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  1. Is the QB definitely going to be out? I thought people were saying Jimmy G could be back?
  2. Is there any shot Jimmy G comes back for this game? Originally I thought no way but it sounds like he might be close.
  3. Klein has been pretty good but he’s a SLB. Milano plays a different position. Let’s just keep both and add a stud MLB in round 1 next year.
  4. Klein playing around the line of scrimmage really changes the perception of him as a player. When he’s in space in coverage, it’s scary. But down around the LOS...he’s pretty good. He’s starting to remind me of the Lorax a little. In the right role he can really help you.
  5. He’s 2 or 3 more solid years from being in all time Bill conversations. Fringe wall territory. Also want to give shout out to Eponesa today. Was the best he looked. The kid looked like a player out there today. Great job.
  6. That’s the ***** guy right there. Give it to moss please!
  7. Why does it always have to be harder then it should be?
  8. Please just start using Moss constantly. He is good at catching the ball out of the backfield too
  9. Please get Moss on the field until he’s tired. These rotations are only hurting us.
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