $$ for a #1 TE, a great 2nd CG, and s
  15. I'm fine with it, as long as the rules are the same for all teams, go ahead and end them. Get down to 1 or 2 preseason games, and shorten regular camp one week.
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