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  1. I was booing Daboll all day from my couch.
  2. Exactly! Let's have a new downtown stadium, filled with stuffy #######s and little kids that is completely devoid of any and all passion. It will be just like a Sabres game - can't wait!!!
  3. I neither kicked my dog nor beat my wife. That's gotta count for something.
  4. Squish the fish, I say Three hundred yards for Allen Five and one sounds great
  5. Definitely going to file this away. I'm sure when I go completely off the deep end in can show this to my case worker.
  6. If you're planning on coming back again or eating wings twice in the same trip, maybe. But if you aren't coming back soon or you're only having wings for one meal I'd want it to be somewhere awesome, not just meh.
  7. Any "first time in Buffalo" thread will have a robust wing discussion. If it's not perfectly relevant, I don't know what is.
  8. I have to 2nd this. I'd recommend avoiding the Anchor Bar. Duff's, 9-11, and many other dive bars have better/more consistent wings (Byrd House in OP actually has great traditional Buffalo wings). Mammosers and Bar Bill are also great but aren't what I consider traditional. If you're downtown, go to Gabriel's Gate.
  9. I like Beverly Hills Cop and Eddie Murphy as much as the next guy but even I think that might have been a touch over the top, if for no other reason than people who don't know the movie are going to equate it with "getting your poop pushed in" and not stalling.
  10. I'm hoping some of the folks in Nashville can give some updates on the Bills fan representation today. It sounds like half of Buffalo travelled there this weekend.
  11. It's actually believable if you think about it. A Pats* fan would need a fake dick to be able to pull off that costume.
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