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  1. Simply saying " mail in ballots aren't secure" is not evidence though. If there is evidence that fraud occurred, then show it, prosecute the people who did it, and move on. If it is shown that people orchestrated it, then throw them in jail as well. There is fraud in almost every level of everything. Not a lot anyone can do to completely prevent fraud. But just shouting "this is fraudulent" without then showing that it actually was isn't the correct response either. Would it have been fraudulent if Trump won as well?
  2. If it's that simple, then show the evidence. Because so far, it hasn't happened. Trump is what, 1/76 in lawsuits regarding the "stolen" election.
  3. The sane statute he quoted in one of his previous posts does not say what he claims it does. It does give the President authority to declassify things as he sees fit. It does not say anywhere that they can declassify things through actions (sending them to his own home) alone.
  4. Yes, the President has the power to classify and declassify as he see fit. But there are still processes in which he needs to do it. He can't just say "I declassified those" after taking the documents and getting caught. And they are not his property even if he did declassify them. Again, without knowing exactly WHAT is in these documents, you can't say that it is ludicrous. If it's some random historical document with no national security risk, then absolutely it would be ludicrous to raid a home for that reason. If it is top secret nuclear research/weapons as has been suggested, there would be nothing ludicrous about it. Right now we are all speculating, but I highly doubt a judge authorizes a raid of this magnitude if there wasn't at least decent evidence of Trump having something he should not have. But time will tell.
  5. It depends. If the current admin has requested the documents and the requests have been denied, that's on Trump and his counsel. If they didn't request them, then it falls on both. Trump never should have taken them if they are what they are described as, and the current admin shouldn't have left things out there this long either, especially if they just recently noticed they being gone.
  6. There are steps to take to declassify things. You can't just take them and then claim they are declassified. That isn't how this works. There is no "defacto" declassification.
  7. Seeing as how the election happened under Trump's administration, and the documents were supposedly taken during Trump's days as President (based on the "he can declassify anything he wants" crowd), who let it happen? I have not seen definitive answers on WHEN the documents left the WH, so that may vary, but also seeing as how Trump's admin did everything possible to make the transition as difficult as possible, who is at fault? And, if Trump and his staffers took the documents, you are still trying to blame others?
  8. I do. Over the years the "definition" has changed quite a bit, but it's still the same basic concept. It used to be the government within the government that ran things in a lot of countries such as Russia/KGB, but somehow here it has come to encompass the "elite" that run everything. All I am saying is that Trump is somehow the only one that's been attacked by the "Deep State" according to him, even though he would likely been a part of it given his supposed wealth. It's another way for him to extort his followers. Have you ever noticed that every conspiracy theory that Trump comes up with, his next step is to ask for money to help fight the supposed threat. Nothing ever comes of any of it, but he rakes in millions of dollars in the mean time. And I do understand that there is a preferential treatment and such for the millionaire/billionaires of the world. I just don't understand how people can think that it's all some giant club that plans the daily life of the world.
  9. And you think a virus that killed almost 7 million people in 2 years is "just the flu." And that a worldwide event was used to get Trump out of power. Tell me. When was the so called "deep state" ever mentioned before Trump? When was this shadow government ever mentioned before Trump used it as his excuse for everything? I know the government is incredibly shady, but people who claim Biden/Hillary/Obama/whoever else are the heads of some super secret "deep state" that runs everything and rigs everything are incredibly gullible. Have you ever known a group of people the size of what you're describing be able to keep a secret? Ever?
  10. Ok. Poor choice of words. He hasn't been "accused" yet, but that's the reports for now. Either way, how is that Biden's fault?
  11. Seriously? Trump is accused of stealing top secret nuclear documents, and you are still trying to blame Biden?
  12. No, I literally haven't, because it's the same. Notice I didn't single out either side on this one as they both do it. You just happen to be by far the most "vocal" about it, and you only post garbage "conservative" talking heads.
  13. Right, you are free to do as you please. Just stating that this dude is complaining about something that hasn't happened yet. And making statements about things that haven't happened yet. If they don't agree with someone, it's just trash, trash, trash 24/7 until you can hope something sticks. It's insanity.
  14. Constantly posting random Twitter biased hacks doesn't help support anyone's case. On either side. It could be announced that we cured cancer, and if it was proven that a "liberal" did it, this guy would complain. And there are plenty of liberal Twitter hacks that would do the same if places were reversed.
  15. Allen last year made 920k base salary, so yes, it is common. The Browns signed Garrett to a huge contract with low base salary early. I agree with the optics looking bad though.
  16. If he is suspended 16 games, the contract will bump to next year. It won't toll to year 2.
  17. Assets generally do not equal more taxes. If I spend $50,000 of profit from my business at the end of the year towards a piece of equipment, my assets went up $50,000, but I would pay less in taxes as I can write that equipment off, either entirely, or over a 7 year period. You pay taxes on profits and income, not assets. If Trump had claimed the higher amount towards his property taxes, you would be correct, but he didn't. He tried to devalue them when it came to pay property taxes.
  18. Why doesn't Trump release it then? Then you can "trust" that it's coming from a reliable source.
  19. Obviously they are going to claim they planted stuff. Cast doubt any way possible. I am not even saying it couldn't happen, but just saying it doesn't make it true. Also, how can you claim everything is bogus when you have zero idea what was on the warrant, or what the warrant was for? In your own article, it says Trump's lawyers told the staff to give them access to everything, so I have to assume the warrant granted access to everything. And if the staff did NOT turn of security cameras, then that should help some in regards to them "planting" stuff, right?
  20. Exactly. And even if they did send them, they were obviously requested. And WHY were they taken/requested?
  21. I have read that the GSA sent them, but there were also reports of Trump taking documents all the way back in January/February. So it depends on what they were looking for.
  22. Hey! I built the trusses for the stage in the background. The HoF Village expansion and all the work going into the area is amazing. They're doing a water park and restaurants. Tons of stuff. Something like $600-$700M in projects.
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