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  1. They beat Cincinnati by 21, and beat Georgia by 17 in the SEC Championship. So it's not that big of a difference. Alabama also barely beat bad Florida, LSU, and Auburn teams that year, and lost to and average Texas A&M. Like others have said, why play the games if none of it matters? The SEC was 7-9 vs other Power 5 conferences this year. OSU won the Championship, and beat Alabama, with a 3rd string QB.
  2. As a counter point though, compare Allen's first 3 years as a starter to Hurts first 3 years as a starter. Allen was much better as he went along, so your aren't fully comparing apples to apples, especially with Hurts. Also, only going by lost fumbles skews it a bit as well. I have no idea how many fumbles in general, but lucking into your own team recovering doesn't mean that the player didn't fumble.
  3. What kind of evidence do you have for that?
  4. McCord is a junior. 1st year starter, but he is the same recruiting class as McCarthy.
  5. What does that matter? I have no idea why. He has been back several times since Harbaugh is been to speak to the team, so I don't think there is any animosity at this point. What are you trying to get at, and what does Brady have to do with the game today?
  6. OSU played basically the same schedule, plus ND. ND is better than the rest of Michigan's schedule for sure, but they're not a top tier team either. It should be a close game, especially as Michigan's offense hasn't looked great the past few weeks, and like usual, this game is a toss up. 24-20 UM.
  7. I do 100% agree with the greed, but even as a large market, they average less than 10,000 fans per game.
  8. There aren't 2 facemask penalties anymore. They are all 15 yards.
  9. Shoulder to shoulder. That's not targeting. It's was even overturned on review.
  10. He was, but he has also only been back for this season. He was gone for a couple seasons as the DC of Ole Miss.
  11. It wasn't a dirty hit.
  12. But it's not "giving the game away" if it's the correct call. Both are the correct calls. Taron never saw the ball, and ran the WR off the spot.
  13. Allen stared that down the entire time. Never looked anywhere else.
  14. It's a turnover on downs. All turnovers are reviewed.
  15. You can see blue in front of his toes, it's a catch.
  16. Transferred to Northern Colorado to play for his dad. That was a couple years ago.
  17. Which recent Michigan draft pick has been a major bust? Not all have panned out, but most are very good to at least above average, and those that aren't are mostly late rounders. So which are frauds? Hutchinson? Kwity Paye? Dax Hill? DJ Turner? Mazi Smith? The only somewhat high pick that i would say has disappointed has been Luke Schoonmaker, but he is a backup TE in his first year.
  18. I am not sure why this is surprising to anyone. Allen is what he is: Supremely talented, and a top tier QB. But he has always been somewhat careless with the ball. Trusts his arm a bit too much, and can make boneheaded plays at times. You get the bad with the good sometimes. And he runs more than most QBs, so he has more opportunities to fumble, and he really doesn't avoid contact either. He has improved his accuracy since being in the NFL, and most of his INTs that I have seen aren't poor accuracy, but more poor decision making.
  19. Probably because you threw out a crap comment that wasn't relevant to the discussion.
  20. Hand down has never meant the player is down. Not ever. In pros or college.
  21. Dude also says Young is getting traded for a 1st, and that Sweat is getting traded for a 3rd. Seeing all that, and that he has 11 followers, it's more than likely made up.
  22. Yeah, I understand that. The website I saw mentioned he had a base salary of $12M, which generally isn't including the bonuses. I see now that it is on the site. Jewell does have a base salary of $4.49M plus roster bonuses by game.
  23. Hopkins alone is $12 million this year. Jewell is $4.5M. Suh played at $2M last year, though he may be cheaper this year. Where are you getting those 3 players in at roughly $4.3M total?
  24. I see no way that after his 3rd season, if Chicago ends up at #1 or #2 pick that they can stick with Fields. He has improved some this year, but if they are still that bad it would at least be in part because he isn't that good.
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