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  1. freedom of speech goes to everyone. the owners have the right to say nope.
  2. i will be losing lunch bets twice again this season to my patriot bride. no doubt we will be worse. lucky to finish at .500
  3. Jordan Palmer on Josh Allen

    it's funny how guys like him did nothing in the nfl, yet he has opinions on what it takes to be good.
  4. Who would you draft and where?

    tackle or guard out of notre dame. with richie retiring we need an oline
  5. would you trade

    with the trade of brandon cooks...maybe gronk and a first round pick for obj?
  6. would you trade

    there may have been patron involved in this idea
  7. would you trade

    would you trade odell beckham jr for gronk?
  8. bodine signing

    was bodine signed because of his familiarity with mccaron?
  9. kay stephenson

    fyi..was surprised that he has a radio show in florida. it is on wed and saturday from 9-10 cst. it is 97.1 the ticket.
  10. I say we will not draft a QB round 1

    what if mccarron lights it up? extend him?
  11. Upcoming QB competition

    what if mccarron plays lights out? sign him to an extension?
  12. trade up again?

    exactly. sadly i do not think any of this years qb crop is worth a first round selection.
  13. trade up again?

    it ain't rocket surgery.
  14. trade up again?

    how far up are we going to go?