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  1. there are a ton of places for wings. you also need to get a beef on weck sandwich. there is a place I know thst does both on one plate. Weck sandwich, half order wings, fries
  2. They are airing other rebroadcasts this weekend from last year.
  3. id have to look at my photographer ephimaris software where I can zoom in in the stadium and get sun angles and path st game time. my image is to big to attach. I think the scoreboard and practice bubble is on the south side of the stadium. The field is north south. sun sets around 530 pm in the SW end zone front corner corner of the stadium. At high point at noon it’s lovated in a line with the SE end zone back corner
  4. unsure where you live….sports bar Would be cheap. Espn and nfl games are simulcast on oval buffalo stations . You just need OTA basic station package in buffalo area.
  5. not bothering clicking the link… Rousseau was a concessions early top 5-7 draft pick.
  6. In their two games buffalo offense was nowhere near 100% there is only one ball to one receiver. The fact they have a great TE isn’t the issue.
  7. For a long time people knew the name was racist and they need to change it. Many fans went in and copy and trademarked names the team could be renamed to as well as web sites. these people are asking for over a million for the name rights. the one name that has been popular is to rename it after the Tuskegee airman nickname of red tails. But from that I see them being known as tail chasers which the front office of the team got hammered with
  8. I think Foxboro is the closest in the league to OP Washington, baltimore, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis are right off interstates and have public transportation KC, Dallas, Phoenix , LA , vegas, San Jose, Houston are just off interstates . Non much public transportation. Piitsburg, cincinati, nashville, Indianapolis, new Orleans have downtown stadiums
  9. OBJ benefited from playing in NYC. dtill...if Watkins was able to be healthy he would have bern the best one. He had flashes when healthy
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