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  1. Give him time. Let's see what he does this year. How many NFL games has he played? Mahomes doesn't come along every day. We expect way too much too early, IMHO sorry, couldn't help myself
  2. Well, Looks like you will have to, especially since you brought it up.😒
  3. What happened to you in prejudice, not racism.The word racism should be reserved for the institutionally ingrained disadvantages of being a person of color in this country. Racism is not just hatred. To fear a black person is racist.Racism is a powerful word. No one wants to be called a racist. You will never know what it feels like to be a person of color in this country. Why do white people like to compare prejudice with racism? Really, racism exists because one group has the power, and it is white people who hold that power.
  4. Yes, he is allowed to take a knee if he would like to during the anthem. And no, he isn't allowed to kneel at work because he has a job to do, what he's being paid for. If they do the anthem at his job, yes he does have to right to kneel.
  5. That's what I like, a man who can't admit he's wrong..lol You tell me Okay, I can understand your concern. But he did some really good things in more than 2 of the last 7. I agree, this is an important year for him. We shall see
  6. "racism goes both ways"... Thanks for proving that this country has a long way to go. And thanks for the laugh.
  7. I find it amazing you haven't changed your mind about him after watching him in his second year. Were you even watching? Maybe you compare all QBs to the kid in KC, I don't know.
  8. In the words of Aaron Rodgers.....Relax Orlovsky is an idiot
  9. I think you misunderstand what I mean. Yes Brown had some long catches. Not all of these fit into the "bomb" category I'm speaking about. You have to admit, your eyes don't lie. he overthrew many "bombs" last year.
  10. I said I wanted to forget that ERA. My ability at math is fine. I have always maintained that the Bills gave up one first.
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