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  1. Everyone always tries to reinvent the wheel with overtime. I say play an 8 min quarter. Whatever the score is after is the score.
  2. This seems like a pretty big deal if true. I’m surprised it’s not causing a bit more of a ruckus on here.
  3. Knox to FB. Help the run game. He can move pretty good and be like a Juszczyck with the ball in his hands. He also doesn’t have the hands to be a TE.
  4. I know this is basically a joke but I absolutely love Shady. Until the last 2 years, this guy was our only elite skill position player for 2 decades. Shady Mccoy was the most important player in a chapter of Bills history and by far the biggest reason the drought ended. I think if I was in charge of a team, I would use preseason a little bit differently. I would absolutely welcome him back for 1 more year. Either to let him be the backup RB or (if nothing else) give him 1 more proper send off to the fans in the preseason. At worst, Give him a game to say thank you and goodbye the right way.
  5. I realize this is completely fake but man I’d love to see him traded to the bears. Anywhere but the AFC and Im good lol
  6. I wonder what the time line is on this thing. Will it spill into the beginning of FA in mid March? Or is he close to signing somewhere now?
  7. This guy is one of the 20 best defensive lineman in nfl history. Even at 80% of what he was, I’m all for it. Find a way.
  8. There were rumors that the 1 helmet rule may change next season. I hope that’s true because I want both options as well.
  9. Would you be able to sign him right now or would you have to wait until March when the FA period begins?
  10. Man this guy would help our interior pressure issues as well as transform our run D. That’s not even mentioning the leadership...I’d love it.
  11. I think the biggest issue is to find some nastiness in the front 7. Get a LB that is a Spikes/Cowart style animal out there. Not a thinker. A guy that will just scare the life out of the offense. A monster out there, running around and setting the tone of physicality on the field. Let him be the MLB and the QB of this defense. Slide Edmunds to WLB to take Milanos spot. Unless you actually plan on paying Milano, which I’m good with too. Then you have to try to find a guy along the Dline that can create pressure when you only rush 4. Hughes is still effective but he’s also getting old. Having an
  12. Bull *****. No matter who Washington played they weren’t beating the Bucs.
  13. I was really hoping he got a job in a different kitchen. I think the ingredients are there. Just have to stop playing soft shell cover 2 like its 2001
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