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  1. I do not like those stats unless you factor in other stats. It’s like errors in baseball. You got to a ball 95% of the rest of the league wouldn’t have gotten to yet you get an error. what is actually defined as a missed tackle...you being in the wrong place vs assignment? You just getting one arm on him vs two?
  2. The schedule is limely fone now...which includes London dates. It will be a wait and see on deciding to cancel it in London and it goes back to home team site.
  3. 1 he didn’t illegally buy the team. If in the same market the owner of another team can buy the nfl team. 2. You can’t circumvent the cap that way. Nil owners own other businesses. All of them Gould do that.
  4. I agree they are going all in in the next 2 seasons. the question surrounding this are players under contract for 2020 but not 2021. i think Murphy has just one year left so if you can sign a DE for 2 yrs vs his costs could drive a decision around say signing a free agentDE and cutting him.
  5. Thus isajune 2 buy out to spread out cap hit. Hecantbe signed till then.
  6. There is another buyout time in early June to spread out cap hit over 2 yrs. the peop,e they may cut depends on draft picks. you can get vets cheap at this time.
  7. Thats false we tradedup to 4 and gave up 9 and the 1st the next year. So 4 and 9 cancel out this the Net is the pick traded which was I think 20.
  8. Sure anything coukd happen..... the trade for Watkins effectly gave up a 1st and a few 3rd day picks this trade you gave up a 1st and third day picks both players have 4 years of team control. a factor...in this draft was their certain they could get the type of WR they need at 22. Receivers drafted there rarely have an impact as a rookie outside of some one dimensional aspect of their game like a deep threat.
  9. Can we set up a master list of trades gained lost
  10. I agree.... signing pkayers can be done on video and efax. You just don’t have press conferences they can do the draft. The problem is you can’t have fans so they may postpone adraft in Vegas to next year. teams operate for their team HQs and nfl operates out of nyc. i don’t see it’s clear for crowds till early June at the earliest. This virus could settle down by time of training camps.
  11. No youcan negotiate via video conferencing and sign electronically pressers can wait.
  12. I see SF game being 425 cbs then buffalo st Arizona/Vegason Thursday next year buffalo is st jacksonville and at Tampa ...one coukd be in London nfl likely has 5 to 7 different schedules done based on where Brady goes. thry hope he decides on day 1 or 2 of free agency.
  13. Some thoughts.... im not an athletic subscriber 1. The issue in newspapers in general has changed. It’s not just the sports part of this. Sports being paid for because it’s a source of dports in a market. Network news has marginalized it so news paper has become source locally. 2. With some bscription droos and thus ad revenue drops, a newspaper has to cut things. This has actually been difficult on veteran reporters who can easily be rep,aced by a cheaper 25 yr old. In reporting there isn’t much needed in experience levrl or experiences gives you more in depth understanding of how things work like in investigative journalism. 3. I don’t know is athletic does this..by having reporters assigned to teams you might not have as much travel expenses. 4. Still the big issue is how safe are established reporters with 15-25 yrs experience. Does athletic in a few years lay them off for new faces who cost less.
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