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  1. Just put him on ignore as he obviously thinks he is the smartest person in the room but is far from it.
  2. I had to just put some folks on ignore.. not worth the effort and time.
  3. Hence why I do not live in FL anymore. I am 40 as well and F that heat. When i go visit family in FL, I am always reminded of why I won't live there again.
  4. I can say without a doubt, playing football in weather like that (played Football 10 years in FL), can make you puke and worse, dry heave.
  5. Agree, I am excited to see Cook,Crowder, and Shakir in this offense. Beas and Sanders were aging WR's, both remain not signed by any NFL team (to my current knowledge), which shows that age has had an impact on them. As for people like the aforementioned, Pretending to be the smartest person in the room and actually being that person are completely different. And usually people pretending are not well liked in their environments lol. And also - he was added on my ignored list.. easy way to rid myself
  6. hahah ok dokie there big boy. Let me bow down to the all mighty Badolbillz..... gtfo here.... I already commented how your arguments are invalid due to different variables. Just because you continue to ride high on your horse and beat it to death doesn't mean it garners any respect. You are basing your argument on last years numbers. Which is very idiotic (using your word) since according to that logic, Josh Allen would never improve because of last year or the year before or the year before that. Or there is no chance of Gabe Davis improving, or Knox, or anyone for that matter because of...... wait for it.... Last years numbers. Which means ABSOLUTLEY nothing going into this year. As I said, let the season play out. But whom am I to give any advice to the almighty BBMB poster.
  7. broo........... give it a rest ffs It is exhausting lol Let the season play out.
  8. ok good talk. Lets just see what happens instead of the sky is falling mentality.
  9. Beasley argument is missing one significant and important variable. Josh Allen. You can't compare production when all the other variables are significantly different. Especially the QB. Different Teams, Different QBs, Different Coaches, Different System. Sanders was meh last year, replacing him with younger talent in the draft is where they went. The covid thing is a reach and that can happen to any person on the team, regardless if vaxxed or not. Also, you are missing another variable in your O-line argument, Kromer. Who is known to be a top O-Line coach in the league compared to last years O-line coach. I dont man, you just seem to throw stuff out their to try and validate your argument but keep omitting variables that actually have a larger impact on said stuff.
  10. I agree, it definitely is not given. But I do believe Bojo wasn't committed, hence why he has been released by several teams. As a Punter, you have two responsibilities, 1 Punt really well and punt differently when needed. 2 Hold for FG's. I honestly see no reason why a punter cannot learn to hold if they put in the time and effort. It isn't something that is physically difficult other than decent hands and understanding rotations. Maybe hand and eye coordination is something Bojo lacks. I don't know to be honest. Oh and I am sure you can hold at an NFL level if that was your only job to do. Don't sell yourself short @Shaw66
  11. I wouldn't say "easy". Plenty of work will need to be done. But I'm sure plenty of people said Josh Allen couldn't learn to be accurate and I would say he has done well with the accuracy issue because of putting in the time and work. The reason I am not concerned is I do believe that Ariza will work and put in the time. Just like those videos show him working on hangtime and hitting 5.5 seconds hangtime on 50 yd punts. I get game days are different but still, there is promise. I mentioned McAfee because he brought up Ariza and his lack of holding and he kind of had the same situation coming out of West VA. But believes since Ariza is athletic that he will pick it up without issue.
  12. Pat McAfee mentioned in his podcast that when he was drafted by the colts. He lied and said he could hold but at West VA, he did the same as Ariza in terms of kicking and punting and never held. He said he had to learn it but if you are athletic enough it is rather easy to adjust and learn. I have little concern about the holding, he will work on it all off season to come in and be able to do it from a general standpoint. Then, working with Bass, they will work to get on the same page about tilt, direction, etc.
  13. The thing is, our draft was really only for depth and 1 need (well 2 if you count the punter) and we got both high quality players for the punter (if he can hold) and the CB as well. Both immediate players. All the rest is depth.. It feels so good to draft for depth and development instead of need all the way. Last years draft, with time, I have a feeling will turn out to be above average players or even great players. No longer are we needing players to come in and play immediately or expect them to be amazing out of the gate. We can give them time and trust our coaches and staff.
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