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  1. there is nothing earth shattering here. in the past de add... 1 teams don’t draft RB in the top 20 picks. The reason you run them for 4-5 yrs and you let them walk replacing them. You do t use 1sts for this reason. You use firsts on players you hope to have the next 8-10 yrs. 2 teams are generally RB by committee where each back is different role. One might be a power rusher, other scat/ re river, and other a blocker/ short yardage. Or you drift 2 similar backs and they are Aand B. 3. OL make the RB better. It’s perfectly fine to t
  2. I’m going to guess theywill pick... whomever is left over...
  3. he was projected to be a top 5 overall pick when he entered the draft. Had an injury and wasn’t the same.
  4. Possible NO TB KC IND TEN division games
  5. I don’t have a problem trading up. It has to be for an impact player who could start. I would never do it for a TE. CBS you can get later. pass rushing DE or LBs are hard to get late 1st.
  6. You don’t trade this for a TE. TE is one of the hardest picks and riskiest picks to do in the first half of round 1 other than QB in hitting on vs big bust Watkins was fine to do. Injuries you can’t forecast.
  7. who was it we drafted at around 27 in the first round in the deal with KC.....iirc is name is Tre......
  8. to assist you they are also on around 8-11 pm tonight
  9. 2 airings....they will be on in the 8-11 am time frame and 8-11 pm time on Sunday on NFL Network
  10. I would not draft 2 for the same area in rounds 1 and 2.
  11. I don’t know enough about him. I don’t know if it’s wise to use a top 4 pick on a WR vs other positions of need. 160 pick or late...sure.... how many WRs does this team carry on the roster? Diggs Beasly Sanders Davis open spot Return specialist McKenzie Special team spot option or if they have two spots for best prospect , one on O and one on D that might not clear waivers from an offense roster structure... 4 ST..K P LS, returner 24 D 24 O 1 open spot for a prospect on offen
  12. buffalo traded 2 2nds that yr+...the two seconds=1st, I think they included additional picks the dolphins traded a 1st+3rd in 2922...unknown where they are.
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