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  1. A question was asked, and I provided the correct answer. This isn't a calc exam and I'm not required to show my work.
  2. Not being sarcastic at all. My point was JW is a reporter not an opinion columnist or media "personally" who thrives on hot takes. So it just seemed out of place for some radio hack to take exception with him.
  3. I'm not even gonna listen, but honestly, what beef could he have with Warrow?
  4. He's a piece of *****. The organization is one big piece of *****.
  5. CNN just calls it a mass shooting. I mean, if you can find it on their main page since it's buried below a bunch of money including not one, but two articles talking about Peloton commercials. It'd be top story had it been a white supremacist.
  6. For years I've heard people defend bad officiating,. exclaiming that "good teams overcome bad calls!". Well my friends, today they did.
  7. I hope they have some kimmelweck rolls to go with his beef.
  8. Does anyone know the last time the bills scored at least 37 points?
  9. I could actually listen to him when he's calm and reasonable. I didn't feel like he was shouting at me.
  10. Not only did CNN bury the Armenian Genocide vote, but unlike many other news orgs they conveniently omitted Omar's "present" vote.
  11. I'd trade Daboll for a 13 year old that can call better plays in Madden.
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