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  1. https://wjla.com/sports/content/he-was-just-really-unstoppable-high-school-coach-reflects-on-stefon-diggs-start Diggs high school was in suburban DC area. Local DC station did an interview with his high school football coach there has been some local coverage because DC markets do cover Ravens stories. The ABC station carries/does a Ravens weekly 30 min tv show that airs I think late Saturday night (1 am or so). The Baltimore and dc stations are owned by the same company.
  2. they played 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2004 under the current schedule rotating divisional format. 3H and 3R. Because of unbalanced divisions when Cleveland came back there wasn’t many games against st that division from 1996-2001. Opponent were based on last years standings
  3. 48-29. you don’t gift them a TD and not have those other two turnovers for short field TDs..or just limit them to FZGs instead of TDs thisis a one score game. theD did not make up for some of the turnovers giving positive drive starts.
  4. Umm... they did comeback to beat the colts in bens last game by something like 14+
  5. ithink his logic was the first TD thinking 3 TDs + 2pt+ FG. He tried after first TD it failed so now focus on getting 4 TDs
  6. Remrmber buffalo was up by 25 in mid 3rd and Rams came back. it can happen...
  7. it was 28-3 at half Thrn early 3rd Reich threw a pick 6 making it 35-3
  8. In last seasons 24-17 loss to the ravens Ravens had 2 drive starts on bills side giving them 10 pts and one big TD play. buffalis defense is about the same but their offense is better.
  9. I don’t care how good a team is...it’s hard giving a team defense RDs snd drive starts inside your 35 and win. that happened with Tennessee.. 3turnovers withdrive starts inside the bills 30 lead to 21 points. theSteelers have a lot of time to try and come back.
  10. with the Ravens...they are not designed for comebacks. Bills need to build up an early multi score lead
  11. they need to get scores, they need to stop the browns.they need to get some turnovers or good returns to give O a shorter field.
  12. parcels/belicheck Jets-Patriots was the last one I can recall
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