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  1. Um..... Edit to explain... You're right they are rare and usually done for health measures but it doesn't mean they don't exist. Regardless I'm not getting pulled into an argument about edge cases. Most abortion should be legal.
  2. *****in whacko. I don't like abortion and late term stuff should be done sparingly, but I think we can agree that the extreme positions (one side wanting a 10 year old rape victim to give birth and the other wanting the right to kill a healthy baby at 8.5 months) are sick.
  3. So you're telling me the best "own" was a quote of Lorenz? 😂
  4. A few of the usual suspects (NYT, etc.) are reframing the narrative and calling Google bad not because their AI pretends being white is bad/offensive and instead is saying Google AI is wrong for depicting Nazis as black. I mean you just can't make this stuff up. "Google Chatbot’s A.I. Images Put People of Color in Nazi-Era Uniforms" https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/22/technology/google-gemini-german-uniforms.html Well if you refuse to depict Caucasians you aren't left with many options.
  5. I like how the tweet conveniently leaves out the request it was provided to generate those images.
  6. They reinstated him. You're aware of that right? As far as the quality of his research, that article does call into question some interesting points regarding the frequency of stops. Nonetheless, it was interesting that those charges came up shortly after that article was published because it pissed a lot of people off.
  7. Who are all these people that have these ideas about what black women should or shouldn't do? It's funny because I only ever hear that notion from one type of person...
  8. It's nothing like Judge _____ unless they say "and then I proceeded to..." at least 3 times.
  9. The clarification is even more comical. "When I said Hamas is not a terrorist organization for us I meant the UN doesn't have them on a list of designated terrorists." Um, yeah we get it. That doesn't make it somehow better. 😂
  10. I e openly stated that for an eventual peaceful resolution Israel needs to do their part which includes reigning in settlers and work towards a two state solution, something the Palestinians keep rejecting in favor of continued violence. As far as consent of the people, it's true that Hamas won control via plurality not majority, but you cannot ignore the fact that the population has allowed them to openly operate for years and provide support under the guide of opposing them (just look at how the UN reps there were "shocked" to find a base under their building or how the "journalists" were actively participating in 10/7).
  11. I am, and you can. But it doesn't make you right. It's war, and one not started by Israel. When most of your neighbors have the stated goal of your destruction, this can't be a surprising nor unwarranted outcome. When you elect a government that is effectively a terrorist group and allow them to use your mosques and hospitals as staging grounds for attacks and holding centers for hostages you lose any moral high ground.
  12. Pretty much this. It's plain to see they are rotten to the core, but to prove they actually perjured themselves needs a little more than gut feelings.
  13. I'm assuming it means under 18 in this context. Although recently people have started grouping 18 year olds in the category of "children" when reporting on certain things like victims of gun violence.
  14. In a surprise to absolutely no one who is paying attention, it's now being initially reported that the shooters were juveniles who were having a dispute.
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