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  1. Rip mom. You will keep her memory alive with those great Bills stories.
  2. This is a guy i wouldnt be so desperate to sign. The team gets better with him there for sure...but hes not an every down player anymore. Paying him that much with his injury history....no thank you.
  3. Oof shes hot stuff. Wasnt she the one that implied one of her ex boyfriends was not even into women....hint hint.
  4. Am I the only one that believe Aaron is hiding in the closet? I believe he will come out after he retires.
  5. Big fan on Winfield. Huge disrupter in the short passing game and run. Big time tackler. Him and Clements were great together.
  6. Watching the Chiefs put most of our linemen in 1 on 1 situations really showed just how weak our interior line is. They got crushed. I wouldnt mind him staying...but to me id be looking to upgrade our line.
  7. I personally think we would have scored multiple touchdowns. Doubt we win tho.
  8. Tampa's front 7 and Chiefs banged up Oline were the only factor of relevance for the Bucs win.
  9. Hes in a great situation and hes a great QB. Hes currently in reaping the benefits. They will have lots of success for many years to come.
  10. Thanks for the memories. I dont blame him. Football is a tough sport. For a guy thats already been hurt a couple of times you want to try and secure as much as you can for your future.
  11. Brown will most likely asked to be restructured or end up getting released. I can see Brown looking for another team. Lot of opening throughout the league next year. I believe Gabe will replace him at the number 2 next year.
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