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  1. It's goddamn evil. Blame the supreme court for their new London decision if they end up stealing this poor guys farm.
  2. So everyone is gonna blame bowtie Louie for this right? I mean his anti-white, racist rhetoric is clearly responsible, right? And the media will line up to condemn him and his decades long history of hate speech, right? I'll wait...
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but the judge absolutely could have set bail and chose not to. Seems more like an issue with the judge rather than any bail reform laws (unless prior to the new laws the judge would have been required... admittedly I'm not too familiar with what changed).
  4. I hope it's true and that my buddy and I were wrong. Happy to eat crow on that one. I felt like we definitely missed him last year.
  5. Yeah I agree after seeing the informative responses on his cap hit a cut is super unlikely. But I think it's two scenarios at this point; retirement or just offloading his house and grabbing an apartment and sending the fam back home.
  6. Well I confirmed it then, albeit inadvertently...
  7. We'll see who is right soon enough I suspect. I already know which one of us is an ass.
  8. I could have been more clear that our speculation was based on fact, but I thought I was operating on on private info. Had I known it was public the title would have been the usual "so-and-so is selling their house" that we see here from time to time.
  9. So again, reading comprehension. It's now been confirmed that his house is on the market. So what my source told me was in fact accurate. I wasn't aware this was public knowledge. We speculated that this meant he knew he was getting cut so I asked this forum if that was likely given the cap hit. In retrospect retirement seems more likely. Bottom line is, I think it's a reasonable indicator that he won't be here. Maybe he's tired of the winters, but I'd bet you a beer at the next TBD tailgate that he's done. Edit: tht was directed at MGK initiall
  10. So this is actually what I was referring to. Let's just say my friend is in real estate. I didn't realize this was public knowledge yet. So he and I were theorizing he knows he's going to be cut, but as I now know cutting had major cap implications, retirement may be more likely.
  11. For the record I'm hoping he's still here as well. I probably should have said "might not be here" instead of "might get cut" also. Similar outcome but vastly different implications.
  12. Oh, I see. You've got a reading comprehension problem. That explains it. Go back and read, and see if you can figure out where you got it wrong. I expect more from a Franny grad.
  13. Interesting because I hadn't considered retirement for him. Maybe that's what it could be...
  14. Weren't you done with this thread? It's not fake news, just asking if it was possible. Why you so mad bro?
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