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  1. I agree that they probably won't move it to Buffalo...but there is a precedent for having an extra home game. Post-Katrina the Saints played a "home" game against the Giants at Giants Stadium...and the Giants ended up playing an extra game at home.
  2. The ex-Bills giveth and the ex-Bills taketh away for the football team. Thomas was one of their go-to guys on offense, and when Dallas had the ball, Ronald Darby was their go-to guy.
  3. The run game seems to work best running to the left and when Mongo and Dawkins are on that side together.
  4. And did you see his expression when Fournette dropped a pass? I thought he was going to punch his own teammate. Can't be a fun guy to play for.
  5. Are we still playing the "what two teams would you like to get rid of" game?
  6. I agree and that's what I find exciting about him as a player. He keeps learning and we have not seen the plateau. Before the Cards game I was thinking, "One problem Josh has is he still does a crap job throwing the ball away." In his first year he threw the ball short of the line of scrimmage and got called for grounding. He learned, threw the ball upfield more and it got picked. It seemed to get in his head to the point where even this year he seemed to struggle with throwing the ball away (like stepping out of bounds and THEN throwing it away). However, just after I had been thinking it...in that game...he threw the ball out of bounds to throw it away, threw the ball at the feet of the back in the backfield, and fired the ball 10 feet over the head and out of bounds over a receiver downfield....basically the three ways to legally throw the ball away. He seems to always be improving on something so we just don't know yet where he will peak.
  7. Learn from your mistakes and do your penance....It's all we can ask.
  8. I blame Hapless. If the original gameday had not been merged then the good luck "matriculate the ball down the field" would have been in the pre-game thread. With such good juju this kind of thing does NOT happen.
  9. Must be something about the Cardinals coming to town. I seem to remember a punter missing the ball because the wind blew it back at him before his foot hit it....pretty sure it was against the Cardinals and about that era.
  10. Going out on a limb here then....but I'm guessing you didn't care for Trent?
  11. Yes, remember the insane love for Danny Dimes? What about the Baker craze...or, of course, Minshew Mania.
  12. Indeed. Quarterbacking and defending against young quarterbacks is all about adjustments. That's why it is a bit premature to get all excited about young quarterbacks like Tua. There hasn't been an adjustment yet. DCs will figure out what he does well and take that away...and then it will be up to the quarterback. Some, like Baker Mayfield, don't seem to be able to make those adjustments. Josh, however, has repeatedly shown that you may be able to frustrate him temporarily, but then HE will adjust and learn how to beat what DCs are doing.
  13. ...but I think they're getting ready to go on that run.
  14. I think there's a whole thread about Highly Questionable....and there is Terry Bradshaw.
  15. "Buffalo, however, responded to its challenge in impression fashion." I THOUGHT that when I looked really closely at the game that the Bills just looked like a bunch of dots of color running around out there.
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