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  1. Exactly. And even if they did send them, they were obviously requested. And WHY were they taken/requested?
  2. I have read that the GSA sent them, but there were also reports of Trump taking documents all the way back in January/February. So it depends on what they were looking for.
  3. Hey! I built the trusses for the stage in the background. The HoF Village expansion and all the work going into the area is amazing. They're doing a water park and restaurants. Tons of stuff. Something like $600-$700M in projects.
  4. Right, I think that is kind of the point Robinson was making. The NFL is punishing players more severely for similar offenses just because of the public outcry. That is not the correct way to rule on cases. And Roethlisburger was accused of much worse than Watson, and STILL got his suspension reduced on appeal. Watson deserves to be punished, and if he was criminally prosecuted and found guilty, he would deserve jail time. In the mean time, the NFL only chose to pursue 4 cases and I have no idea why. Prosecutors chose not to pursue charges.
  5. My brother and sister in law are elementary teachers. Most students had computers before COVID. Now, they used them MUCH more due to COVID, but their use has decreased a lot since. East Central Ohio.
  6. Roethlisburger was accused of straight up rape twice. Not 4, but forceable rape, to me, is worse than what Watson is accused of (what Watson is accused of doing is awful as well, to be clear.) Roethlisburger got 6 games down to 4.
  7. Again, is it precedent though when there is an owner accused of almost identical, and actually worse things than Watson, who received next to no punishment? Snyder is accused of sexual assault of I believe around 20 women, and also was accused of trying to pimp out the cheerleaders to business friends. Punishing an owner for league related violations is A LOT different than punishing one for sexual assault violations. Watson should be punished, and I'm sure it will be more than 6 games, but the league has to be careful to some extent too because they are ignoring their own CBA when it's convenient for them.
  8. Again, the NFL brought the case as 4. Not 24. That's on them. Not saying it's right, but the NFL chose to only bring up the 4 cases. So in that case, it is somewhat comparable. I am not a fan of Watson. I was against the trade. Just trying to go by the facts of the case as it pertains to the NFL.
  9. So I see the rest of your response is a bunch of unproven, conspiracy theorist bull. Somehow Trump is the smartest man alive according to you.
  10. Elementary school were going the computer route long before COVID. As far as grandparents, my dad passed relatively early, before there were vaccines or anything else. He had some health problems, but nothing that wasn't manageable. My mother passed in February, after a person came to a kid's birthday party KNOWING they were positive, but they were a "it's not real" quack. She caught it, and went from relatively good health for a 64 year old woman, to dead in 3 weeks. It was entirely preventable if people weren't idiots.
  11. 1. Provide any evidence for #7, please. Trump is now what, 1/76 in court cases? Also, the rest were all started under Trump. All of them. Trump approved $3.1T of the stimulus, with Biden adding $1.9T more. Not sure where the $9T is coming from. I also keep hearing how the shutdowns ruined kids lives, possibly forever? I have 2 kids, and did it effect them? Sure. Are they still perfectly happy, functioning, normal kids? Absolutely. What hurt my kids more is losing 2 grandparents to COVID in a 13 month time frame. That will hurt them more.
  12. Fair notice to the players in the dramatic shift in punishment length. Not just Watson. If the standard punishment for speeding is a $100 fine, and 3 year later, for the same offense, someone else gets a $1000 fine, that's not "fair." I am not defending Watson. Sure sounds like he is a sexual deviant/assaulter. Just showing that everyone knows sexual assault is wrong, and that Robinson was not saying that the NFLPA didn't know it is wrong. Just that there was a dramatic shift in the punishment that the NFL wanted to impose.
  13. That is not at all what she said. She said that the NFL never said the punishment went from 6 games (past violations) to 17 games (as requested by the NFL.) It's odd either way that they needed to specify, but she didn't say "you didn't tell him it was wrong!"
  14. They didn't appoint her to THIS case. They jointly appointed her to rule over all cases of the PCP. Just so happens this is the first one to come up.
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