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  1. I hope the Pats do overpay for him. Let them mess up their cap while wasting his last few good seasons catching from a lousy QB.
  2. That's my primary use case for this thread. No Twitter link, come back later....
  3. Seems to be a dude with no info who is making a big assumption based upon some vague Diggs tweet.
  4. Imagine if they were frat boys with popped collars on their Izod shirts and she was a black nurse. The same people would be outraged, but for entirely different reasons. Sadly they can't comprehend the irony of it all.
  5. Ask a native American (if you can find one) how they feel about replacement theory and whether it's real.
  6. I've taken heat for saying the same. Fantastic body, but I see prettier faces daily.
  7. I'm curious if that incredibly stupid post after mine that briefly appeared then disappeared was self edited by someone who thought twice about a bad joke or if the mods actually said "hey this is pretty racist..."?
  8. It's probably not being discussed here because aside from "Josh Allen is pretty good" it might be the one topic you'd actually get consensus on at TBD. It's an absurdly dumb idea, possibly dangerous and will only serve to continue to divide.
  9. If only you'd leave it on the floor...
  10. The Wings lot is sweet. The only major downside is that it's a decent hike to the stadium in spite of being so close. Will be worse when the new stadium is up and running. If they figured out a way to reopen the little pedestrian bridge that crossed the creek, it would probably be my go-to place to park and tailgate.
  11. I saw the photo and agree they are airsoft guns. That doesn't mean they also didn't confiscate other weapons belonging to him and not his dad. I would love to see the bazooka though.
  12. I highly doubt they're making it up. You seem to be inferring a lot from one picture. Do you know for a fact that there went other actual rifles, pistols, etc. Or are you just assuming that that picture was the only one?
  13. The doc seems to indicate that he did have actual weapons, but maybe I misread...
  14. He sounds like a nut with an unhealthy interest in mass shootings and a history of making threats that at one point got his pistol permit denied. Why people are going out of their way to make him seem like some nice kid next door is beyond me.
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