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  1. Remember…if a team likes the drsft picks talent but is concerned on them making the team they might not play them much in preseason games
  2. Also remrmber…vets are taking it easy in early practices not operating at 100%. in route running…context matters. A play might have been designed to create a certain situation to test out players like on the line and not actually comp,etc a pass and the receivers knew this so they weren’t going 100% on a play.
  3. Serious…. have you thought about what you want to do after you retire? in mycuttprrent job I probably retire near the end of this decade. I won’t be 65 yet so I’ll probably find another job. I carry health insurance into my retirement so I don’t need to work to get insurance. I coukd do more consultant/ project based work. after I start collect SS after I am old enough fir 100% I will still probably work part time just to get out. Years ago pre 9/11. I recall crossing the peace bridge in summer and getting my chemistry teacher in HS
  4. Warren Sharpie has been sniffing the markers a tad too much if you are a division winner you will be playing 5 playoff teams from the year before. You can’t control who you play. It’s already pre decided based on who you play.
  5. so super bowl during spring training or in the middle of the middle of Daytona 500 racetrack?
  6. Minnesota. they lost a bunch of one score games in the 4th quarter. Green bay list players
  7. I don’t like upper 300s. I take lower end zone over those.
  8. i look at MD as a phD level + training PA/NP are effectively masters level programs + training is there a difference in care? for 85%+ of the patients it’s not a difference when you have typical well known medical conditions. the bigger problems comes when you have more complexities in the case or the case diesnt fit the text book. i see specialists in two different locations. A couple of them are PAs because these are well controlled and maintain conditions but I want to still see them for awareness of the complexity of my conditions. i regular go to university medical centers. These are very different than typical medicine. Depending on the area theyare Nita’s focus on things like rd run and per hour patient encounter counts. In some areas the dr might have to have 4 patients an hour. university MC are heavy on med students and residency. This is different than a resident clinic which also exist. I was in a resident clinic previously. In some of the docs I see I do see a resident first. I do spend time with the md. Over my years I’m certain I’ve been written about in papers or talked about in talks given. pre Covid a well respected nationally known doctor from buffalo died. The national journal where he served as editor on had devoted part of an issue to him after his passing. I was easily in his top 3 complex/ experience/story about patients he ever saw in his career. If I got frequent flier miles for medical documents at childrens I would have circled the globe a few times.
  9. im talking in generalities. I’m not talking in very specific terms. Some of the staff is required to be on because it has an ICU. If the ICU was closed they would not be on staff in the hospital. These generally are for 2nd and overnight shift times. I’ve dealt in hospital staffing/data for a good chunk of my career. most do not. they really don’t know the difference between an MD and NP/PA. whrn it comes to communication if they are talked to by a nurse or some other qualified med tech thry might listen to them better than be intimidated by an MD.
  10. ICU care can occur when… 1. post surgery 24/7 observation 2. other conditions that require 24/7 observation because of potential medical risks 3. post infection observation 4. Covid and other diseases that might require immediate care hospital staffing is tied to ICU. Certain departments have a staff member 24/7 where their first responsibility is to an ICU call. ive been in the ICU 3 times as an adult. One post surgery fir 24 hrs and the other two times for a perforated lung.
  11. too add…. over a season 30 starts amount to 3000 pitches at least pro season…they might throw 500 times 6 yrs nfl= 1 yrin baseball on top of that, throwing motion is very different. When throwing the football generally the motion and strains are very different.. 1. Wrist strain is different 2. elbow strain is different. The elbow strain also involves twists and turns. You don’t get these whrn throw8ng a football 3. affection the shoulder is very different.
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