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  1. Then why is Dodson in there spying hurts? Throw in the speedier rookie and let him spy hurts. That again is on the HC.
  2. I get it, trust me, I have felt the same for a long time. But..... We cannot sit here and just accept that there is an inability of the defense to stop offenses every time the game comes down to them and be fine with it. Only 1 game I remember against a quality opponent that they stopped them. (KC last year, giants this year does not count because they got lucky and they are a bad team) If the offense scores a FG in overtime, then as a defensive minded HC (supposedly a good one), you should be able to win that game.
  3. Defense was better under Frazier than McD.
  4. I am not one to kick and scream. but.... this is ALL on the Defense and McDermott. Time to move on. Get Frazier back as DC and get an Offensive minded HC
  5. Cause they haven't been there much lately lol
  6. Hyde, Tre, Poyer are difficult to replace 2 years ago. Last year/this year it is definitely easier due to age/injury
  7. Some are just exhausting to read/watch, fighting to stay on top of their soap box lol
  8. Question. Does anyone feel the "Aggressive but Smart" Mentality for the offense is the reason it struggled as time went on. What I mean is NFL Defenses will watch tape and take what you do best away (or try to at least) and in the beginning this Aggressive but Smart mentality worked, because the offense was aggressive as hell last year and the beginning of this year (this year we had more luck with turnovers in the beginning). Then defenses said yeah no more deep stuff for you. Dorsey though, and Allen, kept trying to push the Aggressive but Smart mentality whether through play calling or first reads or heaving it up with the mind set of playing Aggressive over playing smart. But there is a fine line between Aggressive and Smart becoming Aggressive and Dumb. When aggressive becomes the norm, then it can quickly be to the detriment not being able to play smart.
  9. cool. but ok. I watch and think to myself, why is he standing around. so it is what it is. Time to do other things. good talk
  10. Ok let me rephrase, not going hard when the ball isnt going to you or going away from you..... which I provided multiple examples. Keep watching any game since the Offense has been garbage. Anyways, proof is in the pudding.
  11. Guess playing until the end of the whistle means nothing to him. Again playing selfishly. But anyone with Rose colored glasses will make excuses.
  12. This was just from the Bills vs Broncos Highlights. Easy to watch and see. Watch the first three plays of the Bills offense, Each time after someone else has the ball he stands around. Each time. Even the run block he half asses it cause it went the other way. no trying to sell it, nothing. Just eh here I put my arms on you. "Good Enough". Interception through Davis hands, even Dion ran over, no Diggs in site. That shows to me he is playing selfishly. And another one
  13. Not saying he is the problem but its not all on Allen either. Taking plays off when you don't get the ball to me is selfish.
  14. Is that why when others get the ball he kind of just stands around.... Especially on pass plays, even those close to him. Edit: both him and Davis do it and it is annoying seeing it happen consistently
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