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  1. I’m not sure if it’s possible, for any 2 people to know less about sports then Howard or Jeremy. Not even just people in sports media. Just people in regular life. The less of them, the better.
  2. I can’t comprehend how an 18 game schedule with 2 buys and only 2 preseason games wouldn’t be enough compromise for both sides.
  3. I really like the Bills WRs but his point about Allen’s short throw accuracy is not completely off. I’m expecting Josh to take steps forward (in that department) but Beasley is only going to help if that happens.
  4. I’d say 65,000 seat dome. And just use the crowd noise of the mafia to go 8-0 at home almost every year. The advantage we would have inside with our fans would be worth wins on the field.
  5. Can they just update the actual existing structure for safety reasons and stay where they are? Just make it so the thing isnt going to fall down. Does such technology exist?
  6. I think it will end up being John Brown Zay Beasley Foster Roberts and maybe they can sneak a guy onto the PS. I really like McKenzie and I hope they keep an extra guy and that it’s him. Ray Ray could have been cut last year and it wouldn’t have bothered me. He stinks
  7. Keeping him won’t hurt us at all. Also you are always an injury away from needing a guy. He is a deep threat. You can find a way to have him be important. Jones and Beasley are both better suited on the inside. Getting rid of Foster would be senseless
  8. Fans always want praise and credit before anything is actually accomplished. Once the Bills start winning, they will get the recognition. It doesn’t have to be built up like crazy before anything of substance occurs. Every team has potential. The only thing that matters is wether or not you do something with it. The Bills seem to have a very nice nucleus of young talent. That is not unlike many other seasons in the past. It’s natural to feel optimistic in the offseason. The sky is the limit for nearly every team. Go out and learn how to win and put a season together. All this talent does is use up the excuse cards. I do feel good about the direction of the team and I feel like quality personnel moves have been on the incline. The draft especially has been a strong suit. It’s now time to translate that into wins on the field. The roster turnover in the NFL is incredible. You won’t have the same team for very long. Take advantage.
  9. Shady is hands down my favorite Bill and he’s the main reason the drought is over. He’s the 1 guy on this roster that I can live with regardless of performance. He has earned that IMO. Last year was bad. My head knows what I saw but my heart is telling me to wait and see. Shady has earned the benefit of the doubt. If Shady has a repeat performance of last year, we just have to increase the rotation of other backs. Nobody is going to trade for an older RB with a big salary. Shady should stay here until he’s ready to retire.
  10. I like Dawkins. I am completely comfortable with him as the franchise LT for the foreseeable future. He’s the biggest reason I didn’t want us to take a Lineman in round 1 of the draft. I couldn’t understand why so many people (on here) were down on him. He’s very solid. I think Dawkins is one of the cornerstones of the offense and I havent felt like it needed an upgrade at all. I fully expect him to start and stay at LT for a while.
  11. Shady is my favorite player on the team and easily the biggest reason the drought is over. He’s a future hall of famer and the only guy on the team that deserves a “benefit of the doubt” (from last year)...That being said, why would anyone trade for him? RBs are literally the easiest things to find and nobody is going to give up something to get an old one.
  12. We have at least 4 guys (IMO) that can be prettt damn good. I absolutely love this WR group and that about the furthest thing from the way I normally feel.
  13. Probably not for the Bills but it might look bad for the maple leafs. How long has it been since they won? You would think a Toronto team would be better at hockey then Basketball.
  14. The bills IMO opinion have the best secondary in the NFL and I don’t think anyone else is close. Youth, competitiveness, skill and depth. Toss in the young LBs and the back 7 of our defense is excellent. If we can get any pass rush, our defense is going to be a handful.
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