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  1. Yes, but hes not playin to be a backup right now.
  2. My only concern with Diggs is that he will want out or be a problem in the locker room. I really get the feeling he wont buy into the culture. In terms of talent, id rather have him than those picks any day of the week.
  3. I think its a smart play either way they go with the QB position in the draft. You have bodies even if you have to Trade up and lose more 1st round picks to get Tua. Or just add more bodies with the picks.
  4. I think id love this more if Diggs wasnt a me first guy. He just doesnt seem like he fits the culture. Let see if the culture changes him.
  5. Easy to say that...but if there is a guy still on the board they love....they are pulling the trigger without a doubt.
  6. Anyone else think our boy Josh can do way better? Unless shes a really great person and the love is real. Nom sayin.
  7. I guess it would give home teams a good advantage seeing as traveling fans would pass on every Monday night road trip.
  8. hes a pros pro. Having Gore around is huge for the locker room. I heard him on the radio in Miami. He has been mentoring Singletary. He mentioned he wants to continue living through him after hes done. Hes the one that got Singletary back in the gym. Singletary asked him what he should do with his time off. Gore said...two weeks off and get back it.
  9. Call me delusional, but i dont see him being half as good as he currently is today. If we had some talent, and a talented OC id probably be pissed about it....but i just had no faith back then.
  10. Hes a tough little $#&*. Hope the oline improves next year, could be a monster year for the kid.
  11. Im not trying to convince anyone. I made a statement. If you dont believe it you are more than welcome to look it up. Thats usually what I do when I find something hard to believe. Lazy boy.
  12. I dont have to defend it. I already know it, why would I take the time to convince you? If you dont believe me then look it up yourself.
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