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  1. Of COURSE I do....It's not like he's a blowhard or anything.
  2. Nah....fake news. Rex SAID that Buffalo would be his last head coaching gig...and he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would just blow hot air.
  3. I seem to remember last summer there were some very level headed prognosticators talking about the upcoming season. The consensus was that the offense would struggle in the first part of the season (5-8 games) while they learned to play together....but if the team could just tread water until that happened, they could have an impressive season. Well, they have done more than tread water...and it makes me excited for the post-bye season.
  4. Yeah, I see the head shake there, too...and it looks cobwebby....but the one I remember and the one that I think Chandler81 refers to is when he puts his hand up to his head first. Almost looks like he is trying to pull sod out of his facemask (which is odd since they were playing on artificial turf) and then he shakes his head.
  5. I remember seeing the head shake and had exactly the same reaction. Thought "oh no, head injury" but then when he kept playing I forgot. As for the play that did it, it could be the sack even if his head didn't hit the turf. When players hit their heads against the turf, it usually isn't the blow itself that causes the damage. It's the sudden stopping. Essentially, the brain sloshes around causing damage. So, if his head was braced against his shoulder...so that his neck couldn't act as a shock absorber...then he could have received such an injury. Then the second injury would make it worse. In high school, I remember hitting my head playing soccer and coming out because of the headache. And then I remember being in the locker room and having no clue how I got there. According to friends, I went back in and hit my head a second time....which caused a walking black out. And no, I did not stay at a Holiday Inn.....but I watched a lot of Quincy.
  6. I have some concerns....and have seen some regression, but that is to be expected of a young quarterback (see Baker Mayfield's first few games this year) but honestly the Cincinnati game worries more than Sunday's game. So far this year there has been one and only one quarterback who has led a scoring drive against that Patriots defense. Yes, they have played some crap quarterbacks...but still. And Big Ben pre-injury had something left...and if we go back to last year, Goff and that Rams offense did nothing. So, no, Sunday's game does not worry me much.
  7. Not sure if I have seen it discussed...and may have been lost in the sea of Josh Allen posts...but I was incredibly impressed with Edmunds. Last year, Brady abused him...and he didn't have a great week last week...but in this game he consistently was in the right place and quickly.
  8. SOMEbody would. I have a memory of it happening in a Bills game....but can't remember who it was. Similar situation and I think the quarterback stepped out of bounds....and we were furious (as we should be). You play to win the games. Maybe it was Kyle Orton? Seems it was about that time period.
  9. Yeah...that and if we DO win, I hope when the game is assured (kneel down time and not before...as not to invoke bad juju) that fans rock the stadium with a chant of "We're still here."
  10. Or the 3-0 Dolphins when they got crushed by the Pats. (Just to complete your high OR low point.)
  11. Interestingly, keep hitting them and don't worry about the penalties was essentially the strategy upon which Belichick made his name. He did it against us as a coordinator and against Manning's Colts. He was hitting receivers more than quarterbacks...but same principle.
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