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  1. I feel like Bills fans around the country should be opening champagne bottles....like the former Dolphins players when the last team loses each year.
  2. Yeah, many have posted about McDermott working to humble Oliver....but I have wondered if it is as much about bolstering Phillips' ego as it is about keeping Oliver's in check. Remember, Phillips felt out of favor with the Dolphins after run-ins with his coach...because he felt unappreciated. Maybe McDermott doesn't want him to think he is just getting thrown aside once the Bills have their new toy. Even if he eventually is a backup, it might help his ego to feel he was seriously considered as a starter.
  3. Was this the Bruce Smith, "I don't need no flu shot" game?
  4. The Pats first practice is 9:15 on July 25th....so they are not starting a week early. The other two have first year head coaches.
  5. I, too, was sad to hear this. I went to UK and was a big fan of the Pillsbury Throwboy...Lots of fun to watch.
  6. I seem to remember a certain Bills running back coming in with sympathy "pregnancy weight" coming in overweight and out of shape and blaming it on eating with his pregnant wife.
  7. Actually, he did. Think about who Fitzpatrick is. He's smart, without a great arm. He's the type of guy you would expect to be a captain checkdown game manager. And that's what he was when he came into the league. I remember an article when Fitzpatrick credited being on the scout team with creating a change in philosophy. He said that in practice he was supposed to be Brett Favre...so he would make Brett Favre (risky, tight window) throws....and was surprised to find he would complete many of them...so he decided he could be a risk taker and take those shots in the game. It was this CHANGE in philosophy that Fitzpatrick credited for his ability to transform from a lifetime backup to a starting quarterback for the Bills.
  8. I have maintained hope for Murphy...and am not ready to call his signing a bust. Often, with serious injuries like his, players are not fully recovered the first year back. Mind you...often they never return to full speed....but I think there is hope. Think of Carson Wentz last year....he was back playing...but never really close to his old form.
  9. They'll be resting starters where? Over there? Or over here?
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