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  1. I think their D is a lot like our O. Looked elite the second half of last year, but has underperformed so far this year.
  2. Agree that because of his experience, Brissett was able to make quicker decisions which was needed against that pressure. So, it was fortunate for the Dolphins that Tua was out, but I also think it was fortunate for Tua. The way things were going, if he didn't get hurt, the kid was gonna get killed. Could've been MUCH worse than bruised ribs.
  3. And though the sacks are great, Epenesa also showed why pressures can be just as impactful. He created an errant pass and knocked the quarterback out of the game on a 4th down play. This hit may have been the most impactful play of the game. (Though I think Brissett was better equipped to deal with the pressure.)
  4. That confused me at first, but I THINK what he is saying is that because he missed time in training camp, they felt he wasn't as ready as others, so they benched him....even though he was healthy last week. So, scratched because of the previous injury...even though he had recovered from it.
  5. Ya know, I've been thinking about that 4th down play based on a 2004 play. It looked great in the original, but then I thought 2004...but that's a Mularkey year. He used to LOVE those weird trick plays and while that one worked great against Seattle, most would have the results we saw Sunday: blow up in his face. I have a memory of a similar situation with a critical short yardage down about mid field. I think there was a pitch or handoff...and a little jump and then a lateral to the receiver on the sidelines....who was tackled for a loss. It was infuriating. He was a Sam Wyche disciple and I always remember Bill Walsh saying Wyche's problem was that sometimes he would rather trick you than beat you. In other words, you could have a 4th and 1 with a big physical quarterback who can almost certainly pick up the 1st keeping a drive alive but instead pitch the ball backward 7 yards. We do NOT need Daboll channeling his inner Mularkey. That would be bad.
  6. And not only that, but how many times did they hit Allen's arm or tip the ball? It seemed like a lot, which not only affects those throws but can make the QB too cautious on other throws.
  7. Also, was it just me or did it seem like Beasley was not the same? I know, he's an easy target and that could create some bias against him that might shape my perception. But it seemed there were a couple of balls he could have hung onto but didn't, but also that Josh wasn't going to him the way he did last year. Last year whenever they needed some tough yards to pick up a first down, he would hit Beasley, and I just didn't see it much yesterday.
  8. The lack of targets for Davis was infuriating. He looked like the best receiver out there.
  9. I thought there were a lot of passes like that by a number of receivers. Beasley seemed to have a few. Yes, they were contested and knocked out (and not drops) but could have been held onto. They need to take lessons from the guy who COULD hang onto contested catches today: Knox. Josh also seemed off. Not terrible...but not his best.
  10. Anyone know what happened to the condensed game on Gamepass? I'm a geezer, so I like to go to bed and watch the night games in the morning. It's great to watch the 40 minute version. But either I am not able to find it with the new layout, or they still don't have it up.
  11. Yeah, as I said it's USUALLY a good predictor in baseball...but not always.
  12. Sure...last year he played bad games to start, but you can only play the teams the schedule deals you. But look at the year before. He played the Patriots (a good defense) in week 1 and look what he did to them: https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401127860
  13. I think that people talk about point differential because in sports like basketball and baseball it is extremely predictive. If a team is leading the division at the all star game, but has a narrow or even negative point differential, they are probably going to regress in the second half. It seems there was a team that bucked the odds a few years ago and continued with a strong record despite a poor run differential, but it's really rare. However, at the mid-point of the season those sports have 40 or 80 games on which to base an avg. The NFL has 8. The problem is, as you pointed out with the Bills, a few games can complete skew the average...There just isn't a large enough sample size.
  14. "Less likely" is not the same as "prevent." Six seeds have won the Super Bowl, so getting the six seed does not prevent you from winning the Super Bowl. But a one seed is more likely to win a Super Bowl. So, you would much rather have the one seed than the six, and you would much rather have everyone vaccinated to decrease (but not eliminate) the chance of exposure and/or contagion.
  15. By "ask again" does it mean "start a thread"? I'll get right on it.
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