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  1. Samuel is by far the best guy we have right now, which isn’t saying much. I assume we take a guy round 1. Probably even move way up to get one of the 2 best guys. Then take another guy round 2 or 3. Then it will be Rd1 rookie Samuel Shakir Rd 2/3 rookie 1 of the other fringe guys currently on the roster Thats what we will have at WR. Plus you have to figure Kinkaid is basically the number 2 option in the passing game. And the way Brady was last year, the RBs are going to get a ton of targets. I’d like to see a veteran brought in on a prove it deal. Micheal Thomas or Obj but I’m starting to feel like that is a big ask financially. Also a trade for a real #1/1a would be nice but again, the money might not be there. I’m starting to think like we take 2 guys early and trust our guys to develop.
  2. I have assumed that was the plan all along. We really don’t need much but we absolutely need to hit on playmakers at WR. Give yourself chances
  3. No blue and no black. To me they both drown out the logo and look horrible. I’d say go 2000 puma throwback or like 1984 red helmet blue face mask throwback
  4. Yeah that’s my point. Why ever take this seriously. Nobody is ever going to tell you the truth so why ever even read it?
  5. Why would a team ever tell anyone what they want to do?
  6. Just give me a straight up late 90s early 2000s, Flutie/Johnson puma sharpness throwback with red helmets. Like the exact music city miracle uniform. That would be so nice
  7. I have wanted to make him a FB/Hback for years. The guy is dangerous with the ball in his hands but struggles to catch it. I think handing it to him or using him on quick out of the backfield stuff can be dangerous. I’d use him like the 49ers use Juszczyk…but that’s me.
  8. The danger with the WR game is, when you don’t have a guy that can really command respect, teams will just shut down an average guy. You absolutely need to factor in what Diggs does for other guys because you have to respect him. Right now we have nobody that would pressure a defense and it’s a dangerous setup. You have to go and get a real number 1 guy to at least make a defense respect you. If we roll out what we have and then draft a 2nd or 3rd wave WR, guys like Shakir and Sammuel are going to get smothered. You have to go get one of the top 2 WRs here or trade for a big time guy.
  9. The guy wasn’t great but I really wanted 1 more year of Fitz. I hated Gailey he never should have gotten that job, I really wanted 1 year after him being gone to see Fitz.
  10. I’d go up for Harrison. That guy will probably end up being a HOF WR. I don’t care about the ramifications in cost. No matter what, it won’t be that unreasonable and you don’t have to pay this guy for 4 years. If you are going to go up, go up for the best guy.
  11. Go up and get Harrison. Just deal with what it costs. We are trying to win a Super Bowl. Our picks better not be high anyway.
  12. Maybe we can find a way to get either Thomas or OBJ. I know this probably hurts our financial flexibility but maybe there can be some magic with the numbers. If we used all these picks ti move way up and grab one of the elite WRs and added with M. Thomas or OBJ.. then all of a sudden I like what we have.
  13. I still think Diggs is better. Put Diggs on that team with all those HOF, what’s it look like? No slight on Reed…Diggs to me is the best we ever had
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