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  1. Who do you want for OC?

    frank reich
  2. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    so....we need a new oc and a qb. what style/kind of offense are we going to use?
  3. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    retirement has it's benefits
  4. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    pouring shot of patron
  5. brees vs brady

    dilly dilly
  6. Fairburn: Offseason To Do List for Beane and McDermott

    aj mccarron has had me intrigued for a while. it's just there is not enough of a body of work to really judge him. i do not think he would be too expensive of a draft pick trade
  7. Most hated teams

    yankees and cam newton
  8. Fairburn: Offseason To Do List for Beane and McDermott

    a qb with any kind of accuracy and not running for his life would make our wrs pretty good
  9. Denison and Tyrod should share the same fate

    dennison gets a pass because tyrod is not the man
  10. Fairburn: Offseason To Do List for Beane and McDermott

    wr is not a huge need unless we get a good/decent qb to get them the ball. rb needs to be addressed. i like sony michel and rashard penny. we need oline and dline. drafting a qb is great idea but i am not enamored with any of them. the biggest need is offense coordinator. i think dennison gets a pass because tyrod just is not the guy.
  11. brees vs brady

    question? if drew brees was a patriot and brady was a saint....who would have more rings?
  12. it is a bit early for drinking or herbal supplements. if we get a veteran 'quality" qb...perhaps. if anything we will take a step backwards with retirement and more housekeeping
  13. trading T. Taylor

    trent dilfer and brad johnson have rings///he is not better than either
  14. McCoy backup, why so thin at RB?

    draft sdsu rb penney
  15. Keep the picks or just get a QB?

    get a veteran. we really need a rb. would love to see us get sdsu rb penny