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  1. Because there are plenty of gay people who are afraid to come out, or who have or are contemplating suicide. Having a "public" figure in a sport that hasn't really had many people come out may grant one person the ability to come out or to reevaluate suicide. Letting people know it's "ok", whatever that may mean to each person, can be very helpful.
  2. The Browns lost their top 5 WRs 2 days before the game due to COVID and weren't even allowed to practice. Hardly "normal" circumstances.
  3. Yes, passing is more valuable, to an extent. If you have the best online or close, and the best RB duo in the game, you run the ball. Period. Teams are built to stop the pass now, so if you can establish the run, you do. Also, if defense is a weakness, then running helps mask that to an extent.
  4. Stefanski prioritized the run in Minnesota too. And Chubb is a top tier RB, as is Hunt. It would be stupid to NOT prioritize the run.
  5. Johnson is a top tier safety. Ward is pretty close to White, he's just injured more than you'd like. Hill will be in the slot as he has been. They now have Newsome to go along with Ward, Hill, Greedy Williams, and Delpit back at safety. Ronnie Harrison is pretty decent too
  6. 2018 Chubb hardly played until 3/4 of the way through the year. He would come in once every two games and break off a big run and then hardly play after that because Hue Jackson is stupid. Callaway was hit and miss too so I wouldn't really count him as a weapon. He made a couple big plays and then basically disappeared. And Njoku has been really up and down his whole career as well. Plus he missed almost all of 2019. I would call 2018 a wash just in terms of support. 2019 Mayfield had better weapons but way a worse coach and was playing in his third system in 2 years. That's more w
  7. The first 7, sure. But why if Buffalo did something is it them "making plays" but if Cleveland did it, it's the other team spotting them points? That's how things are presented here. I think both teams will be in the hunt next year. Buffalo plays in a MUCH easier division, so that'll help the record portion, but I think both teams are pretty even right now. Allen is better than Mayfield right now, but Mayfield has had a much harder situation in his career so far. Mayfield will never be Allen in terms of ability, but he can still be a top tier QB. I also don't think Allen would be
  8. The Jets game had Cleveland missing their top 5 WRs due to Covid, and they started 2 players who had never seen an NFL field and were signed 3 days before the game.
  9. Why would Philly even accept that?
  10. I don't see any way that moving up 11 spots in 1st only costs a late 3. Probably a 2nd, or maybe a 2 or 3 next year in addition to the 3 this year.
  11. That, and the last 2 2nd rounders were secondary players that missed all of last year. Delpit was the Thorpe award winner in 19, and Greedy Williams was decent as a rookie the year before.
  12. Just saw it's $8M with $2M in incentives.
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