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  1. Tough break Bobby. You got a free INT earlier in the game.
  2. life is short, football is short. im gonna ride this high but i will also be prepared if he comes back to planet earth.
  3. This I agree with, they fought back. Im sure the Rams felt them same about their defense the same way we felt about ours. They gave up 28 early and did nothing offensively early. They know they are better than that. These are the types of games we will be seeing this year. We have a really tough schedule and the games are going to back and forth. This was the extreme though in terms of losing a lead.
  4. I agree. Not sure if its scheme, but there looks like there is more between the WRs and himself this year.
  5. Because if you throw that ball 10 times. 9 of them will either be an incomplete or an INT.
  6. Anyone else think Devonta was sending out curses to all 32 teams RBs....and it worked?
  7. Im just really glad he is having a good start and it looks like hes in on the culture. His talent was never in question for me, it was could he join the culture without any issues.
  8. I mean...the fins just got reemed by Cam Newton last week. There was no way they were going to let Allen run all over them. Playing Cam really helped them adjust for the Bills.
  9. Shows how good coaching can be especially from the best there is. Honestly this is the best Cam has ever looked in terms of passing. Best balls? No...but best decisions? Yes. I agree they are the team to beat. Sweeping the division is the way we tell the world this is our division. Beat the Pats twice and our message is loud and clear to the league.
  10. You mean Woods had to dive for every ball that was thrown his way....jeez
  11. Did you see the texans play last night? Ill bet they wished they had a preseason.
  12. Pretty crappy time to have a team im excited about. But im all in for sports. Fantasy football.
  13. This is like the 30th fan bracket ive seen in two years.
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