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  1. Murphy/Tasker are homers. I suppose there Isn't anything wrong with that but I like to get a more unbiased take sometimes.
  2. True, but sometimes you have to pay above average to get a player you want in free agency. Is it a gamble? Sure, but I'm trying to give this group the benefit of the doubt. It's not too expensive of a gamble. Hopefully he turns into a bargain.
  3. As a Buffalo Fan, I have learned to curb my enthusiasm. I mean, look what the Sabres did to us this year!!
  4. Yeah, it will be interesting to see what he signs for.
  5. But seriously, the Dolphins might be looking to trade up for their QB. Would we do it?
  6. Rumor mill has them trading for Peterman
  7. Can't get everything in free agency. There are some good ones in the draft.
  8. Yeah, it's a waste of time. An appropriate deal for 4-5 million? What year? 1999?
  9. I didn't know we got Klay Thompson. Now I am impressed.
  10. I agree. He has not lived up to the hype. Don't get me wrong, he' good, just not the dominant player many thought he would be. Mack was the best player in that draft. When the Bills moved up in the draft that fateful night, I was sure they did it to pick Mack. But of course, I put too much faith in Whaley as he took Watkins. 😞
  11. That is true, but he has a 9 million dollar cap hit. They could get a younger player for more then half that. He looked like he lost a step last year. He was missing holes.
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