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  1. I know the guy is about done but if Brady actually leaves the division, this might be the most fun offseason in 20 years. It’s mental with that guy and this team. Get him the ***** out and let’s play a home playoff game.
  2. It’s not about them being great players. It’s about getting fans to have an interest in watching a new league. Tebow is one of the most polarizing sports figures of our generation. Would matter how he played.
  3. There are a lot of former bills in this league. I looked through all the rosters and couldn’t believe how many guys were here. If the xfl isn’t going to try and collaborate with the nfl, they should attempt to grab some : move the needle stars. -Antonio Brown -Kapernick -tebow -TO -Ocho cinco —Josh Gordon Etc
  4. Vince should throw anything he can at AB to get this guy in as the face of the xfl. Just allow him to just be as crazy as he wants. Go full wrestling with it. Give him the stage to just be a real life character out there. That might generate a little buzz for the new league.
  5. It probably means, pay our own guys and keep the core together as long as possible. White, Edmunds, Milano, Allen, Dawkins, Phillips etc. When their time comes, keep them instead of paying other teams FA and keep drafting well.
  6. Man there are a lot of former Bills on that DC team
  7. I said, the nfl doesn’t need to do it. But if a league wants to make it, it needs the nfl. I think a place to stash and develop players is a good reason for the nfl. Also you can potentially get revenue and tv money in February and March. So there’s two reasons.
  8. I am not the person to ask because I’ll watch a bengals bears preseason game. I literally can’t get enough NFL and I’m in the minority that think the season is way to short. I think most people would be into it if they had skin in the game with a connection to their own team. I don’t know how successful it would be, but I know without an nfl connection...it will fail.
  9. I have made this point a thousand times and eventually Someone will get smart and pick up on it: The only way another football league will work, is if they become a minor league of sorts for the nfl. If every nfl team had a developmental team to help mature talent, fans would watch. If you had a team of guys, (that the Bills had control over) it would matter to you. College football IS NOT A MINOR LEAGUE. You don’t have control over the players there. The nfl does not need this league, but the league needs the nfl. Give the nfl another revenue stream in the offseason and give the teams a chance to retain these fringe roster players, without taking a space on the 53. The teams could be made up of draft picks that weren’t ready to play in the nfl, undrafted free agents and ps guys. Maybe make the eligibility where if you dressed for a game during the NFL season, you can’t play in the minor league. The pieces are there it just needs to be worked out. A league will not stand on its own against the nfl. The fans won’t identify with any team. You need that little bit of built in rooting interest by pairing it with your nfl team.
  10. I don’t think I have seen a single person, say a single good thing about the guy. Very strange thread.
  11. He may start a trend here. How many other veteran guys would be willing to sit out the entire offseason...Stay home while other people put all the hard work in. Roll in to a playoff teams lineup week 17 and have a chance to win 3 or 4 games and get a ring?
  12. Hire a clock management and game time decision specialist to stand next to McDermott during games.
  13. Yeah, 3.5 quarters of garbage time compiling. As soon as the titans got up by 2 scores and made the Ravens ditch their gimmick offense, it was over. The titans let them move it knowing they couldn’t score touchdowns. If anyone watched that game and was impressed by Jackson’s game then idk what to tell you. This thing with Lamar probably has another 6-8 games before he’s RG3’d.
  14. Well Mccaffrey certainly not but Kuechly is getting old. Usually these coaches want “their own guys” and the older veterans are the first to go.
  15. Wouldn’t want to. Luke at MLB, kick Edmunds to WLB, and id think Carolina might be interested in Milano in the trade for Luke. Or you keep them all and will be able to run and cover without using an extra Dback but remaining in a base run stopping defense. Kuechly is one of the best players in the entire league and a coach on the field. Certainly worth the investment.
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