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  1. The difference between Allen and Jackson. Jackson is much better of a runner and has been pretty accurate with this throws this year. Hes improved. The offense created for Jackson is very very strong. Now that Jackson can find the 1 on 1 matchups and put the ball in a good spot makes it almost impossible for defenses to stop him. Allen. From year 1 to year 2...Allen is becoming the signal caller. Everything he did poorly last year he improved on (greatly). Short game was weak. Its now a strength. Hes running the offense. It looks like he has full command of it. His poise in the pocket...night and day change. Audibles...making presnap calls, taking the time to look at defenses. Hes really trying to be a complete QB. I honestly expect him to be calling his own plays soon. What im saying is that right now... There is room for growth for Allen because he can be whatever he needs to be when its needed. While I think this might be the peak for Jackson....i mean its a pretty awesome peak and its good enough to win a superbowls so im not trying to take shots.
  2. Im around the 20% area. I think they beat us 4 out of 5 times. Just need one of those complete games like Dallas and Lamar needs to be off throwing wise.
  3. I honestly dont think so. That is a prime coaching gig. Thats a good football team. Im sure there are some coaches out there licking their chops.
  4. Hodges was way better when he stepped in the 1st time. Looked more poised and threw the short pass better. Maybe lack of arm strength? Not sure why they stuck with Rudolph.
  5. I think we would really deserve that top 10 if we can get this win against the Boys.
  6. Good eye. Most defenders play for the sticks on 3rd and long. Allen throws past it.
  7. Allen has been converting 3rd and long since his 1st game. Its really a crazy stat man. Ive never ever felt like a punt was a sure thing with a 3rd and 15 and under.
  8. Yeah....I cant wait for it to be over so we can move on. Ravens by 30
  9. Dont mess up your chances to be on the field on Sundays. Other than that...have fun young lad.
  10. 1 and done. If they can beat the Cowboys, Jets and Pats. I can see this team being a real contender this year.
  11. I certainly will stay at home now for fear of karate chops from random incredibly powerful guy. Id rest easy if wed have beat any of the tough teams this year.
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