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  1. Hes a tough little $#&*. Hope the oline improves next year, could be a monster year for the kid.
  2. Im not trying to convince anyone. I made a statement. If you dont believe it you are more than welcome to look it up. Thats usually what I do when I find something hard to believe. Lazy boy.
  3. I dont have to defend it. I already know it, why would I take the time to convince you? If you dont believe me then look it up yourself.
  4. Your expectations are too high. Youre pretty much going to get one or two ugly plays from every player in the NFL every game.
  5. He just wasnt aware on that play. Ugly play to watch...but everyone has an ugly play or two a game.
  6. The country was behind the Bills. Out of my group of friends and family... Im the only Bills fan (Live/d in Miami most of my life). Almost everyone i know reached out to me after that game heartbroken for me lol. They all wanted us to win. I wish the NFL and refs felt the same way.
  7. Im all for pushing off if you can do it like Plaxico Burress. I was a big fan of how he created separation. Hed lower one hand and push and extend on the defenders hip/lower back. Harder for the refs to catch and just as effective.
  8. Josh Allen is really doing his best to control his natural instinct of desperation. The "hero" ball that usually ends up in disaster. You can see him really trying to be a poised QB and understand situational football, but this game and how close and high pressure it was anyone could have made mistakes. Hell...you saw Drew Brees give up the ball at the end of that game. Didnt even protect the ball with a pass rusher attacking him.
  9. KYS is always too far. Not a fan of his play this year, but hes a rookie RT. Not an easy job. Hope he can really work on improving this offseason so we dont have to waste time and money replacing him,
  10. I personally wouldnt give the Bills a TD. But...I also would have called a Delay of game on 3rd and 18 and not thrown a flag for a blindside block.
  11. I agree we arent a consistent "contender" yet. But its the right mentality to have even if we arent there. Luckily being in the playoffs makes you a contender by default.
  12. The Duke hype is a little much..but he seems somewhat effective...but at the end of the day if he has trouble being on the same page with the QB he cant be on the field. Regardless of how good he is. A QB and WR both need to be able to recognize defenses to adjust their routes accordingly. Maybe Duke isnt ready at that level.
  13. I stopped playing about 15 minutes in. The randomness of the low accuracy is a joke.
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