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  1. The obsession with this unnecessary RB rotation is the reason we can’t run. It’s completely pointless. Nobody can get into a rhythm when they are out of the game every other series. I fully understand the point of giving a guy a rest for a play or two. But that’s not even close to what we do. This coach refuses to let anyone be the RB and rotates guys every other possession. What’s worse, we are rotating in a guy like Moss constantly. He’s a complete zero and does nothing but kill drives and momentum. It’s almost as if McDermott has never watched back what our run game looks like. Anyone that has been around football would wonder why the good back is on the sidelines for half the game. No other team does that *****. It drives me crazy. That’s why we can’t run the ball.
  2. The bengals should have put this thing away an hour ago. Why are the letting Miami stay in
  3. Take away the entire 23 draft for the Dolphins. ***** these scumbags. I hate the Dolphins but Idw to see a kid get hurt. Hope Tua is ok
  4. Inexcusable for Tua to have been on a field last week or tonight. No punishment is harsh enough for whatever piece of human garbage is responsible for clearing him
  5. I wish we would just throw something out there that nobody had on tape and start Cook, and give him 25 touches. Just to see what it looks like. Use him like a real RB. Not 25 carries but touches. See what he can do
  6. Just find a way to make Lamar throw outside the numbers. If he can’t throw to the middle of the field he struggles. Obviously also don’t allow him to kill you with his legs. The Bills have done a pretty good job against him so far but we’ll see.
  7. I wonder if they will slide him to Safety when White and Dane come back
  8. It really sucks that Peters ended up being a generational player and we got to have almost none of it. Too bad we didn’t make that a career thing.
  9. It’s crazy to think the Giants have 2WRs that we would probably love to have and they are just rotting on the bench. You’d have to assume we have an excellent relationship with the giants front office right now. The Bills lack speed so much…maybe we could pull off something for Toney
  10. I can’t stand the Ravens. Something about them just bothers me. Similar to the Titans. Usually playing them sucks and ends in major disappointment…at least we won the most important one against them though
  11. I’d like to see an attempt at a factory reset and maybe try to just take the baby gloves off Cook. Just see what a game would look like if you completely featured Cook like teams do with their primary RB. See what a game looks like with a little speed on the field. I like Singletary but we can’t run the ball. Give cook 20+ touches and see if we can’t strike a little balance. What do we really have to lose at this point. Stop all the bs rotation. Nobody can get into a rhythm like that.
  12. Is there any chance at all that Dane can be back for this game?
  13. Frank Gore was a drive killing, complete 0 here and was my single point of aggravation in that 19 season….And McDermott was OBSESSED with dressing him and giving him high leverage carries. The coach simply can’t identify an effective RB
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