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  1. But that works both ways. If you think it's criminal that Biden did it, but don't care that Trump did it, that's the same thing. It sure appears that most Presidents take documents they shouldn't, and then try to make it appear as though it was accidental. I am sure some are. But I am also sure that most aren't accidental. That's a separate debate. But it is an escalation when the documents Trump had were requested to be returned, and he didn't. That is an issue. Yes, if he takes the proper steps to do it. It can't be after the fact, and it can't be "I thought it."
  2. The first facemask wasn't an issue until he tried to throw the guy by the facemask. Just a stupid over reaction. The 2nd I didn't feel like was much of anything. RBs do the same thing all the time with no call. As far as the official, he will get fined I'm sure, but people saying he "shoved" him aren't being honest. He did grab him, which isn't ok, but he didn't forcefully push him.
  3. The refs didn't rule it uncatchable though. They can signal a pad uncatchable. They didn't.
  4. He's the lightest 240lbs RB I have ever seen.
  5. So I know it's not exact, but if you hit 70% on -350, you're losing money. In your own example, you'd have to win 4-5 games to make up for 1 loss. That's way more than 70%.
  6. Evidence is a poor choice of words. You dismiss the report and says you see zero chance of it happening, yet you have no information to back that up except pure speculation. I am not even claiming he did say it, but there was a report filed on one end very soon after the zoom call, it was followed up weekly for months to 2 separate individuals, and then it was promptly ignored. People don't typically file complaints and put that much effort into it for it to be purely phony.
  7. So your evidence that their evidence is phony is that you simply have no idea, but that it sounds funny? You even guessed at the end of your comment to try to make the supposed statement sound better. I have no idea what was said, but to say that it couldn't have been said is very naïve. Also, if this was reported by Trotter pretty quickly after it happened, but then took 3 years to come out in the news, that isn't a story that floated around for 3 years. Part of the reason Trotter filed his complaint is because he said his reports were ignored. It claims he followed up weekly, so there SHOULD be a paper trail of sorts. No audio as far as I can tell, but a timely report, follow ups, and it looks like zero investigation. That is part of Trotter's entire suite. Reports of racism and discrimination were supposedly ignored. Not that I agree with anything Jackson said or posted, but employers are under an entirely different set of rules. If one of my employees says something racist, I can fire him with cause but that's the extent of punishment. If I say the same thing, I can get sued into oblivion.
  8. How was this their Super Bowl? They came in with big hopes for the year and then they were dashed almost instantly. But they had Super Bowl hopes for the season, and given the defense and the potential of Rodgers, it was probably legit hope. Don't try to pin this game as less important to the Bills than the Jets.
  9. Leonard Fournette in Tampa made way more than $2.5M
  10. I had read he took a personal leave, not that he was cut. Zappe was elevated because Corral doesn't count towards the roster while gone.
  11. They don't have to set aside the full amount anymore. They "may" require it, but pretty well assumed at this point that they don't given that the NFL isn't going broke at this point.
  12. Why are we worried about Ukrainian "escalation," but not at all worried about Russia killing ten of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, likely hundreds of thousands, and purposefully burning crops and the like? Attacking Russia's fleet is out of bounds escalation, but Russia literally murdering thousands and thousands isn't "escalation?"
  13. The ground can cause a fumble, but not if he is down. He was down when his elbow touches.
  14. Mostly Hutchinson being an absolute wrecking ball.
  15. But he pushed the WR past the ball. That's an easy call.
  16. A good way to end a home invasion sooner is to let the invader do as they please.
  17. You understand that your point is 2 sided, right? This is one of the few times the right doesn't "back the blue" and turned on the officer immediately. You have to take these situations case to case. Police shoot an unarmed woman through a wall in her apartment while looking for her boyfriend? Bad policing, and murder. Woman entering a window of a barricaded door while being ordered not to, and with tons of people behind. To me, that's more understandable, especially when they're was no way to tell if she was armed or not.
  18. So you're ok with the Ashlii Babbit shooting then? Because that area was locked and people still tried pushing through and broke the window that she then climbed through all while being ordered not to. I honestly don't know what the policies are involving the Capitol being open to the public day to day, but I'd assume that normally during the certification of an election, it is closed. I may be wrong. But even if people were let in, the actions by some of the people after that caused problems. if I have a party, and have people inside, and 3 of the 15 people invited start causing problems and breaking things in my house, everyone is out. And those that then refuse are now there illegally, whether they came in invited or not. And I'm not agreeing if people were "let it" or not. I have no idea as I wasn't there. Just showing that even if they were "let in", that doesn't give them free reign, or establish that they continued to be peaceful once inside.
  19. I have a friend who has a "boarder" rule. The more strongly a person pushes extreme border control, the more likely they are to have trouble spelling border. And it is very accurate.
  20. Myles Garrett at $25M per year is basically free at this point.
  21. Did anyone actually watch the podcast where Kelce talked about it? He was joking. People are acting like he was bad mouthing Jones and he wasn't, at all. He was laughing, and then said he should get what he can get because he deserves it.
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