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  1. Regardless of strength of opponents. I still see a 7-8 win team.
  2. The Jests getting those primetime games pretty much locked up another year without primetime games.
  3. The going rate is the going rate man. If you dont pay...youll be paying about 6 million less for Kirk Cousin type QBs. What are you going to draft franchise QBs every 5 years and rotate them out when its payday time? Dont matter if its worth it or not. You have to pay.
  4. Guy has some real slow feet. Pls unfollow. lol
  5. lolol...Im not feelin one particular Bush. EDIT: Im sorry, I was thinking of Devin White from LSU.
  6. Only watched a few of the prospects...but some that I certainly did not like Devin Bush - Dont like him at all Rashan Gary - Dont like him at 9 DK Metcalf - Do not draft
  7. I only said that this year's FA is probably what they imagined they wanted last year. Thats all.
  8. I feel like the Bills tried to do what they are doing now last season. Especially on the line. It just didnt work out that way. This has been an incredibly active offseason. Are these trade up rumors more likely now?
  9. I agree, but if you were Duke...what would you be looking for? A weapon role? or an RB1 role? Hes always thought he has not had a fair shake. My guess is he wants a real opportunity to play the RB1 role.
  10. Dont see him coming here unless the FO thinks he can be RB1 next year and after that. He might be too pricey for what he will ultimately do with this team this year.
  11. Voted Mahomes. Sorry Joshy...but that no looker was too sweet.
  12. Honestly...with how bad the run blocking was last year...I dont think any RB in todays NFL would have done any good. I havent missed a game since 2001. Last year was the most visibly poor run blocking line ive seen in 18 years. Do I think Shady will be Shady of 3 years ago? Nope...but its not worth upgrading him by overpaying a guy like Bell. Teams use RBs in groups. We can have a decent group. With an upgraded line...our QB wont be leading the team in rushing.
  13. Tackle? DT? DE? I think we do need alot more bodies and talent on the defense life.
  14. If the block allows your player to continue to gain yards....im all for it. If you hit someone and he is nowhere around the ball...im ok with the flag. Like the one where Josh Rosen is scrambling and a defender is coming around his back....are you serious? You have to block that dude.
  15. Of course they will. If I was Mcdermott and I just saw Josh throw the ball 60 yards down the field and there is any hint of PI...you immediately challenge. Youre looking at a 60 yard play. There will be no consistency here...that will be another big issue. Youre going to see two of the same exact plays happen in two different games and each ref will call it differently.
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