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  1. Ramza86

    Start Josh Allen (healthy) or Matt Barkley?

    Peterman the rest of the year. Tired of winning man...gonna end up with pick 15.
  2. Ramza86

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    Jesus christ boys....we found a way to lose by winning. What a sad day.
  3. Every win is a loss at this point. So hes def not tanking.
  4. Ramza86

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    I kind of understand what youre saying. But Josh just doesnt have the tools around him to succeed. Its like trying to learn to play golf without taking lessons. Youre going to learn how to hit the ball...but you are going to learn poor and improper habits. Youll never hit the ball as far or as accurately without the proper technique and instruction.
  5. Ramza86

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    Do you care if hes a worse QB because of those lumps?
  6. Now is not the time to be winning these kinds of games. Peterman all the way.
  7. Ramza86

    Ameer Abdullah Released

    Solid player. Injury concerns. I like what Chris Ivory brings to the table. Id think about him if Shady is out of the picture
  8. After I saw how bad our oline was against the Bengals in preseason. I had this team at 4 wins.
  9. Its so easy to replace a probowl guard and center in one offseason. Its like you people think they grow on trees...
  10. Ramza86

    If TSW called the shots

    Theyd be 7-9 the next four years. Over the cap, no draft capital, and no franchise QB.
  11. Ramza86

    Finally the end for peterman???

    If anyone but Peterman is out there for the rest of the season, they should be fired Monday.
  12. Watching Rosen vs the Niners is pretty much lets you know who he is vs who he can be. The 1st 3 quarters is pretty much what you saw the whole year. A young QB making young throws. He finished that game very nicely. Thats who he can be.
  13. Ramza86

    NFL Teams with the Drunkest Fans

    We cant even win that? Jesus christ guys....
  14. Loyal to a fault? Or at this point...is it pointless to bring someone in without a camp under their belt?
  15. Ramza86

    If you had a buddy who abandoned the Bills

    I would roast him everyday.