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  1. And the right believes stories by a shady ex President who has a proven history of lying and cheating people for decades, many who are American workers, but suddenly he is out to help Americans.
  2. Who says Chicago takes the trade though? They want to surround Williams with weapons.
  3. He really can't. If he's proven the father and the mother is awarded support, he can't do much after that. Also, you're making an awful lot of assumptions here. He admitted he has 10 kids. Not like he is trying to say they aren't his.
  4. Most states require employers to withhold child support.
  5. A lot of the hype happened after the Senior Bowl, where Wilson was beating guys left and right. Before that he was kind of seen as a late 2nd round guy. He's kind of like McCarthy. Underutilized in an offense that ran a very percentage of the time. Hard to get a good read on guys like that. But the speed is there, and the hands.
  6. If it is that prominent, it should be simple to prove. So show evidence. Not just a hunch. Not just a feeling. Show evidence, and if there is evidence, prosecute anyone and everyone involved.
  7. I didn't say computer simulations are the same. Do I think they help? Sure. My point was, the testing that used to take months or years to do, now can be done much, much faster. DNA testing wasn't admissible in court until 1986 because it wasn't reliable. Now, we can have testing done in days, or a couple week at most and with extremely high accuracy rates. We have more evidence of what components of vaccines and such will have lasting effects. Again, that isn't to say it's 100% completely foolproof, but to compare testing and research times from 40 years ago and then say that today's stuff isn't as accurate or trustworthy because they didn't take the same amount of time or is also not accurate.
  8. 4 decades ago, we didn't have the science or the testing capabilities that we do now. How were computers 40 years ago? Televisions? I am not saying to follow everything blindly, but the idea that things today take as long as they did 40 decades ago is ludicrous.
  9. I'm not pro-Hamas. Not a lib either. But Israel commits acts of terrorism just as often.
  10. Israel, while an ally, is also essentially a terrorist organization at this point. We shouldn't be supporting either one.
  11. So if it's indoctrination you want, it's ok? I don't agree with any type on either side. Teach kids the facts: math, language arts, bring back the life skills classes, and history, then let them make their own decisions. We should probably add a few more life classes, such as accounting and money management as well, because the country is sorely lacking. But Musk has proven to be very political, so what makes you believe he won't push his politics? Maybe he won't, and that would be great. But saying his is "Real education" given his political push at least makes me wonder.
  12. No, it's not. Just funny that arresting a wanted criminal at the border is somehow used as a negative about border security. So it's a negative if they get through, and also a negative if they get arrested? I've got no horse in this race. Trump was awful. Biden is also awful. They want our eyes on the border, or anywhere else besides DC.
  13. I don't disagree there. I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility, but Putin isn't the guy to get information from.
  14. Yeah, Putin would have no reason at all to point this at Ukraine. He would be completely reliable and unbiased.
  15. There's an even better chance that they had zero clue if they were Hamas or not, and instead just fired either way. I understand that war isn't pretty, but killing indiscriminately is a major reason we're here to start with, on both sides. Hamas needs dealt with, that is clear. But Israel is no better. They set up aid stations for food and supplies, and then bombed the area. But it's ok because a couple may have been Hamas?
  16. Yeah, if your numbers are correct, the net would be $2M in savings with tbe accelerated cap hit, so it wouldn't make any sense to dump Cooper for so little savings. I think the extension was for the future, to ensure some continuity. I doubt Cooper is back next year unfortunately.
  17. The Cardinals if they're smart. Diggs isn't going to get better. He may have a few good years left, but he isn't getting better at this point, and MHJ is a much better prospect anyway. Plus, MHJ will be much cheaper for at least 4 years.
  18. McCarthy is going top 5. Possibly top 3.
  19. This is my thought on it as well. It's so hard to sat because Allen could very well be dominant like he was vs KC in the 13 second game, or he could have a game where he turns it over 2-3 times and in the playoffs, that gets you sent home. Now obviously ANY QB can have a bad day, Mahomes included, but Allen plays much more reckless, which can be amazingly good, but can also lead to a very bad game here and there too.
  20. Didn't he return kicks too? Cleveland needs return man.
  21. It's a 1 year deal, and he gets the same money either way, so no commitment either way, and it frees up more money for players elsewhere in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's defense is always near the top of the league in % of the salary cap.
  22. He only threw like 15% of his passes over 15 yards. It was the lowest total in almost 20 years. He was awful.
  23. Not one team is passing on McCarthy if they sign Sam Howell. Wilson either. Cousins possibly, but he is coming off injury and it would depend on how long of a contract he signs.
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