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  1. Headcase and wont be worth the money. Eff off.
  2. If you told me hed look that good in Buffalo sure.... but would he look that good here?
  3. Ramza86

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Dont forget he had Jay Cutler an entire year. lol
  4. Ramza86

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    I live in Miami....he did a lot with a whole lot of nothing. Most of the people down here dont realize it...but he did a good job.... Now in terms of being a leader of men? Thats another story....
  5. How much you wanna bet he can throw it over them mountains?
  6. What is the penalty and where did you draft?
  7. Hopefully he wont have to run for 1000. lol Maybe our RBs can do that with a better line.
  8. Im going to start up a dynasty league. Wondering if anyone here has played and what site they use and how they feel about it. I dont mind paying to use a website to host the league. Thanks.
  9. Oh Joshy boy. That should be his entire offseason... work on quick slants and curls. I really think there is only up for this kid.
  10. Ramza86

    Second half thread: Wk 17 Dolphins at Bills (CBS)

    someone explain to me how the bills only started with 20 seconds on the playclock on the td play?
  11. Ramza86

    Kyle Williams was overrated imo...

    I think so too to be honest but in a very endearing way. Like...the guy would make a bunch of really good plays and penetrate. But in a 60 minute game you can see when hes not making a great play hes getting pushed back.
  12. Ramza86

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Cant help but to tear up. This guy did it the right way. Stuck with one team all the way through. Hell be one of our most remembered players. Im sure it will payoff for him post retirement.
  13. I mean...thats pretty much where we are at. We see him make some monster plays. His % is low...but from what I notice...his completions are pretty IMPORTANT. I feel like that might be something that seems hard to account for. Idk how many times hes completed a 20 yard pass on a 2nd and 20 or something of that nature. So lets see if he can pick up the accuracy or at least continue to make his throws IMPORTANT and show some gradual improvement as the team improves.