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  1. About to go walk some trails in Bryce Canyon so unfortunately I won't be watching the game. Hope to come back to a blow out win or hell, even a nail biter is fine by me as long as we win. Go Bills
  2. And how do you know they are? Based on your own research I assume. Who's numbers would you trust? Probably no ones if they don't side with your own belief on the vaccine.
  3. lol Daboll will still go 4 or 5 wide even if defenses dropped all 11 into coverage.
  4. Great Article and thanks for sharing. I honestly enjoy reading/watching more of the personal side of these men we watch on gameday. It makes me not get too caught up in the win/loss side of things. Like just watch and enjoy and if they fail, hope they learn from it and do better next time.
  5. I would give them a call and ask if that is actually the case for gamedays. They might not have it listed for NFL season
  6. I am living in San Diego as well. More in the carlsbad area.
  7. is TJ Watt signed yet? I imagine since he hasnt been practicing at all, he will not play vs the Bills next weekend. they also have TItu (spelling) on IR. So their DLine definitely will not be as disruptive without those 2.
  8. I dont know man - Tua was benched last year for a Journey Man QB and if not for said Journey Man QB the Phins would not have been close to playoffs. Tua - unless a major improvement is seen, will most likely be replaced. Hurts - He will be replaced as well. He is Tyrod esque and I do not see him being more than a serviceable QB (there is a reason Tua replaced him in the national championship game) and had to transfer to another school just to start so does he really count as a "Alabama QB" if he transferred to play his senior year? Jones - I am not sold on him at all. I watched the 3rd preseason game and came away with - he is ok, he is accurate but I am not sure I see someone that will carry a team. I don't see plays where i am like wow that is amazing. QBs from Bama get spoiled in Bama and tend to struggle in the NFL.
  9. Today and that is it. Like literally the first time ever
  10. Wonder how the Bears fans are feeling right now watching Mitch run the 2 min offense.
  11. have fun!! a bit jealous as I will be watching from home
  12. The only time to worry is If we are losing because he is not on the field. That really is the only time. Other than that, let him heal and get to 100%
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