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  1. I love linguistics so, yeah, pretty much.
  2. It is a real word unless words only count as real if used by DWEMs. From Oxford Languages: dweeb /dwēb/ noun DEROGATORY•INFORM a boring, studious, or socially inept person.
  3. What I think is interesting is his take on Allen's progress. It's clear that, unlike many in the media, he has actually seen him play over the years. He doesn't say "didn't know how to throw the ball accurately but then miraculously learned." Instead says "saw flashes" but also saw the mistakes and when he cleaned up the mistakes and the flashes became consistent play he was a different quarterback.
  4. I agree that accuracy was his main issue. He could not reliably place the ball in a small window. He worked really hard and developed a work around which was to be careful and just throw to open receivers where ballpark accuracy was good enough. He could run around to allow those windows to open up. The problem was not that he was not clutch or was padding but that when he played better teams those windows were tighter and pass rush was quicker so he didn't have those open receivers to hit. Essentially he had college level accuracy but found a way to make it work in the NFL which is really impressive, but what became clear to McDermott et al. is that wouldn't be good enough to make the team more than a borderline playoff team.
  5. In regards to Allen as a power runner, I remember someone trying to bring him down (think it was Joey Bosa) in the backfield and Josh was dragging him before going down. A flag came out and though it was on the Bills, the tackler immediately thought it was on him for something like a horse collar. He looks at the ref and yells, "What the hell am I supposed to do, the guys HUGE!!" His power is as impressive as his speed.
  6. Or, his specialty, checked down. Ahhh....makes me reminiscent
  7. Looks like maybe Tuel Time was erased from your memory.
  8. Doesn't deserve its own thread...and wasn't sure where to post this but a discussion about young players that might get cut seems like the best option. I keep seeing a really annoying headline posted different places that says "Bills release Devin Singletary hype video" so of course every damn time I read the part that says "Bills release Singletary" and wonder what the hell happened. They might as well link the headline to that picture of Peter Pan.
  9. I can't remember who it was but I remember somebody who played with Elway saying exactly the same thing. It didn't matter if it was ping pong or dominoes or whatever. He was super competitive to the point where he would be pissed when he lost.
  10. Yeah, this is a bit different than that situation, though. Ferguson and Roberts were cut when they had to get down to 53 because they had players they could put on IR and bring back later, as long as they were on the original 53. So, they cut Ferguson and Roberts, got down to 53, then put the players on IR and then re-signed these players. Because they were vets they didn't have to clear waivers and they had a gentleman's agreement to re-sign once the spots opened up. As another poster mentioned this one probably has something to do with number of years and/or what percentage is signing bonus.
  11. Yeah, and the reason he did that is he was getting advice from his father who was a great quarterback for a terrible Saints team/organization.
  12. He's angry because this guy just up and quit when the Bills were counting on him to be the linchpin of the line for the next 10 to 15 years. That's why they drafted in him in the....wait...what? Where did they draft him? What's his name again?
  13. I think McDermot really wants a return guy he can trust which is why he went to Hyde at the end of the year. The message seems to be, "fair catch, take a knew, don't return for a single yard ever and it's fine. Just don't F it up. With our offense, I think I agree. We can make up the yards as long as we don't turn it over. With Austin's experience I could see him providing the sure hands that McDermott wanted with the added bonus of actually being able to gain some return yards.
  14. Alabama has done this for years. They look for coaches who are trying to rehab their reputation so they can have a really experienced and top flight coaching staff. E.g. Hiring a 2 time NFL head coach to be their OL coach. It's one of the benefits of being seen as a top flight organization.
  15. Maybe this is it? Looks like it was a special just for 2021 training camp. Might find it on Ebay, and this might help to know the name: https://www.fanatics.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/buffalo-bills-new-era-2021-nfl-training-camp-panama-bucket-hat-white/o-3538+t-70483590+p-71010513187+z-9-3467761987
  16. I remember hearing something concerning the potential Dolphins trade and that Ross was looking into the possibility the lawsuits would be settled. I wonder if it was this offer he was looking into.
  17. You're claiming that someone like Keith Oberman would be political?! Crazy talk.
  18. Have their been any studies of hockey goalies? I would think the flexibility would be an asset.
  19. Yes, and that is because these are not guaranteed contracts. If a player underperforms, the team will cut him. Except for guaranteed money, the contracts are worthless...and that works both ways. If the player over-performs he wants the contract torn up and replaced. It's the way the business of the NFL works. Contracts are not honored on either side and, for the most part, that system works for both sides.
  20. Who's that DB Miller in the video with him?
  21. It's weird, isn't it? I think OTA's are going on today and I see nothing about it. Remember when there would be like 5 quarterbacks competing for a starting job and we would have to know every rumor about every pass completed or missed even if activities were behind closed doors? The off season is much more interesting when the team sucks....but oh the games themselves are soooo much better. It's a reasonable trade off.
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