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  1. Pre season is very underrated - it’s pro football after a very long time without it - it’s the point of the season where the most football is left - you get to watch your favorite team and not get upset if they lose the game - you can see a lot of guys you would otherwise never be able to see
  2. There was a random night where Bob Sanders was almost a Bill too. I remember following that pretty close to only be disappointed….how far we have come 🤷‍♂️
  3. This will probably be one of those things that just completely fizzles out here. We will all start to get excited for the new season and just forget about it for a while…then out of nowhere get the alert that we traded for him.
  4. I haven’t seen it really talked about and I know it’s kind of an outside take here…but I absolutely do hope we go throwback reds but I hope it’s actually the AWAY jersey. All white and red helmets. Later 90s early 2000s. Like “Fluite era” puma jersey crispness
  5. Everyone is so excited for this but have the bills actually said they are interested in the 90s era throwbacks? I really hope they are but I’m not going to just assume it’s going to happen.
  6. I feel like he’s 2-4 good seasons away from being in the wall conversation. The guy has been nothing but a pleasant surprise and seems to have morphed into that veteran leadership role post Kyle/Lorax. Big fan.
  7. Shady was the best skill position player we had from the super bowl era through last year. If he had any help he could have been a Bills legend. The guy was the single biggest reason for the ending of the drought and deserved so much more then he got here. It’s to bad the primes didn’t line up because if Shady was still good and on last years team, we might have been the best offense in 15 years.
  8. Whaley constantly kept the qb competition at zero to ensure EJ could get playing time. He got rid of Fitz right away when he could have easily brought him back to complete and help teach. The other veteran qb they brought in was a complete bum like Kevin Kolb. Then afterwards, the backups were Jeff Tuel and Thad Lewis. I’m not even going further into this. The rock bottom of my days as a bills fan were dealing with EJ manuel. Literally fighting about him almost every day. The guy was complete trash and was one of the biggest busts in Bills history. He was outplayed by nearly everyone else that
  9. Whaley continuously found ways to eliminate competition to make sure EJ kept a roster spot. The guy is full of *****.
  10. Probably after we let the Rams inconceivably come back and get the lead. But then gathered it together to drive for the win.
  11. Im not sure why this league is getting zero publicity....but of all the little leagues of football, I actually don’t mind watching this one. No silly rules, no gimmicks. Just football
  12. I know very few people are going to actually care about this but that first game is “@“ Detroit. Just Incase people are expecting to go.
  13. People sleep on the pre season. - it’s football for the first time in forever - it’s a good way to see young guys that you otherwise can’t see. - It’s a chance to see your team where you won’t be miserable if they lose. -if they win, all good There are a lot of advantages.
  14. Idk why you wouldn’t always have a guy that can run and throw as a holder. Gives you options on fakes or mistakes
  15. #10 and #9 make you not even want to take the list seriously enough to continue reading
  16. When is the pre season schedule coming out? Or even the format? I’m surprised we don’t even know who the opponents are yet.
  17. I’m not sure how I feel about brown being 79
  18. How did we not add a running back at all? Is there a chance Brieda has a bigger role then we expect?
  19. I don’t understand how the RB from UB didn’t get drafted. These teams get way to caught up in measurables. That’s why so many UDFAs make it. If you can play, you can play. That kid is good.
  20. I know it’s crazy to think of doing this with a guy you just took. Maybe even more so considering our first two rounds.....but looking at the description and the measurements. The elite measurement and athleticism. What if you made this guy an interior d lineman? He already would have the size and seems to have the explosiveness. Our depth on the oline is excellent IMO. We don’t need anyone else there. We have a ton of players on the DLine but not a lot of good ones. I would think just might be a decent idea.
  21. I don’t think he’s been anywhere near what he was supposed to be. I’m not saying he’s terrible but he’s been very underwhelming IMO. The guy was taken at the top of a draft and is frequently invisible
  22. Hopefully these guys can do it. Recent history would suggest the bills FO doesn’t identify those players in the draft.
  23. I’m not making a commentary on the 2 guys we picked this year. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. I heard a lot of people mentioning basham in round 1 so I have to believe it’s a good thing we got him in the 2nd. I know very little about these guys....it’s more about the recent history. The last few years we have missed badly on the DLine. I also feel like the qbs get the ball out to fast. There’s no reason to waste premium assets on pass rushers. Even the best pass rushers barely get there. Might as well sure up the coverage or interior run defense.
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