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  1. He put his shoulder straight into his head. It was deliberate. Both offenses look bad so far.
  2. I honestly didn't know that. I respected Ralph for voting no to the move. He and the Rooneys were the only ones to do so. I hate Pittsburgh but will always respect the Rooneys solely for that. All his receivers minus Andrews are hurt, and he has no one else to run the ball. If he is the entire run game, he'll be on IR with them in no time.
  3. They stole my team. This x10000.
  4. Zero chance Hoyer isn't on the active roster by game day. He's just not cutting players subject to waivers for now. Every team does it.
  5. I didn't say that the touchdown to interception ratio is the only factor. In my last post I said that it was one of many factors. I watched Trubisky and Minshew play several times and to me Minshew is the better player. I see tons of people post on this board all the time about how terrible Josh Allen's supporting cast was the 1st year and that was a big reason why he struggled so much. So obviously it is a big factor in your play and your development. Trubisky to me is a dime a dozen quarterback. He's got some legs to him and some physical ability but he struggles when asked to process must information.
  6. Honestly, I don't know. Cam looks like him arm is shot, so it's hard to say. He used to be able to run a lot, and he can some, but not like he could when he entered the league. Also, Trubisky is a lot younger, so he COULD improve, while Cam probably won't. So younger Cam, for sure, but Cam not, probably not. You guys seems to think I am saying Trubisky is hot garbage. I'm not. I honestly think he is an average QB at best, and one who won't lead you anywhere good if forced to play much. But that's probably the case with most backups, hence them being backups.
  7. Wins and losses are a factor, but the entire team is a factor. You can't look at one team that is above average, and another that is worst in the league, and say that the quarterback on the better team means he is the better quarterback. Yes, there are TONS of factors to consider, and wins/losses is one, and TD/INT ratio is one. Talent of the other players, and supporting cast is a HUGE one. Trubisky had a far superior supporting cast than say Minshew. Also, Trubisky was put back in as the starter over Foles because Foles got injured, not because Trubisky deserved it. The game that Foles got hurt, they played Tyler Bray, not Trubisky. Trubisky then started the next week.
  8. Wins and loses are a factor of the equation, not the entire thing. You put Trubisky on Jacksonville and they are just as bad or worse. And Foles won a SB as a backup, and suddenly Trubisky is better. Give me a break man. He unseated Trubisky as the starter just last year.
  9. It's already being reported Lauletta will be released tomorrow.
  10. The Browns aren't loaded at DT though. He just wasn't good.
  11. Minshew had 37 TDs to 11 INTs on the worst team in football. Don't try to act like he's some garbage player. Straight up, given the choice, I take Minshew every time. If you would have asked anybody on this board last year if you wanted to Trubisky on your roster the answer would have been no. He isn't suddenly some great quarterback because hes on tge Bills roster.
  12. Lauletta looked decent the 1st 2 games, then was pretty awful last night. He'll be lucky to hang around as a backup somewhere.
  13. I think the AFC North would have to be considered as well. Both Baltimore and Pittsburgh were top of the league for years. Makes it tough on a rookie HC to come in and succeed when you are facing them 4 times a year with almost guaranteed to be a worse team. Now with Cleveland being good as well, it would be tougher, though I do think Pittsburgh slides a bit this year.
  14. So how the rookies fared in preseason means nothing, but how Trubisky fared in preseason is somehow super important? Trubisky was an average starter at best his whole career, has a good preseason for Buffalo against the same backups at best, and then suddenly is the best backup QB in the league. He may be, but there are plenty of other guys in the conversation. And while record matters, it certainly isn't the only factor. Minshew was a much better QB on a MUCH worse team. Chicago while Trubisky was there was always a decent team. Not world beaters, but they couldn't count on him to carry them at all. Good was probably the wrong word. Average. Decent. Whatever you want to say. Just as good as Trubisky was in Chicago. Not great, not terrible.
  15. See, I disagree. Most of them have played better when given the chance than Trubisky. Maybe Trubisky turned a corner in Buffalo, but that's hard to say after a couple preseason games. And yes, the rookies are unproven, but most them also played pretty well this preseason. The veterans have proven to be good players. Keenum led the Vikings to a 13-3 record in few years ago. Minshew was a good QB on a garbage Jacksonville team. Mariota has been a good starter. Lock may or may not be, he honestly is very similar to Trubisky of showing flashes but never putting it all together. Trubisky is a good backup. I just don't feel after 1 preseason you can anoint him the best backup in the league. He may prove me wrong.
  16. Trey Lance Minshew Mariota Keenum Lock would be close Fields/Dalton Brissett Mac Jones and Jordan Love are unproven, so it's hard to say, but 95% of teams would take them over Trubisky. Trubisky is a decent QB, but he's not good either. Judy an average guy, which is OK as a backup.
  17. You really think Trubisky is the best backup in the league? After 1 preseason? He was a below average starter who has had a good preseason. I think he'd have trouble breaking a top 10 of backups in the league.
  18. Trubisky would sign the franchise tag so fast and Buffalo would be screwed. Paying top 5 money for 2 QBs? And who would trade for him at that pay?
  19. Cooper Rush has played just as well in the preseason, and already knows their system.
  20. A fully voidable $140M contract. His contract for this year is around $12M, and it can all be voided after the year with no consequence.
  21. I don't see any way a team gives up anywhere near a 3rd rounder for QB who has been average at best his whole career, and is on a 1 year contract, all because he played fairly well in 2 preseason games against mostly 2nd stringers. Trubisky isn't a bad QB at all, but there was next to no market for him in FA. A couple decent preseason games won't change that.
  22. Trading a 4th for Jake Fromm, and then starting him, is exactly how you go 0-and-whatever.
  23. That's how you beat every great QB. Not like this is some great mystery.
  24. Exposed? If you truly believe that, then did the Chiefs "expose" Buffalo in the AFC championship game? I don't understand how one team getting beat is exposing them and another team getting beat is just nothing.
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