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  1. Look at the demon claws on left one!
  2. I have no clue how a guy who had 3.5 sacks last year wants $20 million. It's insane. Clowney is a good player, but I don't feel he is elite.
  3. Much better huh? Cleveland beat Buffalo last year in case you forgot. Freddie Kitchens was garbage. He called plays during the games that weren't practiced all week. He was clueless. Buffalo did have a better year last year but to say that they're much better is a bit of a reach.
  4. The cores are similar too. Drafted QB, RB, CB1, olines are mixtures, WRs are almost entirely "acquired" players, dlines are mixtures, lbs are similar. Again, most teams are.
  5. Seems Buffalo is built through free agency about the same as Cleveland at this point. Most teams are to some extent.
  6. I bet Cleveland is in play. A need at RG and the Stefanski connection.
  7. Vaitai got $10 million a year. $14 million for Conklin is a decent deal
  8. Good, not great LB who is hurt a lot. He's risky but could pay off.
  9. Solid? It may have been the greatest season a college QB has ever had.
  10. No, the Browns would usually turn around and sign a guy like this. I'll take a small victory in the fact that they aren't re-signing him.
  11. Garrett didn't make the claim until he met with the NFL. He claimed he thought the meeting would be confidential. It was after it went public that he talked about it. And the whole "audio malfunction" is fishy as can be.
  12. Not saying he was great, but Murray had 24 TDs to Jacobs 7 (I know QB vs RB) but Murray also had 540+ yards rushing to Jacobs at 1150. Almost half from the QB position. Plus, QBs tend to get a boost just because.
  13. He sounds a lot like our current LT in Greg Robinson, except Robinson can't run block and has no technique either.
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