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  1. I was merely giving you an example to help my point. I saw how disruptive Hughes has been with my eyes too. Hughes made plays to change the outcome. I think you're confusing me saying Hughes has been better to that of me saying Poyer is not good.
  2. Poyer wasn't name defensive player of the week
  3. Actually I was talking in recent weeks, but no, I wasn't kidding. have you seen how disruptive he has been?
  4. I think that's the key... every game is different. They won against NE , I'm glad they did. It's all about getting healthy and getting hot at the end
  5. So Zimmer didn't make a great play to strip the ball?
  6. Wow, I'm the same way. I don't listen to GR55, I don't watch national sports programs, etc. I'm totally bummed out . I go so far as to say I'm not watching any more after losses like that. I'm still not over this one. What's funny is this is only when they are good. When they are bad, I do listen. I want to sulk in all the negativity. The talk of bad coaching, bad plays, bad players and what are the owners going to do.
  7. The Bills are going nowhere with that sorry defense!!!
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