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  1. I’ll say that if there was one way to describe this “mini run” of the McDermott era, it’s “bang for your buck” Between Milano, Josh Allen, Edmunds, Dawkins, Poyer, McKenzie, Feliciano, Wallace, Johnson and especially what White is still making...you have a roster full of guys that are doing a ton, for very little money
  2. I live an hour and 15 mins from Met life stadium. This guy (Webb) just flat out never got a look and it was completely puzzling to Giant fans. Eli was done for the last 3 or 4 years but the team just refused to offend him by ever taking him out. Even in lost seasons, they kept trotting out the guy just to appease his ego. Webb was a guy that a lot of fans and even some of the media, were clamoring for. He certainly has potential and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he could play. I think now thought, you are running into the Fromm deal. This staff absolutely loves the guys they draft and if history taught us anything...the guys they draft WILL play. I got to believe the backup job is borderline Fromm's for good.
  3. Tyrod wasn’t the MVP of the decade. I will get that out of the way first before my point gets misunderstood. Tyrod Taylor was (however) the Bills QB that finally broke the drought. This team was a complete joke for very close to 20 years. That in itself is mind blowing. Tyrod was actually pretty good. Even on the Rex teams where the defense was ruined. The guy made a lot of big time plays. Tyrod is not remembered (by Bills fans) in a way I understand. I fully expected that, whichever QB broke the drought, would be glorified for the foreseeable future. I know he wasn’t the only reason it ended but he played a big part in it. The Jags playoff game was bad. And at that time I’ll admit I was ready for a change. Tyrod was Trent Edwards level overprotective of the downfield passing game, but I’m not sure how much of that was coaching. Tyrod was very important to this team. The MVP is not the best player. It’s the guy that was most valuable to a team. Tyrod finally did what none of the other Bills QBs could do. Get over that hump and make the playoffs. Shady was by far the MVP of the decade and I’d say he was the only legitimately, elite skill position player the Bills have had since Thurman. In that small window (before 2018) Shady was as good as it gets in terms of being a Buffalo Bill. Had he had a little more around him, he could have been an all time great for the franchise.
  4. I remember the first day that I found out there was going to be a daily show, exclusively about the bills. As a way out of town die hard, I was so excited....that show is legitimately terrible. Got to get Murphy out. It’s so boring. This is probably good news. Should go Sal and Chris Brown.
  5. I seriously hate these silly things. It’s football. I don’t want the kick off to go away. I don’t want the extra point to go away. I don’t want the onside kick to go away. Play Football. You want to be safer? Fine. I have no issue with intelligent solutions towards the goals of safety. Don’t change the actual plays in the game please.
  6. I mean, both of those positions will be borderline constant rotation. The starter really won’t matter. Maybe, who gets more snaps per game? That’s more telling information. I’m expecting Singletary and Moss to get about a 50/50 split. Maybe Singletary 55 Moss 45. Moss more in the 4th quarter if we are close or ahead. And I feel like Murphy will play on a lot of the pass rushing downs. Fans seem to hate on the guy but if you isolate and watch him play to play, the guy is relentless. He is actually a pretty good player and he goes absolutely balls to the wall on the play. The other guys will rotate with eachother and probably with Hughes too. The D line is like a revolving door under McDermott.
  7. It’s is ok to forget about him though. He won’t make the team and will have no effect on the season. We have two awesome RBs. Wade won’t be in the mix. And that’s ok too.
  8. I don’t really have an issue with them. Change the numbers and go yellow face mask and i think it’s good
  9. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-returner-andre-roberts-name-first-team-all-pro-safety-jamal-adams-gets-seco Believe me, I know they are different. He was an All Pro the year before.
  10. We have one of the best, if not THE best KRs in the league. But let’s replace him with a guy that has barely even played football. I don’t understand why Bills fans, are always obsessed with these underdog stories. Like Duke Williams. The guy isn’t even going to make the team. We have awesome WRs now, but there will be 20 threads this offseason about a player that’s on the fringe of making the league. A guy like John Brown that had an incredible season last year...no talk. Duke Williams, hero. We have 2 young RBs that could easily be the strength of the offense going forward...nobody talks about them. Rugby player that might not even understand the rules of Football: savior. Now our all pro return guy needs to be replaced by him.
  11. I’m not saying they will be allowed to have fans but I’m pretty sure if the NFL wants to play with empty stadiums, it’s going to happen regardless of what this guys says.
  12. I wonder who has more power in this situation? Fauci or the NFL? I’m pretty confident, if the NFL wants to play, they are going to play. I could be wrong but we shall see I guess.
  13. Nah, I’m good. I watch every snap of every game including pre season no matter what the record is. Spend thousands over the years on Sunday ticket to watch the Bills and make 13 hour round trips to the stadium whenever I can. Been a fan for 30 years in a place where it’s not always easy to be a Bills fan. I’m in to deep to get out. Plus I spend a lot of time listening to WGR trying to hear Bills talk and end up getting stuck listening to these guys talk about the Sabres constantly. Makes me really feel a type of way about them lol
  14. You got to kind of root for this guy. He may still have a shot but he’s got to move quick. It’s crazy to think, the Rivers, Eli, Big Ben, Losman draft was 2004...but the Rogers and Alex Smith draft was only 1 year later. It’s funny how 1 group of QBs seems so old, and literally 1 year later seems like they aren’t that old. The end is near for all of these guys. That’s why what Green Bay did needs to be understood
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