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  1. Fired Hacket. Fired Defilippo. Because CLEARLY the problem is the OC.
  2. I have also been wondering if we are going to hear about a Milano injury that has been lingering. Seems he has had trouble wrapping up late in the year....including the would be sack of Watson.
  3. I don't. Simply because that would mean the Patriots won....and I NEVER want that to happen.
  4. That's it. Bring back Dick back Dick "you can never have too many corners" Jauron.
  5. If the Bills beat Houston and the Pats win, that Bills would play at Baltimore and the Patriots would be on the road at KC.
  6. Can someone please post the 20 things that need to happen (including the moon rising in the west) for the Bills to make the playoffs? I am used to seeing it this time of year and can't find it anywhere for some reason. 😀
  7. Wasn't Superfluous S one of the great rock power trios of the 70s?
  8. I don't think it's Tomlin. I think God feels bad about making Stevie Johnson drop that ball years ago and is trying to balance things out.
  9. I like the analogy to baseball. Allen has always had a very accurate fastball, but struggles with the off speed stuff. It's why the lazy "inaccurate" label has always bugged me. Now, I haven't looked at his mechanics carefully, nor do I know enough to really assess them. However, I have noticed something that is promising....but puzzling. If someone doesn't have great accuracy...maybe like Tyrod who had ballpark accuracy...you can't expect the thrower to put the ball in exactly the right spot. It's going to be just a bit off...sometimes left, sometimes right...sometimes long and sometimes short. My understanding is that is the problem with bad mechanics. It's impossible to reproduce the exact same throw every time. It's like a free throw shooter (to use another sports analogy) who needs to use exactly the same motion every time so the ball goes exactly the same place. With bad mechanics, I would expect Josh's throws to be all over the place. The weird thing is that doesn't seem to be the case. He seems to reproduce exactly the same throw almost every single time. It's directly over the receiver, five yards too deep. With such a consistent throw, it would seem to be easy to adjust...and then he should be able to reproduce accurate shows. It should be as simple as "Josh, aim five yards behind the receiver." Another baseball analogy. It's like the homerun that Aaraon frickin' Boone hit to beat the Red Sox in the playoffs years ago. He kept pulling the ball foul and someone (I think it was Joe Torre) told him, "Hit the ball back up the middle. Try to hit the center field fence." He did, and ended up hitting it just inside the foul pole. Again, seems weird that this adjustment hasn't been made already, but maybe he is afraid of throwing an interception?
  10. We have one huge advantage against the Steelers. They like to play zone and not so great with man to man. A couple of weeks ago we were discussing the long pass from Josh to Brown and whether it was a true deep ball. My point is that there are situations when Josh is going to need to loft the ball and drop it in to receivers which is why those throws are a different type and hitting a 35 yards down field with a frozen rope is not the same thing. Yesterday, the ravens played press man to man. The way to beat that coverage is over the top. Our receivers DID beat it consistently early in that game...and Josh could not hit them. I think that such coverage is going to continue to be trouble for Josh for a while. But that is not what the Steelers do (at least not historically...as I have not watched them much this year). Josh is a competitor...will come out angry and if he faces zone, he will be able to pick it apart with strong and accurate throws in between the seems. I expect to see good josh this weekend.
  11. I thought this was hysterical that Belichick challenged. I think he panicked. The Chiefs rushed to the line to get the play off....as if they knew they were going to lose the challenge (even if they knew they would probably win) so Belichick didn't have time to think and just chucked the flag. That is a TOTAL Patriots move that I have seen Brady pull a bunch of times. Then, the f'd up the play late from the four yard line because Tom and others were yelling for BB to throw the flag...even though they didn't have one and they rushed a play that lost 2 yards. The Patriots are always so much smarter then everyone else...but not so much yesterday.
  12. Oh I DISAGREE. I could see a blowout by the bills...if things go wrong (stops turnovers) for the Ravens early and it snowballs. So, no, I actually have NO idea how it is going to turn out. 😄
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