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  1. I always remember Fitzpatrick crediting his experience as a scout team quarterback as giving him what he needed to be a starting QB. He'd throw passes he knew that HE shouldn't make, but since he was being Aaron Rodgers, he'd let it rip....and it would work. He realized he should let it rip and it gave him success. Yes, it makes him a turnover machine at times, but works more than it doesn't and has given him more success than his talent should afford.
  2. I can't find the "Is Spencer Brown holding out?" thread. Shouldn't we be firing one up for our third round pick about this time of year?
  3. Didn't we have a player on the fringe of the roster who shared something he shouldn't (maybe something from the playbook?) and then was cut a day later? I have a hazy memory of something along those lines happening.
  4. That year? Many of those experts were speculating that we were one of the worst teams of all time (particularly after a player quit at halftime). The discussion for THAT year was if we were better than Alabama. So yeah, going 6-10 that year was impressive.
  5. Last I checked, cruel and unusual punishment is still prohibited by the constitution.
  6. I just heard Josh Norman on Le Batard's podcast. When asked to name the toughest receivers he has gone up against, he named Diggs first and said it was because he was such an incredible route runner and would study corners and set them up. (Btw, the next receive he mentioned was Beasley and said he is the best slot receiver in the game.)
  7. I just checked. You are right it was indeed 6.5 points. That surprises me because it seemed the general national consensus was that the Bills would be in that 7 and 9 to 9 and 7 range. I guess it was just that everyone knew the Jets were THAT bad.
  8. Yeesh. Anyone able to check the last time we were a touchdown favorite on opening day? That's a lot for a first game, particularly against a team that was a division winner last year.
  9. Wasn't George Castanza's fake employer Vanderhoes industries? (SAY VANDERHOES!!)
  10. Are we in for a re-enactment? Gabe Davis in the Don Beebe role? Okay...I know this was week 2, but it was Sept 8th, so pretty close: https://www.buffalobills.com/video/sep-8-1991-beebe-s-4-td-s-vs-steelers-13188355
  11. I think the Browns are good, but I am not completely convinced. They are very similar to us last year...playoff birth with the benefit of a very easy schedule. Now they are entering the "prove it" year. We did...but I am still waiting to see with Cleveland.
  12. That sounds like a Beane move. In free agency his strategy has seemed to be to sign a ton of guys with upside, but questions. Hopes some will work out and the others he cuts loose.
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