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  1. I think Shakir might end up being a spark for us. This team is super stubborn sometimes but once he got in yesterday, he showed why he should have been out there all along.
  2. If you had Tre White and Hyde then I’d say it’s probably pretty close to 50/50. It’s a pretty big falloff without Hyde to me.
  3. Shakir was looking like 2010 Stevie Johnson on that catch and run
  4. Killed Edmunds the last few years, guy has been awesome all year. Get Shakir on the field as starting slot WR. Get Moss Dafuk off the team. Let’s keep this thing moving. Great win!
  5. We absolutely need this dude. Hope it’s negative and just banged up. What are they even doing an X-ray of? Ribs?
  6. Glad they came back to lose in a way that only hurts more
  7. You get the ball at the 50 do nothing. Then Just stop them when they get the ball on their own 10…nope give up a 70 yd drive. This is why we can’t win close games
  8. Wtf you can’t let them score or drive or hold the ball for several minutes
  9. Come on D find a way to cover up that asinine decision to give the drive killer Zach Moss the ball on the biggest series of the day
  10. Those are the turning point drives you need to capitalize on to win close games. Why is Zach Moss on the field. Jesus Christ. Sometime McDermott really is an #######. Singletary just got you back in. Why are you doing that? Now you are probably *****. Good punt tho
  11. Either he has it now or they run a sneak and get it on the next play
  12. Keep making Shakir inactive every week for STs guys. Nobody returns kicks anymore but it’s important to us still. The only team that gives a *****
  13. Jesus. We are going to need a WR this week. Now kind of thinking we might have wanted to keep Beasley close…too late
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