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  1. 3 rules Id change if it was up to me… 1- overtime: you play 10 mins. Whatever the score is it is. You can have the ball 1x you can have the ball 5x. It’s plenty of time. Stop the other team. It’s that simple 2- pass interference: never have I understood the rule of having to turn back to the ball. A guy has you beat. You are running towards him to catch up, the ball comes over your head and you don’t turn around…it’s pass interference. Why would you ever turn around? You are already beat. As long as you don’t touch the WR, it should be a good play. 3- fumbles/lateral/arm going forward issues: make every ball that doesn’t go past the line of scrimmage a fumble. Even if it’s a forward pass. You don’t reach the line, it’s live. Then none of the questions about arms and angles and what not, ever come up.
  2. I kind of figured the last few years, the 1 year “retirement” thing could become a trend. Whitten did it. Gronk did it and kind of messes around with it and the idea of it all the time now. Take that 1 year. Reset, give your body a break. And then come back fresh for another chance at it. You can’t beat Father Time but giving your body a year off might prolong a guys career.
  3. I’m not the one for that. You never saw me say anything about the Steelers being an easy game
  4. I might be in the minority but I absolutely don’t want the opener to be at Rams. Prime time games are fun and all but I prefer Sunday at 1. Thursday is a little different because you aren’t waiting longer for the game but I don’t need 2 prime time games to open the season. Also I don’t want them to start against a the super bowl winners on the road. How often does the home team lose that game? Give me just some bland 1pm game against a team that can have a soft landing and drill. Get the year started off smoothly.
  5. What number is this guy Guna wear? Let’s just get the jersey in order right now
  6. I was driving and On the radio they said the Lions took him. I thought it meant we traded out and I was so pissed. What an awesome mistake lol
  7. Is this a guy you can leave on the field all 3 downs? Can he block? I absolutely love the way his brother plays. I’m cautiously optimistic that we end up with a guy close to what Dalvin is. A legitimate difference maker at RB is something that can absolutely get us over the hump IMO
  8. I think people might be not realizing how the modern game is changing. 250lb LBs are about to be dinosaurs. If you can get 10lbs on this kid and keep him clean with the Dline, he can probably be the Edmunds replacement. Especially if he plays as fast and as decisive as these scouting reports say….that’s the modern day/future NFL MLB mold right there. An almost Safety size player in the middle just flying around and making plays in the pass game. Sounds like this kid is the anti Edmunds and that’s probably what most of us have been accidentally asking for. A instinctive guy that plays fast and doesn’t just think and move like a robot out there.
  9. Very boring question but can this guy pass protect?
  10. Shouldn’t have waited….we didn’t need a Cb IMO. I like Dane a lot more then the Bills go apparently
  11. lol too many IPAs or something. Didn’t even see that slip until this morning
  12. The guy is an incredible runner. As good as I have seen since Barry Sanders….he’s not a passer. Why even bother having big named WRs. He won’t get the ball to them. He can throw between he hashes to the TE. That’s it
  13. Diggs is the best WR this team has ever had. I know what that means and I know who that slights….fight me lol Diggs is amazing
  14. No other position will help this roster more then a top end RB. This roster is about completely built. Regardless of how you feel about the position, what you already have factors in. I hope the Bills take Hall.
  15. If they were only going to play in 1 place, I think they should have picked a dome in an area with a ton of people. It would have just looked a little better on tv. Maybe like a 30k seat dome in one of the most populated cities in America or something. The football itself is ok.
  16. A few things this reply isn’t that bad. If you ignore the crowd, it’s actually pretty decent. It’s probably already better then watching college football. They should have put the games indoors and used camera tricks to hide the crowd. Put it in a dome and do things like they did during Covid bubble times to make the backdrop look cool. If you didn’t see an empty stadium, this thing would look a little more legitimate on TV. But the football itself is really not bad.
  17. I must be the weird one here…but man I hate this idea of the conversation attempts instead of onside kicks. It’s just to arcade’ish for me. It’s Football…kicking is a big part of it. I feel like running plays after kicks is doing to much
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