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  1. nuklz2594

    After 20 years, Bills Daily shuts down

    dang. i am sad. wow
  2. martin can be his assistant
  3. he has been named as ambassador for anti-bullying organization per cbs sports. lmao didnt see this was a topic ahead of mine
  4. nuklz2594

    Cover1 - Brian Daboll’s offense

    with allen having a cannon for an arm...will this offense be catered to him in the future? will it be aj's style?
  5. nuklz2594

    Which Bills Decision Infuriated You?

    rex ryan being coach and then his brother being signed. trading for sammy watkins.etc...
  6. nuklz2594

    Favorite Bills RB

    Joe cribbs could do it all
  7. i have stepped in better **** than this rapist. his iq is somewhere between a beet and a cabbage.
  8. nuklz2594

    97.1 fm pensacola

    yes kay stephenson and jim haslett.
  9. nuklz2594

    97.1 fm pensacola

    every wednesday and saturday at 1000 cst...coach kay and jim haslett are live. talking draft today.
  10. nuklz2594

    bigger bust in first round

    i have a few....eric flowers, aaron maybin, perry tuttle, mike williams, tony hunter? just to name a few. me...eric flowers
  11. freedom of speech goes to everyone. the owners have the right to say nope.
  12. i will be losing lunch bets twice again this season to my patriot bride. no doubt we will be worse. lucky to finish at .500
  13. nuklz2594

    Jordan Palmer on Josh Allen

    it's funny how guys like him did nothing in the nfl, yet he has opinions on what it takes to be good.