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  1. I understand why you might say that. I've seen holes in our defense the last few weeks. Philly exposed them badly
  2. This is why I'm scared of this game. The Bills will have to score more than they have so far to win.
  3. Who picks a team to shut out another team?? Are the Browns the 85' Bears? Sounds like some kind of agenda going on here. Does he harbor some resentment?
  4. This game scares me. The Browns should be desperate. I sure hope the Bills are ready!!
  5. Someone tell Beane and McDermott this. They had all the off season to find a good one.
  6. I just can't figure out the love affair you have with a career backup and honestly, a loser.
  7. Clearly the Colts are desperate because of what happened with Luck.
  8. Personally, if I'm being honest. If Allen gets hurt, I want Barkley. The bills could have had Hoyer. They chose Barkley. I agree, and trust they know better than we do
  9. Obviously he's not, or the Cheat wouldn't have cut him. Just as Barkley has progressed, Hoyer has regressed
  10. Looks like the genius Belicheat doesn't like Hoyer..lol Is that why the genius cut him? lol
  11. And why do you think "you know it won't happen"? Because the Bills brain trust feel the same as I do. So I guess it is debatable after all. In a perfect world, you pick the best guy. They have. It's not like Hoyer would be more expensive, he isn't. You didn't respond to the fact Barkley had the top completion percentage of this preseason. One could argue, based on statistics, he's better than Hoyer is right now. You like statistics, what do you say about that?
  12. You don't take into consideration how a young QB can mature and get better over time? Not all quarterbacks are good day one of their careers. The Hoyer of today is NOT better than the Barkley of today. If you're right, then the Bills will cut Barkley and pick up Hoyer today. But you know they will not. I know you will make up excuses like Barkley knows the playbook, blah blah blah. But the simple truth is that Hoyer is old, and Barkley is just better than he is. Look at the Jets game he won last year. Who do you think led the league in completion percentage this preseason? Yep, Barkley. We don't go by the 83 gb rating or the 16 wins in a career because as the old adage says, statistics are for losers!!!
  13. I'm as critical of any Bills quarterback when I think it is deserved. If I had to choose a starter for the Bills if Allen went down, I would pick Barkley in a heartbeat over Hoyer. This is based on recent on field production. Are you honestly telling me if Allen got hurt, you would rather sign Hoyer and have him play over Barkley?
  14. So Houston is trading away 2 first round picks and a second for Tunsil and Sills? Who in the Houston organization is responsible for this moronic decision? Do they even have a GM yet? Just Wow!!!
  15. Thanks for clearing me up on that
  16. So he is free to sign with anyone without going thru the waiver process? So his salary is gone immediately?
  17. McCoy will go thru wavers. Then he has a good chance of being picked up at a lower salary if he's willing to accept that. Probably once someone gets hurt. How about Dallas?
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