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  1. Got to be Karlos. He never even got chances to stink after that. He was just that 1 year and a ghost type guy.
  2. 80% of my posts this season on game day has been to give Singletary the ball. We did it 1 game and the guy was unstoppable. The Bills lose because of the Bills more often then because of the opponent. Very upsetting
  3. He was probably my least favorite player on this team because of how slow he was.......but he might actually be of use on run downs
  4. We really need the Browns to beat the Steelers Thursday and then obviously to take care ofMiami. That Thursday night game can really help is out here
  5. Weather could be a factor down there. That humidity does things to people. This game will be a challenge unfortunately. As is every single week with the Bills
  6. The better question is can we get it at 9-7 IF those wins are Miami Denver and New York? Because that’s a much more likely reality to deal with. Will 9 be enough and will 9 be enough without a head to head vs a Pittsburgh?
  7. I’d be stunned if either of them ever get a HC job in their lives. Both of them next season? 0 chance
  8. I mean I feel like yesterday killed a lot of our playoff hopes. At this point you just got to get back on it and beat Miami and reset. There’s nothing we can do about yesterday. I think there are a lot of losses left here and the need to stack wins was great but yesterday is over. You never know with injuries what a team could look like in a month. Just beat Miami and go from there
  9. If we were going 0-16 I’m still watching every snap of every game. I’m here no matter what and I’m still going to live and die with every play. I just can also separate reality and see what’s coming with the schedule. I felt like yesterday was a must win of sorts and unfortunately we didn’t get it done. I’m not going anywhere. Just because I don’t think we are making the playoffs now, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being there. Couldn’t be further from who I am.
  10. No. He’s incredibly old and had no juice left 3 years ago. I will give it to him that through vision alone he was acceptable against New England but the guys legs have been shot before day 1. The single most aggravating thing about this Bills season is the Bills ignorance to seeing what they have at RB. Singletary should be getting 90% of the RB touches and about 60% of the total touches in this offense. The constant use of Frank Gore (when he’s clearly finished) has made me more upset then anything else. That’s not Gores fault. It’s the Bills Coaching staff. Gore didn’t run out of juice. He hasn’t had juice in 3 years. It’s just pure grit that he gets anything. The guy should be getting less then 3 touches a game but our ####### OC is using him more then our stud rookie.
  11. Today probably killed the playoff dream. The 10th win isn’t coming. It might not take 10 to get in but at this point I’m not sure 9 wins is certain. The way I see it, we are in a really tough spot now because of today. We better hope 9-7 is good enough because we aren’t getting to 10. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt I am.
  12. A lot of teams right there in the hunt for the wildcard. I hate having the Steelers hanging around still. Today’s loss was really not good for us
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