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  1. If we scored a TD instead if a safety it would have been 24-14. They don’t go for 2 so 24-21. Thrn getting a TD without XP puts us up 30-21……
  2. Should this be for the first Thursday of the season….in 5 years from now
  3. You do realize having a dome still would have caused the game to be moved or cancelled because getting to the stadium would have bern difficult to impossible.
  4. By turning the ball over inside the red zone taking away points and by giving them a turnover and start the drive inside the 20 ehich led to a TD. Those don’t happen, buffalo probably leads 20-10 or 24-10 late in the 4th.
  5. Make me wanna shout ..little Richard version
  6. Have communicated with friends and family my sister lives in NT near wheatfield /NT line. Thursday night/ overnight she got Thu dersnow with about 3 inches. She got sun today so much of the snow melted during the day. A friend of mine lives in west of the stadium on the other side of 90. I have a video of him in shorts snd a bills jersey doing a beer then doing a back led plunge into feet of snow. He has 5 ft+
  7. They are saving a spot for OBJ…… Cook lines up as a WR. Knox can play in a WR spot.
  8. Thry also blew 3 3 pt leads to lose and 6 of the 7 were one score losses with them having the ball to tie/win innthe 4th. in th3 nfl its about this good/ bad luck. This would be a team that coukd bounce back in 23 Jacksonville is another team who have a bunch of one score losses. Minnesota last year had a bunch of one score losses and it came down to the final 5 min of the game one score losses are small margins to overcome in an off-season.
  9. The only other possibility is with national nfl game broadcasts. Cleveland-buffalo is a lower game that wouldn’t get national broadcast. last weeks minnesota coukd have bern a national radio game broadcast. I don’t know if it was.
  10. i don’t either TV money covers players salaries. Gate/ local revenue covers the operational costs. Sure having to pay out $30M at once coukd make team budget a little tight.
  11. The latest forecast has it snowing till early Saturday morning getting about 2 ft of snow in orchard park. Thst amount can get removed.
  12. the last forecast I saw had the heavy snow Thursday-Friday for orchard park. What falls on Saturday pm is more nuisance snow of 1-3 inches. the field will be clear other than chance snow fall during the game. The issue will be fans going to the game. This could be a limited crowd game.
  13. you could say that in all pro sports. in baseball the deadline is around 33% left in a season for hockey and basketball is about 23% of the season left in football it’s >>59% of the season left football, unlike other sports, trading is much harder because in general the league is not plug and play with individuals. It’s more with system fits and some players are great in one style but suck in another. On defense it’s 3-4 v 4-3 style of defense where players aren’t 8nterchangeablein generall. in other sports the schedules are unbalanced where teams run into the luck of getting to play a team when they aren’t hot/ at it’s best for various reasons in Baseball, hockey, and basketball teams have prospects in their system beyond the roster you see. These can be traded. In football if they sell too many that won’t be able to field a team
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