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  1. Moss reminds me a lot of Marahawn. The style of movement and a little bit of the skill set.
  2. The guy is nowhere near good enough to warrant all of these chances. He WAS really good at one point but we are so far passed that time. He will make no impact
  3. Still have to take the game seriously. Get 26 going early and keep playing good defense. Find a way to get another W.
  4. Great ***** job. 2 screwy fluke plays made it look close and you go answer.
  5. We dress so many special teams only guys and our special teams ***** sucks. Stop doing it
  6. Something about Moss has always reminded me of Marshawn. The way he moves maybe
  7. Just find anyway to get that win and keep the season moving forward. Keep playing good defense and get 26 going early. Continue the balance theme of last week. Go Bills!
  8. I think it’s time to get Allen moving again. Last year was great and maybe felt a little to good to be true at times. But teams figure things out about you over the long off-season. What made Josh special was his ability to run like a deer and then also hurt you down field. It would be like if Lamar Jackson could actually pass the ball efficiently outside the numbers. There is no formula for stopping a guy like that. We seem to have fallen into this drop back, pocket passing offense. We are purposely removing an element of Allen’s game. The one that made him the most special IMO. Josh isn’t going to be Drew Brees. Just in the same way you wouldn’t ask Peyton Manning to run the read option, don’t coach the specialness out of Allen. Let him play the game he’s consistently best at and sprinkle in elements of last year’s offense. I would much rather see a hybrid of 19/20. More of the look of the 2019 with the weapons and skill set of 2020. The best of both worlds. Less spread 5 WR throwing every down and more conventional looks, play action and balance. It may not look as good on the stat sheet all the time but that’s when this team is at its best IMO.
  9. Since Milanos rookie year, our defense is night and day different when he’s out there vs when he’s not. (If you didn’t know) And someone asked which of our 2 young LBs was highly drafted and which one was taken in the 5th round …it might be hard to tell.
  10. If he can keep holding onto the ball, McKenzie is an excellent return man. And he actually brings something to the offense. No brainer to keep him and use him there. Roberts wasn’t versatile enough. McKenzie Is a 4 down player. Just have to keep it up with the ball security.
  11. It should just be blue on white and white on blue every week. Exclusively. With 1 AFL and that being the only all white combination
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