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  1. i did a similar post...soup nazi is watching....how do our facilities compare to the rest of the league?. cole beasley seems impressed.
  2. young. acquitted. give him a look?
  3. i would not rule the steelers. ben will retire soon enough. they have zero behind ben.
  4. is kroft an upgrade over o'leary?
  5. i think it is more of a locker room leadership signing. wish he was 3 years younger.
  6. listening to espn radio. there was a discussion about cards drafting murray and trading rosen to pats. he would sit behind brady for a who knows how long. does this make sense?
  7. my patriot bride...been married for 30 years. she has been a pats fan when they were dogs. had to buy a her a pats tattoo. you got nuthin
  8. future lb coach for us?
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