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  1. I personally think we are just a tiny bit better as a team. The chiefs finished strong. The seemed to have gotten their mojo back. Honestly I would not be surprised at any outcome on Sunday. I just dont want to see any refs involved with any questionable calls. I think if we played on neutral ground and we both played 100 times, we maybe win 51 games?
  2. I feel like thats when the Bills are at their worst offensively. Make Josh get rid of it early and hope he doesnt escape the pressure. I feel like the Jets stalled a lot of drives that way. I can easily see Bill replicating that seeing how playing so safe last time didnt work. What do we do to counter act that style of play? Cause I think we need to be up early in order to hinder their decisions to run the ball.
  3. I just got the vibe that he felt his competition wasnt worthy of him having to play dink and dunk. He wanted to go out there and crush the Falcons with his arm. I think im ok with that...but id rather him take the checkdown a couple times a drive to help open that stuff up down the field.
  4. I havent been much of a fan of this defense against the run, but I look around the league and give them the same level of criticism. The Bills D is def better than we give them credit for. Still not even close to #1 or whatever the heck that means. I see "top" defenses keep giving up giant plays and just as many points as the Bills.
  5. I think im replacing 4 out of 5 linemen next year lol
  6. Me neither. Hes on my dynasty roster. Let him stay healthy.
  7. I think Tua looks ok. If I were the fins, id continue to give him a shot for another year or 2. They do have some offensive line issues as well. But they need to make a call on him sooner than Tannehill, thats for sure.
  8. This was their best game I guess. I have no idea why Bellicheat didnt put on the pressure more. Did he not realize adding a couple of blitzers and stunts would have put our oline on their back?
  9. Cap space, resigning players with expiring contracts and adding FAs. If Beasley needs to be a piece removed in order to sign an actual GOOD offensive lineman in FA, we have to do it.
  10. Im glad he had the game he did because I always thought he needed to be resigned as a Cole Beasley replacement. He did great last season and when given the opportunity he was just as good.
  11. Hardly enjoying this season. Very thankful for a sportsbook and fantasy football
  12. I dont feel good. Im a negative person...but still Pats have the blueprint to beat us. Run the ball, play action pass. Solid defense. The Titans and Colts had no issues moving the ball against us.
  13. Who is saying we would have lost? I dont get what youre saying. In my opinion I do not feel good about this win. They didnt play well and this game was much closer than it had to be, and if they had a kicker it would have been even closer. Do I think we still win if they have a kicker? Yes of course.
  14. What? The panthers would have been able to play more conventional football instead of going for it on 4th down every time. They would have just kicked FGs and added more points to the board.
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