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  1. Might need to figure something out with Wallace because he was targeted today. I have been a huge defender of his all along but today was a bit frustrating.
  2. 1 at a time. Find a way to keep it rolling and beat the Rams. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s to not look ahead. Fix the defense and beat the Rams somehow.
  3. I wonder if Knox could play an Hback/FB role. I’m not sure that he’s a good enough blocker though. But yeah, Kroft needs to see more work. Knox doesn’t have the hands to be a primary TE in a good offense
  4. I wonder if it would be a smart move to try and get him a bridge extension right now. Roll the dice and try to get him on like a 4 year deal that’s a big raise but not a Mahomes deal. Maybe Allen would be into it now if he means he doesn’t have to wait. Maybe the Bills can save a few Million by not waiting
  5. Diggs is so incredibly good. I know it’s early but I think he's got a shot to be one of the best (if not the best 😬) WRs the Bills have ever had.
  6. The rest of this schedule is so hard. You really can’t afford to lose games that you are the better team. Regardless of how we got here, you got to find a way to win this. Moss was rolling on the ground and we just quit on it.
  7. No matter how good we are, no game is ever comfortable. It’s ridiculous
  8. Get Marlowe in at LB and stop getting lit up over the middle
  9. What a miserable game experience from start to finish. Just somehow find a way to get this win in the barn and gtfo week 2
  10. Let’s see what this defense is made out on this first drive out of the half. If they give up a score, this is going to get stupid. Need a 3 and out after that let down before the half
  11. They never should have had a chance to get that ball back. Very dangerous 1 score game
  12. How the ***** do you let this team get points before the half ends
  13. Idk who that guy was that went live, but for real thank you so much. That was very considerate and clutch. You are the man sir
  14. This is such bull####. People pay $300 to watch their team and now we are just ***** here
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