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  1. Trump chanted for years to "Lock her up." He is all on board with the Biden "corruption." He would is trying to push the same narrative on his opponents that he complains about happening to himself. And just to clarify, anyone committing crime, fraud, tax evasion, corruption, etc. should be tried and convicted if the evidence is shown, regardless of party.
  2. I like the song, and the message overall. What I don't understand is how anyone who supports Trump could think this relates to Trump as all? The dude has been mega rich his entire life, even well before his "self made" billions. The song is as much about Trump as it is Biden or any other politician in DC. The message of the song is true, and the guy has talent for sure. But to immediately associate it with Trump supporters makes little sense. The current country was created by people just like Trump, and just like all the other politicians in DC. And everyone, not just Trump supporters, is feeling the effects of 50+ years of garage politics.
  3. If someone is breaching your front door, and you repeatedly tell them to stop, how long are you waiting to shoot? I am not going to say you just open fire indiscriminately, but given the circumstances, and as others said, the mob behind her, I fully believe the officer acted rationally.
  4. Babbit ignored direct orders to stop, and also, as she is climbing through a busted window, there is no way to tell if she is armed or not.
  5. Harbor was leaning Michigan for a while, but they wanted him as a TE. Could you imagine in a year or 2, the dude is 6'5" 255 and running a high 4.3 or low 4.4? He has the potential to be an absolute monster. He will be fun to watch.
  6. I'd say 12-18 range, with any given year jumping to 8ish. Not consistently, but if he could limit turnovers.
  7. Could it be that? Sure, but I highly doubt it. These guys are used to the temperature, and it does help your muscles stay "warm". Some of those shirts are even designed to absorb sweat and actually keep you cooler than if you had short sleeves. It could be any number of reasons, but I doubt that it's to try to hide anything.
  8. I disagree. Mayfield was never going to be a top tier QB, but he could have been middle of the road, decent starter. Hell, he's going to be a starter again this year. Constant change in offense and coaches isn't good for anyone.
  9. Could be just to keep everything loosened up, like MLB pitchers do. Throwing a football isn't a "natural" motion, and it can be hard on your joints, ligaments, and muscles.
  10. That, and when he couldn't scramble, he threw jump balls to Mike Evans.
  11. Nagy isn't and never was the play caller in KC either. It's always been Reid.
  12. I am not arguing that it's not possible. My issue is a very biased website pushing out articles based on "research" that links things with no direct evidence provided. Are the side effects caused by the vaccine? It's possible. But the article says they are linked, and then just says that A and B happened and makes the assumption that they are linked.
  13. Your own article doesn't actually link anything. They claim by going through insurance data that they can link the vaccine to still births. But it is simply guessing based on when the vaccine went live, and 9 months later. No other supporting data is given. And, from the article itself: "That makes COVID-19 vaccine-induced spontaneous abortion the most plausible hypothesis for the drop in birth rates — because the same number of women were becoming pregnant, but fewer of them were carrying their pregnancies to term." The author of the article is a political writer from a political website created by RFK Jr., and supporting his anti vaccine book at every turn. I am not saying that these absolutely couldn't be linked, but the article just gathers a bunch of random data and then claims they must be linked without actually linking any of it directly.
  14. Do you hold Trump to the same standard of lying? Is he also a phony?
  15. i Do I think that there are different set of rules and situations for the wealthy, and those in the higher ups up politics? Absolutely. Do I think there is a national and worldwide conglomerate that secretly plots any and all major events in the world? I do not. And if there was, I think Trump would be the last person to try to stand up to them. Trump is as ME first as it gets, so he would look to benefit off of it as much as the next guy. He used his presidency and campaign to line his families' pockets. He or his advisors have figured out that if he makes himself out as some champion of the "people", he can use it as a source of vast income. For a billionaire, all he ever does as ask others to fund all of his legal and politic ambitions. Politicians have always done that, but not the the extent that Trump is doing it in all manner of things. He has a history of campaign and charity fraud going back years. And again, let's say there IS a Deep State. What has Trump done, in actions, to dismantle or attack it? He' talked to no end about doing it. But what has he actually done? Actions, not words.
  16. For the record, what did Trump do to destroy the "Deep State" in his first term? How much "dismantling" did he do?
  17. It's just as shady to use this as "breaking news" and then put out a pure speculation piece. Hunter Biden is shady as can be, and more than likely deserves prison time for any of a number of reasons, but to put out "Breaking News" and then literally start the the discussion with "They probably" is straight up dishonest reporting. The dude has zero evidence of anything other than he dislikes Biden.
  18. The dude was dumb for lying about it, but he bought a couple of already committed recruits some burgers. Crazy that this is such a major issue.
  19. But the Raiders can also rescind the tag anytime before he would sign. I highly doubt he would do that, but given the RB market right now, the franchise tag is a decent amount of money comparatively. Once he signs, the contract is guaranteed, but he also would be subject to fines. At that point, it would be Cook and Harris taking touches from Jacobs. Jacobs is far and away better than either of them. But either way, I doubt a trade like that happens anyway.
  20. Right, and a ton of the right's argument is always how biased certain parts of the government are, and how corrupt they are towards the left. Sot he statement was just to throw that aspect of the argument out the window.
  21. I mean, it's a pretty simple thing to verify. Not a lot of confusion on who appointed judges.
  22. As far as what he says about Federal spending, he is correct. If you total all tax revenue received, it is much less than government spending, hence the $32T national debt. But the statement that many more red states receive more money than they pay in, and many blue states pay more in than they receive is also true. I am not sure what his reasoning is on high state taxes "justification". The only sense I can make of his statement is that blue states tend to pay more of their own programs because they have higher taxes and budgets and red states get more help from the federal government because their state budgets are lower due to lower taxes, then that is exactly what subsidizing would be. Edit - I read it again and I suppose he is saying that the money they receive is just new debt, and not from any particular "state", but most of the country's debt is defense spending. Over half of our annual budget is "defense" spending. That should in theory be spread out evenly, so no state or citizen is more responsible than another. Defense spending is 54% of our budget, with no other single category being higher than 6%. If a state receives more federal dollars than it's citizens pay in, it is being subsidized one way or the other.
  23. This just in. Trump and a Republican Congress approved more COVID money than Biden did.
  24. The simple fact that you write off 7 million deaths as nothing, that says a lot about you. I understand that in terms of global population, the percentage is very low, but that is still millions of families effected. Also, the fact that China reports 121,000 deaths, when they were very recently wrong about their our total population by almost 100 million people, shows that their numbers are likely extremely low. Asia as a whole seems way off. 60% of the world's population and "only" 806,000 reported deaths? That seems extremely unlikely, especially when that was the epicenter.
  25. Those are the most populus states as well. If you don't break it down per capita the information is completely pointless. Obviously, states with huge populations are going to receive more money, but per capita, most of those states are in the negative.
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