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  1. They have the bills losing at raiders, at titans, at Denver, at SF, Pittsburgh, at patriots, Seattle. tough games are...at SF, Seattle, KC, at Patriots... 2-2 sure they coukd Lise st raiders, at Denver, at Tennessee. They aren’t losing them all. 2-1 games they coukd be upset..at Arizona, hosting Pitt, a game against jets. i see them 10-6 or 11-5. Coukd be 12-4 if it means playing starters in week 16 and 17 for top seed. If they clinched division prior to week 16 they coukd rest players and then lose some games like what happened this year.
  2. In baseball all they always are off even they travrl 3 time zones from west to east because of body clock being out of whack for games. since football isn’t a night game traveling is easier where you can keep your team on the same body clock there would be problems if east coast games started at 9am or west coast games at 10pm locally.
  3. The DE snd RB drafted in 2nd and 3rd will play and contribute. It’s far easier for aRB to do so earlier in the season. i don’t know how different the RBs are in style to know if it could matter. If the draft RB is more of a power RB he coukd start against teams focusing on the pass leaving middle of field open.
  4. Ststidtically speaking they were shut out of prime time games unfairly compared to other teams in similar positions I’m talking to seasons after the 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 records and not playoffs. And they got dissed after getting a WC in 2017.
  5. Denver the FG woukd have added to the lead..at 21-9. A FG in the 4th would make it a 3 score game block FG then to return lenord Smith INT return for TD ..missed xtra pt tbotched return and penalty put them at 5 Then bad exchange fumble turn over then Davis TD for 29-21.
  6. It it kind of sucks you have vegas and Nashville consecutive weeks followed by a KC at home on Thursday. 2 travel sires coukd splitfan travel then some not traveling to do Thursday nights game It depends on when though. This yrs game there was a chance of it happening in week 16. Same true next year being the Sunday after Xmas and before ny yrs. Im willing to bet Buffalo at Tampa in 2021 happens in London.
  7. I agree. Weed is not an issue. if he shows he can play again he deserves a chance. The age doesn’t factor in because he wasn’t playing.
  8. My my brother has lived in Nashville for 25 years. I’ve been there numerous times. the stadium is downtown right across the river from where all the music bars and other tourist stuff is. The hockey arena is also there. its fun to be there on any weekend. Ive also travelled there a few times for Sabres game there and went with family.
  9. This is is something that could vary by each stste. Tennessee May be one of the last states to close this. NFL could say no crowds for games and you get full refunds.
  10. I bought extra tickets for my buffalo friends friends once they know they can go. my brother lives there so I’ll travel there that weekend either way...game or not, stadium open or not.
  11. Just like last year Im flying down to my brothers and friends from Buffalo traveling down. His wife’s family also Cingular down ( they are STHs) Tickets went on sale today.
  12. Over the first 14 games.. the last two coukd be meaningless like what happened this year. NFC West 2-2 AFC West 3-1 TEN/PIT 2-0 first 4 division games 3-1 10-4..they could clinch division after week 15. If not then they can after week 16. Hard games—at SF, SEA, KC..lose 1 or 2 gsmes they could Lose— at AZ, at TEN, at DEN, at Vegas..could lose 1 or 2 division..could lose 1 of the first 4 likely a road game.
  13. I have skepticism of the bills doing 3 prime time games after thanksgiving.
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