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  1. If we're going the gofundme route, how about Hammer's Lot?
  2. I am guessing they will allow select members of the press cover camp...and if that is the case, someone needs to get that man press credentials. His reports are at least 10 times better than any other media coverage.
  3. Agreed. I move we double their pay, effective immediately.
  4. A few more details here: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29176557/nfl-cornerbacks-deandre-baker-quinton-dunbar-wanted-armed-robbery-charges
  5. I don't see the NFL doing it because they want to have the free farm system which makes evaluating easier. The NBA claims that their age limit is for the good of the athlete, but that is crap. It was put in place to save GMs jobs. After the Lakers had such success with Kobe, nobody wanted to miss out on the next great player and GMs started drafting kids out of high school based on potential. For every great player like LeBron, there were probably at least a half a dozen like Kwame Brown. GMs were losing their jobs because they couldn't evaluate high school kids effectively. They wanted a Carmelo Anthony to play at least a year against college kids so they could evaluate him against better competition. In the NFL, I am sure there was a GM (probably working at One Bills Drive) who would have picked Maurice Clarett in the first round if he came out. I think they much prefer the current system that gives them a few years of tape.
  6. I think Beane (rightly so) values guys who have actually played in the league more than he values the potential of rookies. Which is why he would trade for Diggs. He knows what he is doing. But that doesn't mean he ignores potential. To me, what was interesting about his rebuild is that he would aggressively go after 2nd tier free agents. He would sign guys that would normally linger until after a few weeks of free agency early in the process, and perhaps overpay. Remember the complaining from another GM about how much the Bills paid Nsekhe? But when you pay too much for a Nsekhe, even if he doesn't work out, you haven't invested too much. (Unlike sinking all those extra millions into a player like Darius.) The kind of player Beane looks for are ones that have potential to be more valuable than they have been recently either because of injury (a la Murphy) or situation (a la Feliciano and Nsekhe). By signing many of these, for not huge salaries, Beane can have some hits while still affording to cut or (better yet) trade the misses. The trades turn into those "comp picks." The approach seems very moneyball-ish to me.
  7. "The Bills don't really have any needs." Wow. When's the last time we heard someone from the national media say that? It's amazing when you think about what they were saying just two years ago.
  8. Man with the way that Knox and Moss can run over people, the Bills could have some DBs running in fear.
  9. I do wonder if this will change now that our roster is so much stronger. A lot of what this team does seems modeled on the Patriot Way...and the Pats have had a history of placing developmental players on special teams until they are ready to produce on offense or defense. What they seem to be doing with Darryl Johnson may be the new model and, if so, I wonder if there is a place for someone like Roberts anymore.
  10. I think this is where the acquisition of Diggs will really help. I re-watched most of last season (because what else am I going to do for a sports fix?), and I noticed that when Josh was in trouble, facing pressure, rolling out, etc. he usually looked for Brown. In games where teams took him away it looked like Josh panicked a bit and it could get ugly (like the grounding calls or interceptions). With Diggs, he might have two options, but even if it just means that Josh's security blanket is available more often, I think Josh will play a lot better.
  11. And Beane didn't draft Zay....unless you believe the conspiracy theory that he was orchestrating our draft while working for the Panthers.
  12. Yes, I think that is a great comparison. Fromm has that kind of head for the game....and I remember Kelly on the sidelines talking with Reich about what he was seeing...It was almost like having a player coach, who could see the game from Kelly's perspective. If Fromm could do that for Allen, AND be a competent backup when called upon, this will be a great pickup.
  13. Bill....trying to figure out the order of these thoughts of yours....alphabetical? chronological?
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