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  1. In my opinion, if the Bills rank top 5 in terms of passing production, it would be because Allen is throwing 50+ times a game. Allen is amazing, but none of his weapons outside the TEs have had steady production. Even Knox has been up and down, and Kincaid is coming off a promising rookie year, but wasn't a world beater (most aren't as a rookie). Not to say it can't happen, but rarely do players turn it on 5+ years into their careers.
  2. From my post, who do I support?
  3. God forbid people have any lives outside of their jobs.
  4. It's not another discussion. The fact that these 2 are the only options is a vile disgrace to our country. There's no discussion to be had. Let's take 2 old, incoherent morons and make them the only options. It's pure idiocy.
  5. Neither should be ok. The kids are there for learning and social interactions. Not all the extra stuff. Take your kids to church after school. Take your kids to the other stuff after school if you so choose. This isn't that hard.
  6. And the right believes stories by a shady ex President who has a proven history of lying and cheating people for decades, many who are American workers, but suddenly he is out to help Americans.
  7. Who says Chicago takes the trade though? They want to surround Williams with weapons.
  8. He really can't. If he's proven the father and the mother is awarded support, he can't do much after that. Also, you're making an awful lot of assumptions here. He admitted he has 10 kids. Not like he is trying to say they aren't his.
  9. Most states require employers to withhold child support.
  10. A lot of the hype happened after the Senior Bowl, where Wilson was beating guys left and right. Before that he was kind of seen as a late 2nd round guy. He's kind of like McCarthy. Underutilized in an offense that ran a very percentage of the time. Hard to get a good read on guys like that. But the speed is there, and the hands.
  11. If it is that prominent, it should be simple to prove. So show evidence. Not just a hunch. Not just a feeling. Show evidence, and if there is evidence, prosecute anyone and everyone involved.
  12. I didn't say computer simulations are the same. Do I think they help? Sure. My point was, the testing that used to take months or years to do, now can be done much, much faster. DNA testing wasn't admissible in court until 1986 because it wasn't reliable. Now, we can have testing done in days, or a couple week at most and with extremely high accuracy rates. We have more evidence of what components of vaccines and such will have lasting effects. Again, that isn't to say it's 100% completely foolproof, but to compare testing and research times from 40 years ago and then say that today's stuff isn't as accurate or trustworthy because they didn't take the same amount of time or is also not accurate.
  13. 4 decades ago, we didn't have the science or the testing capabilities that we do now. How were computers 40 years ago? Televisions? I am not saying to follow everything blindly, but the idea that things today take as long as they did 40 decades ago is ludicrous.
  14. I'm not pro-Hamas. Not a lib either. But Israel commits acts of terrorism just as often.
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