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  1. Its a new trend on tiktok copying how adult swim would do their commercials. This trend actually involves some creativity.....so its better than seeing the dancing morons that exist there.
  2. Browns look great on paper. Just need to put it together on the field. If they show improvement, i can see them rivaling anyone in the conference.
  3. I want to believe in Singletary. I think hes going to be at his best this year and itll translate on the field.
  4. I was wondering if we saw Allen at his peak last year. One thing I did notice is that he didnt play his best away with live crowds! JA also admitted that the KC fans were so loud and he would be a liar and say he wasnt affected. Wonder if his emotions are the next hurdle? is that even a thing? lol
  5. Id make the trade. I would prolly tear up a bit hitting that red trade button though. Hard to get rid of a warrior team first guy like him.
  6. I love him on 3rd and long and guaranteed passing drives. Opted out last year, so hes got a lot of work ahead of him. I agree with the part where he really has no technicals. Hes going to get mauled early on. Needs to hit the weight room and work on his craft for sure.
  7. Look like pain. Hope its front and backloaded so we can find a way to keep talent on the team.
  8. They can certainly make the playoffs. 7 spots. This seems like an easy in for them. Im sure thats why they went hard in FA this year. 7 spots.
  9. Not an easy game. Steeler defense is always tough. If they can finally get that run game going with Najee and WRs dont drop balls this year. They should be looking at no more than a +3 any game this year.
  10. A smart kid with a gifted arm is not enough to carry him to the next level. How many QBs actually put in the work like Josh did? He went to QB mechanics school and worked super hard to change whatever he had to. Hes a huge competitor and hates failing. He was undervalued by almost everyone. All these things together is the perfect storm to become great.
  11. I like him as a player. I do not like him on a team that cannot run block. Id much rather have defensive player. Id like someone on the edge who can rush if AJ doesnt step up.
  12. NFT might be the worst thing ever. Its absolutely insane what people are paying for something I can screen shot.
  13. This is about core and balance more than strength. Stiff bar would make this exercise alot easier.
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