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  1. I think it’s more of, if you are an interior Dlineman and your run defense is always horrendous, you probably aren’t very good. All I need those guys to do is either give my LBs a chance to stop the run or stop it yourself. People get hung up on these 1 tech 3tech in a 4 man front. If I’m running the defense, I have two 330+lb DTs on the field. I don’t need my interior guy to be penetrating. If they can, fine. I want my inside guys to occupy enough space and blockers to allow my edge and skill players to make plays. I don’t want the middle of my defense to be able to be run on. I’ll take 0 sacks from in there so long as things are being bounced outside. I want the inside of my Dline to be a wall. Even when everyone loved Kyle…we could never stop the run. I don’t need a guy sneaking through for 7 or 8 sacks if you are getting blown backwards when a team gets down hill. Or coming up with false pressure all the time and getting exposed behind.
  2. I don’t know if I have ever been less moved by a name extension. I’m not really happy or mad. The guy just isn’t that good honestly. It’s not like her sucks or anything he’s just sort of there. I could take him or leave him but hopefully this gets him to be a little more consistent. I don’t know, people will tell you the guys excellent but then you go a month where you forget he’s on the team. Or at least I do.
  3. All anyone ever does here is blame the Oline and “lack of weapons” As if this offense isn’t why we all of a sudden are good….Just casually score 30 every single week but complain over the offense? The reason we haven’t won a Super Bowl and the reason we have lost in the playoffs all 4x is the defense. Leslie Fraizer not being here is the biggest offseason acquisition this team could possibly have. The subtraction of him is our best move in years.
  4. Everytime I get excited about something like this….some other team comes out of nowhere and makes it happen. Please let this be the time that we pull the trigger
  5. But that’s been what we are the whole time lol
  6. I feel like this guy will end up being the (yearly) RB that can’t ever get on the field. A guy we will all ask about and want to see, then every week will just be inactive. I love Harris and Cook was very impressive in limited action last year…it’s just the use of these RBs by this team is often infuriating. I sort of miss the days of picking a guy and letting him get into a rhythm. I can’t see Murray playing much even though he is pretty good.
  7. I like the idea of wanting to be more physical. Hopefully we evolve into a power running team with balance and fall off this finesse bull####
  8. I was going to see how long it took for someone to call me out on that lol I got pretty far
  9. I think it can hurt you and obviously don’t miss FGs…but return game has never been less important
  10. Have I? Yes and I have articulated it several times. In 2023…almost not at all. They have changed every rule to where STs is borderline meaningless. Almost nobody returns anything and almost every play is a penalty
  11. I think it’s closer to 50% believe it or not. I could be wrong and fit some reason I don’t want to look it up. I’m prepared to go down if wrong
  12. I have wanted to see Brown moved inside just to see what it looks like. I feel like that guy might really mess people up in tight spaces. Just mauling guys. Now that ship probably sailed for good. I can see them giving Bates a look at RT early on. Especially if Brown continues to go backwards. I’m really not overly concerned about the line. I think we have some solid pieces to work with. I think the scheme was a bigger issue and I think that’s probably why we haven’t been able to run the ball. I don’t think we are coaching this offense up to run with any success. My biggest fear is that it’s a permanent issue. This season is going to really fall big on Dorsey because last year left a lot to be desired IMO.
  13. I’m very surprised at the amount of votes Klein is getting. The modern day nfl is closer to a S playing LB than an older slow guy. I feel like it’s only really between the 3 younger guys. If you can’t run, you can’t play LB in 2023
  14. It’s funny we have like borderline around the clock weight trainers and dietitians but people think a guy in their early 20s can’t put on 10-15lbs in an offseason. There are unlimited resources here and this is their jobs. It will not be an issue.
  15. Should we go up and get Simpson? Draft has been excellent so far, go get some competition at LB? Seemingly elite athleticism for the position? Maybe we can get him to be what Edmunds should have been
  16. How about the best MLB left 🤷‍♂️ Let’s get that face of the defense for the next 10 years tonight.
  17. This franchise has never had a top tier TE in their entire history. Been wanting it for years. Hoping this is the guy that finally becomes that for us. Knox…it is what it is. Just hasn’t been close to good enough. Turning him into a #2 TE probably makes us considerably better
  18. It’s supposed to be a commercial for the draft and it’s supposed to be sort of cheesy..but it’s actually pretty good. I like it.
  19. No reason to not want him back. He should be well rested and still has something in limited action last year. Can’t have too many good WRs on the team.
  20. Absolutely yes with zero hesitation. People overvalue the draft way too much. Get the guy we know is great right now and try to win the Super Bowl.
  21. USFl and xfl should consider a merger and try and put together 1 league with a respectable amount of teams. Combine resources maybe create a rivalry situation…get this thing consolidated and see if you can’t have something decent
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