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  1. On the surface, no radio idea could excite me more then a show all about the Bills. These two are impossible to listen to. I don’t know who is worse but they are so boring that I can’t even listen. It’s sad. Listening to people talk about the Bills is something I usually love. These two guys are worse then watching paint dry.
  2. That’s a good projection for a rookie qb. The next QB that ended up being a kick returner because he couldn’t throw.
  3. All things considered, easily one of the top 5 busts in Bills history. Absolutely sucked the life out of this team. This guy made me like Thad Lewis. Never got better from his first game. Other then Tebow he probably had the worst mechanics and footwork of any QB ever taken in the first round. The guy was defended with relentlessly on the BBMB. Nobody is saying he was a bad guy. He just was severely overdraft and then never did anything to get better.
  4. The bills starting MLB was born in 1998. That’s somehow disturbing to me lol. And he’s not even a rookie
  5. Brock Oswiler is out there as a long term reclamation project backup Helmet catch in rookie camp
  6. I doubt the Bills are excited about heading into a season with 3 very inexperienced QBs. I realize Barkley is a veteran but it’s not as if he has a ton of game experience. Allen probably has more starts and he missed a bunch of last season. I bet they look for another vet backup qb to go with Barkley. At least for preseason competition.
  7. I think it’s a good idea to have 4 in the offseason that know the playbook and then sharpen it right before the year. Plus I don’t want Allen put in position to take a lot of hits in the preseason. I like having a full complement of QB that know the playbook Incase you have to go through a few in the regular season.
  8. The Bills should get ahead of this thing now and bring in another qb. I think it’s a good idea to have that 4th guy in the hopper here to get reps and learn the playbook. You are always a hit or 2 away from these backups having to play and you can’t rely on an undrafted rookie with serious mechanical flaws to be a hit away from dressing.
  9. He was a good a #3 qb as you could find in the league
  10. Damn. I really liked having 3 guys that could play. It made injury not be as daunting. I guess this kid from UB just got an unbelievably timed gift.
  11. They kept saying he was probably going to retire on the draft
  12. It’s time for Murphy to stop getting hurt and step up. Same for Lawson. Make plays and make the missing Ziggy be an afterthought
  13. Obviously there is a lot of undraftet talent that ends up catching on after the draft. That tells me the draft is probably to short.
  14. How would telling us what number a guy is going to wear, going to effect that?
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