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  1. The first half I was just saying....classic !@#$ Bills man. Told my pal...we actually make pretty good adjustments at half and I expect to win the game. Dolphins marched down the field...I was over it. We got the pick. Sigh of relief.
  2. Shows that the two arent in as much sync. Im no Allen apologist but a smarter WR would have noticed the blitz and looked to Allen sooner.
  3. I dont agree with this. If you just let Allen play to his strengths youd just be seeing Allen from last year. Allen was challenged to develop a short and intermediate passing game for the betterment of himself and the taem. Last year he couldnt even hit a slant. Im all for Dabol right now as Josh continues to become a more complete passer.
  4. I respectfully disagree with everything you said except the last statement. I really hope to see continued improvement offensively.
  5. I think youre right about this. If you told me in August... Wed most likely be a wildcard team id be really happy about the improvement between last year and this year. I really only wanted to see this team be better than last year. Never expected much to be honest. Certainly did not expect this defense to be that good.
  6. Glad to see where we are at now. But...we havent blown anyone out. Jets/Titans. FG kickers could have put us away, but we were fortunate. Bless the defense man. Lord Bless them. They are fantastic. But if we want to be a real contender we are just going to have to see more from the offense. If we are going to keep playing every week down to the wire, we are going to start seeing some losses we dont want to see against lower tier teams.We stole one from the jets and titans...there will be weeks we get games taken away from us if we cannot get the ball rolling offensively. Im still reserved/pessimistic lol. Just waiting for the offense to get this team into contender status.
  7. I honestly think we have a better shot against Fitzpatrick even though it screams trap game. His arm is worse than before and he still a slinger. I think we get picks.
  8. I mean...I agree with it. The offense doesnt do enough in his eyes to be better than the teams ahead of them.
  9. Fine with me. We are the worst offensively of the group though. Makes sense.
  10. As long as he doesnt have to be the reason they win games... Sure it can last.
  11. Actually this is more of a positive thread. I wouldnt be posting this if I were negative. This season has me with hope. Just want to get the ship righted if we are going to seriously make a run for the playoffs.
  12. Honestly I cant buy that anymore. We cannot be seeing the same defense from every team every game. If thats the case we should already know how to be successful against it.
  13. We can get drives going...but it just looks like we cant get enough big plays down the field. Im not talking about just a streak down the field for 60 yards. Is it lack of separation? Is it lack of play design? I dont think we can use the excuse of there are 2 deep safeties so we can only take what they give. Every other NFL team doesnt seem to have that issue. And no team plays two deep the entire game. What is it and it this fixable? If the offense doesnt shape up those tight ones will not always be winnable.
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