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  1. Its not a big deal. Its like they played Thursday night this week and we get them the following Sunday. Plus - they wont be able to meet in person until all non current positive staff and players are cleared. So practices aren't being held either. Heck - they might not even be able to meet in person on Monday/Tuesday of next week.
  2. I honestly believe it was Cousins and that is it. Cousins has this "high and mighty' type attitude. I remember watching this video with him talking to Allen when Allen was coming out for the draft. And he just came across as a very dislikable person.
  3. I honestly think it is just in his DNA. Having played sports even at a lower level with crowds. The crowd noise was never something the mind focused on or caused me to get more amped then I already was. That was an internal thing. Look at the Rams game, you can tell in the 4th quarter he was completely amped up. No crowd was needed, just the situation.
  4. If Jets get a new QB next year, I would love Sam Darnold to come to the Bills and be Josh Allen's backup.
  5. Depends on what their record is at the end of the season.... Beating teams early in the season really means nothing. Because say we beat a 2-0 Rams team and then they go 6-10 the remainder of the season. Then the win means less. if we win and they finish 10-6 then it means more. because even if they are good and they lose a few key players and then go 6-10, no one will remember that they lost key players, people remember the win-loss column at the end of the season. Remind you of the year trent edwards went 4-1 and then we sucked. Does anyone from that year remember beating a 4-1 Bills team? Nah cause they looked at the win in hind sight, as nothing.
  6. Definitely can see that too. Crazy how the eyes and mind see completely different things compared to others. Now imagine being in Josh's shoes on that play and from his perspective lol
  7. I actually do not agree with his analysis at all. If you watch the motion when Josh "Pump Fakes" it is most likely he was thinking about throwing to 1 of the 2 receivers on the longer routes. But when he does that there were 4 people bunched together and the CB that didn't go with brown was yet to be determined and most likely could not see if the CB would follow Brown or not. So he pulled it down and through began his throwing motion to Knox before Brown was even out of his break. He could have waited until brown came out of his break and possibly gained more yards or possibly gotten sacked or possibly made an errant throw. But he made the split second decisions to throw to knox who had no one around him still while 2 WRs and 2 CBs were within 5 yds of each other. Correct call in my books.
  8. It is weird seeing Josh throw these touch passes. Especially multiple in a row. He always had some Zip on throws last year regardless of where he was throwing. Growth my friends!! that is growth!
  9. CaliBills


    Can we all agree, that last year anytime Josh threw for more than 30 Attempts ( I believe) the bills lost. This time, the Jets brought their Run Defense (which was great like last year as well) and Josh still moved the ball through the air. Passing for 46 Attempts, 33 completions, (71% ?) And my only gripe is the designed QB run plays that look like Wildcat type. (I hate those) If Josh doesn't fumble twice, then there is a good change we win 33-17 (at least). We won, I am happy, but Daboll needs to stop with those QB Run plays.
  10. I was in middle school around those years lol. Small World especially considering it is Englewood. I lived in Gulf Cove area, out in the boonies.
  11. What do you know about Sarasota? lol I grew up in good ole Englewood!
  12. Team friendly deals happen when you create a amazing culture where players want to continue playing. I believe players are now wanting to stay in B-Lo, so they can see this thing (winning) through. That is what happens when they get high character football players that just want to play to win. Not for the paycheck.
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