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  1. It might be just me but I don’t care for Wilson. He seems too phony and a bit of a pre-Madonna in my eyes. like he would be the type to get his feelings hurt by people in a meeting to think his idea isn’t good enough. Oh wait.....
  2. we need to move Tremaine to OLB and sign a true MLB that is younger than Klein. Or Draft a true MLB. I do believe Tremaine would be better fit OLB as many believe in here.
  3. Played from Pop-warner through HS. Pop-warner was a RB/LB then DE/OL as I was getting a lil chubby. HS started OLB for varsity 3 years in SW Florida late 90's. Played against Edgerin James and his brothers/cousins. Loved playing though coaches stripped chance at being team captain because I wrestled. (coaches must of been jealous of the wrestling team since we were two-time state champs as a team and the football team only won districts once in 10 years....)
  4. The problem of the "letting them play" is that for years prior they called everything to favor the offense. And when it shifts in the most important games to just "let them play" I think that is extremely BS. Be consistent. Call it even in pre-season, regular season, and post season. The refs conscious effort to call penalties more or less should never be a factor. If they see it, they call it based on the rules. That should be it.
  5. The only reason people hate brady is because he played for a division rival and beat us sooooooo many damn times. If he was in the NFC (like tampa) and won 6 superbowls with Tampa no one on this board would really give a S***. So its not brady perse, its that he made some of you feel like poo on so many sundays because he was the GOAT.
  6. I root for tampa, regardless of the QB, because two things. 1 KC beat Buffalo and KC fans are becoming the new NE fans (annoying and arrogant). 2. I grew up in FL and TB was my second team. Honestly, #3, I want to see Brady win one and say a big F U to the patriots and their organization thinking they could win without them.
  7. Just cracked my first beer. Nerves are kicking in some. I am ready!!!! I think lol....
  8. Starting out with Shrimp Cocktail then Homemade Southwest Egg Roles with Avocado Ranch Dip then Homemade BBQ Pork Sliders with butter pickles, topped with diced onions and coleslaw. End it with homemade Fried Cookie Dough Egg Roles and Vanilla Ice Cream Edit: Beer is a given and plenty of it.
  9. Maybe.... Josh Allen's shoulder issue and wearing a brace had more of an impact then the rain? I am all for beautiful weather, but if not, then it is up to the team to prepare to play in that type of weather. Soaking footballs in water, or just playing in sprinklers lol.
  10. Uniform color matters not. Just like me wearing a certain t-shirt or sitting a certain way on the couch or what ever other superstition I do matters not lol. EDIT: Btw I still do them, and my wife thinks I am strange and a bit of an idiot, but whatever helps the team right?? lol
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