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  1. I can see John Brown sticking around. I dont see Diggs sticking around unless he finally turns into a team guy.
  2. Josh is all about Bills mafia and crushing tables. He is only "obligated" to condone the activity by the Bills brass. Keep crushing them tables boys.
  3. I wouldnt say cusp...but he was a baby last year and he showed some elite level play at times. He is a physical specimen, thats for sure. If he has a good film room session and works on his technique this season he can be great!
  4. I think playing like that is the gold standard for athletic QBs....but Wilson is really one of the best at it so thats a pretty high bar. I agree anything near that and im happy.
  5. Its a good move for the Pats. I personally believe he is still the worst qb in the AFCE. Health issues, arm has dwindled, not as mobile anymore. If a team can rejuvenate him, its the pats. Either way its a low risk move with some good upside.
  6. 3.5 seconds in a clean pocket? Or 3.5 seconds overall. Cause you know he does extend plays with his feet.... and plays that are extended because of incoming pressure or good coverage do have a lower chance of success. We know that right?
  7. big year for Allen....2020 is not helping at all. Good lord.
  8. We are getting closer to actual sports.....teammates are practicing with each other..lots of opportunity to get Covid. Do they have a real plan in place to keep the NFL covid free before camp/preseason? Nobody wants a key player to test positive the day before camp. I think the NBA has the right idea by locking everyone in Orlando. Get tested...if you are clear you can live in the bubble and cannot leave.
  9. id hate to see fromm get cut and once people forget all about that text becomes a good starter.
  10. My choice would be the Steelers. If Big Ben is any good at all I would put them at a contender level.
  11. They are good at beating the Bills. Last i checked Tom Brady wasnt playing defense against us. A team that has a good defensive performance can win any game. Which is why you dont chalk those games up as wins.
  12. private planes. as long as the team is tested, not an issue
  13. Great....id love to watch the bills get reemed on a monday night for everyone to see
  14. Real nice hands. He was great on passing plays. Knows how win and get to the QB. Not as aggressive against the run. A little too slow on the reaction against the RPO..but his job may have just been to hold his lane. So i cant say for sure. If his game doesnt get any better...I still see him a a key rotational player for any team.
  15. Very happy with the line if healthy. Hard to say though.
  16. The funny thing is...i saw him on that hill. I went on a walk with my GF last week. Its about a 5 minute walk from my house. Saw him training with a couple of others. Yelled hello and wished him good luck.
  17. Tougher schedule. No way we can be worse, but i can see "stats" on the decline.
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