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  1. Well this week we can get a more reasonable outlook on him. Hill and Waddle could make even a good starter look bad. Lets see how he does against this WR core and Mark Andrews.
  2. I dont think the foundations care what the mentality is of the person that donates the money. So its a win win.
  3. I think one positive about the game for the defense was making the open field and 1 on 1 tackles. It was really nice to see tackles not being broken for the most part.
  4. "Are you in shape?" "Yeah coach" "Lacem up, you start Sunday."
  5. Hes not calling plays or hiring the personnel. What he IS doing is making in game decisions and hes making too many poor ones for a superbowl contender.
  6. I like McDermott as the guy that brings the team together. I just hate that he makes in game decisions. Hes not getting any better at it.
  7. He superior to Ben and Cam in every way as a player. So idk if I really like that take. To me...its situational football with our coach that has me irritated.
  8. Bills should always defer as they usually get much better as the game goes on versus how we start.
  9. This is the game where the Von Miller signing shows us we spent our money well. Can we protect the DBs out there by creating pressure on Tua?
  10. I live in Miami and the fans are on a big high right now. I think im ok with them being happy....but we should stomp them into the ground. If we were 100% healthy wed prolly blow them out of the water. So im hoping we get healthy and stomp them so I dont have to sweat and or deal with the fans and media down here for the rest of the year.
  11. It really sucks to be down players. NFL is rough in that aspect. I feel like if anyone is going to hurt the least from injuries is probably going to be Buffalo. Good job staff. Also...get well quick injured Bills.
  12. I was going to make a Moss thread. I swear they really are clueless with personnel sometimes. Unless Singletary got nicked up there is no reason he shouldnt be getting 90% of the carries.
  13. To me the only thing that matters is that we do not continue to do this committee stuff. We were at our best when Singletary took the lions share of the snaps. Learn from the mistakes of last year. We were switching guys in and out way too often and the run game looked terrible.
  14. But why should this hurt the Browns? Watson was the offender. Not the Browns.
  15. Couldnt just give him a full year? What this guy did was sickening.
  16. I dont like the idea of waiting to be in the Hall of Fame. Either youre a hall of famer or you arent. After your 7 years of retirement youre either in or out. First ballot or no ballot. If there is a class of zero one year so be it. If there is a class of 20 one year so be it.
  17. Eyes say more than stats thats for sure.
  18. I mean....I agree that we had it easy last year and this year will be a lot tougher. This conference will be tougher for everyone though. I just want to win the division and beat good teams.
  19. I think if hes smart he will stay with a low end starting contract. The RB market is about as low as it can get right now. Probably a good idea to stick with a successful team for a couple of years and hope the market bounces back up to capitalize on his 3rd contract.
  20. Anyone else feel like Thad Brown and his James Cook tweets is just trying to move Cook up in dynasty draft rankings because there is someone he likes that wants to move down so he can draft them?
  21. 13 seconds will always be a "wtf" for me....like...13 seconds and you gave up like 45 yards? Seriously?
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