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  1. The lengths people will go to discredit Purdy are outright insane.
  2. I can't see how it would. It would be 2 separate contracts.
  3. Show me 1 example. Give me a post of me lying and giving false info. I generally post here once a week or so. I hadn't posted in the political portion in several weeks until recently because it's the same 10 people spewing political nonsense all the time. People here are so divided over the stupidest of reasons, they literally just make stuff up at will and post it as fact.
  4. Whoosh. The headline of the article is "Permit denied" and Kelly's own comment says the government "shut down" the 5k, when that's not what happened.
  5. I love how it says "the government" shut down the 5k. It was the local Army Corp of Engineers, and they didn't shut it down, they declined the request to host it. So they didn't shut anything down, they just decided not to be associated with it. Another part of the same town is now hosting it. Talk about lies and misinformation for clicks.
  6. You do realize that people saying that "In the eyes of the American left idiot class anyone politically to the right of Lenin and Mao are right wing extremists. MAGA is a term they use to describe what used to be called Moderates." is the exact same irrational thinking, right? MOST left leaning people AREN'T extremists. The extremists tend to be the loudest, and that's on both sides of the aisle. Most Americans fall somewhere in the middle. They tend to lean a little right or left, but overall are more centered. I lean a little left on social issues, but not to the extreme as to support the totally absurd lengths that some go to. I tend to lean right on financial issues, even if the "right" politically in this country doesn't lean right in that regard anymore.
  7. Huntley had a QBR of 42 last year. He did play decent in the playoff game, but also had 2 turnovers, 1 of which was returned for a TD. My point was, if he starts 17 games, the Ravens are likely 5-12ish. He averaged 131 yards passing in 5 regular season games in 2022.
  8. I don't know how anyone can say this with any kind of certainty. Without Allen, the Bills don't win many games. Without Jackson, the Ravens don't win many games. The Ravens offense isn't that great. Dobbins was out. Their WR are very iffy. Andrews at TE is great, but he's hurt a lot. So a lot falls on Jackson' shoulders, just like Allen in Buffalo. I'm not disagreeing that Allen is worthy, but every fan thinks "their" guy is the most important guy in the league.
  9. Because it costs a team 2 1st round picks on top of the massive contract.
  10. He was franchise tagged, so yeah, most franchise tags don't receive offers.
  11. Stroud beat by a Harbaugh for the 3rd year in a row! Can't beat them on the field, apparently pay to try to beat them?
  12. Seeing as how the Chiefs we 11-6 this year, I'd say several teams can beat them. They are a different animal in the playoffs, but the notion that the Bills are the only team that has a chance is nonsense.
  13. Tucker was 60 yards from where the NFL designates they be. That's on him. Mahomes apologized after the situation with Allen. At least admitted he was wrong.
  14. Sherrone Moore announced as HC.
  15. Yeah, it'll be Sherrone Moore. Players love him, least amount of attrition, and the culture stays. He's been there 6 or 7 years in come capacity. The bigger thing will be if Minter goes with Harbaugh, which he probably will. It'll be replacing both coordinators and any other position coaches who leave.
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